Can the Sony Xperia Z3 be downgraded to Jelly Bean 4.4.2 kitkat?

I went from a Verizon Wireless Samsug S4 for the Xperia Z3 with T-Mobile. Part of the decision to go with Sony, has the ability to use the Mobile of Playstaion application with the Xperia line that employees of the store T-Mobile has been told by the representative of Sony. However, it seems that you can't use the application Mobile of Playstaion on Xeperia phones with Android OS to 4.4.2. Can the Sony Xperia Z3 be downgraded to Jelly Bean 4.4.2 kitkat? and is it possible without voiding the warranty?


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    I have never faced such a problem updating everything that I bought samsung or apple. recently, I decided to upgrade my sony xperia 2 z to the latest version and I got a message to charge the phone not less than 50%. as soon as I got my phone charged I reconnected to the pc and selected buttom to try again to start the process of update and now my phone is turning on and off over and over time and keeps refusing contact with the pc I am sure that my pc and the USB cable (from sony that came with the z2) are good , the phone keeps giving me the message (the update has failed, make sure that your phone is connected to the computer and try again later

    Hello and welcome to the community! Since you are new, please make sure that you have checked our Forum.

    In this case, please run a repair from software to reload the firmware with the phone off:

    1. download the PC Companion of software
    and install it on your PC.
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    3 software update of the phone.
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  • Sending a video of the Sony Xperia (LT26) for computer

    Using Windows 7, how to download videos from the Mobile phone to the computer?

    I tried clicking on icon USB connection, but it does not work.

    Thank you for your kind reply.

    Yes I had already downloaded the appropriate application and have successfully on my first attempt, that lists the videos and photos from my phone to my computer.

    Thanks to the Chatline online from Sony and a panic/attack later, I have now found videos that didn't copy on my computer folder Video when I click Download photos and videos from the Mobile phone (of course once they are downloaded, they don't download again).

    Then my last attempt, the images downloaded perfectly, but I couldn't find the videos taken.


    With the phone Xperia connected to the computer

    Click Start incontinence
    Click computer (right panel)
    Click on Xperia (the phone must be connected to the computer for it to appear on the left panel)
    Click internal storage
    Click the DCM file and they should be in this area.

    Thanks a lot for your answer.

    Miss G :)
    PS. Sony instructions Chatline online gave me helped me, but also were confusing.
    However, he showed me in the right direction to find the videos.  '
    Once I found them, I copied then those I wanted to the computer by clicking and dragging the videos to my computer folder Video.  It then copies the video perfectly.
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    Use Google game to download the APP ePrint on your tablet.

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    Please answer as soon as possible.

    Thanking you,


    Here you go

    2G GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 - C6602 & C6603


    C6603 HSDPA 850 / 900 / 2100 - C6603

    C6602 HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1700 / 1900 / 2100


    C6603 LTE 800 / 850 / 900 / 1800 / 2100 / 2600

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  • is there an entry on the sony xperia s tablet usb mic?

    just ordered one, would be very useful, or can I plugged a usb on the multiport microphone?

    No micro usb for multiport you need adapter.

  • The sony xperia Z3 has a front flash capacity?

    Hello world

    Sorry if this question has already been answered, I was wondering just if the z3 was a flash screen for the front facing images as you get on the samsung/iphones?

    I couldn't find anything about it :/

    Thanks in advance


    It is not, you will need to use a third party to the application to do.

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    Was the Z3 the volume of the EU CAP?

    It is a warning when you reach a certain level, but you can choose to check a box to say that you have understood the warning and higher volume

  • Problem with Sony Xperia S Bluetooth Driver

    Device driver software was not successfully installed

    The Sony Xperia S seems to be an Android based device.  You can only connect via a USB cable likely.  If you are not Microsoft's Bluetooth protocol, you would only be able to send files by Bluetooth.

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    Is the Sony Xperia double Tipo phone compatible MHL?

    As it appears 32W670A KDL Sony TV is only available in Australia and India.

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    Allows now app shows the exact time, hope it lasts

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    Hi guys,.

    I was wondering if the Sony Xperia S will get Jelly Bean (if so when?)

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    Someone else knows a slow, crashing and Sony Xperia S late?

    All the information available about JB for Xperia S is located on our product blog:

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