How to convert a string to a number?

How to convert a numeric string to a number of TestStand?

Use Val().

Example Val (Locals.myString)

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  • How to convert a string to a number Variable and store the decimal


    Here's my problem!

    I get information from a source that I can't control.  He sends me the number in to form chains.

    Ex: 12,200.49

    I tried usingval() but only get '12' because it stops when she sees a comma or a period.

    I also tried using Replace() to remove the comma and period, but then my increase, because the last two digits are now a part of the number and either behind a decimal point.

    Some examples of code

    < cfset price = "12,200.49" >

    < cfoutput >
    #val (Price) #.
    < cfset price = ' #Replace (Price, ",", "","ALL") # ">

    < BR / >
    #val (Price) #.
    < cfset price = "#Replace(Price,".","","ALL") #" >
    < BR / >
    #val (Price) #.

    < cfset price = #NumberFormat (Price, "_. _") # >
    < BR / >
    FINISHED WITH #Price #.

    < / cfoutput >

    The output of the code above is as follows:

    FINISHED WITH 1220049.00

    So, you can see that 12,200.49 is now 1,220,049.00 because the two numbers when added.

    What I would like to end by is a string '12,200.49' which is now a number like this $12 200,49

    Help, please!


    Try this

    #DollarFormat (price) #.

  • How to convert a string and use a rope as a property?

    I have an array in the following format:

    {ownsCar: 'true', ownsBike: 'true', ownsHouse: 'true'}

    {ownsCar: ownsBike 'false',: 'true', ownsHouse: 'true'}

    {ownsCar: 'true', ownsBike: ownsHouse 'false',: 'true'}

    etc ............

    And I need to test against each element, for example


    myDataGrid ["myItem"] .ownsCar is object (myCheckbox) .label

    ... then


    myDataGrid ["myItem"] .ownsBike is object (myCheckbox) .label

    ... then


    myDataGrid ["myItem"] .ownsHouse is object (myCheckbox) .label

    ... then

    But I have to build my application where the property (for example 'ownsCar', 'ownsBike', 'ownsHouse') is a variable such as:


    myDataGrid ["myItem"] .myProperty is object (myCheckbox) .label

    ... then

    I would like to browse my table, by counting the number of items and then use each element as a property.

    How to convert the string (for example, "ownsCar") in a property "myProperty"?

    Thanks in advance


    OK, if I got this right what you need to do is introspection.

    The easiest way to do this would be:

    for ( var propertyName:String in myObject ) {
         // Do what you need with this here:
         myObject[ propertyName ];
  • [Oracle 8i] How to convert a string (timestamp) in a date?

    I find it difficult to know how to convert a string to a date time stamp (or possibly several).

    The timestamp is 20 positions, character (NOT NULL, CHAR (20))
    where Y = year, M = month, D = day, M = Minutes, S = seconds and U = microseconds

    The reason why I want to convert it is so that I can compare a timestamp to each other (that is, I want to be able to find the MIN (timestamp), MAX (timestamp) and make comparisons of inequality).

    Is this possible?

    Thanks in advance for the help on this!


    As Damorgan said, if all you want to do is find which is the earlier or later, then you can just compare the strings: they are in a format where it works.

    If you need to do other things, such as compare to today date or see the difference between two of your lines of days, you will need to convert it to date. (He has no reason to convert them to numbers).

    A new TIMESTAMP data type, which manages the fractions of a second, was introduced in Oracle 9.
    Since you use Oracle 8 (depending on your subject line), or it must be
    (1) ignores the microseconds, or
    (2) use a separate column for microseconds.

    Whatever it is, use TO_DATE to convert the first 14 characters in DATE:

    TO_DATE ( SUBSTR (txt, 1, 14)
            , 'YYYYMMDDHH24MISS'

    where txt is your column of type CHAR.
    To convert microseconds to a number (between 0 and 999999):

    TO_NUMBER (SUBSTR (txt, 15))
  • How do the secret string to the number value


    I want to convert the string to a number value

    ex: -.

    Select col from t1 where p1 = '232';

    the query above returns as a value below


    I have to pass the value in another query where condition as below

    Select * from t2 where in p2 (123,343,534,433);

    P2 is here the number data type,
    and I want to take each coma has a distinct value

    Thanks in advance...

    Another way

    SQL> select *
      2  from  emp
      3  where INSTR(','||'7900,7902'||',' , ','||empno||',' ) > 0
      4  /
         EMPNO ENAME      JOB              MGR HIREDATE         SAL       COMM     DEPTNO
    ---------- ---------- --------- ---------- --------- ---------- ---------- ----------
          7900 JAMES      CLERK           7698 03-DEC-81        950                    30
          7902 FORD       ANALYST         7566 03-DEC-81       3000                    20


  • Converts a string to a number

    Hi all, I'm new to labview and I want to show a certain number (temp.) on a diagram. I get COM port as string data... How to convert this number to be used in the diagram or for reasons of comparison... Could you help?

    This is my block diagram:

    Fract/Exp function Number string

  • How to convert the string with numbers in U8 with ascii


    I have a string with only numbers 0. 9 paper.

    Now, I want to convert to table-U8.

    He works here, but now the problem: How can I change each character to its ascii value?


    entry: 123 (string)

    output: x 31, x 32, x 33 (U8-array)

    Thanks for the help

    It's very easy

    String to Byte Array Function
    Have the Palette: string/array/path Conversion functions

    Converts a string to an array of unsigned bytes. Each byte in the array has the ASCII value of the character corresponding to the string.

  • How to convert a string to byte array


    I want to convert a string with a hexadecimal number in the array of bytes, this string includes a cutting-edge information, but I don't want to add this tip to arry bytes.

    detailed information please see the photo. I hope someone can give me some instructions, thank you very much.

    The accepted solution of Giedrius.S is not correct, based on the image shown in the first post. That the solution will not eliminate the spaces before the tip, and the string to byte array to convert individual characters '0', '8', 'space', '9', etc. for them to byte values. The right solution, based on the image below:

  • How to convert the string in milliseconds


    Please suggest how I can convert a string (October 9, 1989) in milliseconds...

    If it has a certain format, you can use HttpDateParser, otherwise create a calendar object, set the relevant values and get the time to it.

  • Convert the string to a number

    Hallo Zusammen,

    ICH versuch uber das dialog user reale eine Zahl appears just. Es wird aber nur als String erkannt. Wie kann ich das String in umwandern number? Ahlich wie str2num in Matlab.
    ICH habe auch versucht, in the dialog box editor die als Variable real zu compete, aber dann kommt Fehlermeldung beim Skriptaufruf

    Grüße, Andi


    in DIAdem kann man die Funktion Val use, um einen String in einen numerischen Wert zu if.

    VBS script hyva also contract dem die beiden Zeilen 18 und 19 wie folgt angepaßt werden:

    T = Val (T_Umgebung)
    p_um = Val (p_Umgebung)

    SLA second wins optionalen parameter der Funktion Val kann ein Wert angegeben werden, der im Fehlerfall back enchanted wird.

  • How to convert the string to a full decimal point and left shift

    Hey guys I tried to convert gps string to an integer, like this

    A string that is 2467.8976 and I need to convert it to a similar integer as point of this 2467.8979 so that I can shift the decimal point to the left (24.678979) which i coudnt do it with the chain. It's just been my 2 weeks with the labview so be gentle. Thank you

    Hi Awais07,

    Once you have created an indicator that signals the output of parsing the string, right-click on this indicator > display... Format > increase the value of the digit 9

    Kind regards


  • Converting a string to a number


    I have a problem to send a string to a number...

    I have a field of text called score0: -.

    var score = score0.text;

    Chain (score0.text) will be an 's' at the end time in seconds and tenths, so I will receive something in the sense of "8.1" s as the value...

    I would like to take score0.text, remove the 's' then * 1000 the amount that a certain number before using...

    Is this possible? Thanks for any help in advance...

    score: var number = parseFloat (score0.text) * 1000;

  • How to convert a string literal function function valid


    I have a situation where I need to get the built-in (sysdate/sysdate-1/sysdate-2) as variables. As the variable is taken as a string, it is considered as a string, not a function. Is it possible to convert the string literal in valid function.

    Here is an example for better understanding. I used v_var to store the 'sysdate-1 "in the form of string literal. Try to change the value.


    v_var varchar2 (20): = ' sysdate-1';
    date of v_var2;


    Select v_var in the double v_var2;

    dbms_output.put_line ('v_var2: ' | v_var2);



    Thanks in advance


    SQL>  var str varchar2(20)
    SQL>  exec :str := 'sysdate - 1'
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
    SQL>  select trim(dbms_xmlgen.getxmltype('select ' || :str || ' s from dual').extract('//text()')) str from dual
    1 row selected.
  • How to convert a string of data to a table 1 d

    Dear all,

    I wonder if someone can help me.

    In the attached Elf, I have my program (in labview 8.6) who read the updates and the data of temperature for the time.

    I want to use temperature update in a calculation.  How can I get the new temperature I think it's in a format string and convert it into table 1 d?

    I tried, but the number I got the temperature wasn't the same temperature, which is shonw in the section of the program data.

    Could someone help me please?

    Kind regards

    You do not read the temperature, you read a binary file. You seem to be assuming that the string format, but do you really know? Nobody here can say since you do not have the file, if it is you need to use one of the functions of conversion of the string. And please, get rid of the local data variable. You're already usin shift registers. Do the same with the data from the file.

  • How to convert the string with numbers in the table of Boolean 2D


    I have input a string with comma separated numbers 1,192 (starting at 1).

    This string must be converted to a table 2D-boolean. Each number that appears should be true, not true rest.

    The 2D table consists of 4 times of 0.47 Boolean values.

    1.48--> [0.47] numbers [0]
    49.96--> [0.47] numbers [1]
    Numbers 97.144--> [0.47] [2]
    145.192--> [0.47] numbers [3]

    If a '1, 49, 97 145' input string put all [0] [0.3] true.

    How can it be easy/fast resolved?

    Thanks for help

    Break the string of numbers in a table of numbers.  (Spreasheet String to Array).

    In a loop For, index with each issue of this table.  Use in the range and Coerce to see if it is in the range of numbers.  (You can put this in a loop For as auto good indexing through the ranges).  If it's in the range, then use subset replace table to activate the corresponding item in a real.  If this is not the case, do nothing.  Maintain the table of Boolean in a shift register.

    Repeat this step for each number in your table.

    (What is a class assignment?)

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