After the update to 38.0.1 fm 15.0.1 gets incoming e-mail messages but then crashes the system CAUSE: HWA

I have been on the auto update output channel but had not been asked to upgrade from 2012. Now 38.0.1. Freezes (need to power down to restart) my W7 Pro after having received the last incoming e-mails. Deactivation of add we did not help. I removed the calendar. Am able to send fines. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance
(Note that I'll probably have to shut down and restart after receiving your response, so if there is a way to discuss without email would be good). Thanks again.


If it works in Windows safe mode, the problem is another software that is loaded on startup of Windows. For examle antivirus software

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  • Problems with the updates after the system recovery


    After about a week after the system recovery, my computer tried to install updates 110 and stuck on number 56 for more than 3 hours.

    If I disconnect the battery and restart the system stuck halfway through the Configure updates - again for several hours.

    Someone knows what's the problem?

    Regards Terry

    Hello Terry,

    Thanks for posting your question on the Microsoft community.

    Thank you for details on the issue.

    This problem can occur because corrupt Windows Update files or parameters.

    I suggest you run the Windows update troubleshooting tool and check if that helps. Please follow these steps:

    a. press Windows + C keys and click on research.

    b. type Troubleshooting in the search box, click on it in the search results.
    c. click 'show all' and then click 'Windows Update'.
    d. click on 'Next' and follow the on-screen instructions.

    If this does not help, please reset the Windows update components and check.
    Refer to this article:
    How to reset the Windows Update components?

    Note: Serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    I hope this information helps.

    Please let us know if you need more help.

    Thank you

  • After the system restore, clock is located one hour before because of DST

    Because of a logon error, I had to perform a system restore.  After the system restore has completed, I noticed that my clock is set ahead one hour (DST).  I think that TimeZones eventually applied twice to the clock.  I can put back an hour, but I rather it would be correct.  I tried to re - download the patch for the DST, but that did not help.

    Have you tried to reset the clock -

    "With the time server Sychronising Internet?

    Have you checked your area etc

    TaurArian [MVP] 2005-2010 - Update Services

  • No output on the monitor after the system resumes

    After the system goes into hibernation mode, then the mouse is moved or no key is pressed, the monitor does not come to the top again. On the keyboard it no NumLock light at the moment, although num lock is also pressed. If at this time monitor is turned on, it displays "VGA input No Signal" and monitor goes to sleep. Only way is to force a reboot of the system

    Hi AnjanaKumar,

    There are a few things to possibly resolve this problem.

    1. you'll want to make sure you update your video drivers directly from the video card manufacturer's Web site.

    2. it could be the power plan that you configured is not compatible with your configuration:

    I hope this helps!

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • After the system starts. I get the error message; "" Unable to start Bluetooth stack service "from BTTray.

    After the system starts. I get the error message; "" Unable to start Bluetooth stack service "from BTTray.

    Pls I need help to resolve this error message.


    Unfortunately, this model laptop has a Broadcom bluetooth device or a device of Atheros.

    Try to install the Atheros driver first because it is more common.  If it isn't an Atheros card, Setup HP rejects the update indicating no match of material.

    If this isn't Atheros, install the Broadcom bluetooth driver.

    Here is the page of the driver for your laptop and Windows 7 64-bit.

    Bluetooth drivers are in the category network drivers.

    Let me know what happens.

  • After the system is booted, the logon process takes 20-30 minutes.

    Microsoft Windows Vista Business SP2 [Version 6.0.6002] / ThinkPad x 301 2776 - A23
    The problem was discovered in November-December 2013.
    After the system is booted, the logon process takes 20-30 minutes (the mouse cursor on the black screen).
    I faced the same behavior in "windows boot" mode when Kaspersky Anti-virus is also uninstalled.
    After 30 minutes, as soon as it was possible to run msconfig, I checked and made sure only microsoft services are running.

    Dear Carlos, thank you very much for the help! The problem was solved by executing the steps suggested in this discussion. Please close this message.

  • After the system recovery running following a power outage, my user profile is lost. Unfortunately, he is also the administrator account. How to retrieve the profile or create a new?

    After the system recovery running following a power outage, my user profile is lost.  Unfortunately, he is also the administrator account.  How to retrieve the profile or create a new?

    ·                        Restore point:

    Try typing F8 at startup and in the list of Boot selections, select Mode safe using ARROW top to go there > and then press ENTER.

    Try a restore of the system once, to choose a Restore Point prior to your problem...

    Click Start > programs > Accessories > system tools > system restore > choose another time > next > etc.

    If the above does not work:


    See if the information in the above tutorial will help you.


    Difficulty of a corrupted user profile

    After creating the profile, you can copy the files from the existing profile. You must have at least three user accounts on the computer to perform these operations, including the new account that you created.


    A temporary profile is loaded after you connect to a Windows Vista-based system

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Windows calendar after the system restore notes no longer exist.

    The Windows calendar after the system restore notes disappeared forever, or can be found somewhere?


    First we recommend that you search the .ics files confirm the windows calendar old files are present on the hard drive.
    Visit this link for more information:
    Windows Vista has an option to cancel the system restore. To do this, follow these steps.
    1. open the system restore by clicking the Start button, all programs, accessories, clicking System Tools, and then click System Restore.  If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
    2. click on undo system restore and then click Next.
    3. proceed to review your choices and then click Finish.
    Your computer will restart. When you are finished, you will see a confirmation that the cancellation is complete.
    I hope this helps.
    Kind regards
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  • Windows Mail just started to duplicate my incoming e-mail messages (perhaps too outgoing). I couldn't find a solution in respect of the aid. Any ideas?

    Windows Mail just started to duplicate my incoming e-mail messages (perhaps too outgoing). I couldn't find a solution in respect of the aid. Any ideas?

    Check that you don't have 2 copies of the account specified under Tools | Accounts.  If this isn't the issue, then its likely the database has been corrupted.  Try to remove your e-mail account, and then compact and repair the database ( and then add your account again.  Also, make sure the antivirus software is not interfering.  See

    Also, my OEX program ( will remove the duplicate messages.


  • L875D-10th satellite no longer starts after the system update


    After a Windows Update yesterday my system unbootable - little matter what I try!

    And I tried many things to get it started again.

    think like:

    -Passage uefi depents csm and back on trial
    -Different installation DVD original Windows (Win 7/8 x 64 & x 86)
    -Different USB key
    -Erase the HDD on an external PC
    -Reset the UEFI with F9 while inside - system breaks down right!
    -Remove the BIOS battery and battery hand while it is also removed from power like 2 hours
    -Replace the DVD with another
    -Tested external RAM and HDD - ok status

    I can access the menu of boot with UEFI himself (channels here is saved and system restarts), but past that I just get a black screen with backlit, on NumLock no longer, have powerdown to reset.
    At startup, I see the Toshiba Logo.

    Is there an external means to completely reset the UEFI next to Load Defaults while in there?

    Any other suggestions I can do?

    (Sorry for my bad English and greetings from the Germany)


    > Is there an external way to completely reset the UEFI next to Load Defaults while in there?

    There is no other method to change the mode of the UEFI.
    You must do it in the BIOS (press F2)

    In order to boot from the external environment or to install systems as Windows 7 or other, need you to change disable secure startup and must pass the CSM UEFI.

    In which case you would use the Toshiba recovery media, these changes are not necessary.
    Have you tried to reinstall the system using the Toshiba Recovery Disk or Flash Recovery USB stick?
    Did you create this recovery media in the past?

  • T450s wifi failed after the system update

    I have a t450s, aged about 6 months.

    Everything works very well. Got a notification via the application of the system upgrade lenovo. It included bios and wifi. I installed the update, all right. Reset the phone it's self after installation.

    No error at any time.

    When I connect now, the wifi card is not recognised and the network card is not recognized.

    Any suggestions? I tried a roll in installed applications. No luck.

    Tapping on my tablet.

    Had the free time...

    Can't be a hardware fault - I ran a live CD Ubuntu 14.4 version, that could access and the use of the wifi card without any problems.

    Then, I found a site that had some old copies of the wifi pilot. Tried a couple of them drank was a success with

    Everything seems to work now, but I need to give it a full test tonight.

  • Update Windows XP after the system recovery

    I had to do a recovery of the system due to the victory of missing files. What I have to do the updates one at a time and is there a way to determine where to start? Norton will not install unless I've got sp2 which was one of the missing files. There is no firewall protection in the restored files, so I won't be on the net longer than necessary.

    If by 'system recovery' you mean that XP SP1 or SP1a is installed clean now:
    HOW to get WinXP SP1 or SP2 fully patched after a "clean install".

    And, only the system and yourself a favor not install Norton. If you choose to install it I can guarantee you that you will come back and post on a update problem, a system restore question, a winsock problem, etc..
    If you want a good, paid AV, download NOD32 or F-Secure.
    Two decent free are Avast and AntiVir. MowGreen Services consumer safety update

  • Text tearing does not correctly after the system update. Any ideas?

    For the last two days the text on my PC (Windows Vista) has not been made properly. The problem seems to apply in all programs, including IE, Chrome and Word. The text is not unreadable, it seems just to have the missing pieces of some characters. Some policies are pretty clear, others (such as courier) are very bad. The problem seemed to start after an update of the system. Unfortunately, the system restore never worked on my computer, so this isn't an option. Any ideas on how to solve this problem would be welcome.

    Thank you.


    Hide the update until there is a good solution to this problem by SM.

    Edit: Please read the latest entries of Susan Bradley.

    There seems to be a fix, some good news and bad news - it is only available in the Download Center. The links are displayed in his thread.


  • Acer iconia a b3 - a30 errors after the system update

    Hi my Tablet conducted an update of the system. Everything is fine, but now I get errors for the portal app Acer and Opera app unexpected error please reboot if I restart the app it crashes again.

    Also is it possible to change ro_debuggable to 1, so I can use root adb shell thank you


    Hi Robb,

    In regards to the error continues to Acer portal on your Acer device, I suggest that you can try to uninstall Acer Portal updates and reinstall by downloading the Acer Android portal according to its online help.

    If the problem persists, I will really appreciate if you could provide us with more information below. Thank you!

    1. Please send your comments via the portal Acer Acer BYOC applications support.

    2. Please capture that a screenshot of the error message occurs on the Acer site and we send it to the best solution.

    Acer BYOC Apps support

  • TouchSmart 610 1150y: No Audio output device is installed after the system recovery

    I recently experienced an issue that forced me to do a system recovery. I upgraded Windows 10 months passed without problem from 7. After saving, I did the recovery. The Beats Audio System will not work now and the system indicates device output Installed in no..

    I tried to download drivers without impact. I also uninstalled the audio controller (IDT High Definition Audio CODEC) via Device Manager and rebooted him the system. Doing so resulted in a warning on the unit triangle. When I try to download software updates for it, it starts to download the driver, and then sends an idicating error message that a driver has been found but the device does not work. The audio worked perfectly until I ran the recovery, so it seems not to be a hardware failure.

    Can you suggest a way to solve this problem or to diagnose the problem?  Thanks for any help you can provide!


    Finally! I found a solution! A Google search for a Codec IDT pilot lost in Windows 10 randomly suggested another thread here on the HP Forum. After several suggestions, is affected:

    1. Select IDT High Definition Audio CODEC on Device Manager.

    2. Select the driver tab.

    3. click on Update Driver... button.

    4. Select-> Browse my computer for driver software.

    5. Select-> let me collect a list of drivers for devices on my computer.

    6. Select Audio device high definition (not IDT high def...)  "This is important). and click Next.

    Displays warning message, but the answer Yes.

    7. Windows has updated your driver software.

    Key is step 6.

    Perfect! Worked like a champ!  Problem solved... just took me two weeks to find.

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