Can I create subfolders in iCloud photo library?

I know there was a discussion on the subfolders in pictures before, but the suggested fixes don't seem to work if trying to create subfolders in iCloud photo library. Does anyone know how to do the trick in Cloud Photo library?

Thank you very much in advance


As far as I know records show only on Mac - not on or other IOS devices


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  • I can't see albums in iCloud photo library

    I just moved my library of Photos from Mac to use iCloud photo library. All my photos (over 26,000) transferred successfully from my iMac library and I can see them on my iPhone and iPad. However, none of my smart Albums appear at all. The only albums in the iOS app are "All Photos", ' Selfies', 'Videos', recently deleted ' and a folder called "iPhoto", containing a small number of old imported albums in iPhoto. These albums are working but they are created by the system in a matter of a y. I created dozens of smart Albums on my Mac, some in subfolders in 'Albums' and some 'Albums' root, but none of them shows at all. The subfolders containing the albums appear but when I open them, I see is "empty folder: this folder contains no albums'." Does anyone know how to fix this?

    Do not download the smart albums to iCloud photo library


  • iCloud-photo library: only use it as backup?

    I finally got serious about my photo library to backup to the cloud. Because I have Apple products, it seems that iCloud photo library would make the most sense. And with the recent drop in prices, it is now affordable.

    But here's what I can't determine after reading articles: I don't really have interest in what my library that is available to me through devices. My interest in iCloud is simply as a back-up for my photos, in case my house burns down. Can I then turn on iCloud photo library for Photos on my Mac, but leave it for my iPhone and iPad? My concern is that even an optimized thumbnail for almost 15 years of images would take too much memory on my mobile. I'd rather keep manually import the photos that I take on my iPhone for pictures with sync and let the pics to save them from there.

    Who is?

    And the video also back - up iCloud photo library, right?

    Yes, you can turn on or off on a per-device basis, and Yes, it synchronizes videos.

  • Create a subset of iCloud photo library photos...

    I use iCloud photo library, which is OK but heavy.

    Is there a way to define a subset of pictures of this library to have on my iPhone instead of having everything on my iPhone?

    Several issues from my point of view;

    -I don't want to go through all my photos on my iPhone, I can easily select about 30% of all my photos I want available

    -Currently, photos on my iPhone consumes much too 11 GB of memory.

    -I know that I can create a new library system with a limited number of pictures, but find to manage several libraries a real pain

    Any suggestions are welcome

    ICloud photo library usage is purely optional. To reduce the amount of storage space used on your iPhone, set Photos to use an optimized local library.

    If you choose to not to turn on iCPL, use iTunes to select and synchronize you want to keep on the iPhone. Excited about my photo stream automatically copy new images from iPhone to your computer.

    Photos user / help guide:

  • can I switch from icloud photo library app photos without losing the photos

    I have my settings so that all my photos have been removed from iTunes and are now accessible via the iCloud library, but I don't like the way they are stored in all THE PICTURES rather than in their respective albums that I spent hours and hours of sorting.

    If I drag iCloud photo Library, everything returns to how it was (basically, my photos will appear on my iPad in their albums?)

    The images are not stored in iTunes, so I don't know what you removed and hence. Your photos and your videos are stored and organized in the Photos app, on your computer and on your iDevices. iCloud library is how they are synchronized between all of your devices. This includes your albums. If you don't see any albums on your iPad, maybe not looking in the right place? One caveat is that you have nested folders.

    You can disable iCPL on your iPad and then return to using iTunes to sync photos, but like I said, you should see your albums with iCPL.

    Photos user / help guide:

    IVous has a very detailed and well illustrated article on iCloud photo library:

  • How can I subscribe to the photo albums of any other iCloud photo library?


    I would like for the members of the family to be able to see the photos that I download on my iCloud photo library. Is it possible, if their phones are not on my account? In other words, is there a way for them to subscribe to these libraries of photos, so that when I download on iCloud, they automatically have these photos synced on their phone?

    Thank you


    You need to set up the sharing of the family: family shares - Apple Support. You can then each have exhib photo albums and also have a shared family album.

  • Can I store photos, I took on the devices Android and other digital cameras on iCloud photo library?

    Sorry for the noob question

    If you transfer them to their android device or digital camera to a computer, you can download them to the photo library Yes iCloud.

    iCloud Photo library FAQ - Apple Support

    Set up and use iCloud photo library on your Windows PC - Apple Support

  • How can I erase iCloud photo library

    Hello! I have a very strange problem. I need to delete all the photos of my iCloud library, so I deleted all the photos of the site and clear album with deleted photos. But when I create a library of Photos on my mac, Photos starts to download pictures of clouds.

    Turn off iCLoud photo library on all devices and it will be gone in 30 days


  • How can I redo the process of uploading photos to iCloud photo library for iPhone?

    I had a lot of trouble to download the originals to iCloud photo library to my phone. It works fine on my Mac. So, I'll just do the download process again. Should I disable iCloud photo library on iPhone, remove all the photos from my camera and then turn it back on so it redownloads all icloud photo library to iPhone? I don't want to accidentally delete photos of iCloud library because it's my backup location. I also have original on Mac as well. Thank you very much for the help.

    Turn off iCloud photo library is perhaps the way to go. But first please tell us a little more on the problems that you encounter.

  • How can I force safely a 'new' icloud photo library


    I wonder what happens if I

    1. disable iCloud photo library

    2 remove all the photos from my iPhone

    3 re-enable iCloud photo library

    It re-download icloud, or empty my iCloud photo library

    It will be to download your photos.

  • With iCloud Photo library function enabled, this means that photos taken with the phone are saved only on the cloud, not on the phone? Can I turn off the photo library feature and do not miss the photos on the phone?

    iCloud photo library

    These two articles should help answer your question and provide you with information on how iCloud library works with your iOS device:

    iCloud Photo library FAQ - Apple Support

    iCloud Photo Library help - Apple Support

    See you soon,.


  • How can I change what is stored in iCloud photo library

    How you do not change what is stored in iCloud photo library?

    How you do not change what is stored in iCloud photo library?

    Open the iCloud Phto library in pictures on a Mac or in Photos on an iPhone, iPad, iPod.

    The web interface does not allow to edit photos, but changes that you make on a mac or a mobile device will synchronize to iCloud.

  • Relink 'Library of Photos' to iCloud photo library

    This question relates to a clean install of Mac OS Sierra

    I have my library of Photos in pictures file, and there all my uploaded images. When I format my computer, how can I create a link to this file with iCloud photo library, so I don't have to download anything new?

    I still did not understand the exact procedure for this and want to avoid download it all again as I have in the past. There must be a way to link to the top, since I downloaded them all already.

    You can not

    If you restore a library or repair one that it triggers a total upload to make sure that everything is in harmony, there is no way to avoid that - you just start a new library and let ICPL fill the iCloud - he loses people and all


  • iCloud Photo Library Download stuck after changing icloud account

    This is FYI if someone of another encounter the same problem, I've had.

    My daughter Mac and iphone used a common icloud account that has been set up for the family some time ago.   She had a lot of photos stored in icloud, through Photos.  We decided to create account it with his own icloud and itunes recently.

    The first question icloud was in its disconnection from the old account.  The message that you will lose pictures and videos that are not fully downloaded to the Mac we fear for a few days because there is no easy way that we could find to determine in advance what photos and videos were not fully downloaded.  So, we tried for these days download all photos and videos but did not seem to make any progress.  After a few days, we have bet that we could continue with disconnection and risk losing the photos and videos they would be still in icloud under the old account.  Then we saw on the screen depending on who told us that we will lose only 3 photos and 1 video - too bad that the screen has not come earlier.  So we disconnected.

    The second question icloud came after connected to the new icloud account and tried to get his Mac photos to sync up to pictures of icloud.  We spent 2 or 3 days waiting for them to update and 2 separate calls with Apple support but no resolution.  There were two additional things, I noticed: 1) the iCloud library update bar (under preferences/Photos/account) remained empty (i.e., no green progress bar) for 2 or 3 days indicating no progress has been made and 2) next to the heading 'ICloud photo library' was the message in red that I had 29 (then 28 then 27) days to download my photos to icloud prior to their removal.  It made me suspicious that it was a reference to the photos under the old account and I was connected to the new account.  So, today, I bet and disconnected the new icloud account and once again had the same 3 photos and 1 video message would be deleted, that I accepted.  Then I signed in to the new account icloud, got informed that I had too little space on the new account to all the pictures and videos to download, I opted for more space (paying), end connection, then pictures/properties/account and viola, iCloud library update bar now give me 1) a number of pictures to download and green 2) in the progress bar.

    So, to summarize:

    1. If you're worried about losing your photos (or other files) If you disconnect your icloud account, note 1) you should be able to recover if you reconnect to the account and 2) that there is a window that will tell you how much you will lose (even if have never heard you those who), and
    2. If the synchronization ends up with no apparent progress made (especially no count of how many must be synchronized or no visible 'green' progress) then a possible solution is to disconnect, and then reconnect to your icloud account.

    Don't forget to let Apple know it so that they can improve their service to the future-

  • Send photos to iCloud photo library - referenced files

    I am trying to transfer photos to ICloud library and get the message error "775 files referenced in your library don't download not to ICloud photo library" when doing the research on this site I found how to make a smart file of the "referenced files" and selected "consolidate."  When I do that, it says "Allow photo to access your media" and tells me to choose a folder "sub" and where to find.   When I find the folder and select it I get the message "Cannot find the original file IMG_4515.JPG" when I go out and look for this Image and as always is a duplicate I then go back and go through the process again only so he could tell me another photo it does not remove it.  I get the sense he'll browse all 775 files in this way?  Help?  What should I do to get rid of these referenced files?  and if I find them in the photo and delete them is that going to help?  When I search the photo in the finder can't find something?  I am, once again, at a loss?  It seems that my system continues to download on iCloud, as the number of downloads is moving?

    and get the message error "775 files referenced in your library don't download not to ICloud library"

    It is not an error message, this is just a warning.  You can ignore other photos upload nevertheless.

    What should I do to get rid of these referenced files?  and if I find them in the photo and delete them is that going to help?

    If you are sure, that all of the referenced photos are duplicates, delete the photos in your smart album "referenced". I would create a copy of your photo library on a backup drive, before you do. In this way, you will be able to come back later, if you notice any missing files.

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