Will not except the wordpad window placement... is moving all over the screen.

I have this annoying problem... I open a wordpad document and set the widnow investment that I love and that you close the document. When I re - open the document window has shrunk and moved to another part of the screen.

Often the window will be very small... almost half the size of my screen.

I know that I can use the properties to maximize the window always open to but I work with several documents simultaneously and need access to my other links and expanded running does not allow this.

Is there a way to keep the wordpad to remember the location of the window?

And while I'm on this subject, my excel 2000 does the same thing, but it slides to the top of the screen, each opening until the title bar is off the screen (I keep my taskbar at the top).

Thanks in advance


Go to start / Control Panel / folder Options / display and check the box next to remember each folder view settings.  If it is already done, this obviously won't work.

I don't know what else to think.  This should not occur and there is no settings in Wordpad to control this type of behavior (or on the desktop also).

As far as Excel goes, try to post the question on the Excel Forum: http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/excslcreate/threads where experts in Excel will be happy to help you.  Maybe this solution will solve Wordpad as well.

I hope this helps.

Good luck!

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    my windows vista computer will not except the automatic updates and when the system starts it will only configure the process which can be done to solve this problem

    Hi Glennisidore,

    Try running the fixit http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971058 in aggressive mode and see if, after the reboot, you are able to perform your edits again.

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    Please try to install the game in compatibility mode.  Here is some information that can be very practical...



    -Check the functionality of the game under a spare user account

    Uninstall/reinstall the program

    -Clean Boot http://support.microsoft.com/kb/331796

    I hope that this information is beneficial.

    Thank you

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    Thanks again!


    reply in this thread


    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

  • Windows will not update the screen resolution and the color depth

    Out of the blue today, my Windows XP installation had its color depth and screen resolution back to the lowest setting and whenever I try to update it refuses to put up-to-date.

    I even try to restart my computer and a bubble appears downstairs offering reset the color depth and resolution to my automatically.  When I click, it appears as if he's trying to return to normal, but again once nothing happens - the colors and the screen resolution is still at the lowest setting.

    Can any ideas on how I fix?


    Here are some things to try to fix it.

    Change the screen resolution.

    "How the resolution screen on Windows XP"


    You can also right-click on an empty desktop > properties > settings > it the slider bar allows you to increase the resolution > Apply > OK > agree in the next window, etc.

    If that fixed it, have damaged you graphic drivers.

    Access the site on your computer or the manufacturer of the graphics card > look for a driver download Section > search for your model number and operating system > get graphics / video / Chipset Drivers (depending on how it is formulated) > download and install.

    Change the screen resolution.

    You can also try a system restore before all these problems started:

    "How to use System Restore in Windows XP"


    See you soon.

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    I installed the driver for the webcam for the M700, and every time I install it, I get the same error message:

    "Open Webcam driver fail - please restart camera or computer."

    I reinstalled the drivers of many times, and it still does not work.

    Therefore, I tried the msconfig method, disabled all the startup process and then reactivated their.

    The webcam shows the same error message, and now the screen will not change orientation when I rotate the screen.

    You try to use Windows XP Home edition or what? Generally, each laptop comes with preinstalled and configured operating system.

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    I had a HP Split x 2 13 summer try to calibrate the screen for more than 2 days now and still have the same problem, departures from the screen upside down (touch top low clicks) but works completely (all the corners and excellent angles work) after the first parts of calibration of the edges to stop responding when you perform the second calibration its almost impossible due to finish the screen will not click on edges of the screen

    Anyone had this problem before and how you guys solve this problem?

    Hello Luis,.

    Thank you for writing to us, we are happy to help Microsoft Community.

    For the question with the screen upside down, press the Control, Alt and high at the same time.

    For more information about calibrating monitor for the HP device, you can refer to the section "comes a touch close to the touchdown point, not at the point of contact" in the link provided below.

    HP TouchSmart PC - troubleshooting problems of touch screen in Windows 8

    I would ask update you the drivers of graphics from the link provided below. Download and then install the latest drivers for graphics from the link provided below.

    Drivers HP Split 13-m010dx x 2 PC

    Hope the helps of information provided. Do we know the State of the question, so that we can help you further.

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    My Inspiron 1720 laptop recently stopped to show the screen... When I start the laptop I do not know what happenning, if it's boot or not... the only thing I see that the power led lights up the HDD led flashes and then nothing happens (i.e. no drive activity HARD even when I press any key)... the only option I have is to turn it off in now the power button for 8 sec.

    Before that my laptop was working fine just when I accidentally pressed and the screen has gone... so I closed the laptop by pressing the power button for 8 sec... now its in the condition as described above... pls reply as soon as possible.

    Kind regards


    Inspiron 1720,

    Core2Duo, [email protected]

    Vista Home Pre,

    2 GB OF RAM,

    nVidia 8600M graphics card.

  • Equium A100-027: can not get the screen turns off automatically in Vista


    Got one of the new A100-027 of the load with Vista a couple of weeks. I can't get the screen to stop automatically when the appliance is left unattended. Standard windows screen saver or power options makes no difference. The screen is always on when I get back to the schedule of the machine later, I don t want to put a 'sleep' mode because the machine is internet access.

    In desperation I changed the option to close the display does not go into mode 'sleep', but it would be nice if the screen would make her s auto off, instead of having to close the screen every time.

    Thank you very much

    A bit of an update, I found the screen stops automatically in normal conditions. But then, I leave the computer running a program of file sharing peer-to-peer on the net that he will not cut the screen down. Even minimize the program doesn t allow the screen to close.

  • for the family of Windows security popup will not except my password

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    This popup occurs often and at random times on my PC. It will not except my windows password, I used to log on here to ask for help. I tried to change the passwords, and again, it will not work and do not except the new password if it links to the view. I have a child I want to keep monitoring, but think I should remove the program. Is there any solution for this?

    Hi Paul,.

    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft forums.

    Form of the description of the question, I understand that you are facing problems with the signature in the Family Safety website.

    It seems that your windows account direct parent is not correctly set up as a main Windows Live Family Safety customer e-mail address. As a first step of troubleshooting, please re - install computer Live parental controls, you were not able to access http://fss.live.com/. Please refer to the steps below:

    A. re-setup email address Parent

    1. customer open Windows Live family safety
    2. If the guest with sign in window, connect with the parent account
    3. click on connection
    4. try to access Windows Live Family Safety site: http://fss.live.com/

    If it is still impossible to have access to, the reinstallation of the product.

    Customer B. uninstall Windows Live Family Safety

    1. in Windows 7, click Start, select Control Panel
    2. under programs, click uninstall a program
    3. Select Windows Live Essentials, and then click Uninstall/Change
    4. click on remove one or more Windows Live program
    5. Select Windows Live Family Safety in the list, and then click Uninstall of

    C. reinstall Windows Live Family Safety from this link

    D. Once successfully installed, sign in using your credentials to the mother and then go again site Windows Live Family Safety.

    I hope this helps.

    Please report if the problem persists and we will be happy to help you further.

  • Windows Photo Gallery will not save the edited images

    Windows Photo Gallery will not save the edited images. the files are not read-only; older files can be modified; the most recent files cannot

    Message says photo library was beset with problems and the modified file cannot be saved

    Windows Photo Gallery will not save the edited images. the files are not read-only; older files can be modified; the most recent files cannot

    Message says photo library was beset with problems and the modified file cannot be saved

    Windows Photo Gallery... Cannot save modified photos...

    No guarantees and proceed at your own risk!

    Good luck...


    (1) try to do a system restore to an hour before
    the problem started.

    With the help of the Windows Vista system restore


    (2) I've seen reports that this problem may be related
    Kodak Easy Share software. Installation "Kodak
    Single-action Version 8 for Windows from the
    the following link may be the solution.

    Kodak Easy Share 8 software version
    (FWIW, it's a good idea to create a system)
    restore point before installing software or updates)


    (3) I saw reports that could clarify the next steps
    until the question...

    Right click the library icon and choose
    "Run as Administrator"


    (4) I copied the info from a tech forum on
    the net... I don't know if it works, but maybe it's
    worth a try:

    A. right click on Task Manager open the
    taskbar on the bottom of your screen and choosing
    The task in the menu Manager.

    B. click the tab process, along the upper part of the
    The Task Manager screen.

    C. in the process tab, select the corresponding button at the bottom
    left of the screen that says "show processes of.
    all users"and click on it. Click 'Continue' to the UAC
    the prompt that appears.

    D. the screen should turns off a moment, then
    back with much more than process listed. Click
    the "Command line" column to sort the list and

    "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmpnetwk.exe"

    Read the description in the next section on:

    Windows Media Sharing Service reader network

    F. click on this process. Click the end «»
    Treat button"at the bottom right of the screen.
    Confirm 'End process' if necessary.

    You should now be able to save your changes to
    your photos normally. The bad news is that this
    should be performed whenever you start or restart Vista.
    And I don't know how to prevent the situation from
    in the first place of loading.


    5) posted by: artologik
    The solution came to me when I could not recreate
    the problem on a laptop with Vista Home.
    Everything I could compare, I noticed that the
    %Path% environment variable was not between different
    the 2 machines.

    I guess that WLPG relies on the dll must be found
    on the way to the system; When not found, it must return
    Back to ' base or incomplete "library finds it
    the default specific paths or the user. The solution for
    me has been to ensure the entire path system
    to the folders in the order appropriate.

    To fix, follow these steps:

    A. right click on the COMPUTER icon on the
    desktop and choose PROPERTIES


    C. Si you are prompted by UAC to allow, go ahead.
    and ALLOW


    E. in the bottom half, under SYSTEM VARIABLES,.
    Find the PATH variable and highlight the

    F. click the button CHANGE

    G. ensure that what starts with
    % SystemRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%;

    H. ensure you that a semicolon separates each entry.

    I. click OK three times

    J. restart the computer

    Good luck...

    John Inzer - MS - MVP - Digital Media Experience - Notice_This is not tech support_I'm volunteer - Solutions that work for me may not work for you - * proceed at your own risk *.

  • iPhone 6 + will not except that the load rope nor any what lightning male. Impossible to recharge the iPhone.

    iPhone 6 + will not except that the load rope nor any what lightning male. Impossible to recharge the iPhone. Male/female connection not relieve tight. Advice\help would be appreciated.

    Try a different cable - preferably a certified one MFI

    If this does not work

    Please take a genius appointment at an Apple Store, or select another authorized service provider.

  • Windows Media Player will not play the .tivo files

    WMP 11 will not play the .tivo files.

    WMP 11 will not play the .tivo files.

    Find out if the next thread helps you: -.

    Windows Media Player cannot play the file

  • Windows 7 Media Center will not download the new guide listings


    I am really frustrated. WMC will not download the new guide listings and I tried all the patches that are supposed to be that I found in this forum. I also tried the system restore, which did not fix the problem. Obviously the problem is not affected by the restore program.

    I was able to determine that there is some kind of corruption of the WMC files that Windows 7 can not solve (according to the event log).

    I'm a bit exasperated at the tenacity of this problem. Y at - it a reliable fix or I need to reinstall Windows 7?

    Thank you

    Hello Long777,

    You have the update for Windows Media Center installed?

    Click on the article below:
    KB Article ID: 2284742 -October 2010 Cumulative Update for Windows Media Center in Windows 7

    You may be able to force a manual update. Do an update (weekly) to TV Guide through the menu system.

    If this does not help, you might want to ask your specific question to http://.www.thegreenbutton.com \forums

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you

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  • create dvd Windows will not import the mp4, how to get around it, someone knows?

    create dvd Windows will not import the mp4, how to get around it, someone knows?

    It must convert your mp4 to WMV format video, and then add the wmv in Windows DVD Maker.

    There are other formats supported by Windows, but I chose WMV format because it is the most reliable and foolproof format for Windows.

    You can google for a free video converter. No need to buy one, unless you are a 'huge' in the making of films and others.

    I use Prism video converter. It's free.

    I'm not fan of movie maker. Prism is what I need it to do.


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