BlackBerry Z30 On-Off button questions

Hi all

When I wear my Z30 in jeans pocket it goes out from time to time.

Can I activate or block the button on the top? I use the original porch. Not sure if this has something to do with the problem I never realized that it until I got it.

Thanks for the help


Yes, if your pocket or your leg is actually press and hold the button, it is not a work around for this other than what John said.

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  • Mute or LED on / off button question on Satellite A300 - 15 c


    I have a similar problem. I have laptop Toshiba Satellite A300 - 15 c.

    Until recently, the multimedia keys worked fine. I have assigned an exe file to the second to the left key and been happy to use the power button lights and the dimmer.exe, but a few days ago the drive key stopped turning lights and acts rather as a key to turn off/turn on the sound. I checked the SCT and the key is always associated with the dimmer.exe. I even tried to associate the key with another function, but it remains just mutes / restores the sound the sound. You have an idea as to what could cause this problem and how can I solve this problem?

    And no, apart from updates to Vista randomly I have not installed anything new since before the key drive started acting weird...


    Value added package regulates these buttons and in this case, you must reinstall and use the latest version on the Toshiba site: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    As Garrett says you have to remove the old version first, restart, clean the system and then install the most recent drivers.
    I started this thread and I think it might be useful to you, because the user Raver posted a nice workaround and you should try this also:

    Good luck and give us feedback! I hope this works for you too! :)

    Good bye

  • BlackBerry Z30 turning off data roaming on a Z30

    Hi all

    I managed to find the instructions online for the Z10 but not the Z30.

    We are a mobile service provider for sale and I have a customer asking for instructions to disable data roaming on the device. I was wondering if it was the same as the Z10.

    The instructions that I put in place include:

    (1) go to the settings in the menu--> Network--> Mobile network connections--> turn off on the basis of data roaming services.

    Can anyone confirm if it is the same for the Z30?

    Yes, it's the same thing.

  • BlackBerry Z30 voice activation button

    Is there a way to disable the voice (middle button) on the side of the camera activation button.

    This button is pressed accidentally easily.


    Try to turn the mute OFF where you see "open with the mute button" under "settings/voice control.

  • Update blackBerry OS Z30 10.3.1 - questions and question about how do to uninstall / restoration


    From the start, I try to stay calm and professional, objective. Pretty sure I missed the mark, but then, read on...

    I'm having some problems with the OS 10.3.1 update. Before someone says to the research councils, I. For hours. On various Internet sites. I would appreciate (but I'm not optimistic for) an official response from BlackBerry.

    1. I use a Z30. Carrier is Rogers Wireless (Canada) updates are off. Yet, incredibly, the update came down in any case, when I was driving, didn't know until I got home. Device to reboot and now 10.3.1xxxx is on my smartphone.


    1. the screen turns off. Whenever I wake up, the display is enlarged. I have to move and move and gesture to get the display to fit the screen, so I can't unlock the phone.

    2. the home screen is not editable and is the default value. Now I have to drag to the hub or my applications. Twice = 1/2 labour productivity.

    3. the assistants touted what, exactly? As far as I know is when I call via voice Bluetooth headset, the call would be (75% of the time) be done. The other 25% of the time, I tell him 'Call MOM Home' is not the same thing as "search battery charge. Yes, my bluetooth is a very expensive, side that has no problems of recognition with another device. Now, the vocal part (Assistant?) does not ALL calls. At best, it offers me suggestions, usually not related (Linda <> Tom) and wasting my time reading on several TELEPHONE NUMBERS. Good grief, if I knew that the darn phone number, I just say, call (phone number). It would be faster than the sitting through it all. In otherwise, voice Assistant something doesn't do much for me. I put it, as far as I know, to do the minimum, not interact with everything on my phone.

    4. Although the new camera app now (finally!) makes the colors more or less correctly, whereas before everything was tinged blue, I'm not a fan of the new positioning of the controls. It's ridiculous to put the video button next to the "Take a photo" button. The touch sensitivity is therefore, that I find myself video recording rather than take a picture wanted - and the time is lost. I really miss being able to touch the screen to take a photo. Now I need to aim a small dot at the bottom. If I wanted an iPhone, I would have bought an iPhone!

    5 more at the front of the camera, it is now difficult to take pictures. As in, I touch the icon to bring up the list of photos, and the last shot never appears. I have to slide to find. And in a different direction now.

    6. in the hub, in particular, the "select multiple" used to be in the middle of the menu. Now I have to scroll down to find and activate it.

    7. What is with the battery drain honking? More DIY required on my part to get it back to waiting for 4 days, that I used to enjoy?


    1. I was really hoping that this last updated with the NUMBER of the entry of the phone display. As job 1, 2 work, etc. I find it helpful to assign the direct number always as job 1, then toll-free as job 2, reception work 3, home knit 4, and so on. Then it is easy to use (or was) to call the number I want without knowing what really is the number of votes. I was hoping also that the update which would therefore eliminate offensive message 'next time, just say call xxxxx Mobile 2' or something else. I'm bloody well would be if there was anything in contacts to display the sequence of numbers.

    2 calendar. Seriously, why can't set a reminder for somewhere between 3 and 7 days? I'm so tired of defining a day (7-3), making the calculation in my head to work around weekends or other events) and then having to update the reminder when I get to the range of BlackBerry - approved 3 days. Other smart phones allow a custom setting. I would also ask, put first the custom reminder. We do not do scroll all the way down to find!

    3. I would like to put my icons used on the fricking HOME SCREEN! I don't like the cutesy pictures. I'm trying to do my job more quickly and easily as possible.

    4. fix the darn voice control mechanism. I bought expensive pieces of Bluetooth. All I want to do is voice component. That's all.

    5. get some control over the spelling. There is no way to change the words that are "learned" through the monitoring of its use.

    6. enough with the U.S. - marketing. Mountain time is Mountain time. Not US - MST. I'm not picking up something like that, I don't like that who commits an offence. He is as stupid as the settting (like Apple) zones in the "Calgary, Alberta." I do not live in Calgary. I don't live in the GENERIC Mountain time zone.

    7. taking the floor, I also speak English. Not American English U.S. - spelling. How about giving some love to the Canada

    8. give me the option to restore the update. Or at least choose what parts I want.

    9 extend the supported file formats. At this stage, I can only load documents on my smartphone if they are Adobe or Microsoft Office. Here's the thing - I operates in the universe of Corel WordPerfect. If the Z30 is limited in what I can / can not do with it. Why the hell can't I just copy my FILES to my phone? Even if I can't change them, I can use the chip memory 64 GB huge like a flash drive to take my files with me when I travel. I don't always take a computer... sometimes I use which is destined. More have them on the phone SHOULD allow me to email them or send in other ways... whether or not BlackBerry to read.



    Best - out an immediate UPDATE to solve these problems and to add the features I pointed out above. I'm probably not the only one faced with limitations integrated interface and the information screens.

    Please tell me how I can restore / uninstall / whether this "update".

    I shudder to think that the only solution is to backup, recovery, and then reload the Z30. Others have tried and failed.


    The only reason why I'm still on BlackBerry, it's that the questions and to some extent a difference of perspective in regard to the available phone / features are even less problematic on BB Z30, they're on ios or android platforms. Quite in my opinion. But then, I'm the one with a frustration level into the red zone.

    Thanks for reading. I'll be even more grateful for the resolution of some.

    Cinereo wrote:


    1. the screen turns off. Whenever I wake up, the display is enlarged. I have to move and move and gesture to get the display to fit the screen, so I can't unlock the phone.

    Go into your settings > accessibility > and disable Mode magnify.

    If you do this, I would like to read the rest of your post and see what I can help with... and Yes, staying quiet is a great feature... I understand that you might be frustrated.

  • BlackBerry Z30 power button broken for a BlackBerry Z30 purchased on

    Hello BlackBerry community,

    I use a BlackBerry Z30 I bought from I'm super excited with the device, in terms of ease of use, performance, and independent living.

    Unfortunately, the device fell off the table and the power button was broken.

    Any idea where I can buy a spare - button / stop? Unfortunately is not available.

    With many thanks,.


    Yes, it looks like the part you need as shown on the last picture shows the power button

  • Z10 Z10 crahses Blackberry BlackBerry; does not turn off button, and struggles to access the hub

    I just got a new blackberry Z10. which I believe has been refurbishing My Vodafone provider.

    The blackberry is so bad that they actually sent me a knew phone and does not want this return of blackberry but I am frustrated by the latter.

    When receiveing the blackberry, I got the unlock code to unlock it, it worked perfectly.  Once unlocked, I entered my Vodafone SIM that didn't do not need to still use it with another sim card.

    First, I updated the blackberry for the last version of the software and complete the set up process.

    Then I restored my old data from my previous Blackberry Z10, which also does not (various issues)

    The phone blocks (blocks) and did different things; the screen freezes and does not even turn it off the button, I have to take the battery out to restart it, or I have to screen does not freeze, but you cannot access texts/emails or contacts and he says 'prepare the hub' but never really in it.

    Sometimes it will allow me to use the off button, but especially, I have to take the battery out and put back starting.

    It is possible to make a call sometimes, but he cuts during the call.

    I have reset the blackberry back to the factory settings and even tried to use with on a restoration, just in case my data has been corrupted somehow.

    I tried to use it with a different network sim card and also tried it with a sim card, just so use it on wifi, the same problems.

    I was sent a new battery so tried both batteries.

    I have reset to factory several times.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    It happens to any type of equipment.

  • Start button / blackBerry Z30 stop My BlackBerry Z30 is out! How do I fix it?

    Start button / stop my BlackBerry Z30 is just released! How do I fix it please?

    Hello AbuZunnurain

    Welcome to

    If your BlackBerry is in warranty requires it.

    Where you bought or your carrier must have the technical support service.


    Kind regards.

  • BlackBerry Z30 incoming calls NOT Ringing - Z30


    I recently did a quick reset on my Blackberry Z30 (outfits the two buttons for volume 10 seconds), this fixed my initial problem to experience the shift answering calls.

    When I get calls, now, however there is no ringing sound... I can see the incoming call and I answer the call, but there is no ringing sound.

    I tried to ensure that the volume buttons have turned up full, I even checked my notification settings and made sure that they are on normal. I checked also double the settings on the normal setting, ensure that the volume meter is full.

    Yet even after that, then by restarting the phone several times, still me the same problem.

    Does anyone have the magical answer, I would really advice, because miss me calls because there is no ringing sound.

    sdgardne wrote:
    Hello and welcome to the community!

    Have you tried changing the notification settings, check that and then to change them to what you want? Maybe something is 'stuck '...

    If not, has there been any rush before the event this behavior started? You already described the shift answering calls and restarting with volume keys, but was there something before? A new application? An update of a certain type? Something else?

    Or, if it was always like that? I don't think... and so began to understand what happened just before this behavior is a good first step to try to understand.

    Also, what OS is your device currently running please?

    Let us know.


    Thank you for your reply,

    I tried to change the notification setting of 'silent' to 'normal' to see if it helps... but it did not help.

    I have not changed anything in the settings or downloading apps, I even tried to reset some default functionality and he still refuses to make the Bell Rings when someone calls me.

    The current software provides its update: OS Blackberry 10 - version of the software

    If you have an idea of what the issue could be just I want to know, I would rather not completely reset my phone like this would be the last resort.


    I plugged into my macbook and tried to load in the Blackberry Link software, that the software did not recognize my phone (another new question lol), it's just returned to normal, and now I can hear it ring, thank God!

  • BlackBerry Z30 don't switch call to the speaker using the navigation. Screen went black accept after phone call.

    I have this problem no need of me.

    While driving and use any software of navigation, such as:

    1. built in maps

    2 Waze

    3 NavFree

    If someone calls me, I can take the call. But immediately, the screen went black.

    I can't switch the call to the speakerphone. After random seconds, to switch screen might look for a second glance, and then the entire screen turned black.

    Although it is black screen, I can't do anything, including trying to drag up to close current app/call.

    Maybe it's something to do with the Navigation periodly software disables screen timeout?

    Hello, Yes,.

    Is this the same problem as described here:

    Discussion on how the screen turns black during a regular call, it is impossible, for example, to listen to a call and to have the keypad remains lit, so you can press the right numbers while dealing with an automated reception, was doing phone banking, or using any other system that relies on automated messages.

    The problem came down to how some people take their phone (especially when trying to listen to the guests and press the right button at the same time).  The solution has been to hold the phone differently.  So my question would be whether the phone is blacking out because of the very special combination of things happening in your scenario, or is it blacking out because you're online and proximity sensor of the phone thinks you're holding it to your ear (and think that when you do this, you want to have blackened keypad).

  • The off button does not automatically stop the deskjet printer - 6500g.

    When I press the off button, a "shutting down" message is displayed and the button flashes.  This left for 24 hours and the machine does not stop automatically.  It makes a ticking sound like an old wind up clock.  And, with every print request, I get an error message.  Therefore, it does not print and I can't turn it off to reset.  I tried the Tools button, asking him to restore original default, and it does not help.  How can I get this printer to work?


    Listed below are the steps that must solve the problem...

    STEP< a="">

    • While the printer turned on, unplug the power cord from the back of the printer.
    • Wait 30 seconds and then plug it in.
    • If the problem persists, follow the steps mentioned in STEP b. >


    Click on the link below to access the troubleshooting steps...

    Printer feeds not Off

    Kind regards

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    I work for HP

  • BlackBerry Z30 how to save contacts?

    Hello, I am contacting you because my company decided to migrate our email from Lotus Notes to Outlook system; the consequence being that I'll have to re - activate my Blackberry Z30 and told me that I need to save all my contacts before because otherwise they would be lost. So, I want to save them, after the new one set up to install them again. to could someone tell me how to proceed? Thank you very much for your support.

    You can try to copy the contacts in the storage of the unit. To check that the following procedures.

    1. open the Contacts application

    2. press the Menu key (3-horizontal lines)

    3. Select your email account/Lotus Notes

    4. check first the number of contacts by sliding down from the top of the screen

    5. turn highlighted that contacts that appears

    6. press the button (to vertical 3 points)

    7. press on "select more".

    8. you need to highlight all contacts (be patient doing especially if you have a lot of contacts)

    9. at the bottom of the screen, select ' copy to '.

    * You will be directed to a screen where you choose where it will be saved - YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE THAT LOCAL CONTACTS IS THE ONE SELECTED ONLY

    10. tap done or save

    * The copy process will start.

    The process can take some time depending on the contacts numbers which will be copied.

    After the copy process, control local Contacts (Menu Button(3-horizontal lines) > local Contacts.)

    Good luck!

  • BlackBerry Z30 trying to find my stolen BlackBerry Z30

    My BlackBerry Z30 was stolen recently and it is very important that you get it back.

    GPS and BlackBerry protect were both on before the phone was stolen, however when I try to follow via my computer it gives me a message saying that it was the last time my school 5 days ago and would not update the location of the phone, saying: it will be, as soon as the phone connects to the wireless network (which is highly unlikely).

    Same problem when I try to use another feature of BlackBerry Protect.

    Can someone help me find or connect to my phone in anyway even if it is disabled?

    Any kind of help is appreciated!

    Also fantastic as a phone Blackberry is, I'm surprised that someone would steal such a serious phone.  It would be difficult to sell at a good price, because most users want a smart phone and more like a toy. With several carriers, once a BB is reported stolen its registration numbers are black listed. It can no longer be activated until the original owner cancels the flight report and has removed the blacklist phone.

    BB Protect would work for you if the phone can be reached by the mobile phone system and at the same time the GPS in the phone to work. If the phone has not been charged for the number of days very likely the battery is too low for any type of operation traceable. The thief would require phone charger.

    Today, most people know phones can be tracked very accurately, if they can reach the network. It would be better for you that the phone has a decent password to protect your data.

    I hope you said the stolen phone, and you should just get a new one. Never leave your phone on a table or in a place where anyone can quickly pick up when you're not looking. Always keep the phone cut to your belt or Pocket secure when you don't have it in your hands.

    I know a woman who works in a grocery store. She put her phone down just for a moment to serve a customer for a few seconds. His phone was quickly ripped off never to see again.

  • BlackBerry Z30 transfer music Iphone to Blackberry z30

    Hello, I love my Blackberry Z30 especially after the last update. I was able to transfer all my info from my previous Iphone all except my music. I used an app called switch device and it worked very well. My question is what is the easiest or the best way to transfer my music from itunes or can I?  Thank you

    steeltownshawn wrote:

    Hello, I love my Blackberry Z30 especially after the last update. I was able to transfer all my info from my previous Iphone all except my music. I used an app called switch device and it worked very well. My question is what is the easiest or the best way to transfer my music from itunes or can I?  Thank you

    When you first install Link, you have the option of choosing iTunes or Windows Media Player. Link can be set to manual or auto sync music when connected.

    I found I was getting duplicates and resorted to the pc, music, itunes, file copy and pasteing to BBZ30/SDcard/music.

    I also use a 'Album Art Grabber' app for the missing illustrations.

  • BlackBerry Z30 switch from Iphone to Blackberry Z30

    I had an iPhone to the Blackberry Z30.

    Has anyone kept Blackberry management track or even interested in those of us who made the switch?

    You would think that when a Blackberry smart phone is sold to a customer from a competitor Blackberry will consider that as a very positive indicator. I got the new device for 2 months without no one asks the question.

    If nothing else in the customer satisfaction survey!

    JSanders wrote:

    95% satisfaction of the clientele at this place.

    .. who's on what other sites are showing, as well.

    What about... the Z30 is a phone!

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