Can you guys please add "slide to unlock" iOS 10

Can you guys please add "slide to unlock" iOS 10, I use a mini ipad 2 and its got no contact ID.

It is very annoying to press home to unlock.

Please Apple, my mini 2 still works and I don't want to change your ipad with touch ID now.

I will buy another if my mini 2 cant function more. But please, add slide to unlock to ios 10 so that I can still enjoy my mini 2

Apple will probably not bring the 'slide to unlock' feature back since it has been deleted just today. You don't need to have an iPad with Touch ID to unlock but. Pressing the Home button will do exactly the same thing that slide to unlock did, just without swiping.

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    Please at least give us the opportunity.

    Thank you.

    You don't talk to Apple. This is a user forum. Send feedback to Apple using the link contact us at the bottom of the page.

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    At the time where I was more actively shopping my portfolio, I gave my services to organizations like the Denver Art Directors Club and the Ad Federation in Denver. I picked up dozens of customers of the given projects. She also gave the AD and creative directors the opportunity to work with me on the pro-bono projects, so that they knew that my skills and personality - no cost to them.

    A lot of good just do a "favor" under the right circumstances.

    Good luck and look here for to access the lounge.


    [Edit] I see that the Ministry of defence did move the wire at the show. This is where I'd put too. Hope the OP believes he's here. If they saw one of the first answers, shouldn't be a problem.

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