Apple Mobile Device USB Driver has not passed Logo testing for compatibility with Windows XP, I ran the suggestion to "fix" 925196 that it still does not work. What can I do else?

Bought the iPhone 3 g (not 4) trying to run the material but get the following error: Apple Mobile Device USB Driver no has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify compatibility with Windows XP continues the installation of this software may impair or destabilize the functioning of your system.

Windows XP Service Pack 3 is running.

I ran the 'Fix - It' 925196 solution, but the problem could not be solved. What is a malware problem?


Hi deanie3,

We will check if the following is useful.

Method 1: Run the next Fixit and check the issue.

Hardware devices do not work or are not detected in Windows

Method 2: Follow the steps in the below article mentioned to see if it helps.

You cannot install some programs or updates

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