BlackBerry Smartphones BB8330 Bell v4.3.0.124 - how to add a '1' to the Canada or US long-distance numbers withput the smart dial option?

Hello... I called Bell to find out how to add a 1 to my long distance numbers and they said go to options > numbering however my BB8330 has no chip / or display option smart dial under "options".  Currently my long distance numbers are programmed in contacts showing the 1-800-XXX-XXXX but when I dial number, the screen don't watch not '1' operator said that the number cannot be completed as composed, please check the number and dial... which means I actually have to dial the number with a '1' myself.  It's a pain.  What is the point of store the reference long distance with a '1' if I have to do this all the time?  Someone at - it a response?  Yet ONCE... my phone is not smart dial option. I tried to find it under other headings, but not luck and can't find anything online that helps so far.

Thank you!


Your phone has the option of smart dial.  From the home screen press the green phone button.  Then press menu button (to the left of the trackball) and go to Options.  Then select Smart dial.

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    So I removed the e-mail account of BB on the thought of my phone that I would like to re - add just to see if that fixed anything... but when I try it tells me the username already exists.  If I ask the site to send my account information to my PIN, I get a message that my username and password do not exist.  And when I go to create a new account via the BIS Web site, tells me that the username already exists.  Is not a common user name, so there is no way someone he recorded in the short time between deleting my account and trying to add new.

    How to re - add the service with my previous username without clicking on the button "create a new e-mail account of BB?


    That did not work, unfortunately... so I ended up calling the technical support of Verizon and they managed to re-pair my phone with my BIS account orphan.  Sounded as if it was a fairly simple process, but apparently not something I could have fixed on my own.

    Anyone having this problem: just call Verizon!

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    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    Yes, that would do makes a difference. For reference, the best procedure must first install the full package of DTM (what version you need for your PIM version if you plan to synchronize via attached USB/BT), then, at the top of the DTM installed, your bundle of BONES of carriers (which modifies DTM so that it can provide you with options that apply to you).

    You can edit your previous post - but it's actually better not unless there is a real error needing correction. It is good to leave the wire in place just in case someone in the future should have a similar situation... so that they can find your description and solution and I hope to find their response without the need to post a new thread.

    Oh yes, once you are sure that it is resolved, please don't forget to mark the thread as solved.


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    I will be able to add the BES OK?


    Yes, carrier and BES are independent. That is, of course, as long as Rogers offers (and the user subscribes to) a level of service plan company.


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    Thank you.

    It can also get the faecbook app by going to from his blackberry browser and you will see links to facebook 1.6 and also for app world if she wants.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Whats difference b/w BB Software v6.0.0.2858 (Asia) and the v6.0.0.2921 (Asia) software?

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    1download the software for Rogers Wireless Inc..

    Download of BlackBerry Handheld Software v6.0.0.2921 (Asia)

    2. download the software for Mobilicity

    Download of BlackBerry Handheld Software v6.0.0.2858 (Asia)


    Imtiazshah wrote:

    I want to intall new version of the software to my BlackBerry Bold 9700. I was following two software to BB Websit which I need to install:

    1download the software for Rogers Wireless Inc..

    Download of BlackBerry Handheld Software v6.0.0.2921 (Asia)

    2. download the software for Mobilicity

    Download of BlackBerry Handheld Software v6.0.0.2858 (Asia)


    Use the most recent version, that I've highlighted in red. Latest = higher version number.

    I don't know the difference in what has been added or bugs fixed, RIM does not changelog with the upgrades of the OS release.

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    yellowsubmarine wrote:
    I thought a lot about it. It is probably a mistake to factory setting.

    What you have said, I am not ready to agree with that...

    yellowsubmarine wrote:
    and BB/RIM is not a platform for technical support by e-mail and phone

    It of okay and is entirely consistent with the support model to which all parties (including the end user) are contractually committed. All housing starts service and assistance with carriers, dealers approved, or authorized service centers (it may vary depending on the region and the specific question), all those who have the ability to climb up to BlackBerry cases requiring the attention. Only your support provider can answer as to why they have not taken this step for you.

    yellowsubmarine wrote:

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    I don't have insurance with AT & T but before I lose $125.50 piece of plastic, I was wondering if offered RIM of pieces that could be purchased such as the rear plate plastic for this phone?

    $16.50 on ebay!

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    My blackberry was recently stolen and when I tried recording on my MyWorld/Paypal account I got a notice saying I used the maximum number of changes to the machinery. It is the first time I ever tried to recover my Apps, so I don't understand why I get this message.

    I tried to send an email to support, but I kept saying to enter a valid PIN?

    He fears a great moment to not be able to recover all my purchased applications.

    EDIT: I am with Telus, using the BB Tour 9630.


    Your request should be sent as follows. Go to this address:

    and complete the form. Use, in the "Please select a component:"on the ground, AppWorld billing/payment selection. " Don't forget to also include the reason why you have exceeded your maximum eligible PIN associations to AppWorld (for example, several RMA, warranty replacement, etc..).

    If this is the form to which you have received the incorrect PIN code message, please reply back here with this fact... There is another process that you will need to do so that we...

    See you soon!

  • BlackBerry smartphones synchronization between BB and MS Office - "Unable to open default folder in the group"

    Has been able to sync without problem before Christmas.  Copied personal records on memory stick, then to the laptop.  Return process, reverse, Overwrite original files.

    Now unable to complete sync process and do not know what is happening.  Believe the items entered in Schedule BB have been removed in the synchronization process, but no message appeared to support.

    Software problem?  Restart the computer?  Reload the software?  Others?

    If the software, please give a link to the current version of the software for BB 8800.

    Very welcome thoughts.

    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    Here is the info about your error message.

    Basically, you want to try remove the intellisync folder and reconfigure the configuration settings.

    If the problem persists, you may need to remove specific databases on your device.

    Thank you


  • BlackBerry Smartphones do I have to type in all of my contact information in the Blackberry?

    Y at - it somewhere on my computer (application or software) that I can get all my contact information (names, phone numbers, e-mail) instead of typing in the little Blackberry Curve? I do not use Outlook.

    Thank you


    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    RIM does not provide a PIM. Rather, they provide their desktop software to integrate with several different PIMs, allowing the user to choose from among those that are compatible. Here is a link to the page that deals which of these work with the RIM desktop software.

    Hope that helps!

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    I tried the following information (ie. How to synchronize a subfolder) - but I need these subfolders out of my Inbox, not my address book


    have you used the public knowledge base article?

    Article ID: KB13480 How to synchronize a subfolder using BlackBerry Desktop Manager

    If you did, it is normal. This article talks about subfolders in the Contacts folder.

    The article you want to use is this one:

    Article ID: KB04297 How to configure the folder redirection to receive e-mail messages sent to folders other than the Inbox

  • BlackBerry smartphones 8GB MicroSD showing only 3.46 in my computer... The 4.5 OS worm


    I just got a microSDHC 8 GB... it only showed 3.46 in my computer... I did some research and discovered that the OS worm I had (4.2) does support up to 4 GB. So I've updated to 4.5... However, I see even as 3.46 GB in my computer.
    Any ideas?

    Thank you very much


    You can reformat the card now, you have a device OS 4.5.

    Here is more information on the size of the supported media card.

  • SOLVED blackBerry smartphones - cannot make outgoing calls. Get two beeps like busy tone with the Koodo Mobile in Thunder Bay, Ontario North

    This has caused me a lot of frustration.

    With my curve when I try to make an outgoing call and I get a busy signal as two beeps repeating themselves.

    I tried everything and the only thing that worked was a security wipe, so losing all my data.

    If I made a backup and restore, the problem comes back. If I restored it selectively through desktop BLackberry, database of the database, the problem returns. Koodo Mobile and Blackberry escalated support was not able to understand this.

    However, through much trial and error, I found that if I limit my identity or turn off the option to show my number in the phone settings, for some reason any he caused this problem.

    So I can't block my identity by using the settings on the phone.

    This can be the result of my location service and the carrier, which is Koodo mobile, in Thunder Bay in Northwestern Ontario that used the TBAYTEL towers for the service, the type of signals technology service. I don't know, and no one was able to tell me why this is happening. I went to 6 months not being able to make outgoing calls without losing ALL my sms, contacts, BBM, TXTs, bookmarks and other personal data. Only a security wipe would allow me to make a call - until I have activate the restrict my identity and activated the show my number option.

    SO - I hope this helps other users. I've been through three phones, thinking that it was the material problems.

    It's a kind of crappeh because I would not block my identity with a few calls. So with the curve BB on Koodo to Thunder Bay, I can't do that. I have not tried outside the Northwestern ONtario, but it will probably be the same, unless I am out of service TBAYTEL area.

    Such is life. Live with it.

    Difficulty easy but unsatisfactory.

    I ' lll this post in the Forum of Koodo so when one exists.

    See you soon!

    I did these steps including restore each database one at a time with the same results. I can do a full restore and the remains of the issue until I set restrict my identity forever AND Show My Number Yes. I also did all of these steps with the any other BB Curve 8530 and it seems to happen every ih in this area.

    I found the work around but it would be good to know why and if this happens outside the TBAYTEL towers that Koodo Mobile uses throughout Northern Ontario to the Ontario-Manitoba border in the West, to the North of Hearst and East of Sault Ste. Marie.

    If there are a Koodo Mobile, users who have a BlackBerry Curve 8530, I'd like to hear you just what I see if it is unique to the service provider, hardware, software and network type, geographical location, etc.

    Any comment is appreciated, as support Koodo and BlackBerry have been baffled and couldn't solve this problem and I hope that others find it so that they can save months of time and frustration, I have lived.

    See you soon...

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    I was just wondering as I am only 16, how do you pay for the applications (which are not free, of course) of the store?

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    Would love to hear from someone about it!

    Hello and welcome to the Forums of Support
    You can update your profile here to provide your name and model carrier of BlackBerry device, so that when you have a question, what information should be asked from the start. Click my settings > personal information and then SAVE at the bottom of the page.


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