Lost bookmarks not helpful info, no position of torbutton, impossible to restore the Favorites!

Updated Firefox 3.6.3 delete all bookmarks, no post of torbutton, in lost bookmarks help, profile has only 1 record xxxxx.default. Cannot restore Firefox 3.6 original environment. How can I fix this bookmarks lost?

I have no favorite, buttons to the front or the back or any other file/option headers

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  • I've restored the Favorites after the reset of firefox. Now when I'm trying to bookmark a page any of the restored files appear. How can I fix it?

    detail is in the question

    Hello (sorry for the late reply) surgeon

    I have advice to follow the explanation given by cor - el, HOWEVER.

    as it jumps immediately to a difficult explanation, starting from the principle that there is a serious fault on your side, I want to ask you first try to solve on an easier way, as the issue at hand may not be so great at all.

    It could very well be that you click on the 'star -' to add a bookmark and then not see your choice records appear.

    -If this is the case, the solution is very simple: when you want to add a bookmark, click on the "file" and then select "choose folder" option (see photo) after that you'll have to find the place where you place the file once again and then select the folder.

    next time you click on the 'star' icon it will show this folder gain and you must repeat this step to reappear the other files in the same way.

    If this did not help you, then I advice to follow 'cor - el' most advanced sound solution.

  • Bookmarks suddenly disappeard from one of my computers, impossible to restore on the other.

    I am running Firefox 15.0.1 on Windows 7. This afternoon, all my favorites and history (including the contents of the bookmarks toolbar) suddenly disappeared while Firefox is running. I restarted Firefox and restarted my computer. My modules are all there and I confirmed that I have only one profile.

    The bookmark in the profile backup files are all empty (files not empty, but no bookmarks), and I went to my backup system and confirmed that they have been so at least since the end of August. (I have a * lot * of bookmarks.) I have several other computers synced to this account (which is shown as connected), and at least the two I checked (a desk, an Android) have all bookmarks. But when I created a manual backup on another office and tried to restore from it, I said 'Impossible to treat the backup file. In addition, the synchronization status bar says "Sync has encountered an error during synchronization: unknown error.»

    Any ideas?

    I think the only way to recover from this is to delete the places.sqlite file or move the file to another folder or rename the file as a test (places.sqlite.sav) to force Firefox to create a new file.

    There will be no problem with restoring a JSON backup unless the file is really corrupted.

    • Bookmarks > show all bookmarks > import and backup > restore > choose file
  • Lost my favorites in the sidebar has only 3 icons with (untitled), impossible to restore the bookmarks and cannot add bookmark. Tried to uninstall and reinstall Firefox: no change.

    Firefox crashed, and a message appeared on the Internet (I couldn't understand it, and I'm not able to remember). The problem seems serious, first of all, I scanned my registry with Registry Mechanic, and then I checked the status of my drive with Performance Toolkit, which has identified a low level and offered to clean the computer. I agree with you. And when I tried to reopen Firefox I discovered that the 3 icons in the sidebar with (untitled), that the bookmarks were gone and I could not restore, nor add anything.

    This may be a problem with the places.sqlite file that stores the bookmarks and history.

  • WMP 11 does not add info media songs torn. I checked all the settings.

    I will try to be comprehensive and succinct.  I'm using WMP 11.  My OS: Windows XP Home Edition, Version 2002, SP2.

    When I rip a CD WMP displays album art, the title of the song, the length, contributing, artist, composer, etc. etc.  But none of this media information is added to the song (MP3) files.

    I've been here:

    ... and these read and followed the instructions.

    • How can update information for media in the library, I tell the player to update the file name of the article?
    • How can update information for media in the library, I tell the player to move the files to the appropriate artist and album on my computer files?

    The relevant parameters are:

    Options--> the Library tab

    Section "media automatic information update for the file settings.

    Checked: Retrieve additional information from the Internet, the "Replace all media information" option selected
    UNchecked: Rename music files using rip music settings
    UNchecked: rearrange music in rip music folder, using rip music settings
    UNchecked: maintain my rating in stars as global ratings in files.

    Here's the weird part.  When I look in the My Music folder, while the CD is being ripped up I see a new folder with the name of the album and in this folder, I can see the MP3 files with the names of the songs, but then something causes all files to be moved automatically in the unknown artist folder in a folder with this name format : "Unknown album (23/05/2013 AM 3-35-59).  In addition, the new folder with the name of the album automatically gets deleted.

    I have downloaded and run this: MicrosoftFixit.WinMediaPlayer.Run.exe and chose the option to detect the problem and let me choose which ones to fix.  He finds these problems and I chose to fix them all.

    Corrupt recording script

    -Reset jscript.dll and vscript.dll of registration

    Windows Media Player

    -Reset the Windows Media Player library

    The next time I opened WMP she had to find and add all my music files to the library again, but the problem was not fixed.  In fact, I ran fixit program later and found the same problems, so I don't know how accurate the fixit program is.

    Any suggestions to solve the problem of information media?

    Thank you.

    Update: I have uninstalled and then reinstalled WMP 11, but it made no difference.

    I "solved" the problem, but I still don't know exactly what caused it.  I found that by unchecking the 'retrieve additional information on the Internet' option on the tab library, the problem disappeared.  However, I don't know if the problem is with the information THAT WMP is the recovery of the Internet, or with what WMP does with this information.

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    Original title: Mr. Fix It Will correct dll file errors

    Recently I replaced the drive HARD internal on a HP Media Edition due to the failure and had backed up all my data, but also a backup of my e-mail account in mozilla TB on an external HARD drive.  After installing a new HARD drive and reinstall all hardware, software and update windows XP SP 3, IE8 et.NET Framework 4, I rebooted everything except the moz backup. TB. Would not load as I couldn't open the DelZip 179 .dll file that was created on the Mozilla site as favorite to save.  I can't open it with Mozilla TB which is my default email client and is listed in my program files.  I have another computer running XP SP 3, IE8 on which I was able to open the same external HARD drive backup file it opened with Mozilla TB on request what to open it with. so, I know that the file is not damaged.  What am I missing I will allow me to open this file.  I quickly get "delzip179 is not a valid win32 application" when you try to open with Mozilla TB in the newly repaired unit.


    ·         Have you tried to reinstall the application?

    If you move from one operating system to another then you must manually move your profile from one computer to the other.

    To do this, follow the steps in http://kb.mozillazine.org/Moving_your_profile_folder

    Refer to http://support.mozillamessaging.com/en-US/kb/Moving+Thunderbird+Data+to+a+New+Computer


    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

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    What happens has a new profile?


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    Hi Nicolas,.

    Check if the protected mode and enhanced security are disabled. Go to Acrobat-> preferences-> Security (enhanced):

    Also to have too many active fonts can adversely affect the performance of any application.

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    Kind regards


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    Computers Apple will ask your system password when installing new software. It's probably nothing to do with Adobe at all.

    Try the password that you used when you set up your Mac.

  • With the help of LR4 with Windows 8 - impossible to get the images to desempilement.

    Using LR4 with Windows 8 - impossible to get the images to desempilement.

    Right click on the picture, select stacking, select Unstack

  • Why do I need to reboot between print jobs? I downloaded a patch for my printer, but it did not help.

    Why do I need to reboot between print jobs?  I downloaded a patch for my printer, but it did not help.  Print jobs appear in my queue of the printer but does not print until I reboot between each job.

    I downloaded a patch for my printer, but it did not help.


    This patch you downloaded and whence?

    I suggest that you do the following:

    Go to your printer manufacturer's Web site > key in your printer model number and operating system.

    Uninstall/reinstall your printer using the latest drivers from here your operating system.

    Most of the manufacturer will also have troubleshooting steps for you to take registered there, too.

    This can also help you:

    "Solve printer problems.


    "Solve printer problems.

    In the upper right corner, select your operating system from the menu drop-down.


    See you soon.

  • I installed windows 7 from XP and reinstall Firefox. However, I have lost the list of favorites. Is there a way I can recover the previous the "Favorites".

    Installed Windows 7 Professional custom in the required form XP. All the favorites were lost in Firefox and had to reinstall Firefox.
    Explorers has maintained the Favorite list, I had to explore - quite different from Firefox.
    Check the programs created separately by 7 to include the XP file. Favorites, registration is not relevant to the list lost on Firefox reinstall.
    Question: Is it possible that I can get back the original Favorites listing lost when the 7 install, or is it 'gone with the wind "?

    I have not read what is happening in an installation of XP to 7. You can find this file on your system:


    If so, you can find one of these:

    • C:\Windows.old\Documents and Settings\your user name
    • C:\Windows.old\Users\your username

    If so, your old given Firefox might be in there. To explore more, it would be useful to set windows to display the hidden files and folders. This article has the steps: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/show-hidden-files

    Then search either:

    • \Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profilesyour usernameC:\Windows.old\Documents and Settings\
    • Your username\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles C:\Windows.old\Users\

    Here you can find one or several folders named random semi. Who has most recently updated content is probably the one you want to restore from.

    Bookmarks only

    Go down the old bookmarkbackups folder and copy the last two backups in a location such as the desktop.

    The restore feature will replace the bookmarks in Firefox by default (and what you added since the reset) with all like bookmarks. If you want preserve newly added bookmarks, use the first, export function before the restore, then the import function later. The following articles have details:


    Complete restoration

    This post has my suggested procedure to resurrect your old wide profile in your new installation of Firefox. Please note the use of the copy instead of move throughout the process. This allows you to try again if it fails somewhere along the way.


    A little luck?

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