Bad BIOS installed on the Satellite A200

I had one laptop Satellite A200 and I downloaded and installed an incorrect BIOS. Then I restarted my laptop and it is empty. I researched and downloaded many programs, but I don't have a USB floppy drive. I downloaded phlash16, created an autoexec.bat file and follow all directions I've read on different post of different Web sites.

Can someone please help me to recover my BIOS using the virtual floppy drive to USB and can someone please give a process step by step on how to reflash the BIOS. My laptop is Toshiba Satellite A200. Please give me a BIOS for my laptop.

Please email me [email protected]

Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you.


Hi mate

> I had a laptop Satellite A200 and I downloaded and installed an incorrect BIOS. Then I restarted my laptop and it is empty

I'm afraid, you will need to contact the ASP in your country in order to solve this problem of m

Toshiba driver page contains no traditional BIOS updates but only focus on the Win BIOS update, this means that you will not be able to update the BIOS by using a floppy disk because you don t have a traditional BIOS version

Get in contact with the ASO technician, they can help you!

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    Recently I discovered that my bluetooth drivers have been uninstalled. Now when I try to install (I have windows VIsta btw) the installation hangs at the beginning. What should I do? The site offers no good solutions.
    Help, please.


    It's very strange. I don't know what you're trying to do exactly, but please remove all your system BT stuff. After doing this stack of BT to install initially. When you have finished install Bluetooth Monitor. This order of the facilities is important.

    Maybe you have installed BT monitor first.

  • What is the speed of the HARD disk installed in the Satellite A200-1MA


    I would like to know the speed of the HARD drive in this model, it is 200 GB. In various sites, I saw different data of the speed of the HARD drive, 5400 specification or 4200.

    Thanks for the reply.


    It's different because some models are delivered with 5400 RPM and another with 4200 RPM. But the number of laps REALLY don't make any difference. You have more performance with a disk 5400 RPM because the difference are milliseconds and won´t you even recognize it.

    But for most drives with 4200rpms have been delivered.

    See you soon

  • How to install Windows XP on the Satellite A200-23U?

    I bought the Satellite A200-23U. I downloaded the BIOS for xp version 5.4, but isn't not suport drivers SATA and windows xp does not work.

    Intel Matrix Storage Manager is the key ;)

    You must first install the SATA driver, which is part of the Intel Matrix Storage Manger.

    In this forum, you will find discussions much useful on this topic

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    Did you get any error messages or what?

    Thanks for posting more details!

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    I have the Satellite A200 (PSAE3E) and I'm trying to install winXP on it...
    When I boot from the CD and blue screen, it shows me a massage that "Setup did not find any hard drives installed in your computer?

    can you help me to start the installation?



    This theme was addressed 10,000 times here in the forum.
    Search the forum for similar topics, read and learn!

    PS: small Council; you need SATA drivers that are part of the Intel Storage Manager.

    Good bye

  • BT on the Satellite A200-130 pilot facilities


    I bought a new Satellite A200-130, two weeks ago and when I run the Bluetooth from the BEGINNING or F8 + function, it opens the Bluetooth driver configuration, THEN COMES THE PROBLEM: it gets stuck. I opened the Task Manager to see if it has been using any CPU.
    It was actually using 1 or 2 sometimes 3 CPU. One day I left the configuration of work from 12: 00 to 12:00 and nothing happened.

    If a expert TOSHIBA? ¦. What is the solution?
    Keep in mind that I made the recovery for him but STILL< the="" same="">

    Can anyone help?
    I will appreciate it! Thank you.

    I checked your previous assignments and it's very bad that you didn't have success with BT on your A200 Satellite installation. I have the Satellite A200-1CR with BT, and in my case everything was OK. Different components have been installed and where BT finished was ready for use.

    I know you hate me for this, but I recommend you to follow:
    1 install the OS via recovery DVD new
    2. unplug all external and Vista boot devices
    3. turn the WLAN switch on WE
    4. when the WLAN led is used in combination of keys FN + F8 and switch to BT only.
    Please, don't use option ALL

    After doing this BT components must be installed. It takes about 10 minutes, but in my case it worked fine. Please if you have time do it again. I really can't imagine that this will not work. Install BT after clean operating system installation.

    I hope that you have success next time. :)

  • My opinion on the Satellite A200 - 1 GB

    Hi all

    I got a Satellite A200 - 1 GB of Dubai on November 16, 2007
    It's really cool!
    It was so trendy more than I thought. Likewise, it doesn t have a fancy look, I think that it s a decent design.

    It doesn t have the harman/cardon speakers, but there is a sticker saying DOLBY SOUND ROOM. I put t know the meaning of it. But the sound quality is pretty much more than I expected.

    Win Vista it takes some time to start the PC, but performance is good. But I need to check the performance of my development work. Still, I couldn't t install the Visual Studio 2005, SQL server, kit JDK and Tomcat server.

    I think that those who will be work out on it with a prob. So I'll give my comment on A200 - 1 GB performance after working with those.

    Bluetooth, Webcam, DVD player all work correctly.

    {color: #ff00ff} Mode Dual pad is an asset for this tour. {color}
    {color: #0000ff} So far none of the drawbacks found on my laptop. {color}

    {color: #ff0000} Within 2 days only headaches I find is battery life. The battery is discharged with in almost two hours.
    It is a common thing? {color}

    Thank you for your summer little on the Satellite A200

    > With in 2 days only headaches I find is battery life. The battery is discharged with in almost two hours. It is a common thing?

    Yes, it's time to work common battery! But note; battery working time is different and always depends on the use of the laptop!
    If the laptop runs with maximum performance and unique pieces as ODD, GPU, CPU are stressed so battery working time sinks quickly.

    Please note that the Vista operating system consumes all the resources of the laptop and also the battery power down much faster than on the first MS OS like XP.

  • FN key display icon does not appear on the Satellite A200 (PSAE6E)


    I have the Satellite A200, I reinstall Windows but now if I press Fn icons doesn't appear on the desktop, FN keys work correctly.

    I just want to see the icon that well I try to install each Toshiba utility, none worked.


    You use Windows XP or Vista?

    For Vista, you must install the package of value added.
    For XP, you must install the Hotkey utility.

    The two you can find on the Toshiba site: downloads Support & -Online Download drivers

    If you have any other questions, please let us know.

    Good bye

  • Update BIOS 2.20 - WIN32 - Satellite A200 fan activity


    I bought the Satellite A200 on February. So far, it was all right. I've recently updated my BIOS to 2.20 unfortunately. Now my fan runs constantly. I changed the graphics settings, stopped some unnecessary programs loaded during startup. Nothing is done, the fan works. Is this normal?

    Before updating the BIOS he made completely different. All started for a while with force almost complete and that gradually collapsed. Now, he is constantly working with the same speed, but never stops.

    Please help :(

    I imagine that the Toshiba engineers have changed some values in the BIOS settings. What you can try is to change the METHOD of COOLING in saving settings.

    You can find under > Panel control system & maintenance Power Startup Options? Select a settings change plan Plan to modify the Toshiba Power Saver cooling method advanced power settings

  • The Flashcards for the FN keys disappears on the Satellite A200-1iz

    Hello, I hope you could help me on the following:

    I have the Satellite A200-1iz and I installed the new drivers and then when I press the FN button the pop-up window with the function keys but when I place the cursor at the top of the screen, the popup window with the function keys appears.

    What have I done? How do I get it back? That is the question.

    Could you please advice?

    Thank you

    Please, enter the Flash Cards settings and make sure that the first option (turn off Toshiba Flash Cards) is not enabled. After having this option use restart Flash Cards. You will find under: start of Toshiba utility programs.

  • To the Satellite A200-23d HARD drive recovery

    Here is someone who knows if the Satellite A200-23d has a HARD drive recovery integrated?

    I can't say for sure, but I'm sure it comes with a 99% HARD drive recovery image.
    Can you please tell us what your problem with this model of laptop?
    How can we help?

  • Screen cracked the Satellite A200

    I bought the Satellite A200-1YO 15.4 "laptop around a month ago.
    Today, I think the screen is cracked. I have not had an additional guarantee, but I still have the original invoice.

    What is my best course of action? My screen is covered by the warranty, although it is accidental damage? Or I have to buy a new monitor?
    I've seen this exact monitor on eBay for £127.00.

    Any help would be massively grateful.


    I put t I think your warranty would cover the show physically damages, I mean it s not an electrical problem.
    To my knowledge the physical damage not covered by warranty

    However, for more details, you must contact the ASP in your country.
    Explain your problem and how did the net

    Good luck

  • Second HARD drive is possible on the Satellite A200-1iW?

    possible second hard drive on the Satellite A200 1iW?


    Not all models of laptops A200 supports the second HDD.
    If you want you can find very easily if your laptop supports this second HDD.

    At the bottom of the device, you can find the second HARD drive Bay. Remove the cover that protects the Bay and check if there is some HARD drive connectors.

    If not, then the second HDD is not possible

  • Price of the Satellite A200 - 15l?

    I bought the official windows vista magazine and inside was a brochure of toshiba, this manual is a range of laptops. Equium series caught my attention, especially the Satellite A200 - 15l, which has the processor intel pentium dual core 2080, vista edition windows Home premium, 160 GB HDD, 1 GB + 1 GB of RAM in other words 2 gig of ram. DVD Supermulti DL drive, and has a widescreen 15.4 "trubrite display. All for A £499 inc VAT. I can't find this phone anywhere on the internet, and all models of the A200 series, I found cost a lot more of A £499 for a lot less features. Could you please tell me where to find this laptop for this price, and if not why this addition was published. I have a link to a photo that I took of advertising here thank you


    Turn on the guy.
    I think that the £ 499 is recommended that the price retail (RRP) or the suggested retail price (MSRP of the manufacturer).
    As you know that unique dealers are responsible for setting the final price and not the manufacturer of the laptop!
    Don't forget this fact!

    I assume that online merchants are less expensive that the computer stores in the city center!
    In addition, the A200 series is a whole new notebook series (at this time) and I think that there are not many dealers who sell this laptop.

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