Complete equipment of simulation using LabView, Multisim, and MAX (easy answer accepted!)

Hello, all!

Sorry, I'm new, but I checked around for a definitive answer on this, but I'm not 100% sure.  I learn LabView for a physics of upper-division course.  We use hardware (DAQ - MX) and a mixture of laboratory equipment - mainly stuff such as voltmeters, oscilloscopes and test setup with simple components.  I also work with NIM instrumentation, but that's secondary to my needs here.  So, when I'm away from the school, is it possible to make a complete simulation of my classroom work using LabView, Multisim (for my model) and the measurement and Automation Explorer (for the acquisition of data-MX)?  I know I can create a circuit and drop it in Labview, but I'm not sure on the acquisition of data.  I hope for what is a "seamless" reconstruction of what I do in class.  I can't take a simple 'yes' or ""; as long as I know it's possible, I can find the solution.

Thanks for the help!

I wrote 'sim' screws in many situations where I need to work away from the hardware store.  I think that MAX has a few features, but you may be limited in the types of signals, you can simulate.

For my sim screw, I make a copy of the original VI with ".sim" added file name.  I also change the icon in a characteristic way to identify the version of the sim card on the BD. In this way the two VI have the same connector pane and are interchangeable on the BD structure. disable the diagram can be your friend here. Inside of the VI of sim, I generate the signal in any form I want.  You can also add additional if necessary controls.


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    My installation is simply to a PC directly connected to the controller via Ethernet without a router between the two. I'm using LabVIEW 2011 SP1 with the DSC module.

    I opened the Manager of distributed systems OR to display the State of all variables in the Modbus Library that I created, and I noticed that the ILO CommFail permanently the value 'true '. All other variables with a 'read' access mode signal "failure of process". I tried to restart the process and stop and start the local variable engine without success. I also restarted my computer several times to see if any services did not exist, but this does not appear to have solved the problem.

    Finally, I resorted to listening to communications on the network card I have the PLC connected via Ethernet using Wireshark and found that while Modbus Poll communicates with PLC, number of MODBUS and TCP packet is sent and received. However, when using only LabVIEW or the DSM OR communicate with the controller, there don't seem to be any communication on the network card.

    Something that may be interesting to note is that I could communicate with the PLC and to read values with the DSM just once, when I understood everything first what address I should be reading of. All of this has stopped working shortly after. Prior to this, 'CommFail' was not generally set to 'true' with my current setup. Thinking it was my firewall, I have since disabled my firewall, but this seems to have had no effect on the problem either.

    Any help on this would be appreciated.

    So, I thought about it. It turns out that the IP address of the server i/o MODBUS must be set to the address of the MODBUS slave, not the local computer. The address of the i/o MODBUS server is defined by the navigation in the Explorer window projects, expanding the variable engine shared library for MODBUS and right click on the server MODBUS (for example Modbus1) item and select Properties.

    In addition, the addresses seem to be shifted by + 1.

    Thanks for the tip so.

  • Communication problems with third-party modules using Labview 2012 and cRIO-9024.

    Hi all

    I recently bought the module moviemed 1501 AF but I am unfortunately not able to communicate properly with him. I followed all the instructions in the Manual, but nothing helps. I downloaded the drivers and software recommended, but whenever I try to add the AF 1501 in special edition module C-series (in the menu drop-down), Labview does not see it.

    When I installed the driver for the module he asked for what version of Labview, I was running (2009 or 2010, no option to 2012), I chose 2010. Could be the problem?

    Thank you!

    Hi Mswn,

    I would just like to ask if you can see other modules of the series-C on your chassis - other modules appear correctly?

    I also see that MoviMed is no indication that they offer LabVIEW 2011 and 2012 of pilots to the AF 1501 hereproduct page. Here are the drivers you are using?

    Andy C.

    Technical sales engineer

    National Instruments

  • Simulator using LabVIEW washing machine

    Hi, I am a simulator of machine washing (a really simple) essentially according to the size of the load (large or small or medium) of the front display panel how many gallons of water used as well as the water temperature according to the type of load (delicate, white, colors).  In addition, here is a clock that runs for a while time depending on the size of the load, once the wash cycle is over, starts the drying cycle.  I just finished the code, but it is not working and I do not understand why, the VI shows no error and I don't see the problem.  I am fairly new to labview, please help

    Yes, follow what she had suggested... the secret behind door number 2 is... think about how to get information from the sets using the controls on the front panel to feed the timer elapsed and indicators

  • App works perfectly well on the Simulator (using all modes) and peripheral when z10 in the communiqué of the execution and debug mode. But creates a 'SIGSEGV = 1 fltno = 11 ip = 781722ec error code' when the term is used.

    My application switches between two documents qml is a home page, and the other is actually a video player. Whenever I press the button to go to the video page, it crashes on my z10 and generates the error «terminated code SIGSEGV = 1 fltno = 11 781722ec = ip...» ". But on the Simulator, it works (without of course plays video). When I use the race version and the debug mode, it works perfectly on my z10.

    This problem occurs frequently when I add a new code element. First of all, it happened when I added a scrollview and container, and it's happening now again when a defined a struct in the header file.  It would be nice to ignore this problem? or y at - it some deeper underlying problem which is the cause

    Just tried, I received the SIGSEGV error too, it looks like parent to AbstractPane fixed it.

    void ApplicationUI::changeScene(const QString& newQmlFileName) {
        // Create root object for the UI
        QmlDocument *qml = QmlDocument::create("asset:///" + newQmlFileName).parent(this);
        qml->setContextProperty("_app", this);
        AbstractPane *root = qml->createRootObject();
        // Set created root object as the application scene

    My test project is also attached to this message.

  • Using the MIN and MAX functions


    Guide to please the following:

    I have a table with records like below:

    Invoice ID RegistrationNo InvoiceDate
    1 AB-1 JANUARY 1, 10
    2 CB-4 MARCH 23, 10
    3 AB-1 1ST JULY 10
    4 FG-2 AUG 1, 10
    AB - 5 1 7 FEBRUARY 11
    CB - 6 4 FEBRUARY 8, 11
    7 CB-4 12 AUG 11

    I want to pass the result of the SQL query, as below

    For RegistrationNo = AB-1

    Reffacture RegistrationNo InvoiceDate
    3 AB-1 1ST JULY 10
    AB - 5 1 7 FEBRUARY 11

    For RegistrationNo = CB-4

    Reffacture RegistrationNo InvoiceDate
    CB - 6 4 FEBRUARY 8, 11
    7 CB-4 12 AUG 11

    I want to get that two records by RegistrationNo with the previous date of min, whose date max more forward.

    Kind regards

    Something like that?

    WITH A AS (SELECT 1 INV_ID, 'AB-1' REG_NO, TO_DATE ('01-JAN-10', 'dd-mon-rr') INV_DATE FROM DUAL
               SELECT 2 INV_ID, 'CB-4' REG_NO, TO_DATE ('23-mrz-10', 'dd-mon-rr') INV_DATE FROM DUAL
               SELECT 3 INV_ID, 'AB-1' REG_NO, TO_DATE ('01-JUL-10', 'dd-mon-rr') INV_DATE FROM DUAL
               SELECT 4 INV_ID, 'FG-2' REG_NO, TO_DATE ('01-AUG-10', 'dd-mon-rr') INV_DATE FROM DUAL
               SELECT 5 INV_ID, 'AB-1' REG_NO, TO_DATE ('07-FEB-11', 'dd-mon-rr') INV_DATE FROM DUAL
               SELECT 6 INV_ID, 'CB-4' REG_NO, TO_DATE ('08-FEB-11', 'dd-mon-rr') INV_DATE FROM DUAL
               SELECT 7 INV_ID, 'CB-4' REG_NO, TO_DATE ('12-AUG-11', 'dd-mon-rr') INV_DATE FROM DUAL)
              FROM A
     WHERE RN<3
             INV_DATE DESC
  • LabVIEW 2011 and Excel 2010: backup problems

    Hi all! I am a student of mechanical Engineeringfthat very little uses this software. I present you the problem: for a question called biomechanics, my colleagues and I, we have developed a rheometer design, which is controlled by LabVIEW2011. Since we are still at the experimental stage, always has been simulated using labview: the whole experience. Yes, labview, at present, not only the orders of the engine through the fixed frequency, but also simulates the output (in the specific, the answer to the torsion of the cartilage, simulated with a second-order low-pass filter). All this was done by my colleague more experienced than me, and who today put the finish of the project in his perfectly for pc not in mine (we have the same version of labview, but a different version of the office). In practice, the program is very well (there is no 'Run' broken arrow) and the simulation with the creation of the sine graph (response of the cartilage) is done perfectly. Then, my colleague put labview to save data in a spreadsheet at the end of the simulation, asking the user where to put (the excel file must already exist, labview does not it). The excel file must contain a point cloud and two columns (one column represents the frequency, f, of motor control, the second represents the shear modulus G, which increases as the frequency increases and the graph represents the evolution of G based on f). As soon as I decide to save the data, excel opens, for an instant is displayed the diagram of dispersion and data in columns, but immediately after the chart disappears and remains only columns with data (so I have to make the graph "manually") and labview give me the following error:

    Error 2147023170 has occurred to the property node (arg 2) in NI_ReportGenerationToolkit.lvlib:Excel_Insert_Char

    VI-> NI_Excel.lvclass:Excel insert-> easy NI_ReportGenerationToolkit.lvlib:Excel>> Progetto

    This error code is not set. Undefined errors can occur for several reasons. For example, no one has provided a description for the code, or you could have wired a number which is not an admission of error code error code.

    In addition, undefined error codes can occur because the error concerns a third object, such as the operating system or ActiveX. For these mistakes of third parties, you may be able to get a description of the error in searching the Web for the (-2147023170) error code or its hexadecimal representation (0x800706BE).

    What can I do?
    Thank you. Concerning

    Different versions of Office is something that I would consider it carefully. Like trying to get the same version FIRST, unless you want to read the documentation for Microsoft Office Excel Developer between different versions of Excel.

  • Need help to make the adjustments to TCP between Labview 2011 and webrelay


    I'm using Labview 2011 and trying to establish communication with webrelay (X-WR-4R1-l) to control its relay.

    I downloaded a example but it does not work.  (he was tied with this thread as well)

    I did no changes in the example program, that I do not really understand much codes XML.

    I turned ON all 4 relays this webrelay, but in labview, it reads that the relays are turned OFF.

    and when I click the button on the front panel, it does nothing.

    There are several toolkits labview installed in my PC, namely:

    -labview development system

    -application builder

    -recording of data and control module

    -Database connectivity kit

    -internet Toolbox

    -report generation toolkit for Microsoft office

    I'd appreciate it if someone could guide me in this configuration process.

    Thank you

    OK, we're making progress...

    Something seems truncated. Is there something after realy4state in the received string? Because the string is longer, you will need to adjust the number of bytes read. It's more than the 157, which corresponds to the current setting.

    In all cases, their example LabVIEW is a unique feature of relay. You need to look at section 3.2 of the manual that you set for the correct orders. Now there is always a number between 'relay' and 'State' for example:

    1State = 1 for relay activate relay 1.

    You must do two things:

    Write a trainer who composed the correct channels based on the selected relay.

    Write a parser that retrieves the status of all four relays relay. (the offsets will be different, for example)

    I recommend you to treat the four relays as an array of four Boolean values.

  • Sending sms using labview


    It comes to my school project. I need to implement the design to send sms using labview. And I use iTegno 3000 modem and I have no idea where to start. Can someone has a basic idea for me? All the specific commands to use for the modem I use?

    Thank you very much for your help

    Good day! looking forward to all your kind reply...

    Your sequence of structures aren't absolutely necessary and are just getting in the way so delete.

    You do not have a phone number - the yyyyyy is not all correct and you do not send a CTRL-z character. You send the text "ctrl + z". Set the string to display hexadecimal constant and enter 1.

  • by using labview co-simulation, how to control the PWM market factor in multisim

    I am new to the use of Multisim with LabVIEW using co-simulation. I would like to ask if there is a PWM component in Multisim, which can have its cycle have to be controlled using LabVIEW? I have an algorithm in LabVIEW that returns the duty cycle values between 0 and 1, representing the percentage of duty cycle.

    How can I control the PWM market factor in Multisim using LabVIEW co-simulation?

    Thank you very much


    Hi spectrum,

    In Multisim, find items based on functionality, there are some PWM models in the database.  Take a look at this knowledge base if you don't know how to search for parts:

    Also, take a look at this knowledge base:

    This article shows you how you can get Mutlisim and LabVIEW to co-simiualte:

    I hope this helps

  • Parallel FPGA in LabVIEW/Multisim co-simulation

    Hi guys, it is possible to put 3 or 4 FPGA modules in a model of LabVIEW and then simulate jointly with Multisim runs 1 model plant? I want to simulate a converter of solar by using multiple parallel FPGA (this part on LabVIEW) cores conducted multiple interacting with the grid inverter bridges (this part is the Multisim factory model).

    Hey hacmachdien,

    This should be possible.  If you have the Control Design and Simulation toolkit, you can use the control and the Simulation loop to simulate jointly with Multisim after you have installed the co-simulation plugin that comes with Multisim.  See here for more information.

    If you encapsulate your LabVIEW FPGA logic inside a Subvi, you should be able to use these subVIs in control and the loop simulation.  There are a few caveats with this.  First of all, the rate for the LabVIEW FPGA SubVIs must be configured depending on how they will run in the actual hardware.  For example if the Subvi is inside a timed Cycle simple loop that is configured for a 40 MHz clock, you will need to configure the delay for the Subvi 25 ns.  You can set up the period right-click on a Subvi in control and Simulation loop, then go to the Subvi node installation.  In this menu, you can set the type of operation to be discreet and then configure the discreet calendar.  Another restriction is certain things will not be supported as I/O.  You can usually work around this by leaving your IO on the next level of your app and just by passing the values in the Subvi through controls and indicators.  Let us know if you have any other questions!

  • Time real ADC/DAC for SMPS by using Labview and USB

    Hi all

    I asked the Sales Department of this same question, so here's a two-pronged approach:

    I am reserching a control algorithm for power switching, and so far, its performance simulations seem to be good.  Now, the goal is to implement the circuit from the experimental data.

    I've seen several NI USB DAQ boxes that seem to have the performance, I'm looking for (for example, the box USB-6211 a sampling rate and resolution I need).

    The control algorithm uses the following mathematical functions: add/sub/mult/div/exhibitor and derivative/integral.

    My question is this: is "strong enough" Labview take four-channel data 250Ksps, crunches the numbers in an equation and spits out the answer to an analogue on the channel, while time REAL?  I'm looking for a rate of analog output of ~ 100 kHz.

    Thank you for any suggestions you have!



    So if you were trying just to perform an input or output, then the box USB-6211 would certainly be able to treat it as the machine clock could manage the inputs/outputs, no software. However, what you are wanting to do, basically a feedback system, he will have to avoid (at least to a USB device) because you need to be able to specify Active which is the output. So, for this reason alone and the fact that you want out of 100 kHz, this device and the USB devices in general will be not an option any what software you use, LabVIEW or otherwise. On another note, you want to make sounds more like live update, not in real time, which is more on the jitter. Bottom line, for these kinds of requirements, you might need to move to an FPGA card, something like the NI PCIe-7841R would work. It's more expensive, but for your needs, FPGA will be the only option and it comes down to the latency of the bus, but also the response time of software. With FPGA, as shown in the first scheme of the following document, you basically close your software through hardware loop.

    Basics of FPGA

    -Ryan S.

  • you want to send data using labVIEW to arduino using write visa and the process and to take action using arduino. A

    I want to send data using labVIEW to arduino using write visa and the process and to take action using arduino. After that, I want to arduino to send out necessary via a serial port to labVIEW which should be read using visa read and store in a chain. While I am able to write or read both individually, I can't do it consecutively. I used advanced read and write vi for checking my code, but nothing is helping. The wrong bed 'time delay before execution. " Please let me know where I can go wrong. Also is it possible to write code for hx711 using labVIEW

    1. you need not "\n" on your orders println().  This command adds an end of line character already in the message.

    2. you get the error because you have a loop around your reading.  After the first reading (well technically, the second because of you add an extra line end character), there is nothing left in the port.  As a result, you will get the timeout.

    3. you should really consider using a Structure of the event.  This way you just don't write and read when you press the Write button and you can also use the structure of the event to make the loop to stop.  I also go up to close the port inside the stop-> value Change event.

  • How to check the CPU usage and paging using LabVIEW

    Hi guys,.

    I build an application that is used to check the CPU usage and paging using LabVIEW. How can I do?

    any help, suggestions or advice will be greatly appreciated...

    Kind regards



    If you plan to build your app for Windows, you can use .NET classes. (System.PerformanceCounter), there is a simple example with LabVIEW:

    C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\LabVIEW 2010\examples\comm\dotnet\SimpleTaskMonitor.llb

    Also, you have several screws that you can use to verify information about the processor.

    Kind regards

Maybe you are looking for

  • yellow folder icons missing in the Bookmarks Manager

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