All my desktop files and library are missing in Windows 7

Need help, I have a windows 7 Ultimate OS on an old Dell XPS of 3 years. Operating system implemented at level of Windows Vista home for more than a year. Last week, when I connected, I noticed that all my desktop files were missing. Library of the missing files (including photos, videos, music & docs). Whats funny is that none of the files are missing. However, all possible files in each folder are missing. There is no way that I could have them was deleted by mistake, can not think of a keyboard shortcut to clear all the files, but leave the files. I run avast antivirus, set to day & works perfectly well. No application installs & the only windows update I see around this event was for MS silverlight.

I backed up all possible files using a recovery agent & the thought of doing a clean reinstall of the operating system. PS - My research on the net has returned no results for this problem. Looking for all entries before going to come & clean clean my system. THX in advance
* original title - need help with Windows 7, all the missing files *.

Here are the steps I recommend:

  1. Open the computer and open your folder C:\Users.
  2. Right-click on the folder of your user name and select Properties.  Unset as hidden, and then click OK.

    You will be asked what you want to apply the changes.  Choose JUST THE FOLDER.  Although it seems appropriate, are not select subfolders, because some things down there, including the appdata folders and as such, must be hidden.

  3. Then go inside your userfolder and select all your folders accessible by the typical user (downloads, Documents, photos, video, etc.) and disabled the option down on those.  This time, pouvez you use the option 'apply to all subfolders and files '.
That will get you squared away back.

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    and do not work. Most of the files are there but they are, but they are in different folders.    Could you help her?   Thank you very much.

    Well we are all learning, sometimes doing unwise things :(

    If you can not use a restore point, and the moving process simple origonal location cannot be done.

    I would like to copy your files to external data, make sure that you have the keys that can be required for programs, then start with a win clean installation, deleting all partitions during the process, and then using the entire disk for C space.

    You can different circumstances redirect your libraries only to another drive, other than C.

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    Try the bugcheck on the ext hdd. Right click on the drive in 'my computer' > 'properties' > 'Tools' > click 'check now '.

    You can restart your pc and reconnect the ext hdd.

    Recuva Piriform is a free data recovery program.

    Google for more solutions

  • Model e9300z #AZ217AV-ABA: help! All files and images are missing. Empty programs

    My PC for 3 1/2 year, has been very slow for a few days. He actually hung online last night and I had to physically stop. I turned everything on time and the screen says welcome to HP as if it were a brand new computer. The homepage is not the usual.  I clicked on the Chrome and the display shows Bienvenuechez Chrome and how to put in place. Ditto for Mozilla Firefox.  Then I go to files and they are empty. Documents and photos. went. Family tree maker is there, but it also gives me the Welcome screen. I went to the original Image and it says that it has been changed in 2013 - day and the year of purchase. It seems empty. It's as if my computer has been deleted.  I backed up a month or two ago and I was actually going to save last night, but when he hung up, I turned it off. I thought that the original Image was a return to the top.  I have Norton AntiVirus.

    What can I do to recover my files? Any suggestions? Can I have a virus? or what happened? Can I fix it myself? A computer store can recover files? I'm typing this on my work laptop. Because I don't know about the use of the computer.

    Thank you all very much.


    I unplugged the computer because I was worried that if the hard drive was not, that its use could write on previous data. In addition, the power in the House going on and off for a reason any. Since I'm not tech savy, I decided to hire a computer programmer rather than trying to back up my hard drive by using the adapter by myself. When the computer was reconnected overnight by the computer guy, he came as usual. All my files and pictures were back. The screen looked normal.  Yay! The computer guy said my hard drive was fine, but the computer probably had a virus 'Lotus '. I have Norton Anti virus. He ran a few malware research programs and found some viruses. It works fine now. Hope it stays like that. Thanks for the help.

  • I get the error code 646 when trying to install 2 very important updates. Also pdf files and others are missing from the registry.

    RPDF files missing.never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone!

    Ideas: pdf files are missing and error 646

    • You have problems with programs
    • Error messages
    • Recent changes to your computer
    • What you have already tried to solve the problem

    during the installation of updates and some extensions files cannot be opened.  Also when you do e-mail or any continuous strike moving cursor then have to keep changing the typing.  Error 646 present during updates.

    Hey Jaynie Tatt

    Read and follow the information in the microsoft link below to fix your error code 646 using their fix - it or using the registry edit

    Walter, the time zone traveller

  • all my documents, songs and images are missing

    the names of the files are still there, but when I try to open one, a message appears and says "the item___ that this shortcut refers has been changed or moved, this shortcut will work more properly", or "this file is not found. When I try to open a picture, this message appears: "Photo Gallery can't open this picture because it might have been deleted or is in a location that is unavailable. When I try to play a song in Itunes, this message appears: "the song _ could not be used because the original file cannot be found. You want to locate? "and when I click on 'Search', I can't find it because it lacks the song file. Also, when I try to search the Microsoft Word pogrom, it isn't in my programs. Other microsoft programs are there however, simply no word. Help, please!


    Read this on the use 'Show' to fix this that some malware will do with your data.

    See you soon.

  • files and folders are missing

    Everyone knows a sudden loss of entire folders with hundreds of files?  A friend told me it's because of something 27% 20% and I have to rename each of the hundreds of files to fix. That's if I can find them.

    Any help gratefully accepted.

    Hi Louise,.

    This is much like one question that other see that files are deleted by report to creative clouds. We are already aware of this problem. Please restart creative cloud, that might solve your problems of files be ransacked.

    Thank you


  • Whenever I start the system complains that the following files are missing, c:\\Windows\System32\igfxpers.exe, igftray.exe and hkcmd.exe.

    Original title: files missing error

    Whenever I start the system complains that the following files are missing, c:\\Windows\System32\igfxpers.exe, igftray.exe and hkcmd.exe. Everything started after I ran scan and scan deleted some files infected. However, I can use the system. Where and how to download the missing files? Or how the system does not deliver messages?


    Two of the three files are probably part of the malware infection and not the files infected. The third is probably the same details in this link:

    To identify what loads when you start using Autoruns (freeware from Microsoft).

    With Autoruns, you can deselect an item which disables startup, or you can click with the right button on an item, then remove it. If you clear the check box that you can check back for re - activate the element. It is an approach much safer than editing the registry and better than using msconfig. You will find the three points and they will have a description 'file is missing' against everyone. Your antivirus software has removed the files, but not the startup entries in the registry. All you need to do is delete the entry using Autoruns to eliminate the error messages.

    Another useful feature of the program is that you can click with the right button on an item and select search online to get information about the selected item.

  • all my desktop icons and the program are the same and the habit of open.why?

    I uninstalled a few programs.after that all changed my icons and used I can solve this


    Have you done any software or changes to the material on the computer before this problem?

    Method 1: First of all, I suggest you perform a virus scan on your computer online by visiting the following link:
    Microsoft Safety Scanner

    Note: The Microsoft Safety Scanner ends 10 days after being downloaded. To restart a scan with the latest definitions of anti-malware, download and run the Microsoft Safety Scanner again.
    Note: The data files that are infected must be cleaned only by removing the file completely, which means that there is a risk of data loss.

    Method 2: Run the following Fix - it and check.
    Difficulty of broken desktop shortcuts and common system maintenance tasks
    If the problem persists, then follow hide icon to rebuild the steps mentioned - below
    a. click Start, then Control Panel and write in the search folder optionsbox.
    b. now, click on Folder Options to open and select (dot) show hidden files and folders.
    c. open a Windows Explorer window.
    d. go on C:\Users\(User Name) \AppData\Local
    e. right click on IconCache.db , and click Remove.
    f. click Yes to confirm the deletion.
    NOTE: This removes the file to the trash. It is safe to empty the trash when you are done.
    g. close the window.
    h. emptying the trash.
    i. restart the computer.
    j. When you come back, you will notice the size of the file IconCache.db is reduced, and the update is now the current date.
    NOTE: If for some reason any IconCache.db isn't there or the size has not much changed then you can just restart the computer again. You may need to restart a few times in some cases.
    k. icon cache will be rebuilt.
    Method 3: If the methods above do not help, you can check if the link helps you solve the problem.

    Important: This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs.
    For more information about how to back up the registry, see the link:
    Back up the registry

  • My Desktop files and shortcuts to folders disappeared

    original title: My Desktop files (images, PDF, PSD, txt etc.) as well as shortcuts to folders disappeared. Where files could go to?

    One day, he was doing fine. The other, a whole bunch of icons, files, records were missing. Some are still there, others are not. I've been racking my brain for if I installed anything. And I uninstalled these programs. No change. I got the files that I just used on my desk and they went. Photos, psd files, pdfs, remark, I need things and they are gone!

    What could be behind this problem and how to bring them back? The only thing I remember of change was McAfee. She gave me bad. I called support. They uninstalled and reinstalled. But they were fine after that. No change until yesterday.

    No need for a restore. Thanks for the help.
    However, somehow loads of programs and files have been placed as 'hidden' (don't know how it happened yet)
    I was able to fix the half of them, yet some programs are not available. But working through the problem.

    For those of you who have the same problem.
    As all my files and folders are back! And are very well Phew! Everything is better!


    If I remember correctly, as it has been quite some time. I opened "My Computer" click "Desktop" at the top left. Then I clicked on "Organize" and then "Folder and Search Options" and then "view" then I searched "hidden files and folders" and selected "Show hidden files folders and drives." Click on "OK." -that worked for me.

  • All my photos/events before 2013 are missing from iPhoto.

    All my photos/events before 2013 are missing from iPhoto. I checked the record events on the left. Can someone help me locate the photos? My MacBook Pro is up to date OS x 10.11.6

    What has changed since they were here?

    Given virtually no details the best guess is that you have several libraries of liPhoto - hold down the option key when launching iPhoto and see how many libraries are there in the window that appears choose library - test each of them to see what it contains


  • I lost all the photos, files and programs, can someone help me please?

    I did a system restore (I think) and lost all the photos, files and programs.  Can someone tell me please how do I get back them?


    Looks like your user profile has been corrupted in some way and XP connected to a new profile.  This means that when you connect, you see one of your stuff and can be also lack all the other programs you may have installed previously.

    Note that the system restore do not know or care about the personal files on your system.

    Unless there's a disaster or instead of a system restore you done a system recovery files would be still on your system somewhere - you just find them... and when you find them, you can correct what happened.  If you have made a recovery of the system instead of a system restore, then all is lost and you need to recover from a backup.

    Have you performed a search of Windows to see if you can find some of these photos and files?    For example, you could search for something like "Resume.doc" or a file name that you remember exactly to see if it is anywhere on your system and where it is.

    Why don't you get in Windows Explorer and (assuming that XP is installed on your C drive), navigate to this folder:

    C:\Documents and Settings

    Below, you will see that each user on your system has their own folder for their personal belongings.  You will see also some folders listed user that you do not recognize, but that's normal.

    Under the folder of each user, there is another folder, as "Documents of Jose" and under this 'Jose music' and «De Jose Pictures»  Dig a little and check them all to see if you can find your missing stuff.

    Just take a look in the Control Panel, add/remove programs to see if "missing" programs are still installed, but all not available when you are logged in (you don't have to 'do' something - just look at).

    Assuming that you can find your missing stuff, determine where we (which will make feel you better knowing that it is not really gone), then report back and someone can help you straighten things.

  • Certain files and folders are not detected by Windows Explorer (XP).

    I created 15 files in a folder on a shared network drive, associated with another computer. My computer is running XP x 64 v. 2003 SP2, and the computer server (the one with the shared drive) has v.2002 XP Pro (32-bit) SP3.  When I open the folder in Windows Explorer I see only 12 folders. When I tried to rename one of the 12 visible files to match the name of one of the 3 missing files I get an error (file exists!). What is all too weird, when I select all and delete 12 deleted records and previously missing 3 appears.

    Has also had a similar problem with entire folders. The Explorer does not see the folder but when I create a shortcut by typing the path of the folder manually and click on the shortcut, the name of the file appears in Solution Explorer!

    All files and folders are visible when I connect on the 32-bit computer. There is no difference between the files/folders regarding the permissions or security settings are concerned. Other users have experienced the similar problem. I tested this on 2 other computers on the same network. On a 32-bit computer, everything works fine, but on another 64-bit computer, I get the same question of file disappears.  It seems to suggest some incompatibility between Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit XP systems.  Any suggestions how to fix it? It's really frustruting...

    The files appear when you refresh the Explorer window by pressing F5 (or view-> Refresh)?

    If so, this article may help:
    "List of the files in the Windows Explorer folder is not refreshed after that you create, move, or delete files"
      <> >


  • I have now installed this last 37.01 on two computers of desktop PC and both are break much and giving message firefox still works?

    I have now installed this last 37.01 on two computers of desktop PC and both are break much and giving message firefox still works?

    Use "Firefox > output" (Windows: Firefox/file > quit;) Mac: Firefox > quit Firefox. Linux: Firefox/file > exit) to close Firefox if you are currently doing by clicking on the X close in the title bar of Firefox.

  • the desktop icons and labels are not transparent

    the desktop icons and labels are not transparent


    · Were there any changes made on the computer before the show?

    You can check out the post below which deals on the same concern:

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