Camera download pictures to computer in a folder by name of the year only

How can I upload photos to the folder named: 2014_05_02 with photos inside for the day only.  My file shows that the year 2014 and the inside 04 or 05, which represents months.


If you use the Canon Camera Window DC utility, you will need to click on the gear (Preferences) icon in the upper right. After that opens, select the tab settings of the file and check the appropriate under the section element to create subfolder. For the format that you want, the first option should be fine.

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    Always remove files with the characteristics of the cameras after you log out of your computer,

    Whereas when you confirm them files were imported successfully.

    This free tool needs to restore the files on the camera,

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    Related topics in this forum you can talk to Toshiba.
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    However, you can connect the tablet to the laptop (I guess it helps a micro USB interface) and could move the files to the new tablet.

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    How do you access download?

    try this select them in PHotos and export to a folder on the desktop - check the with preview to be sure they are correct and then download the desktop folder


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    It would help you to tell us what you have (software and versions) and exactly what you were doing

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    You have a drive internal or external?

    If_Yes_try the following steps...

    Insert the memory card into your Media Player and
    Reach... Start / computer.

    The media player must be recognized as one or
    Most removable disks and each will have a drive

    Removable disk (e :))
    Removable drive (g)
    Removable disk (h :))

    Left-click each removable disk until you reveal them
    Root directory of the memory card.

    OK... now that you know the drive letter...

    The photo in question, then in the right click menu...
    choose... Send to / removable disk (? :))..) .This expected
    copy the photo on the memory card.

  • Downloading pictures to computer camer stoped working

    I've always used my D300 Nikon camer to upload my pictures on my Vista CPU. When my CPU finds the pictures, the sound it does usually is now different. the sound fades away, and my pictures will not download. I tried different ports of sub, still cannot read the images from the camera. I tried to download the photos from my camera to my laptop and it read the camera very well. What part of the central unit would need to be replaced? the vidio card? Is there something else I could look? I take the wrath of the images. never had this problem before. Thanks for your help. EJ nikon

    If you had software with your camera and it has not been installed, install it.

  • Size of pictures downloading pictures to computer

    I have a Canon PowerShot A1400 camera that I love. My computer has Windows 7 with IE 11. When I transfer the photos to my computer they yield to the size that was taken with the camera and I normally make the smaller size (1024) to use them (post them on websites or in emails). Is there a way to download in size (1024) so that I don't have to change the size of resizing.

    Thank you


    You can resize the pictures in the camera, but one at a time. There are some software available to the group change the sizes of the file on your computer once they are downloaded. Windows Live Photo Gallery is one and its free from the microsoft web site. You can even make a montage of photos as well regarding the color saturation, brightness, color temperature, sharpness, shadow and even straighten a crooked image. The really cool part is that you can keep the original files for later use.

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    [Moved from comments]

    How can I download photos from the photo gallery on my computer on a memory stick, to load my digital photo frame.
    Thank you gary bint

    [Moved from comments]

    If you insert the memory card into your Media Player
    or connect the frame to the computer via a USB cable and
    Reach... Start / computer... the media player or
    framework should be assigned to a drive letter... probably
    something like... Disk removable (e :))...

    If there are several removable disks, you can
    Click on it and choose open or explore in the
    menu to see the directory... one who displays
    the names of your photo will be the memory card...

    Once you have the identified the correct drive letter
    for the card, try memory which follow...

    Go to your folder of photos... right click on a thumbnail
    or a selected thumbnail and in the menu group...
    choose... Send to... (select the memory card drive letter)...
    For example... Disk removable (e :))...

    The option send to may not appear in Windows Photo
    Gallery if you prefer to work from there... so you will need
    to copy the selected photos and paste them into a new
    folder on your desktop... then you can use the send to
    option. Or you can navigate to start / computer and
    Click with the right button on the memory card, and then in the menu drive letter
    Choose Paste.

    Tip: Only a limited number of files can be copied to
    the root directory of the memory card... you can see
    a dialog box indicating: "the file or directory cannot be.
    created"... to correct this problem create folders on the
    memory card to sort your photos.

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    When I open the picture library, then my images and made scroll to a folder or an image I want to view or work with, the animated icon is displayed and then scrolls upward automatically.  This also happens when I open a file; When I scroll down in a folder, I'm automatically referred to the top row of thumbnails.

    I tried to use two mouse different and convenience store says that mice work properly.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    I suspect some kind of image synchronization software here at work. Disruptions could come from some refreshment paging that completes a cycle of enumeration of images in a folder.

    Image utilities 'helper' camera, printer or a third party may be the cause. A review of processes that start automatically when you start the computer would be the first step. While looking into MSCONFIG, startup can provide a preliminary list, the most complete list of programs or services that initiate at startup is AutoRuns from SysInternals.

    Autoruns for Windows

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    Thank you very much I did all that, fingers crossed! Thanks again.

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    because he was pre installed I don't know what is the connection to the account, and I don't know how to find the serial number

    If it was pre-installed as part of the purchase transaction that you had with the seller (someone like Dell), then the seller should have all the information and downloads and the necessary keys for whatever your plans are for the software.

    If it is preinstalled as a result of having bought the machine second-hand from someone, you don't have the license, unless she was formally transferred to you, in which case they would have to provide the serial number as part of the transfer process.

Maybe you are looking for

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