Mac App Store

I need to update my browser to continue my online banking how to do this.

I need to update my browser to continue my online banking.  I have OS 10.6.8 how I would do this. Thank you

not AppStore?

Unable to get the App Store to load, just spinning, up, left.  Someone else?

AppStore crashes with record signing

If I try to install any application that is new to the hardware on this computer, the App store will ask you a login to allow the application (free included) and then hang with a spinning icon.  The app store has to be force quit to continue. (new OS

version of Safari

How can I downlowd the latest version of safari?

Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 6.17

This update just keeps appearing in the app store and do not update, but presents itself as an update! It has updated 6 times so far but is never the end of the installation.

new imac: facetime has not asked me to connect? He works

About to use Facetime for the first time ever and for the first time on the new imac. At the opening of the app no sign-in panels are present and he asked of apple ID. However, it does not display my email address. Is this normal. Can't find the answ

I can't open the APP STORE.

I am currently using OS 10.9.2 I was hoping to download an updated new/updated operating system fixed some issues I'm having with photoshop and adobe illustrator. The App Store won't open for me. I tried several of the 'fixes' or work wrapper and sti

Will change the email address linked to my Apple ID and, in fact, equal to him, forcing me to buy apps or music while using it, I bought?

I had my Apple ID for more than a decade.  This is an e-mail address that I'd like to eliminate gradually because it is heavy and refers to a defunct telecommunications firm.  Is it possible to update the email address to which receipts from the APP

When I buy an app developer gets my payment information or it is treated by Apple only?

I paid for an app that does not work. After digging a little further, the developer is from the Ukraine. They have access to my credit card information?

do I need an appointment of engineering to upgrade until the capital el mac store?

do I need an appointment of engineering to upgrade to el capitan at the mac store?

How can I upgrade my browser? mine is) 10.6.8 SX

My IMac is OSX 10.6.8.How to upgrade the browser?

No video on FaceTime

Since the upgrade to El Capitan, I lost the ability to use my video when FaceTime calls.  I can see the person I call, but they can't see me because it does not turn on. I have checked on FaceTime preferences but couldn't find an answer. Any ideas?

App updated ─ free space Bug

I am updating a 10 GB via the App Store application. I have 50 GB of free space on my hard drive of 250 GB, but it says there is not enough free space to update. Does not help restart. I saw an old post here saying that I could delete the App Store c

Why the imovie and iphoto disappeared

Looking for this morning to use imovie for a job and I noticed that it is missing. Also, iphoto is located in the apps folder but has one works don't no badge on it - what's the story?

compatibility of Minecraft

Hello! I have a MacBook with: 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4 GB memory DDR3 1067 MHz. NVIDIA GeForce 9400 M 256 MB, Software OS X 10.9.4 (13E28). I would like to buy and install Minecraft but I don't know if it is compatible with my computer. If

bad setting available on the App store

Hello world On the updates available in my 'app store' app (on my iMac) I have an availability (or invitation lol) to upgrade El capitan to 10.11.1 but my version installed (and functional) of the El capitan is 10.11.2! What to do so the app store wi

Apple Store Login question, post clean install El Capitan

Hi, recently clean installed my Macbook pro (2012) to El Capitan. but now I am unable to connect to the Apple Store? It displays an error message saying "cannot verify the device". Need help please... Thank you!

I try to open Facetime

When I try to open Facetime it refuse to do so and he gives me this I work with an iMac 27 "late 2009, 3, 06Ghz intelCore 2 Duo 12 GB memory game ATI Radeon HD 4850 512 MB 10.10.3 System. Is it not possible to contribute to this constellation?

Why App Store does not

Why is my App Store and iTunes is not workin?

How can I change the Apple ID for updating applications on Mac?

So I got this Mac at the time, but now my mother to use it now. She got a user of his and my user is sitting here, I use it frequently.The problem is each time an update is needed, the computer asks my Apple ID and not my mother. How can I do so that
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