Windows Media Player incorrectly displays Photo DVD

Whenever I am watching a DVD on WMP the entire image doesn't appear on the screen. It's normal display size or full screen that I choose but its almost like if the image is enlarged. I also noticed that to click on the menu options of DVD rather than the buttons being where the words on the screen are they are an inch or so off the coast on the side.

Help, please


Hi Obecný,

This happens with any particular DVD?

1 reduce display settings:

a. Click Start, click Run and then type desk.cpl in the Open box. Or, right-click an empty area of the desktop and then click Properties.

b. on the settings tab, move the slider to 800 X 600 screen resolution.

c. Select 16-bit for the color quality, and then click OK.

d. some display drivers can support playback of DVD at higher resolutions and color depths. If this solution works, using a driver updated, you can read the DVD at higher color depths and resolutions.

2. try to reduce the video hardware acceleration in Windows Media Player:

In Windows Media Player, on the Tools menu, click Options.

In the performance, under video acceleration tab, move the slider more close votes to zero, and then click OK.

If this allows to read DVDs in fullscreen, it indicates that there is a problem with your graphics card or driver. It may be possible to obtain an updated driver from the manufacturer of the display adapter.

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