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Hi, this is here the India RAM. I have been using mozila brower for the last 3 years. This is a very fantastic experience. Today, I am very disappointed when I start my laptop; all of sudden my firefox has updated and he asked me to import "Bookmark" of IE and I don't store bookmark previously in IE that's why I use mozillla for 3 years. Now I'm checking in the bookmarks tool; I got to know only the bookmark all is lost. Even I have check the functionality where you is favorite restaurant; I think that it doesn't. Help me please how can I restore my bookmark and where can I restore my bookmark. Looking forward to positive response. Thank you

If you get the Import Wizard, then that means that Firefox did not find a profiles.ini file that specifies all the profiles.

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  • upgraded to 3.6, bookmarks, lost, lost the toolbar bookmarks, bookmarks library, lost cannot go to the previous backup, error message. Not have Torbutton. Cannot save new bookmarks. AutoFill remembers. Don't forget the story is about.

    upgraded to 3.6, bookmarks, lost, lost the toolbar bookmarks, bookmarks library, lost cannot go to the previous backup, error message. Not have Torbutton. Cannot save new bookmarks. AutoFill remembers. Don't forget the story is about.

    I got this yesterday after the 3.6.4 problem upgrade. I'm not sure if I saw all the things you did, but I have def lost all bookmarks and the back button. I fixed it by:
    1. go to the Firefox profile directory, which for me is here but 1st bit will be different for you as mine work specific:

    C:\Documents and Settings\U049177\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\soez0lvk.default
    2 delete places.sqlite and places.sqlite - journal

    3. start Firefox (you should have the back button now works but not Favorites, he recreated to these 2 files)

    4. in the menu, bookmarks and then organize bookmarks, then button import and backup, then restore, then select a day to restore from. You should now have your backups Firefoxes bookmarks.

    Hope this works for you

  • I lost the icon that takes a URL and saves it as a bookmark (lost icon)

    At the top right, I used to have an icon I want to click which automatically too the URL of what has been seen and place it in the bookmarks. I lost the two icons. How to make a comeback?

    I have attached a screenshot showing what, in my view, are missing icons, as well as the "overflow" icon that may appear at the end of the main toolbar. Do you find the missing icons on a list of infinity?

    If this is not the case, they could have been moved off the toolbars or on a different toolbar. You can try to use customize to put back them in their place. This article describes how to use customize them: Customize Firefox commands, buttons, and toolbars

    If the icons are not found, you can use the "Restore Defaults" button at the bottom of the Customize tab to reset your toolbars on the original icons, as well as some changes made by modules.

    A little luck?

  • Bookmarks lost accidentally, settings. Help!

    I used browser every night and decided to uninstall back to Firefox but accidentally deleted bookmarks and settings in the process. Is there something I can do?

    Well, you are very likely to be lost, but you can try to find the files using recuva (make sure you scan C:\Users\ < yourname > \Appdata\).

  • Bookmarks lost after installation F4

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii... Please help me I know you can, I know that u can always

    well, here the symptoms

    -Installed Firefox 4... lost my favorite Note: I have a backup on html, but its some time ago so...

    -Tried to install version 3.6... nothing

    -Restore Windows to that of before installing = Nothing

    -J' I seek information in the forums, profile and others, JSON, but some are a bit confusing to me...

    -Do you have the backup option in the Bookmarks window, but some how saving her from the point where I had no Favorites

    -Profiles to look for something to change, but did not work

    and I'm still here, I made a backup of files 2 profile, I see that we have a big file places.sqlite and that but I don't know what to do very well

    AND I didn't clean my time and all that into question, I lost something important to restore my favorites

    Thank you thank you thank you

    This may be a problem with the places.sqlite file that stores the bookmarks and history.

  • bookmarks lost after firefox default reset

    I received a pop up for Advisor Firefox soon to load and I should go to the troubleshooting and click on restore by default. I did, but now I can't get back my bookmarks toolbars. I right click on the box and I only get more visited and getting started. I have attached a screenshot. I'd appreciate any help please.

    Favorites are saved about all day, not in 'real time' when you navigate, so the dates in the file names are the best indication of freshness.

    If you are missing the essential things, your old database places.sqlite - which stores history and bookmarks together - could be copied in your current profile, but it would roll back at the last moment, which may not be what you want at this stage.

  • Bookmarks lost, restore doesn't work (backup files exist), empty library, power outage this morning, HELP.

    power outage this morning... dunno if Firefox was open

    Now the go bookmarks

    library completely empty

    Restore backup gives the message: "failed to process the backup file".

    cannot save new bookmarks

    One possible cause is a problem with the places.sqlite file that stores the bookmarks and history.

  • 9/menu/bookmarks Firefox bar: bookmarks lost their icons

    iMac. Firefox 9. I just downloaded 8,01-9. In my bookmarks/submaps URL had version 8.01, icons. Now at 9 in the URL icons have disappeared. Restart Firefox, or restart the computer solved the problem... Who knows the solution. In advance my big thank you!

    @Verdi... You are a genius! I know not how you knew what to do, but IT WORKED! My icons are back. Thank you!

  • Bookmarks lost after reformatting my SSD. How to bring back the profile/bookmarks?

    All Favorites disappeared after I reformatted the SSD drive which contained my profile folder. You save on your end, as well as locally (on my computer)? It just happened today, if that helps at all. I provide some information about the profile if it would make a difference. Thank you!

    Mozilla is not a copy of your browser data unless you subscribe to the synchronization service. In this case, you should be able to use your credentials to sync to connect your Firefox newly installed to your account. I'm not an expert in sync, so that's all I can tell you about Sync.

    If you set never sync, then you can always retrieve data depend on what kind of format you did. In some cases, Windows creates a C:\Windows.old folder with your old data. In other cases, utilities like Piriform Recuva may be able to rebuild some of the files. But then there are moments where it's hopeless...

  • Using 8, lost, resettled, bookmarks still don't restore or import bookmarks

    All my favorites have disappeared from the toolbar and the menu. I tried all the recommendations for the bookmarks lost in support pages, but Firefox simply don't restore a previous session or import bookmarks to an html file.

    One possible cause is a problem with the places.sqlite file that stores the bookmarks and history.

  • Lost bookmarks not helpful info, no position of torbutton, impossible to restore the Favorites!

    Updated Firefox 3.6.3 delete all bookmarks, no post of torbutton, in lost bookmarks help, profile has only 1 record xxxxx.default. Cannot restore Firefox 3.6 original environment. How can I fix this bookmarks lost?

    I have no favorite, buttons to the front or the back or any other file/option headers

  • Firefox 11 AND 13: BOOKMARKS

    All bookmarks lost after upgrade. But is even more problematic that I can't is nothing save the bookmarks folder of bookmarks of GOLD toolbar or Firefox save the history loading, even while I'm working.
    It's enough to have "start over" with my favorites, boring because it does not import my backup... But to not be able to create a new where quickly go on a site in the navigation bar while I'm online is just frustrating failure. Frankly, it's really pissing me off.

    One possible cause is a problem with the places.sqlite file that stores the bookmarks and history.

    You can also try to repair the database of places with this extension:

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  • After Dell updated my computer miss me some very important files. Please help me

    Any help I could get would be so appreciated.

    Did you do a search in bookmarks (library) Manager in case you accidentally moved them to another folder?

    You can check .jsonlz4 compressed in the bookmarkbackups folder backups to see if there are bookmarks lost.

    • Bookmarks > show all bookmarks > import and backup

    Note that the name includes a total number of items.

    • Bookmark-YYYY-MM-JJ_ < number > _ < hash > .jsonlz4
  • Address of Firefox 39 bar does not

    The address bar does not work. I type the address and press ENTER, but nothing happens. I also tried clicking the arrow to the right of the address bar, but who does not work either. The rest of the buttons work. I tried refreshing Firefox, uninstall and reinstall Firefox and from Firefox in safe mode.

    Hi kbuckler,
    Sorry, you have problems with Firefox.

    It is certainly what is now a known issue (Bug 1180419) affecting users with a corrupted database history and bookmarks.

    There is a difficulty of finding the Firefox profile, while Firefox is open. Closing Firefox. Rename the file places.sqlite (say places.sqlite.broke1).

    Firefox should then work on reboot. Unfortunately, you lose the history. Loss of history apart from his obvious loss also affects the use of the autocompletion of the location bar (aka awesomebar) and your newtab tiles.

    See for this

    but I'll put the instructions below. (Based on windows see the articles if needed similar information, Mac or Linux)

    Find the profile

    Click on the menu {(trois bar icône) button click help {(?)) and select troubleshooting information.}} The troubleshooting information tab will open.
    In the section the Application databases, click [Open Directory]. It will open a window with your profile files.

    Closing of Firefox
    Find the file called places.sqlite in the profile folder, you have opened.
    Rename this file. I suggest you call it places.sqlite.broke1
    Restart Firefox.
    Firefox will re-create the database, using the latest automated backup, there when it is restarted.

    Change of name, rather than deleting.
    If history or specifications according to it are very important there are advanced methods that can sometimes work in the database file broken attachment. The file has been renamed to - broke1 will serve a copy that you might consider to try to fix.
    The renamed file also leaves open the door to research methods of bookmarks lost if for example some very recent bookmarks were important and lost.

    minor typo;
    Also note the progress DND article

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