Can my antivirus stop updates... every am, I get a message "Auto-run" blocked I checked, find a long list of updates 'failed '!

I have AVira anti virus... each am I get blocked autorun message... check my update box... along the list of updates (stranded) uninstalled... How can I solve this?


I suggest you double-click updates failed, this will give you details why the update failed.

Method 1:

You can also try disabling the Antivirus temporarily and see if the problem still occurs.


Disabling the antivirus, it is a potential threat for the security system be sure to enable the antivirus once you have completed troubleshooting.

Method 2:

Based on my research, it seems to be a problem on the Avira Antivirus software, you can also follow the steps listed below to disabled the autostart feature.

(a) open Avira

(b) click on Extras

(c) select Configuration

(d) expert mode policy

(e) expand the keep

(f) develop Scan

(g) now, click actions

(h) uncheck start of Block automatic function

(i) click on apply and OK.

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