Access problem control panel loading Group on the 2 tabs

I'm using LabWindows CVI 10.0. My intention is to programmatically disable a control array in a Panel.


I am loading a panel with the control array in the pages of TabControl - Tab0 and Tab1.

Error occurs when access programmatically through below functions.

GetCtrlArrayFromResourceID (Tab0_panel, CTRLARRAY) - able to get the resource ID.

GetCtrlArrayFromResourceID (Tab1_panel, CTRLARRAY) not able to get the resource ID.

His error as the ID resource not found in UIR.

Error image which I enclose below for reference.

Please give some suggestions.


Ah,... that you should have mentioned earlier...: no, it's not the same.

In addition, EasyTab is outdated and replaced, so I suggest you move your user interface to true tab panels

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    Please provide an opportunity to help Microsoft Community.

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    1. have you made changes on the computer recently?

    Method 1.
    Let us first start the sfc scan and check if there are any file system corruption.
    a. to do this, click Start, click programs, accessories principally made, right click Guest and then click Run as administrator. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password, or click on allow.
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    Please press Crtl + Alt + Delete key on the keyboard. Now, you will get a new manager called tasks window.

    Now, please hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard and click file, new task on the Task Manager.  Now, you will get a new black window. Copy the following and paste it into the black command window and press ENTER. Restart the computer.

    Assoc .exe = exefile

    Assoc .lnk = lnkfile

  • Windows 7 - How can I get rid of an "All Control Panel items" icon on the desktop?

    Only, I've migrated to Vista Ultimate x 64 to Windows 7 Professional x 64.  I used Laplink to move all my users, programs, and settings.  Everything is great, except now there is an icon on the desktop for all my users that I can't get rid of - it connects to the control panel and is called "All Control Panel items" - it cannot be deleted or moved to the Recycle Bin. Make a right click on it brings up a menu with 'open' and 'create a shortcut' by dragging it to the trash does not delete it.

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    I don't know there is a registry key that I have to remove or adjust but after a lot of research can't find anything.

    Open the Publisher of the registry (Regedit.exe) and navigate to:


    Backup the key by exporting to a REG file.

    Expand the branch above and delete the following subkey:

    (The above is the GUID for "All Control Panel items" Namespace)

    Similarly, to remove the entry here (if found)


    Ramesh Srinivasan, Microsoft MVP [Windows Desktop Experience]

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    This solved the problem for me:

    Use the CC cleaning tool to resolve installation problems. CC, CS3 - CS6

  • On some documents, I get an error message that ends with "...» create an association in the Set Associations control panel. "Why do I get this and how to access this control panel?

    Need help to access the Panel Associations value so I can open the docs have no association, according to the error message that I receive


    • You have problems with programs
    • Error messages
    • Recent changes to your computer
    • What you have already tried to solve the problem

    You need a program on your system to open these documents (file types), and the program must be associated with the file type. Go to start / Default programs / associate a file or Protocol with a program and scroll down to the types of files of these documents.  Can the default program open this type of file or the file type is same?  If this isn't the case, you will need to install a software that can read and open possibly work with the types of files in question.  Exactly which types of files you can not read (what are their extensions - the three digit after the name of the file identifier). ?  If you do not see the extension, go to start / Control Panel / folder Options / View / and uncheck Hide extensions of known and then file types try to look at the files again.

    Please post back with results or if you have other issues (as may have answered your question).

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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  • Limit the control panel and IE for the Standard user account

    I'll set up a new computer for a 91 year old customer in a retirement home, who don't use the computer for e-mail and an occasional Wordpad document.  His son wants to put computer in place so that it cannot get to the Internet Explorer browser, or go to control panel, because he bumbles around the keyboard causing all sorts of problems requiring frequent service for me calls.

    The operating system is Windows Vista Home BASIC, so gpedit.msc is not installed.  I have activated the system administrator account for my use when I am called to repair the computer and set the Standard user to user account.  The problem is that the only way I found to disable IE and the Control Panel causes them be turned off in BOTH accounts.  I wish I could disable them ONLY in the user account.

    The only solution I found to disable the control panel is a registry hack in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current versionpolicies where I put a DWORD 32-bit "NoControlPanel" with a value of 1.  I tried to do that in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER hive, but it had no effect.  This kind of work, but there are two problems then; Mises_a_jour Windows 1) won't install and 2) when I have to go to work on the computer, I first change administrator user, then change the DWORD value to 0 and finally to restart the computer, causing additional assignments, lengthen my time at work.

    Second, the only solution I could find to disable IE was in the default protrams Panel, which disables the administrator as well.

    Can someone tell me if there is another way to achieve this, while IE and control panel are disabled only for the user?

    Change the security to the IE executable rights? Remove 'Users', while you keep the administrator rights.

    For control panel see 'Method Two' in this link:

    "creacontech" wrote in the new message: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy... *

    Thanks for your response, but will not solve problem of this "gentleman". The object is not so much to limit internet access, as it should restrict access to programs.  He is 91 years old, has small hands and types rapidly with two fingers, but made many mistakes.  Disability is before everything to prevent clikety snap everywhere, because he creates sort of a zillion copies shortcuts of the webpage on his desk, until everything hangs and I have to go a push up on his mess. The same reason applies to the Contorl Panel.  We don't want it to be able to get to the Panel "printers."  When a document will not be printed for a reason, he go, dummy click around and created a bunch of copies of the printer, with a gazillian of documents clogged up in the queue of the coil.  I had to cclear up to 100 documents from the spool on 50 copies printer queue.  It's really an economic problem for his son.

  • I can't access my "control panel" in windows 7 from 'start '.

    I click on 'Start' and then 'control panel' and I get an error message... "Windows Explorer has stopped working" & "windows is checking for a solution to the problem" and a second message "Windows Explorer restarts. I've upgraded windows Vista to Windows 7 Home premium.


    Check this box - ask and apply the hotfix.

    Windows Explorer crashes and then restarts when you access an element of third party on board
    a computer that is running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2


    If necessary:

    Vista references apply to Windows 7.

    What antivirus/antispyware/security products you have on your machine? Include everything that you never
    a includes those that you uninstalled. (These can leave leftovers that can cause strange problems.)

    A search for all most .cpl files will be in "C:\Windows\System32" However, you can have others.
    Click on each of them at a time and see if we won't start – if so right-click on it and rename it using
    cpZ as extension of the sort that we are to find. Retry Control Panel - if no joy persevering of all .cpl files.
    (Note that other people find other subfolders under C:\Windows shouldn't be judged because they are not

    Some of them are appwiz.cpl firewall.cpl, desk.cpl, powercfg.cpl, inetcpl.cpl, timedate.cpl and

    Try these in case the General corruption has a role to play:

    Start - type this in the search box-> find COMMAND at the top and RIGHT CLICK – RUN AS ADMIN

    Enter this at the command prompt - sfc/scannow

    How to fix the system files of Windows 7 with the System File Checker

    Then run checkdisk (chkdsk).

    How to run check disk in Windows 7


    Icons do not appear in the Control Panel, or you cannot start Control Panel, the Welcome Center,
    or games in Windows Vista

    The Control Panel window will not open in Windows Vista

    It was reported a updated driver it has blocked, so have you updated drivers
    lately? Also check the driver updates in Windows Updates.

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • The Printers window in my control panel is empty despite the printers installed recently.

    I just installed a new Epson multifunction printer and although I can send a fax to it, I can't print. When I check the "Printers" window under control panel, it is empty. I suspect that there is something wrong/missing in my XP so I tried to fix it from the disk, which was the OEM for this office of 3 years. (It came with Vista and XP, but I chose to stay with the good old XP SP2 + 3), which is usually very reliable. I can't launch the R for repair from disk that IPL on disk is different than on the XP installed. I have SP2 OEM more SP3. Thank you in anticipation of your help. Pete


    1. what exactly happens when you try to print? You receive an error message?
    2. What is the number of the printer model?

    See the following articles that may help you resolve this problem.

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    Resources for the resolution of the printer in Windows XP problems

  • Unable to access speech Control Panel. RUNDLL error message: an exception has occurred

    Error text box appear when I try to click speech under control panel.

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