Xperia Z3 endurance question


My screen starts to turn off even when using my phone every 3 seconds. I tried extending the duration of sleep, but regardless of the timing, it turns off the display in 3 seconds.

I turned off then endurance mode and it seems to be fine now. But now my battery dies faster without endurance mode. The long battery life is the reason why I chose a Z3 Xperia.

What needs to be done so that I can keep the Stamina mode on but have my normal sleep setting?

Thank you

Try the following: mode go to settings-applications-all-endurance, stamina, strength clear data and stop. Restart the device.

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    Should I take the phone to a local service center?

    Thank you.

    Hello and welcome to the community! Since you are new, please make sure that you have checked our Forum.

    I suggest that visit you the nearest service center to make your phone looked at by a technician. You can contact your local support team for more information on the nearest Center of service or how to proceed with it in the best possible way:

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    Did you take the film on the back of the phone?
    That's how the photos look if it is still on.

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    cwm1955 wrote:

    Dear Mr. XANDREX I already read a lot of the 'HELP' documentation on my device. NONE of this covers ALL my problems of three 3 here! My questions are ADVANCED and the HELP documentation is intended for a beginner to VERY BASICS 101. I really need help here, your answer did NOT help me! While I thank you for your valuable time to answer, no. THANK U since U did NOT help me! I WANT someone THAT REALLY has KNOWLEDGE OF MY QUESTIONS and how to REALLY HELP ME!

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    Wait, Sir Charles.

    1. the two of you have offered invaluable adivce, which you specify in the two cases you want to ignore.

    2. you did NOT mention that any problem in your first post here other you want to be social now in your second post you do not know how to add a contact and wish me to send you directions. I give no personal services, as a volunteer that I answer questions here in the nets. You'll just have to endure questions here. It's a great forum where thousands of users have gotten help. And often, quite speadily as well.

    3. your last post is quite difficult for a user who has spent a lot of time helping users around here and, quite honestly, your words are unjustified. Your typing ALL uppercase is considered as shouting on the internet forums like this. No one likes to be shouted. My mother taught me on the collection of flies to honey instead of vinegar. You could try a honey yourself.

    4. addition of BBMessenger contacts. Open BBMessenger > Menu > Add Contacts. Enter the PIN from the other user you want to add, or their e-mail address. If THEY are already on your BB address book, you can enter their name here. Follow the instructions you are given.

  • Endurance and automatic rotation of questions

    Hi all

    I got my Xperia Z3 for a few months now. A few days ago, I started to notice a number of questions, I'll try to explain my best:

    1. I unlocked my phone and started to use it, within 3 seconds, the screen went black. I thought it was a little hitch, tried again and it's the same thing. It was as if the phone was auto lock, even when I used it. I took it to my phone provider, they did a factory reset and it seemed to solve the problem. I went home, put on stamina mode and the same thing happens again. My phone is very good, not Stamina mode, but as soon as I turn it on I can use the phone for 3 seconds before it is not empty.

    2. I can't use auto-rotation on my phone. I use the clock in office during the night, but it does not turn when I turn the phone. When I use apps that auto-rotation, such a YouTube, the screen turns, but then I cannot get it back to 'normal' unless I go back to the home page.

    Just a few troublesome things that are going on, but I use the two features on a regular basis and have already seen a difference in my life of the battery, now I can't use the endurance mode. I tried to do a factory reset again and I tried to use the phone in safemode, but two problems.

    Help please?

    Thank you, Rebecca

    Try to perform a repair of the system using PC Companion , as this will often solve problems - it will be resetting your phone

    Turn off your phone and unplug the PC (Hold to increase the volume and power for 10 seconds)
    Start PC Companion and select the area of support then updated my phone/Tablet then blue fix my phone/Tablet and follow the instructions on the screen - when prompted connect your phone turned off always press and hold volume or back button - this should begin the process of repair or reformatting

    If you use Windows 8/8.1 or a 64-bit operating system and then adjust the settings for PC Companion and run in compatibility mode and choose Windows 7 or XP

    Note: This is not the same as a factory reset and it will erase all data on your phone also

  • Questions App Xperia C Walkman

    I Decive XPERIA C that I am facing the problem with Walkman im able to see folder Dublicate Od my songs Files... I assemble my Sone in different folders with different names but when I go to Option Walkman I see same folder with two different files with the same name... I tried to delete the Cache & Force Stop but always the same questions...

    What happens if you try this

    Settings > apps > all > walkman > uninstall updates > clear data > reboots the phone > check again.

  • A few questions that I need some help to answer to. (Sony Xperia z5 Premium)

    Greetings from Norway!

    Just bought a Sony Xperia z5 Premium, coming from a LG G3. (What is a fantastic phone)

    I'm enjoying my first Sony phone (I had HTC, Samsung, LG), and I'm liking it a lot.
    But I have a few questions.

    How to pass the soft keys around so that the previous button is on the right side of the phone? If this isn't a feature, it must certainly be.

    How can I activate vibrating it on the keyboard when I press a letter?

    So far, that's all I had. I don't know that I'll have more questions, more I use the phone.

    Thanks in advance.


    Related to the keys, it is not possible by default switching. You could look for a 3rd party launcher.

    And on the vibration press button activation, go to language settings and keyboard input-xperia rational and entry.

  • Several questions to Xperia Z3


    Recently I bought the z3 Xperia but facing many questions. Can anyone help.

    1 battery draining fast. A few minutes of charging to 100%, it reduces of 95% and lower. tried several solutions for energy consumption and uninstalled facebook, messenger apps that consume more battery, but nothing helps.

    (Had posted a question in this forum under my Support but no answer to our days)

    2 set up my official email phone but it does not sync on a real-time basis. Have to manually open the app and keep cool, wait for 10-15 minutes to get all my emails. Sometimes several times have to refresh.

    3 events/meetings/appointments appear not as a calendar entry. This is used to reflect properly during the first 2-3 days. Post it does not appear. I keep losing events and emails. No alert notification pop up or appear on the lock screen.

    4-notifications/E-mail alerts/Missed call/messages do not appear in the lock screen. Having to unlock the phone to see.

    5. in the display of some of the videos, he asks the version of the flash plugin. Player flv installed but still the problem persists.

    Ask someone to kindly help.

    Kind regards


    1 battery drain is related to what you use and for all applications that are running in the background. Usually the antivirus and task killers decrease the duration.

    2. you can set the frequency of control Inbox for all 5 minutes.

    3.I am not sure about this, so I do not answer.

    4 notifications will not be displayed in the lock screen, you need a special app for this.

    5 android does not support flash player.

  • I read this topic (I have a lot of questions about Xperia Z2 with lollipop)

    Hello world. I read this topic (I have a lot of questions about Xperia Z2 with lollipop) and I have posted a question, but it seems that no one saw him. That means the following: (how can I install the source application unknown to other users in my phone because it is to the unknown source menu is disabled in the settings-> Security)? This means that I can not install all the apps if I switch to the lollipop? Can someone tell me please the exact meaning of this?

    Thank you.

    It's true, but game store will not need this option checked - loading of a file manager will - but which is not say that the application will work once installed

  • Substitute Sreen Xperia Z3 questions

    I have a Z3 Xperia with a cracked down, screen less than 1 inch long. The screen reacts to the touch where it's cracked curiously so I can use it just by plugging an external mouse in which is not ideal.

    My question is, if I just bought a glass will be the work of the entire screen again? Or do I also have to buy a new digititizer?

    The glass seems pretty easy to replace, the digitizer seems a bit of a pain in the behind.

    Thank you

    Its easy until you realize that glue is still stuck in places and the lcd panel cracks or tears... It then becomes quite expensive.

  • A handful of Questions for Xperia Z3v

    Given that my phone is a basic phone and is dying and I decided to choose Sony Xperia Z3v for a few reasons. But I also have a handful of questions so I'll just throw them all out there.

    Phone questions:

    1 I need Playstation more than remote outside the House read PS4 games?

    2. is the offer of free movies available for when I buy this phone?
    3. What are the differences between that and the regular Z3 in addition to being a GSM and CDMA on the other?

    Video game questions:

    1. I guess that connect a controller of the PS4 on the phone is easy, but it is possible to use a PS4 controller to play my Steam Moonlight streaming play?

    2. is it possible to use a 360 or Xbox controller? Also more then a PS4 or other controllers on the same device?

    3. I'll be able to stream my PS4 games or steam through my phone and then plugging it upward through the HDMI to show on my TV?

    Subsidiary questions:

    1. is there a speaker to the telephone where you can anchor and play music for him?


    Video game questions

    1. something to contact Steam in this regard.

    2. No, it's as if you try to use a DUALSHOCK with Xbox controller

    3. you can use shake to the flow of your games, if you want to connect your Z3V to your TV make sure you buy an adapter MHL, you could use Chromecast or if you have a smart you could listen to directly

    Subsidiary questions:

    There are speakers bluetooth myriad you can use

  • Xperia z2 movies playing question

    Hi all! I have improved my xperia z2 to version of lollipop.

    But I realized that there are problems with the playback of movies in mkv format. In the kitkat, it was really good, but now he plays very hard! Everyone else had the problem?

    Download the film with Media Go, which should solve the problem. or use a different format

  • Ultra endurance Xperia Z5 bug

    I used stamia of u. When I try to disable the ustamia, restarted phone and many apps disappeared and service game google and theme do not work normally. I did some research and saw many older devices have the same problem when they activate stamia u. Yes mode, there is only a way yo fix this? Use CCP to Flash the system?

    See this:

  • Questions of endurance

    Hi, I bought a D6633 Tuesday and the phone itself to update as soon as I took it out of the box, so I've been on L Android almost all the time, the thing is, my phone lasts longer on normal mode, it does on stamina mode. Literally, I see 2 days on standby and almost 5 in normal mode.
    This could be the cause of this behavior?

    Follow these steps to reset the endurance: make sure first of all, it is disabled. Then go into settings-applications-all, scroll down to stamina. Force shutdown, and erase the data. Restart the device.

  • Xperia Z3 Top speaker question

    Hi, I have a few problems with my high speaker on Xperia Z3. I bought the phone 6 months ago and I was very happy with it, but in the last two weeks the top speaker has stopped working properly. He is very weak, if I play the music (or any other sound on any application) and I cover the low speaker I barely hear anything, and if I cover the top of the speaker page there not at all a difference. It seems that the bottom speaker works as it should more. Today, I noticed that the top of the page started speaker one overheating, and is not the phone itself overheating, it is fair to the speaker, after 5-10 minutes of music playback. I know there are a few messages about problems with the high enclosure of the page, but I couldn't find a solution and no one had the same problem as me.

    I would personally everything back up and perform a repair on pc companion installation.
    In case of failure to solve the problem, I suggest contact your local support.

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