can I get rid of 36? He installed an update and now firefox does not at all

Firefox 36 is seriously broken

He updated on my computer and now does not work. I tried all the suggestions and no help... don't come back to IE


Hi wskossack, I'm sorry to hear that you have problems with Firefox 36. I also regret that we have not been able to get this working for you yet.

If what you really want is to uninstall Firefox we can do. Of course, I have to ask if you'd be willing to let my help allows you to get the most up to the working version of Firefox. But Firefox is all about the ability to customize. If you want we can install the latest version of Firefox and you can use it until the next version comes out or while we work to get 36 Firefox works for you. I will try to cover all the options in my answer.

First of all, I turn the uninstall of Firefox. If you want to watch the article click here that this can be done in 7 steps

I would recommend that you completely uninstall Firefox and install again. This will fix likely problems you have right now. Because you're asking how to do this, I'll assume that you have not tried this.

If you have Vista or Windows 7:

(1) close all open Firefox Windows.

(2) at the start menu click Control Panel

(3) click on uninstall a program

(4) from this list chose Firefox

(5) click on uninstall (they are located up turds)
If the uninstall wizard does not work, you can start it manually by running helper.exe, located in one of these locations by default:
(32-bit Windows) C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\uninstall\helper.exe
(64-bit Windows) C:\Program Files (x 86) \Mozilla Firefox\uninstall\helper.exe

(6) in the Firefox uninstall wizard click Next and on the next page, click Uninstall and then click on finish

(7) to remove other files and folders that cannot be removed by uninstall it, you must manually remove the Firefox installation folder, which is located in one of these locations by default:

   (32-bit Windows) C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
   (64-bit Windows) C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox

The uninstall program removes all the data user such as history or bookmarks. To completely remove these data, you must manually delete the folder containing your Firefox user profile:

   Click the Windows Start button.
   Type %APPDATA% in the search field and press enter to open the hidden Roaming folder.
   Open the Mozilla folder


   Delete the Firefox folder.

Now, I'll go on how to get the latest version of Firefox installed on your computer. If you want to watch the article click here . If you decide that's what you want please read the article for more information security helpless.

Firefox 35.0.1 was the latest version of Firefox, and you can get it by clicking here . The link is also in the article. If you do this, you will need to disable the automatic update. To do this, go to options, then go to advance. The title of the advance, there will be a subtab. You want to go to update. You can then select never check or to tell you when there is an update.

So the only thing left is for me to help you with any problem you are having with Firefox 36. I hope that you will give me a chance. In any case, if you need more information or help with everything I went please let me know.

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