All keyboards do not work

each keyboard is not working, and they are all new. I have already installed all the drivers, but it says in the task manager that Windows cannot start this hardware device because its information of configuration (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19).  Any help?

Hi Thomas,

Have you made changes to the registry or to the latest changes to the software on the computer has made recently?

This can occur when more than one service is defined for a device, if there is a logon failure
the service subkey, or if the driver name cannot be obtained from the service subkey.

I suggest you to refer to these discussions and check if it helps.

Important  Follow the steps in this section carefully. Serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Before you edit, back up the registry to restore in case of problems.

Alternatively, you can refer to this blog.

Let us know if it helps. If the problem persists, we will be happy to help you.

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  • Windows 7 Ultimate, keyboard/touchpad not working all other startups?

    A laptop computer that had Windows Vista on it, I bought Windows 7 edition integral and installed the same computer, after you put in a new hard drive.  All updates are performed.  It seems to happen every time you start another.  The touchpad/keyboard will not work.  Not sure what the remedy is.  Also, the question becomes just how to turn off once it comes on without the keyboard work.  Hit the power button, in my opinion, this isn't a good answer.  The unit seems to work fine when he had Lunix for OS, but I prefer Windows 7.

    To turn off it when the keyboard and the touchpad does not work, you can try to plug a USB mouse or external keyboard.

    I suggest that you go to the web site of the manufacturer and update the chip set driver and touchpad driver related device is established with the latest Windows 7 drivers available.

  • X G1 2 210: HP X 2 210 G1 keyboard does not work

    Hi, I have little difficult to pass on my tablet, and when it lights, physical keyboard does not work: someone has the same simptoms? What can I do? I opened an evaluating, but HP support does ' t answer, and I need it :-(

    Italian support contacted me, tablet goes into help tomorrow.

    Thank you all for your support


  • Keyboard does not work on my T650-1MC Satellite

    Keyboard does not work no more at all. Instead of this, continuously + is typed in a text field (or insert permanently, if NUMLOCK is turned off). A USB keyboard works very well (keys CAPSLOCK on the USB keyboard allows to activate the light on the laptop keyboard), but the continuous + s persist.

    ALT + tab does not work, and clicking on stacked items on the system tray or. Windows just appear and disappear again.

    The touchpad works always intended to lead the mouse around, but the "tap to click on ' and 'slide your finger on the edge of the mouse wheel' functions no longer work.
    Thx for any help

    This model of laptop is not known to me, but after reading your ad I think the keyboard is defective and must be replaced. I mean what else you can do about it.

    Try to get the new keyboard and replace it. After that it all will again be OK.

  • Mousepad & keyboard do not work under Win7 on Satellite A300-1BZ


    I just installed Windows 7 on my laptop that is about a year now, but the mouse pad and keyboard do not work. No lights on the caps lock keys or anything either, the only way to get to work is to press the power button so that the laptop goes to sleep and then press it again to turn it back on, then wakes up the keyboard but the mouse pad still does not work.

    I can plug in a USB mouse and it works, but I would prefer if the keyboard and the touchpad just would first work place! However if I restart the computer using the touchpad keyboard then suddenly works.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you

    I upgraded my Satellite A300 to Win7 and two works of features perfectly.
    Did you upgrade or clean install of Win7?

    To be honest, it's a little strange. I installed Windows XP Home edition, Vista and now Win7 on my A300 but the touchpad and the keyboard worked fine all the time.

    Have you noticed this immediately after the departure of punch or later?

  • Satellite keyboard is not working and flashes the command prompts

    Hello world. I hope someone can help... my laptop has suddenly decided to some how turn off the keyboard. No key does not work. The touchpad mouse seems to work very well. Started once w7, a lot of windows boxes flickers between them. Command prompts to do the same thing and I cannot click on any admin agrees with the cursor ect.

    He will not simply accept. I tried the system restore ect but cannot place orders, when similar probs in Device Manager. For example, the cursor jumps oddly at the bottom of any list that I pull up and I can't ride him. The same things happen with another hard drive in the laptop. I scanned with several brands of security too... clear at all. IM wondering if its hardware, not software.

    I even re formatted the hard drive of w7 since another laptop and started again but still the same thing. I have also attached another keyboard to the live system with the same problem. USB keyboards work but still control problems. USB mouse even.


    I understand your question, the internal keyboard does not work, but you can use the external USB keyboard properly... don't you?

    Well, in this case, the question is clear to me: the problem is caused by the fault of the internal keyboard.
    From my point of view of the few he has no alternative option but in order to replace the internal keyboard.

  • Equium M50-235: the keyboard does not work after upgrde memory

    I just did an upgrade memory on my laptop using the second slot located under the keyboard.
    However, as I was putting the keyboard at the rear, the ribbon cable has pulled away from the motherboard and even if I pushed
    Reconnect and fixed with the clip, the keyboard no longer works.

    Is there a service manual I can get hold of someone know what could be the cause of the problem?

    Thank you!


    First of all, once you unscrew the keyboard, open the clip that secures it in place and reinstall the keyboard by ensuring that it is completely down. After that, now the flat cable in place, close the clip. Then, make sure that it is not lost and that it is seated correctly. Then turn on the laptop and see if it works. If this is not the case, try an external keyboard. If an external keyboard does not work, the keyboard on your MB controller is dead and you need a new MB. If an external keyboard works then your keyboard is dead, or the connector on the MB is dead. Best way to test is to try the first solution. If it doesn't work, take it to an ASP so they can try another keyboard for your laptop. Good luck.

  • EliteBook 1020: External keyboard does not work in the form of Bitlocker

    We had a few HP 1020 and 1040: models recently, and all have the same question. When the laptop is connected, the external keyboard does not work in the form of Bitlocker. It works in the BIOS and in Windows itself, but not in Bitlocker. This means that we must open the laptop screen to enter the Bitlocker pin, then let it open and GPO that dictates the computer into hibernation when the lid is closed. We have twisted the GPO, but in vain. Anyone else seen elsewhere or a solution?

    If the bios is up to date, I would look at the BIOS settings. I think that Fast Boot is enabled in your case, this may cause usb devices not to see in the stadium that BitLocker requires

  • Z500 keyboard does not work windows 8.1

    Hi, my problem is that all of a sudden the keyboard does not work in windows. It works by entering the password, after that it does not work. knowing that yesterday it was working properly.

    any help?

    Thanks in advance

    I did a system restore and it solved my problem.
    Thank you for your care ^_^

  • keyboard does not work with windows activate

    I reinstalled XP on my laptop HP R4000, done this before. the moment of activating the entry up, during the seizure of the code, some of the keys on the keyboard do not work... I tried a USB plug in the keyboard and the Board both virtual have same keys does not. all keyboards work fine in other programs. What do you think?? could be the cause.  I know that I can just phone in my license number. BUT I love the mystery.

    Good idea! tried, found that only required keys to enter codes XP work. No rest.  I tried to enter a code for w2000 or maybe 98 not sure.  found my XP COA and it worked. I'd never notice that only some number of letters / are used in codes. Made me watch the list of codes that I have years of work on the computer.

  • Keyboard will not work to start the Recovery Console repair function

    I would like to use the repair feature in Windows XP Professional Recovery Console when starting Onboard or USB CD-ROM drive.  My keyboard works very well to enable F12 and select boot device.  Windows Setup starts and then loads bunch of pilots - looking... but then my keyboard won't work for select 'R' to start the Recovery Console repair.  All this started because I uninstalled a Lexmark printer and it seems that the driver Lexmark LXBTtime.dll lack now but still wants Windows to start.   So now Config\System will not load.  I saw some threads in this forum recommend that my wireless keyboard does not work - so I borrowed a USB wired keyboard - but still the same problem.  Cannot select 'R' - the keyboard light turns off and of course not recognised by Windows Setup.  Any ideas or suggestions?  In addition to the purchase of a MAC (it was my suggestion of neighbors :-)   Thanks for the review!


    In addition to the suggestion of Daavee I would also ask you try another disk of Windows XP installation and also you can try with a keyboard five General PIN and check.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Shekhar S - Microsoft technical support.

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  • VISTRA crashed, monitor and usb keyboard does not work

    WinVista desktop crashed and restart at all.  All I see on the LCD is NO SIGNAL.  The keyboard no longer works.  I tested both the monitor and the keyboard usb on another computer and they work fine.  Test ports usb with a speaker.  Speaker works fine.  I did an oil change of power.  No go.  Vista recovery disc, it can not read. I can't stop starting either because the keyboard does not work.  I can't get to the BIOS. Any suggestions?

    Hi AJKMart,

    I recommend you contact your computer or your motherboard manufacturer, as seems to be a hardware problem.

  • My laptop HP keyboard does not work properly.

    My laptop HP keyboard does not work properly. First of all, it makes a clicking dull when I type, second if I type (anywhere) it wont let me repeat a letter or any key back to back with waiting 2 + seconds. It comes with the connected keyboard or a usb keyboard. How can I stop this?

    In the Panel-> Accessibility-> make your computer easier to use-> make the keyboard easier to use, check your filter keys, if it is on, turn it off.

  • Keyboard does not work when I start windows

    my keyboard does not work when I boot my laptop.   When I do any changes inside through properties keybord (even the spped blinking cursor) he started working. but when I press capslock, it stops working again and I have to still to change the settings in the keyboard properties to make work.i have tried to install the new software, I got my laptop to format but it still does not.

    need help with this and please tell me the solution if r there all

    If by "I got my laptop to format", you mean you have reinstalled Windows and the problem persists, it is probably a hardware problem. If you have a keyboard that can be plugged into your laptop, there the same problem?

  • Keyboard does not work after authentication on the RDS Session host

    When you connect to the RDS through the access portal or app keyboard does not work after authentication on the RDS session host. Offline authentication works very well, past will guide you to the RDS host, then when you try to reset your password, the keyboard does not work.

    Has anyone else had that... ?

    Options (some better than others!) are:

    1. move all MS applications seamless

    2. have an application named "Reset your password" (or similar) which uses MS Seamless.then you can leave other applications, as they are

    3 disable authentication carried forward and implemented our service reset password instead so people reset their password before can connect you.

    4. use the full desktop instead of transparent

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