Cannot install drivers for HP Photosmart 7550 inkjet printer

Original title: HP Photosmart 7550 Inkjet Printer

I am trying to add my old hp photosmart 7550 printer to my computer hp laptop G72 and Assistant said is not 64-bit capable w, but a pilot alternet is availible. How can I find this driver is available for this printer work with my laptop?


1. who is the operating system installed on your computer?
2. What is the exact error you get when you try to install the printer of 5 drivers?
3. did you of recent changes to the computer?

If you are using Windows 7, you try to install in compatibility mode printer drivers. Check out the following link.
Make older programs in this version of Windows
Alternatively, you can contact HP support to find the latest drivers for the printer. Check out the following link.
See also:
Find and install printer drivers in Windows 7
It will be useful.

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    Try to install the drivers for HP Photosmart C4640 online I have no CD. After downloading, click on install and I have two such messages: the instruction at "0x7712153d" referenced memory at "0x77c623d8" memory can not be read.

    Second: this computer only has not the necessary software support USB to allow installation of the USB installation.the cannot continue until it is resolved.
    Action required: click Cancel to exit this software installation. To install this device as a USB key. Please consult your computer documentation or documentation of expansion card USB for more information on USB drivers. Please I need help.

    Of devices and printers, remove all installed drivers now for this printer. Unplug the printer from the computer. Reboot the computer. Access

    and download the appropriate drivers for your operating system. Install them according to the instructions. Do not connect the printer to the computer before trhe instructions or guests will tell you of the screen.

    Tom Ferguson

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    I pray that someone can enlighten me as to how to install the correct audio drivers HD in Win 7 Pro instead of generics.

    The motherboard is an Asus Rampage Extreme and the sound card is a PCIe that accompanies the Board of Directors. The manual calls what it a 'card SupremeFX X - Fi' my system is a dual boot with XP on another partition, the sound works fine, XP, with all the extras, I need.

    If I go to Device Manager and remove the existing driver, and then when I try to install the ones I want, I get a message saying ' cannot find a device supported on this machine. "and the installation program quits.

    Of course when I reboot 7 wants to reinstall what he thinks is right. I'm at square one!

    Once the proper drivers are installed, I can then install the Creative Sound Launcher located in the Tools menu. It gives me a graphic equalizer, a Crystallizer and many other controls for the sound card. I can install these items listed, but none of them will any work without the correct driver.
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    I need a way to install the Asus / drivers Creative instead of the 7 seems to think are "correct."

    Nowhere for the MB manual called the card its a 'creative', but it is quite possible that the software package that comes with it has creative name on it in the world.

    A search of the site Creative shows no drivers for a card with the name that I mentioned above.

    Asus forum do not know more so here!

    Thank you all in advance!

    The dual boot is your problem. Why do you always need XP?

    And you're going to have things the wrong way!

    You need specific drivers XP on this partition and specific drivers W7 on that partition.
    See you soon,.

    HI Jerry,

    Thanks for the reply. I don't know how I mislead you with my ad. I said that the sound is FINE under XP it's W7 who "was" that is rampant in me.

    I eventually found the drivers from the Asus site and program utility that controls the different things like the EQ and others. Note that some of them were not in the right directory and I would have never thought to look under the heading where they have resided!

    I use XP because I have so much software that doesn't work on 7. I am also on disability and can't afford to start replacing and material. At the moment the dual boot is a solution very, I see using a virtual machine in W7.

    Problem solved, I had needed was someone to Asus who has understood my dilemma.

    See you soon

    J T

  • Cannot install drivers for xbox 360 wired controller.

    Original title: How can I install my controller wired correctly?

    I'm trying to install the drivers for my xbox 360 wired controller, that I bought from Gamestop on my Toshiba Qosmio x-870 running windows 7 64 bit. When I plug the controller into the usb port, the drivers are automatically downloaded, but for some reason any cannot be installed. I tried the driver downloaded from the Microsoft Web site software. I also tried to uninstall the controller and try again. Any advice?

    Try the controller on another computer and see if it works, or take the controller back and exchange it for another.

    I have one on my computer and installed Windows 7 drivers automatically when I plugged the controller works fine.

  • Cannot install drivers for Deskjet 3650 in Windows 7 XP

    I have a HP Deskjet 3650 which is connected through the USB port on my primary computer running Windows 7.  I can print without problem, I have problems sharing this printer with 2 other computers running Windows XP.  I downloaded the drivers for XP and excerpts on the Windows 7 computer.

    On the properties of the printer HP Deskjet 3600 series, I clicked on the sharing tab.

    Share this printer and rendering of printing on client computers are both checked.

    When I click on additional drivers, only X 64 is checked and said yes less installed.

    The two other options (Itanium and x 86) are both unchecked and say no less installed.

    I tried x 86 control and clicking on OK.  Then I am asked to install print drivers and browse to where are printer drivers.  I navigate to the 3600, enu, pilots, win2k_xp folder and see hpf3600k.inf when I click Open, then select OK, I get a selected printer driver not found error that indicates the specified location does not contain the driver for hp deskjet 3600 series (BOBO) on the architecture of processor required.

    On one of the XP machines, I installed the printer software and am not able to print if I physically plug the printer on it.

    On another XP machine, I have installed the printer software, but I download and extract the drivers.  When I click on the Add Printer Wizard and select the printer on the network, it tells me that I'm about to connect to a printer on the computer Windows 7 and says that it will automatically install a print on my machine driver.  I click Yes to allow him to continue and he told me that the server for the hp deskjet 3600 printer doesn't have the installed printer driver and I can click OK to search for the correct driver.  I click OK and navigate to the folder I extracted the drivers to and see that hpf3600k.inf is located in the folder and click OK and I get a window of driver error install that says that Windows cannot locate a suitable printer driver.  To help locate and install a suitable driver, contact your administrator.

    So, it seems to me that the driver that I downloaded on the site of hp for Windows XP is not the correct driver, am I wrong here?

    How can I get this printer to print on all 3 computers work without having to move from one to the other.  The printer must be physically connected to the Windows 7 computer, as the other 2 are in children's rooms.

    Try the following: on the machine XP go to the printers and Faxes folder, add a local printer, printer, create a Port, Local Port, \\Computername\Printername (use the name of the actual share of the shared computer and printer), OK, and then click disk and point to the directory where you unzipped the driver XP.

    On the XP machine, you have already installed the driver do the following: go to the printers and Faxes folder, right click on the Deskjet 3650, select Properties, Ports, the port, Local port Add, new Port, \\Computername\Printername (use the name of the shared computer and printer), OK.

  • Qosmio F10 - cannot install drivers for some hardware components


    I decided to reinstall Windows XP SP2 again, given that the laptop was full with a lot of garbage and slow work. I've done it before, and it has always worked very well, but this time it does not recognize my sound card, network card, graphics card, etc., one could say that all the material.

    I used my tools and Utilities CD after installing Windows and installed first of all the chipset driver, rebooted my laptop, I tried to install my sound card, graphics card, network card, but nothing happens. Still, he does nothing. I really have no idea what is wrong, always worked before.

    Thanks for your help

    Make sure you use the correct drivers!
    On the Toshiba driver page you will find the drivers for the Windows MCE and Windows XP.
    Use the XP drivers!
    More important information:
    The drivers must be installed in the correct order! I found on the page drivers Toshiba an installation instruction. Please follow these guidelines! It of necessary for installation correctly.

    Dude good luck

  • HP Laserjet MFP M127fn Pro: Cannot install drivers for printer HP Laserjet Pro MFP computer M127fn on the new laptop from acer windows 10

    This is my third attempt failed to install new drivers for the Laserjet Pro M127fn MFP printer on my laptop Acer windows 10 OEM. I used the HP installer with no customiztion of components (the default recommended) with USB cable connection. It goes up to the product configuration step 99% and then gives the error: "an installation operation took too long to run. It is a fatal error, preventing the use of the product. Restart your computer and run Setup again. If the problem persists please consult product suppprt web site of your product... » »

    I also tried to use interface devices and printers after restart the computer by selecting Add Printer option, it seemed to have installed the printer but it couldn't print the test page. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.


    Printer navigate through the Setup menu using the left and right arrows and locate the Service menu.

    Search for HP Smart Install option in the Service menu (it may appear and may not be no depanding on the version of your printer), if it is there, select Disable for HP Scmart Install.

    In your PC click on the right button on the start menu and select Control Panel, then select View devices and printers.

    Do not forget to remove any icon (the M127 or any other driver HP) HP printer by clicking the icon and selecting Remove the device, and then restart the computer.

    Go back to the devices and printers any queue remains left by clicking once, then select press the print server properties in the top menu bar.

    Select any listed HP printer driver and select Remove, make sure to select the 2nd option to delete the printer and its driver package.

    From the control panel home, type "change device Installation settings and open the option, then select No and confirm with OK."

    Now, try to reinstall the most recent drivers and check for the difference.

  • Cannot install drivers for nothing - Windows Vista 64-bit

    I have a laptop Dell - Inspiron, with Windows Vista 64-bit. I just bought a HP Deskjet 3054 A multifunction printer and my computer will not install the drivers.  I had a Canon printer and had removed all software before you try to add the HP.  I even tried to reinstall, and each time to get a message to both say he is unable to install the drivers.  I currently have a windows update waiting for an update for the processor intel and it also will not be installed. This problem does not seem to be specific to the device, but rather a problem with Windows Vista and after reading a lot of discussion seems to be common.  But I still have no idea how to fix this.

    Have you tried to delete the file INFCACHE.1? Deleting the file INFCACHE.1 will force Windows to rebuild the file INFCACHE.1 next time window is looking for drivers.

    See this link:

    Windows Vista / USB device detection issues

  • Cannot install drivers for AIO Printer 924

    I recently bought a new PC running on Windows 8 (took me a while to get used to!) and wanted to connect my Dell AIO 924 printer/Scanner to the new PC.  I followed the advice given - the PC configuration change settings - devices - add a device.  I put the CD of driver & utilities belonging to the printer in the DVD/CD drive.  When I check on devices, I think the 924 AIO listed but it says driver is not available.  I also tried to install using the Control Panel - Add a device, but after research it just says not: no devices found. It detects I have a scanner connected to the computer but not a printer.


    Try this procedure and see if it works...

    To the best of my knowledge, window 8 is not supported for this printer. You can try this, it may or may not work...

    First run, delete print jobs to eliminate any print job stuck in the queue.

    Unplug the printer.

    Download and run the patch (cleaning printer utility) until it prompts you to restart your computer.

    Restart your computer. Make sure that the printer is deleted. Driver Manual printer removal

    Download the 32-bit drivers for Windows 8 32 bit Vista or 64-bit drivers for 64 bit Vista Windows 8. Install the Vista drivers in Vista compatibility mode, you will get a message, the printer is not connected. Connect the printer at the moment (power on).

    You will find links to the patch/drivers to...

    Dell 924 Photo-All - In - One Printer owners thread (W7)

    Don't forget the programs anti-virus and firewall will block communications. If no antivirus program is installed, Windows Defender is the default virus program. Try to read it, printer let past Microsoft Essentials/Windows Defender


  • Problems after installing drivers for HP Photosmart 5510e

    I was helping my sister set up his new printer HP Photosmart 5510e on a laptop that has Windows 7 64 bit.  She was not wearing the disc so had to download the drivers from the HP website.  Since she has downloaded the drivers, the computer not giving him stop, go to the Task Manager, or do much. I have check that she went to the site of HPs.  Has anyone else had problems with their computersw after installing the drivers?  I don't know what to do.

    Thank you

    Hi Cmcgaw,

    Follow the steps below to completely remove the HP software. Let me know if you still have problems with the laptop after uninstalling the software?

    1. type % temp % in run

    2. look for a folder called 7z? Example: 7zS6D6F, and then open it.

    3. open the contents of the file Util

    4. open the folder titled CCC

    5. If you have an HP computer, run L3uninstall.bat. If your computer is not HP, then run the L4uninstall.bat

    6. once the uninstaller cleaning brush is finished, restart the computer.

  • Cannot install drivers for laptop

    HP service center formatted my laptop using the windows ultimate version 7 and has not installed any drivers, no recovery disk was given with the laptop, I downloaded all the drivers from the hp site but none of them is installation, the installation process ends sharply between the two, I recently upgraded to windows 8 to solve the same but I couldn't install the software , I tried for a long time to resolve, but can not please help


    You will have to contact HP support for your region. They should be able to access the control system to get an idea of what happened in the order. I know that in the United States, the market the best shipping option may take 1-2 weeks for the worst case scenario. Once again, the procedures of what past doesn't seem to be a real HP repair/service process. They should probably be aware of what has happened to check that the repairs are going as they should.



    Try this document from Symantec. It addresses the exact error that you receive. It has a link for additional support documents should it not work, but it should do the trick.

    Let me know what happens.

  • OfficeJet Pro 6830: Macbook Air cannot install drivers for Officejet Pro 6830


    I'm really stuggling now and its quiet frustrating as im a student and I have papers to write.

    I tried to download the previous software for os 10.10 driver for my macbook because it doesn't have a disc drive.

    He kept going upward and upward is not my broadband speed, I checked and no downloads in one day an age as it takes DAYS Yes he said days!

    So I thought I'd fire my PC and download the drivers on my massdrive so I can install it on my macbook... 10 minutes, I waited 10 MINUTES to 0%!

    Someone please help me I just want to use my printer that I bought! Ive even tried to do it via the ip address to configure this way and failed spectacularly!


    Jess, you are welcome! I am very happy that I could help!

    If you have just a second fast fast, please click the button "accept as Solution" on my last post here, if others can find our messages easily in the forums too, in case they run into the same problem.

    I thank you and wish you all the best!

  • Cannot install drivers for HP Officejet 4500 G510n-z (stuck control systems)

    -Officejet 4500 G510n-z

    -Windows 7 Home Premium

    -No specific error message

    -A occurred since the first attempt

    So here's the order of things:

    (1) attempt to hook the printer via USB to install printer drivers. Windows says it's failed to find drivers.

    (2) download the drivers (basic and complete) online.

    (3) try to install the driver. The installation process gets stuck checking of the system, which is the first step after the extraction of the file indefinitely.

    4) try again with the pilot basis with similar results.

    (5) turn off the firewall to avoid problems, try once more. He tells me that it can not extract, so I go in the temporary folder in which the files were extracted and delete them.

    (6) reboot, try again. Yet once, gets stuck checking the system.

    I'd love to rub it using the CD, but the problem is that the CD has been lost for a long time. If there is no other way to fix it, how can I get another CD?

    Hello Rstevoa,

    Steps below should set you wireless printing.

    1. Click Start > Printers and devices , and then
    2. Click Add a printer . then,
    3. Click on an Add a local printer > Next , then
    4. Click on create a new port: , select the"Port TCP/IP Standard, then THEN .
    5. type the ip address of printers under the host name or IP address and click NEXT
    6. of the "list of manufacturers :, select HP and select"Printers"list"HP Deskjet 6980 series "and click on"
    7. NEXT
    8. Complete the wizard.
    9. Disconnect the USB cable between the printer and the computer

    Then try to print.

    Let me know if it prints.

    Kind regards

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    I work for HP

  • Cannot install drivers for Canon Pixma MG7150

    my new mg7150 of canon printer drivers settles I get code 0001 and0002 I asked canon to canon help could not solve the problem, they suggest that I contact windows because they may be able to help I am running windows 7 32 bit, the drivers work on my windows 7 64 bit can help you

    [Original title: dardoo]


    Sorry for the late reply.

    I suggest you follow the suggestion provided by Shalini sébille on November 14,2013 from the link below:

    Hope this helps, get back to us if you need further assistance for Windows.

  • Photosmart 3210 all-in-one: cannot install file for HP Photosmart 3210

    I have a file to install my HP 3210 printer. but when the file is unzipped on my PC, I have only the option 'leave', there used to be an option for the installation and uninstallation.
    Why is it not more this installation?
    I can't find the phone number for the Danish HP support, what a pity!

    This file: AIO_CDB_NET_FULL_WIN_130_141

    It should work well, even if HP provides no support for this printer more.
    I don't have a installation CD more.


    Currently, you try using an installer of Windows 7, it is not intended for Windows 8.1

    Download and install the following drivers, these supports your printer and Windows 8.1-compatible:

    Kind regards


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