BlackBerry Smartphones blackBerry 9800 - scroll

I'm unable to scroll before the initial screen in applications like facebook etc etc.


Each time a random strange behavior or slowness comes, the first thing to try is a proper reboot:

  • With power ON, remove the hood back and remove the battery. Wait a minute, then replace the battery and cover. Power on and wait patiently through the long reboot - about 5 minutes.

See if things return to functioning. Like all computing devices, BB suffers from memory leaks and others... with a hard reboot is the best remedy.

If this isn't the case, then I recommend that you try to start safe mode:

  • KB17877 How to start a smartphone BlackBerry in Mode safe

It will take several attempts to get the combination of keys ESC (press/release/hold) OK, so be patient. When properly in Safe Mode, see what happens.

If the behavior continues, then well... think what happened just before this behavior started? A new application? An update? A theme? Something else? Think carefully that the slightest change can be causal... and try to undo all that was.

But if the behavior continues mode without failure, you may need to consider more drastic measures - WIPE, OS Reload, BBSAK Wipe/Reload and the process of reloading OS 'skeleton '. To prepare, you should be sure that you have a full backup of your PC... Please see the Backup link in my sig auto on this post for instructions.

Good luck and let us know!

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  • Layout data Apn update for BlackBerry 9800 torch blackBerry Smartphones.

    How can I update my data set Apn on BlackBerry 9800 torch? Because I am on the plan to talk about AT & T, but on the compensation plan as you go the phone as no mobile network, but I have to use wi - fI because of the $ 50 package unlimited is just talk and text, so I try to go to 10 net because unlimited and text and web and I have the unlocked code so I can take it to the net for but when I net 10 Web page and they say that I need to update data of AFN that affecting the phone will just work, someone help me, even if I have someone else 10 net, just to make the phone work 100%.


    Here is a KB with the instructions:

    • KB05327 How to set the parameters of AFN on the BlackBerry smartphone

    I hope that it contains something useful!

    Good luck and let us know!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Blackberry 9800 - file access slow - Please HELP

    Hi all

    I'm new to the Forum of blackberry, but have used a bberry for years... I bought the new blackberry 9800 and love. But lately I had problems when access to the records of the unit, it's the situation.

    1. click on the Applications folder-> perfect 2-3 seconds to open-> go back

    2. click on the Applications folder-> open-> go back 2-3 seconds (repeat 3 - 4 times)

    3. click on the Applications folder-> 10-15 seconds to open - > back out (lock device or wait a minute or two)

    4. click on the Applications folder-> perfect 2-3 seconds to open the folder

    As you can see, you access the slowest records, he gets this is not limited to a few files but it also seems to slow down the entire system, I removed almost all of my applications on the phone always have this problem. I have a lot of free memory. So far, I have tried

    1 wipe device reinstall everything (problem returns after a day or two)

    (2 wipe device reload OS, reinstall any problem comes back after a day or two)

    3 will try tonight to reset the device, reinstall the OS, remove information from the user to the BES snack Server some strange permissions are pushed back, or a corruption of the database, reinstall only a small subset of applications that worked well on the blackberry 9700

    The only thing I can say is this started happening in installed an app from app world called "Server Monitor" I don't know if that's the problem...

    If anyone has any ideas please, I'll Sling that thing off the wall if it continues to be

    OS version 6.0 Bundle 695 (v6.0.0.246, platform

    A battery Pull does not solve the problem...

    Thanks in advance


    updated my blackberry to the latest version of the operating system and works perfectly now

  • processing message c0000013 parameters 75b6bf7c 4 75b6bf7c 75b6bf7c when connected Blackberry 9800

    First time I experanced this problem = connect the new Blackberry 9800 (Touch) via message from cable and USB rec

    Try what it says here

    run "regedit" then go here

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Windows]

    Then, search for the name ErrorMode and change its value data by right-clicking on the errormode itself and change the value from 0 to 2 date...

    Looks like it may have something to do with a floppy disk. If it is installed disable it in the BIOS. If you do not use

  • Cannot imitate my app on BlackBerry 9800

    Hi all

    I create a remote web application and give him all necessary access in the configuration file it works fine on blackberry 9300 (

    but when I run it on BlackBerry 9800, the application is always frozen in the loading screen

    I tried to use a local application using Ajax for web service XML Parse local, but it works also on BB 9300, not 9800

    could someone help me to emulate my application on 9800

    Configuration file:

      The BlackBerry Developers Blog
      Jihed bouchnak - Menasys

    Thanks in advance

    I solve it

    Just run

    D:\Program Research In Motion\BlackBerry\mds\run.bat SDK WebWorks

    and you deploy applicationit will work

  • BlackBerry 9800: SMS sent to the iPhone is truncated

    Hello world

    I am facing this problem on BlackBerry/9800.

    I developed a SMS sending request.

    When the SMS is sent to the iPhone, it receives the message truncated. As if the app sends ' String1 #StringB #11 #1400 #12 # "the iPhone will receive the message truncated" String1 #StringB #11 #14 ".»

    My BlackBerry receives the correct message, but what is the problem when it is sent to an iPhone.

    Thanking you.

    Kind regards


    Problem is solved. It was basically a problem Encoding. In the message of 1400 is time. Of this-> 14:00, I actually replaced colon with '\u000 '.

    So, it was the origin of the problem on iPhone and on the machine that I created this SMG selector.

    Thank you.

  • BlackBerry 9800 Smartphones Touch screen does not

    as mentioned in the subject

    am having a problem with my torch 9800 sensitivity to the touch screen does not work. I tried formatting than her apps, but still nothing is happened

    also it restarts automatically several times and it is the fact that it is difficult to do something to solve the problem of the screen

    Please I need your help for this problem

    Try a battery pull if you please, with the BlackBerry device powered on, remove the battery 15 seconds and then reinsert the battery to reboot the device. This will clear all hide as restarting a PC. Then try again and see if the problem persists.

    What OS are you on? On your device, type a new message MYVER and a space after to see and report please.

    On device, go to Options, device, application management is a great way to see what your applications with your use of the CPU on Smartphone. Simply drag bar greater than CPU and see what happens. Also touch the CPU menu to see other time variables. I discovered that an application has been eroding CPU cycles on my own

    Disable Compression on the memory card? go to Options, device, storage

    using a custom theme? Try it for a day that factory by default to avoid your theme

    remember the ESC key to close most applications, with the exception of GPS and some chat clients. other applications must use the menu and then exit or close. The key furthest to the right is a key to the House and does not close on its own apps, but will put an end to the calls.

    If the above does not work then maybe in running a new OS is in order.

    Manual device OS upgrade instructions:

    1. start by searching for your operator and the system operating file that you want to use.

    2. make a backup of your device first, using Desktop Manager > backup. Close at the end Office Manager and disconnect it from BlackBerry. Get DM here

    3. download the OS files to the PC then install on the PC by running (double click) the downloaded file.

    4. go into c:\program files Research in motion\apploader and delete the file named "vendor.xml."

    5. This step is not necessary unless there is a problem on the next steps. Use BBSAK from and wipe the device (after doing a full backup), then after you get the 507 error (no OS installed) then proceed to step 6

    6 remove the internet connection for PC and reboot the PC.

    7. plug the BlackBerry and double-click on "Loader.exe." It is located in the same place as the above vendor.xml file was in.

    8. If you did step 5, restoration of the back upward. Follow this KB if necessary

    Take advantage of the new operating system.

    If after all this then maybe you have a problem with your device and will need to contact the place of purchase if under warranty still.

  • Smartphones blackBerry 9800 by my company had IT locked admin

    I used my BB Torch 9800 staff for company business e-mails in the past. It had locked to define other emails on this subject.

    How can I get the BB back to factory settings so I can get my personal mail put in place in this respect?


  • BlackBerry smartphones can not take pictures with my blackberry 9800 torch

    Hello! I can't take pictures with my bb torch 9800.
    Everything on the camera is OK, the problem is when I try to press the button to take a photo: nothing happens; It's as if I do not press even though the flash lights.
    In short; My bb torch refuses to take pictures.
    What can I do to solve this problem.
    Thank you

    Try a battery pull if you please, with the BlackBerry device powered on, remove the battery 15 seconds and then reinsert the battery to reboot the device. This will clear all hide as restarting a PC. Then try again and see if the problem persists.

  • BlackBerry 9800 Smartphones email settings

    I am trying to set up email on my Z10 Tiscali, but am not miserably, so want to copy the settings of my 9800, which worked perfectly.

    I created my email on my 9800 via, that works really well, however, it does not support the Blackberry os10 and worse still does not see me email on my 9800 value so that I copy them (I tried settings > e-mail, but nothing is happening!)  I guess that they are buried somewhere else in my 9800.

    Any ideas?  I currently O2 and TalkTalk look at this and they are all wrong!

    What setting do I use for Tiscali or how can I find the settings on my 9800 (I can't see them on the phone because it was put in place through

    Any ideas?

    Finally, I've got it the setting did not work on a number of different email clients.  It turns out that for reasons unknown, Tiscali email does not work through O2 (can receive, but not send)-it's strange, because my partner has a TalkTalk email address and it works very well with O2!  So the solution...  The parameters of incoming e-mail as you wait for Tiscali, outgoing must be an email address of O2 and the password.  This seems a compromise, but works very well - I receive emails from my Tiscali email address when I send them my laptop, they seem to come from my Tiscali account. Strange, but very good.  I hope this will help others...

  • Blocking of Smartphones Torch 9800 blackBerry

    Hello.. my favorite torch 9800 even already open and put the battery.

    After that restart can not go to the option. Just hang out. Help, please.

    Laundry wrote:

    Hello.. my favorite torch 9800 even already open and put the battery.

    After that restart can not go to the option. Just hang out. Help, please.

    Hello Lye,

    Please reload your OS. Read this article.

    How to perform a clean reload of the BlackBerry Device Software using BlackBerry Desktop Software fo...

    Thank you.

    Good luck!

  • BlackBerry 9800 smartphones keeps restarting

    My 9800 torch keeps restarting and never started working. any help?

    You should consider the update/reinstall your device operating system. Check the KB article below-

    KB03621  How to recharge a device and software applications on the smart phone BlackBerry with BlackBerry Desktop Software

  • BlackBerry smartphones my 9800 uninstalls random apps

    Does anyone have this problem?  My 9800 att works very well and I really like the use of this but the boring look of the phone is that it randomly uninstall my applications.  Today, the gift of Blackberry, Enterprise edition software uninstalled itself and is therefore no longer on my phone.  The reason why I know this is that when I go to App world and click on the app, he says 'Download now' and if she was already there, it should say "already installed."  This part of the Blackberry is my most annoying problem.  Can I fix it by restoring?  Is there another way?  With free apps, it's easy, just re-install.  But with this one because it was good what I pay to re-install?  I only went through a restoration, hoping don't have to.  Any suggestions?

    Just for fun, open your App World app and go to My World. Press the menu button and select Refresh. It appears after doing this? I only ask because I've NEVER heard talk of a BlackBerry apps uninstall on its own so I suspect the app is still there somewhere.

    I hope that helps you.

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not scroll in Docs to Go

    I looked for an answer in the world, but he can't the sum on why I can't scroll in Word To Go, sheet to go.  I can choose the "Menu", "Go" ","in cell"and move to a cell, but I can't just drag Ahmed in any direction.  I use a Blackberry Storm 9530 (Verizon) w OS v4.7.0.75 (flat.  Documents To Go c. 1.006.051.  I tried to pull the battery and reinstalling Docs To Go.  Any suggestions or advice are appreciated.

    Hello and welcome!

    First thought, the latest version of Docs To Go is 1.006 (052)... you're on 051, so you must update (available in the menu in one of the applications).

  • Quality of blackBerry Smartphones OEM 9800 Holster

    Hello people,

    The hoslter of the 9800 began to collapse within a few months, I bought.  It seemed that it is glued together between some synthetic leather with cardboard inserts.  Is this a known issue or known defects?  All my other cases BB OEM outlast my BB device.   Is there a remedy for this?


    If you don't mind venturing outside the enclosure of BlackBerry, you'll find some superb Seidio products.

    I bought two cases and a long-lasting and I could not be happier with the quality of the product and the customer service.

Maybe you are looking for

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