Why the font size is so great when adding text to the photo in high resolution?

Why the font size is so great when adding text to the photo in high resolution?


Font size is usually determined by the size in points. 72 points equal to 1 inch. the size is independent of the size of your actual file. You might have a file that is located at 72 dpi, which is set to a 5 X 7 "and the police would be the size even if it is a 1200 dpi image 5 X 7.

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    Most likely, you need to calibrate your monitor. Photoshop uses for accurate color calibrations, more even than other applications, which will apply to color "Monitor." If you go to the PS, and select view > test format > RBG monitor, the color will very probably seems correct, but it means that you are correct on a non calibrated screen images and other people could see your images as color stop.

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    What system and Photos version do you use?

    Where are these pictures?  How did they enter the photo library?

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    You bring up the title bar via the "Title bar" button at the bottom left in the palette to customize window

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  • How to fix the font size in Windows Mail when you use IE9?

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    -Have you tried to reset the settings of Internet police explore?

    -From when are you facing this problem?

    Method 1:

    To change the font settings, follow these steps:

    a. Select Tools , then click Options in the menu of Windows Mail.

    b. go to the membership tab.

    c. under Compose Font, click the font button next to mail.

    d. Select the desired font and color.

    e. click Ok.

    Method 2:

    To bring back the ability to change the text size in Windows Mail:

    • Close Windows Mail runs.
    • Open Internet Explorer.
    • Select Tools from the menu and click on Internet Options. Go to the general tab.
    • Click on accessibility on the general tab.
    • Make ignore them colors specified on Web pages, ignore styles police specified on Web pages and ignore sizes police specified on the Web pages are not checked.
    • Click OK.
    • Click OK again.
    • Open Windows Mail.

    If you see no immediate effect, restart the computer.

  • My font size changed in Firefox when you try to read email using yahoo email. I now have to use explore to read my mail. can you tell me how to go back to the police the readable size. Thank you

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    • In the menu bar of Firefox: Tools-> Options-> content, here to set your favorite font sizes.
    • From the upper-left corner of my.yahoo.com, look for a "Thèmes" item under the 'My' tab In this option, you can select the size of Yahoo-specific fonts.
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    You can make the changes, and then press the ENTRY for 'OK' button instead of the OK button, as you cannot access.

    See you soon.

  • Why my font size of email and the word becomes her suddenly HUGE or teensy? How can I solve this problem?

    I seem to slide my hands on something down on my laptop VAIO (R mouse button?), and these uncontrollable changes take place.  I don't see any way to fix... I've been everywhere the buttons and icons at the bottom.  Then, just as inexplicably, the font size refers to many normal (frustrating) uses later.

    Using a conventional mouse, holding the key Ctrl and rotate the mouse wheel will. I think you've done the portable equivalent.
  • Why map fonts sizes 13 and they can be changed permanently?

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    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft Community!

    The font size in the character table cannot be changed, however; You see the paste special dialog box (after having copied something) by Ctrl + Alt + V and select Paste in the same order as other words in the page of unformatted Unicode text.

    Please let me know the status of the issue. I will be happy to provide you with the additional options that you can use to get the problem resolved in Microsoft Windows.

  • change the font size of a substring in a text of TLF

    I want to reduce the font size of all of the secondary channels located inside the parenthesis in my Text of TLF.

    For example, let's say it's in my text in the TLF (instance name 'testTLF')

    It is a (test) and I'm test(ing) namely () how to resize (text).

    I can find and replace all channels secondary inside the parenthesis with a star (*) with this code:

    var insideP:RegExp = /-(([^ \)] +)------);

    While (testTLF.text.search (insideP)! = - 1) {}

    testTLF.text = testTLF.text.replace(insideP,"*");


    Here is the result:

    It is a * and I test* find * how to resize *.

    Now, the question is how can I RESIZE instead of REPLACE? to get a result like this:

    It is a (test) and I'm test(ing) namely () how to resize (text).

    Thank you very MUCH for your help in this case.

    This is the final complete code thank you than kglad, I put it here for other users:


    function KGlad (): void


    var myTextFormat:TextFormat = new TextFormat();

    myTextFormat.size = myText.textFlow.computedFormat.fontSize * 0.8;

    myTextFormat.color = 0xff0000;

    resizeParantheticalF (myText, myTextFormat);

    function resizeParantheticalF(tf:TLFTextField,tfor:TextFormat):void


    var n: int = 0;

    While (n > = 0)


    n = tf.text.indexOf ("(", n);

    If (n is-1)




    n ++ ;

    tf.setTextFormat (tfor, n-1, tf.text.indexOf ("") ", n) + 1);




  • Why the photos from my iPhone 6 fuzzy when I transfer to iPhoto

    I'm uploading photos from my phone to the Photos on my Mac.  Why they are blurred and the quality is poor. Should also

    We cannot see if you must provide details and context - what operating system are you using (you say OS X 10.8.2 but also Photos of State, which is not possible)

    Exactly how you download?

    What are the dimensions in pixels of the blurry photos


  • Why the photos are added to the library when they shouldn't

    My main photo is a folder that is accessible by Lightroom.  Photos taken by my iPhone are added to my library iCloud.  Every few weeks, I have export, re-import with Lightroom and then delete Photos.  After deciding what to keep, etc., I import them to the pictures, but as referenced images.  I noticed some strange events that some of these re-imported referenced photos are added to Photos instead of staying as referenced photos library.  Today, I exported all my pictures from December to my iMac desktop computer.  I imported to Lightroom by moving them to a specific folder on my HARD drive iMac.  Then, I went on my page web iCloud, selected all except 12 photos and deleted.  I checked the pictures, and indeed the pictures were gone.  I checked my iPhone the went and then my iPad.  Everything except a few stray photos disappeared from this device (do not understand my a few that had been removed from iCloud were still on iPad) I deleted these stray photos if all THE Photos on my iMac and devices showed the same thing, only 12 photos.  Here are my Photos of preference settings:

    My devices have these settings (iPhone has also upload photos of burst selected):

    Once all this has been checked and rechecked, I imported my photos of December in Photos like referenced pictures, yet more than half of the referenced images was imported as pictures added to the photo library.  I have a smart album that photos of IDs added to the library instead of referenced photos.  Even some were copies of original 12 I had saved for my library of Photos at the beginning of this experience together.  These photos that have been added to the photo library are now also on my devices as well as when I check my web page to iCloud.  How can I keep peaks which should be referenced photos to be added if they are uploaded?  Some of the "uploaded photos" are in a shared file.  If this affects what happens?

    Once all this has been checked and rechecked, I imported my photos of December in Photos like referenced pictures, yet more than half of the referenced images was imported as pictures added to the photo library.

    Photos won't matter pictures, as if the same photo has already been imported as successful. It will use the original master file run instead, which is already in the photo library, even if the original file must be in the recently deleted album.

    Make sure that you have no original managed in your library, before you try to import as a reference.  The original of your managed can be created by importing through my photo stream, for example.



    1. you need to fix your cap lock - ad in capital letters is rude and very difficult to read

    2. you need to learn how to post - you posted a question of photos in the iPhoto forum - towing totally different programs - I ask that your message be moved

    3. you need to learn how works photos - he is a database application and has no duplicates - all photos are in a library, and can be seen in different ways, but not matter how manny albums (once more records cannot view pictures, albums can only) a photo is in there is no duplicates - just different views of the only picture in the library - multiple windows in the same room


  • Why the photos are small on the Timeline?

    I am a beginner using 5.5 Pro Prem.  Try adding a few simple photos and music.  Should be simple, right?  I imported the photos, but after I add to the timeline, I can only see a small part of the picture when I play it back.  I see that 10% of the photo.  What I am doing wrong?


    Right-click on it and set it to "Scale to frame size" or click on it and go back to the effect controls panel and use the scale parameter of the effect trajectory for its size down.

    Your images are probably using a frame of a LOT larger than the video image of the size of the sequence.

    If you want to create a sequence to just images, drop one of the images on the "New item" button in the project Panel. But you might be better to use images of video sizes if you want to put this stuff on the web.

  • Why the photo app will not be stopped?

    My photo app acted strange for weeks. A few weeks ago I tried to copy the photos on my phone to my computer, a Macbook Air, the apple photo app. No photos have been copied and when I tried to close the application, it did not work. I can still see the icon in the desktop menu and when I click on the application it says «Closing Photos» It never end well.

    I tried to turn off the computer, but it says I need to disable the first photo application. What can I do? Is this a common problem? Appreciate all the help I can get.

    menu Apple == > force quit and then restart and try again


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