Can ' t find bluetooth device for online install on my computer laptop inspiron 1525 Dell. "

can ' t find device bluetooth on line to install on my computer laptop inspiron 1525 Dell '.

Original title: driver missing


Go to the website of the manufacturer:

Drivers from the manufacturer: Dell ' t-work correctly

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    I just bought a new Macbook.  He can not find bluetooth devices.  The device is fully charged and so forth.  He saw the mouse for a fraction of a second, but then he fell.  I tried other bluetooth devices.  It does not find.

    I had this problem too, turn on the Macbook and off is your best bet. But if this does not work, you can go into the settings of your macbook. Settings - Bluetooth - advanced and ensuring that all things have been checked. Hope this helps, good luck to you.

    ~ Michael M

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    Hi Billy,

    Try a clean boot (Vista and W7) If the problem goes away then it's just a matter of tracking down the culprit at the origin of the problem. Follow the procedures described in the article. Once found, remove, delete, disable or uninstall. Once don't forget to reset your system back to the normal state, as described in the procedures. If the problem occurs in clean mode then just restore the system to normal and reboot - this solution will not work. If you are using XP, see and

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

  • How can I find the password for the secure on my computer network?

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    Microsoft prohibits any help given in these Forums for you help bypass or "crack" passwords lost or forgotten.

    Either you knew the password and have forgotten (in which case we cannot help you), or ask the person who set up the assistance network

    See you soon.

  • Can not find Bluetooth device

    Whenever I click on bluetooth settings he throws me on the parameters of laptop and can not find the device that is a forum... Help, please

    Hello Joseph,.

    Thanks for posting your question on the Microsoft community.

    I would like to know some information about the problem so that we can help you better.

    You did it all change software on your computer before the show?

    Thank you for details on the issue.

    This problem can occur either because of corrupt device drivers or incorrect device settings.

    I would suggest trying the following methods and check if it helps.

    Method 1:
    Run the hardware and devices Troubleshooter and check. Please follow these steps:

    a. press Windows + C keys and click on research.

    b. type Troubleshooting in the search box, click on it in the search results.
    c. click 'show all' and then click 'hardware and devices'.
    d. click on 'Next' and follow the on-screen instructions.

    If this does not help, use method 2.

    Method 2:
    Please use the suggestions in this article and check the issue.
    Why isn't Windows find my Bluetooth or other wireless device? ' t-windows-conclusion-device

    I hope this information helps.

    Please let us know if you need more help.

    Thank you

  • I can not find Bluetooth driver for my vaio VPCF227FX after OS update to windows8.

    after update to windows 8

    I can't find driver Bluetooth for this page

    model: VPCF227FX

    so I wonder if sony will forget that...

    Hello Farid,

    Thanks for the post.

    Have you upgraded to Windows 8 or perform a new installation?

    See the following links:

    Driver Bluetooth for Windows 8 is not available for download on the support page. The link for other updates, you can score:

    If my post answered your question, please mark it as an "accepted Solution".

  • Hi, I currently have Acrobat Pro subscription for one year. Where can I find my serial number to install on my computer?

    Thank you!

    Hi phillippetm,

    No serial number is required if you have a subscription to Acrobat. Simply sign in with your Adobe ID and password.



  • Can not find XP drivers for the WIFI and its computer HP G71-449WM laptop

    Hi guys, I tried to downgrade a HP G71-449WM laptop to XP Pro SP3 so far I have everything except the WIFI and sound. I tried all the drivers on the Xp Downgrade Guide wifi but none doesn't seem to work, I tried to search the Win7 drivers to see if I could at least identify what brand it is (Intel, Broadcom, Atheros, etc.), but it lists no WIFI Drivers on the Support page. All ideas are welcome.

    I think you'll Atheros, but not 100% on that. Atheros seems to be giving XP downgraders, grief most right now... with the sp42654 listed in guide with the highest success rate at present.

    HWInfo32 are trying to see if he can id wireless here

  • I can't get my Age of Empires III run on my laptop Inspiron 1525, something about video problems? Help!

    When I loaded my new Age of Empires III game on my computer that he would not go because of video problems on my taptop. I don't quite understand.

    Something about Direct3D and maybe not enough memory? Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi John CMcClain,.

    1. did you of recent changes on the computer?

    2. What is the exact error message that you receive?

    See the articles below and check if it helps.

    DirectDraw or Direct3D option is unavailable

    Troubleshoot display with Microsoft games

    Error messages when you start a Microsoft game: "Signal out of range" or "out of range scan.

  • Cannot find Bluetooth devices in Windows XP Control Panel

    ORiginal Ttile: I have inserted a usb on my laptop bluetooth adapter but can't find "bluetooth devices" in "control panel". Must I update Windows to see this?

    Windows XP

    Install new hardware on the poster the Bluetooth USB Control Panel works correctly.


    1. is the question that is confined to a specific device?

    2. what Service Pack is installed on the system?

    This problem occurs if one of the following conditions is true:

    ·         The Bluetooth support service has not been started.

    ·         The Bluetooth support service is not configured to use the local administrator account.

    (a) click Start

    (b) right click on computer

    (c) select Manage

    (d) open Device Manager

    (e) expand USB controllers

    (f) right click and click on all the USB root hub and host controllers

    (g) restart if you are prompted, or click check for material changes.

    Try to download the Bluetooth software updated from the manufacturer's website.

    See also:

    How to troubleshoot Bluetooth detection and connectivity issues in Windows XP Service Pack 2


    Serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    How to back up and restore the registry in Windows

  • Re: Where can I find the driver for the webcam for Satellite L300 - 17H?


    Now, I have a Toshiba Satellite L300 - 17 H laptop running Windows XP and everything works perfectly except the camera build-in the web.

    When I try to open the web camera, it's utility program does is display the message:
    "Open Webcam driver fail. Please restart camera or computer. »
    And restarting the computer makes no difference.

    I guess it might be the driver problem, but please can someone give me the link to download the necessary driver?

    On the support from toshiba at the following Web site:
    I can find the driver for model Satellite L300 - 17L
    but I can't find the model for my laptop which is 5 pm?

    Can anyone give me any idea where I could find the driver for toshiba satellite L300 17: computer laptop please?

    Best regards

    Your laptop is part PSLB0E number and when you search for the drivers on Toshiba support download page and you must put the exact model name and number of this piece in model n ° short option.

    Check it out please.

  • Windows 7 can not find a device driver for my Bluetooth compatible iPhone 3G

    Windows 7 can not find a device driver for my Bluetooth compatible iPhone 3G

    Click Start > devices and printers > add a device, make sure that Bluetooth is turned on. For additional help, see the following link: Andre Da Costa

  • I can not find bluetooth icon and the device on my laptop

    I can't find bluetooth icon and the device on my laptop - HP550 - Windows XP, so not able to connect all devices.
    Even I checked the Bluetooth Services on my PC by method "services.msc", but I can't find bluetooth written on the list.

    Please help me because I want to transfer files via bluetooth.


    Thank you for writing to Microsoft Communities.

    Until we start troubleshooting on this issue please provides us with additional information by answering a few questions below, this will help us better solutions to the problems.

    1. have there been recent changes to the computer before the show?

    2. you get any error message?

    Please go ahead and consult the methods mentioned below and later a update on the State of the question.

    Method 1: Try running the Fixit tool from the link below.

    Hardware devices do not work or are not detected in Windows:

    Method 2: Troubleshooting Wireless and Bluetooth problems.

    Method 3: How to troubleshoot Bluetooth detection and connectivity problems in Windows XP Service Pack 2:

    For your reference: How to install and configure Bluetooth devices in Windows XP Service Pack 2:

    Follow these recommended steps and after if you still experience the problem.

  • Where can I find the passkey for pairing bluetooth on my computer?

    I want to associate with my blackberry via blue tooth. I have XP installed on my computer and I have a laptop HP

    Make you to the top.

    The very first thing you need to do is to confirm that your computer supports Bluetooth.  Most desktop/Tower supplied with Windows XP computers did NOT have a Bluetooth device built in.  If your computer doesn't have Bluetooth hardware, you can easily buy a USB Bluetooth dongle (but not to buy a D-Link Bluetooth dongle by section below).

    See this: (the authentication key is described in Task 4, step 6.  When guidelines say "Enter a passkey in the field" enter a number with 4 digits of your choice (for example, 1234).  Remember what you typed, because you will need to enter the same number on the BB.

  • I can't find the drivers for the device of 'other '.

    I can't find the drivers for the device of 'other '.

    There are 3 basic system features that are all to even show a yellow '! ' in Device Manager.


    Location: Bus PCI 21, device 0, function 4

    PCI VEN_1180 & DEV_0592 & SUBSYS_20CA17AA & REV_11\4 & 3B3A03B5 & 0 & 04F0


    Location: Bus PCI 21, device 0, function 3

    PCI VEN_1180 & DEV_0843 & SUBSYS_20C917AA & REV_11\4 & 3B3A03B5 & 0 & 03F0


    Location: Bus PCI 21, device 0, function 5

    PCI VEN_1180 & DEV_0852 & SUBSYS_20CB17AA & REV_11\4 & 3B3A03B5 & 0 & 05F0

    Please help me to fig on which driver should I install to solve this problem.


    Thank you very much

    T61p: 6459CTO T9300, NVidia Quadro FX570M - 256 MB op GL, 15.4 "WSXGA + TFT, 160 GB 7200 RPM HDD, 2 GB of RAM, Windows XP Pro

    Thank you very much

    Finally, I have foound they're driver for Ricoh 4-in-1 card reader

    First time I think it wasn't this card because I bought the card reader chip, so I don't think on this driver for the card.

    in any case thank you

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