Why Playstation 3 detect my multimedia server but not to show one of my music files in folders?

The PS3 automatically detected my Dell, but it seems that when I open my Windows Media Player, there seems to be a folder under "Other libraries" which I can't add or modify files.  This looks like where points the PS3.  It has the same name as my Dell computer, it seems that it connects to my computer.  I can't add files to the library or even open it.

1. ensure that my firewall is configured correctly.
2. make sure that my PS3 and computer are in the same IP range and subnet masks, so they can communicate with each other.  In other words my computer and the PS3, allowing to obtain its information from my DHCP (Firewall, router).
3. make sure all firewall software, has the necessary changes to allow Windows Media Player to communicate on a UuNP.  If you are using Windows Firewall and enable sharing for WMP, WMP will make the necessary changes to the Windows Firewall.  If you use a different 3rd party firewall, as I do, McAfee, you will probably need to go this software and add the stuff of heroes, such as programs that can communicate on the network, or confidence of intellectual property, etc..
On my PS3:
1 turn off the connection to the media server on the PS3.
On your PC, Windows Media Player:
1. install Windows Media Player (except if it is already installed).
2. in services.msc or "Computer management", change the account that uses Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service.  Changed to "Local System account", but "allow service to interact with desktop" UNCHECKED.  Restart this service.  It was necessary to be able to add folders from my FAT32 external Western Digital HDD.
3. click on Options
4. click on library
5. click on configure sharing, then the checkbox "share my media to:
6. click on settings
7. put in something you want to by the media as and leave the default settings.
8. DO NOT CLICK on the "allow new devices and computers automatically.  Verification marking THIS wil allow to plug everything you know and approve.
9. click OK to return to the main properties screen.
10. click the button of "records of the screen.
11. once it is up, depending on how you have set up the computer, and how many user profiles you have to choose your options.
12. for me, being all my assets in different places other than my profile in "Documents and Settings", I did an add and ADDED folders I wanted to add to the library.
13 let WMP build the library and let him finish completely.
14. click OK on everything, so that you get back to WMP.
15. check your library.
On your PS3:
1. activate the connection to the media server on the PS3.
On your PC:
1. Once you sit down, you have a pop up, if you let WMP running, to allow unknown peripheral access.  You can check your PS3 by verifying the MAC address.  WMP doesn't support the PS3 yet, so it will be considered as an unknown device.
If it isn't...
1. click on Options
2. click on library
3. click on configure sharing and if things worked properly, you should see an icon "unknown device".
4. turn highlight the icon and 'allow' and do whatever you feel necessary, such that customize or right click the icon for additional properties.
On your PS3:
2. go to each choice of media in the XMB (photos, music, video), and under each doing a "search for a media server".
3. once he found a media server for each choice, you should then be able to see your PC appears with the funky 'ICON of Windows' and the name of the WMP share, that you have created.
Should be able to go from there.

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    Thank you


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    I tried telling them that, but it falls on deaf ears. Laughing out loud

    Thanks for your help!

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    Thank you, David. I just went ahead and replaced the problem with a menu object. Problem solved.

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    OK, now.  Solved the problem. The vi is fine, but some fragile son have been identified... worked in MAX but not in vi.  Now that the connections have been tightened, it works for both.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


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      <>http://support.Microsoft.com/kb/315231 >

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  • Make the file readable but not removable via cmd or a batch file


    I am a windows user and I write little programs in windows using the language of batch processing. So I have a lot of work to do and set up different programs. But I am unable to set the attribute for a file that is accessible or executable but not removable. I mean I have a program and I want to set the attribute for this program unalterable, not removable. I've tried to set attribute with-s option as the attribute value of a file system and warns the user when deleting. But after you click Yes, the file is gone.

    So my question is that is it possible to set the attribute to one or more files to readable but not removable via the batch command prompt?

    Any help would be appreciated so much.

    Thanks in advance,

    Hello stephane,

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    As a developer, I suggest that you re - ask your question in the MSDN forum rather than on this forum. MSDN is watched by other developers who would more than likely be able to help.

    Hope this information is useful.

  • 5 Lightroom is auto-développer our canon 7 d raw files but not the canon 5 d mark 3 files during import.

    5 Lightroom is self-development of raw files when importing on the canon 7 d but not on the mark 3 5 d from canon. I prefer to do individual files in the develop module.

    Go in the preferences, select the presets Hit "reset all develop factory settings." You probably accidentally set a default to develop for the 7 d. Also, make sure that you do not have a preset selected in the import dialog box.

  • Why my cron for primary/secondary server does not work, but worked at the prompt of

    I have redhat linux version 5, oracle servers 11 GR 2.

    I have cronjobs to monitor the use of tablespace and alert logs.

    However they do not work to the task, but if I execute them at the command prompt, it worked.

    What could be the problem?
    example cron script:
    Head of the script:

    #! / bin/bash
    . / u01/app/Oracle/bin/hydev_env
    MAILTO = "DBA.com"
    echo $ORACLE_SID
    sqlplus-s < <-EOF > > / dev/null
    / as sysdba

    Cron job set is like this:

    #------------------------TABLESPACES Check------------------------------------------------------------------------
    0.35 * /u01/app/oracle/dba_cron/scripts/tablespaces_over_90%.sh > /u01/app/oracle/dba_cron/out/tablespaces_over_90%.log > 2 > & 1


    At the error like this:
    / bin/sh:-c: line 0: about syntax error unexpected token '2'
    / bin/sh:-c: line 0: ' /u01/app/oracle/dba_cron/scripts/chk_ora_alert_all.sh > /u01/app/oracle/dba_cron/out/chk_oracle_alert_all.log > 2 > & 1'

    Any help guru?


    Usually it is a question of the environment.

    The script works in command prompt, because when you signed on your chosen username environment of a profile settings, for example .bash_profile.

    A crontab task presents no environment. That's why you call hydev_env at the beginning of the script. If something things are missing in your env file especially likely.

    What I do is keep a file for each database in the environment to a place like this:

    / u01/app/Oracle/dba_tool/env (/ u01/app/oracle/dba_tool/env/PRIMARY.env)

    The PRIMARY.env file is .env

    What I keep in there, that's all I need a job like crontab background would need:

    export TERM=vt100
    export ORACLE_HOME
    export TNS_ADMIN
    export PATH
    export MAILTO=

    Important If you are not sure, a setting on your system type "env" at a Linux prompt, when you are logged in as user where the script works. Change as needed in your file .env.

    I have here a script call in crontab to check the tablespaces

    if [ "$1" ]
    then DBNAME=$1
    echo "basename $0 : Syntax error : use . quickcheck  "
    exit 1
    # Set the Environmental variable for the instance
    . /u01/app/oracle/dba_tool/env/${DBNAME}.env
    $ORACLE_HOME/bin/sqlplus /nolog <

    Note how I passes the name of the comic as a parameter to the script if I can use the script with several database without changing.

    /U01/app/Oracle/dba_tool/bin/quickCheck.sh primary SCHOOL

    Is the crontab to run every day at 05:12:

    12 05 * /u01/app/oracle/dba_tool/bin/quickcheck.sh PRIMARY > /tmp/quickcheck.out

    Best regards


  • Why spam is collected in my outlook but not in thunderbird

    Outlook displays email in the spam folder, but these e-mail appear not anywhere in thunderbird

    POP email is simply a mechanism to download on the local computer of the Inbox.

    IMAP is a synchronized email that synchronizes the mail on the server in the folder with a local client.

    My guess is you have correctly identified the Thunderbird as a POP account, it was alll Hotmail provided in a year or two previously, so if you had set up the account for a few years then it will almost certainly POP.

    You can configure the account once again as IMAP account in Thunderbird and get all your synchronized folders.

    In the toolbar > hover your mouse over the entrance to the new Message, until another menu appears > existing e-mail account

    Follow the prompts to assistants to add the account again. Post back before you delete your old account, because that can lead to loss of mail if not done correctly, depending on how it is implemented.

  • connect to pop server but not download emails

    I start TB and lower left know connected to the server + my e-mail (pop server) the right down bar showing the green progress go allong ths 9/10 and stops download no emails can leave 29 mins without effect it is a portable 8.1 win norton 360 all Tbird AND programs up to date.
    Also have 2 desktops windows 7 norton 360 on the same two parameters work fine ideas two thunderbirds why Download emails stopped about 5-6 days ago can still send emails simply not receive / download

    Thank you


    Disable Norton have mail scanner. I think you'll find it's the fly in this ointment jar

Maybe you are looking for