Bought a new PC. Can I use my old copy of Windows XP Professional on the new computer? If so, how can I migrate this course?

Hello.. I bought a Microsoft Windows XP Professional genuine Cd a few years ago. But my PC is now out of use due to some electrical problems and WIN XP

has been installed on this computer. Now, I bought a new PC how can I obtain a new permit for the same windows, that I am able to use it on my new PC? Thank you

original title: new license for my WIN XP


It seems that you bought an XP license retail.  If so, you can just install this same drive with the same license key on your new machine as your old machine is no longer operational.  A retail license should be transferable, while an OEM license is bound to the first machine that it has been installed on.

Details are set out on this Microsoft license FAQ:

"Of Microsoft license issues.
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