Why the habit of firefox 4 log in my account automatically?

There are sites that don't have any important information and I would connect it easily to them
Firefox remembers my passwords, but I must still go to the Panel in place, and then click
why he did this now... He has not done this in the previous version

Use a master password. Then, when you go to a site that requires you to login and you fill in your details, you will get the option 'Remember password' which is pop up (actually a pop-down). If you choose "Yes", then you will be presented with the master password field.

Enter the password you created for her, and then the next time you access this site, you will get the master password field each time. When you type in and click OK, it will fill in your login information.

The other way to do this is to use the option of most of the sites have which is something like ' Remember me ' you will need to checkmark. But this option requires you to have cookies enabled permanently.

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    There is a bug on this subject and that Facebook is working on it.

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    (Please do not comment in the bug reports as is considered spam bug)

    It also reported in this MozillaZine forum thread, so it seems that there is a problem with the Facebook site if it worked before.

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    Hi billjk, this is probably caused by kb3013455 of update from microsoft that can cause problems of rendering fonts on vista:

    After you have installed the 3013455 security update, you may notice a degradation in quality of text in some scenarios. The problem occurs only on systems running Windows Vista SP2 or Windows Server 2003 SP2. Microsoft is researching this problem and will post more information in this article when the information becomes available.

    Reference: https://support.microsoft.com/kb/3013455

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    Just reply to * @*, or send me a message telling me how to get back your response.
    -Edit guigs2 please do not share this private email.

    Reset the home page on this PC.

    How to set the home page

  • Why the spellchecker of Firefox fixes in Spanish instead of English?

    Firefox fixes in Spanish if current browser and Op system is set to English. I tried English installation as an add-on dictionary and it gives me a message "cannot install update in this version of Firefox 3.6.3. It was a recent download of firefox.

    This has happened

    Each time Firefox opened

    == I have installed firefox in the new system with Win 7, April 2010

    You certainly seem to have two dictionaries (GB, British-English and Spanish, es - are) installed correctly, no problem.

    You don't mention what version of Firefox you have installed essentially, the English or the Spanish version, but I'll assume English here - it may even indifferent, as long as both dictionaries are installed properly, they must be usable.

    When you enter text in a text box, you should be able to click right in the region and in the context menu, have a point "language > ' under which you can select which dictionary to use in the page.

    To make it even more practical and user-friendly to yourself, I can strongly recommend an add-on Firefox that I use myself to control the selection of the dictionary; the Dictionary Switcher addon. You can get it here: Mozilla Addons or authors homepage.

    I hope it's useful for you - if not, please let us know so that we can investigate on where this fails and include no matter how much detail you can come up with what could help us track down the problem.

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    On Friday, February 10, 2012 22:43:18 + 0000, peterbakerxn wrote:

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    Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP

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    I've actually updated program and now I can't see them now. Thank you!

  • Why the habit of this script work?


    I've used this script to make a portrait scroll bar that works perfectly, however I modified the script to work in a landscape scroll bar by altering the x and the y axis and switching on the height to the width. However a portion of it will not work... The left and right arrows are working properly but the bar scroll do not move and I for the life of me understand why.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to what ive missed or done wrong?

    Thanks in advance

    scrolling = function () {}

    var scrollWidth:Number = scrollTrack._width;

    var contentWidth:Number = contentMain._width;

    var scrollFaceWidth:Number = scrollFace._width;

    var maskWidth:Number = maskedView._width;

    var initPosition:Number = scrollFace._x = scrollTrack._x;

    var initContentPos:Number = contentMain._x;

    var finalContentPos:Number = maskWidth-contentWidth + initContentPos;

    var left: Number = scrollTrack._y;

    var top: Number = scrollTrack._x;

    var right: Number = scrollTrack._y;

    lower var: Number = scrollTrack._width - scrollFaceWidth + scrollTrack._x;

    var dy:Number = 0;

    var speed: Number = 10;

    var moveVal:Number = (contentWidth-maskWidth) /(scrollWidth-scrollFaceWidth);

    scrollFace.onPress = function() {}

    var currPos:Number = this ._x;

    startDrag (this, false, left, top, right, bottom);

    this.onMouseMove = function() {}

    DY = Math.abs(initPosition-this._x);

    contentMain._x = Math.round(dy*-1*moveVal+initContentPos);



    scrollFace.onMouseUp = function() {}


    delete this.onMouseMove;


    btnUp.onPress = function() {}

    this.onEnterFrame = function() {}

    If (contentMain._x + speed < maskedView._x) {}

    If (scrollFace._x < = high) {}

    scrollFace._x = top;

    } else {}

    scrollFace._x = speed/moveVal;


    contentMain._x += speed;

    } else {}

    scrollFace._x = top;

    contentMain._x = maskedView._x;

    delete this.onEnterFrame;




    btnUp.onDragOut = function() {}

    delete this.onEnterFrame;


    btnUp.onRelease = function() {}

    delete this.onEnterFrame;


    btnDown.onPress = function() {}

    this.onEnterFrame = function() {}

    If (contentMain._x - speed > finalContentPos) {}

    If (scrollFace._x > = bottom) {}

    scrollFace._x = low;

    } else {}

    moveVal/scrollFace._x += speed;


    contentMain._x = speed;

    } else {}

    scrollFace._x = low;

    contentMain._x = finalContentPos;

    delete this.onEnterFrame;




    btnDown.onRelease = function() {}

    delete this.onEnterFrame;


    btnDown.onDragOut = function() {}

    delete this.onEnterFrame;


    If (contentWidth < maskWidth) {}

    scrollFace._visible = false;

    btnUp.enabled = false;

    btnDown.enabled = false;

    } else {}

    scrollFace._visible = true;

    btnUp.enabled = true;

    btnDown.enabled = true;




    Even with this reduction, it is at best a tangle of code to try to reason with him.  I think I see you have nested functions at least two levels deep, possibly further because I do not see where the original ends, and the nesting of functions is prevented best, and most often unnecessary...

    scrolling = function () {}

       scrollFace.onPress = function() {}

    this.onMouseMove = function() {}




    Since you're telling the problem is that the scroll bar does not move, it does not move in relation to press the keys or does not move relative to slide.

  • Why the finder ask password when logged in as an administrator

    Hi, I got a new iMac (2015) since a backup time machine of a 2011 iMac that 'death '.  (I know, within a period of one we are likely to see the 2016... refreshed models but I was desperate). Now, every time I make a change to a folder I have to enter my password.  I even deleted the password, but demand still appears. . It's just that, without a real password I can just hit enter.  However, I would like to use a password (even if I'm the only person using the computer) and I would really stop requests the constant "enter password".

    Thanks for any help.


    without anything running... #1 - open Finder #2 - Select House (home folder) or favorite info #3 - click colum at the top of the finder window.

    #4-post info window opens at the bottom is a padlock (unlock it) and change the privaleges 1 on list (must be your name) 'READ & write' (narrow lock)...

  • Why the menu of firefox thunderbird Xp sp3 8.0 or 8.0.1 becomes black when I move the mouse to this topic? No problem with Firefox and thunderbird 3.1.16 3.6.24 (HD 2600 &amp; catalyst 11.11)

    all versions are in french

    Thanks for posting the graphic part of about: support

    It happens if you disable HWA (hardware acceleration)?

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