Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit and my DirectX diagnostic tool says that my current version is DirectX 11, but when I try to run space engineers, it tells me that I need to run DirectX 11

* Original title: DirectX and space engineers

Hello, I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit and my diagnosis tool DirectX says that my current version is DirectX 11, but when I try to run space engineers and use a world with planets, he tells me that I need to run DirectX 11. When I go to my DirectX folder, it says that I am running DirectX 9.0, I'm very confused and internet only helped me at all up to this point. All suggestions/help and help will be greatly appreciated.


Well, is it not a strange ball game? Minimum = DX9 and DX11 for planets.

Looks like no shore leave for you then... :)

"NOTE: the minimum requirements are enough to run the game, but without the global functions,

which requires DirectX 11. »

"When I go into my file DirectX it tells me that I'm running DirectX 9.0"

Direct X folder?

Win7 has DX9, 10 & 11. However, older graphics cards are not be able to use DX11 (or DX10 if old enough).

It comes to graphics cards which are older than AMD HD 5000 (version ' 09) and Nvidia GTX 400 (exit 10) series.

EDIT: This also applies to the older map HD4000 Intel integrated graphics (Inc., HD3000, and all the "GMA" graphic integrated).


-Here is a list of the .dll Direct X files you when files are updated.
There are more files DX (Xinput and audio), but these are most of the graphs related to Direct X .dll

Go to Windows / System 32 folder (and SysWOW64 if you have 64-bit).
-They are in alphabetical order and begin by d3dx9_24.dll > 43. Then d3dx10 - 33 43 >
. & Finally d3dx11 - 42 43 >.
It should also be--d3d9, d3d10 and d3d11. These come before the D3Dcompilers - 33 > 43.

If all of these files is missing update Direct X using the DX Web Installer.

Download DirectX end-user Runtime Web Installer from the official Microsoft Download Center

Sometimes, a file is corrupt (mainly by games always reinstall DX unnecessarily). I have this case

DX must be reinstalled using the full DirectX redist (June 2010) -

Download details - Microsoft Download Center - DirectX Redist (June 2010)


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    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    We would be happy to help you with the problem you are facing today. I understand the difficulty.

    Here are the instructions for setting the display brightness. Basically you can adjust the gamma in Windows or adjust the brightness on the screen itself:

    Within the BONE:

    1. press Ctrl + ESC, then type "control". This will put you in the control panel.

    2. double-click on the display icon.

    3. Select "Calibrate color" icon located on the left side of the screen next to a blue and yellow shield icon.

    This wizard provides a walk through to adjust the settings of your screen for the color and the brightness of your monitor setting.

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    So, as mentioned before, the recovery software page is extremely buggy and often fails to validate, or in my case, after the first trials, charge at all. It was down for several hours, even after I had installed Win7 and was able to get online.

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    The error I get when I try to change metadata in windows Explorer is:

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    This is a new computer and Windows 7 is pre-installed.

    Help please!

    I'd even though my library removing these hidden ID3v2.4 tags, I found a quick, if making mp3tag. Select a whole bunch of songs (no matter if they have the extra layer of ID3v2.4 tags) and remove the labels. Then click on the Cancel button. During the cancellation he writes only ID3v2.3 tags and remove the hidden ID3v2.4 tags. This way is easier because I don't have to worry about destroying it the tag data id3 files that do not have the problem.

  • Active microphone but do not pick up sound on the Samsung QX411-W02UB (Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit)


    I just bought a laptop Samsung QX411-W02UB refurbished with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, and everything was going a lot until I've decided to try Skype and noticed that the microphone did not work. I'm starting to think that maybe since it is a used laptop, the microphone can just be pulled.
    I downloaded the RealTek HD Audio Driver, enabled in his preferences and set the volume and levels of boost to their maximum values (100% and + 36.0dB, respectively). I have all disabled devices shown, the only other being "Stereo Mix - RealTek High Definition Audio - Ready." I tested the microphone with this second 'device' on and off, inside and outside of Skype.
    Here's what he did:
    The bar on the right side of the active microphone (microphone - Realtek High Definition Audio - Default Device) has a few green flickering bars as if the microphone works for about 1 to 7 seconds, but then everything stops. I spoke directly to the microphone and nothing happens. When I do a test call on Skype with Echo/Sound Test Services, I hear no reading of my voice.
    I made an audio recording of troubleshooting, and it detects no problem (I've seen all the details and they all say "not present delivers". I've also updated everything need be updated (restarts and all).
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    Hi, thanks for the response.

    I tried to do what you suggested, without success.
    After I posted this, I discovered in fact two other problems with hardware, so it looks like I'll return it.
    Thanks again! I appreciate it.
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    Your documents and it will be in the Windows.old folder, but all programs that you have installed will be gone. Going from 32-bit to 64-bit is a clean install and all programs that you all will need to be reinstalled.

    It would be wise to save all documents, photos, music, and anything else that you do not want to lose before doing the installation.

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