Canyon.Mid and the challenge of the chip in the best of Windows Entertainment Pack

I Challenge the Chip of the Windows Entertainment Pack and try to play the third song (canyon.mid). I have it in the same directory as chips.exe, but nevertheless chips.exe will play only chip01.mid and chip02.mid, but not canyon.mid as initially in the BOWEP on my old PC.

I tried using CCHack.exe (part of the CCTools package) so he could play all 3 songs, but for some reason canyon.mid is not recognized. Do I have the file in the right place?  Should it be elsewhere rather than the same directory as chips.exe?

Thank you.


I remember Challenge of Chip, it was a great game for Windows. In any case, canyon.mid should be located in the directory "Windows" for the game to recognize it-city of wikipedia:

For the Windows version, original soundtrack of the game has two called 'chip01.mid' and 'chip02.mid' looping midi tracks. If "canyon.mid" is located in the Windows directory, the game alternates between the three songs.

Joel Braun

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    I did some research and discovered that she could have something to do with the Chipset drivers.
    It is not possible to add drivers during the installation by using the original recovery disk. That's why I tried an install of Windows 7 and adding the AHCI ICH8M drivers during installation.

    Windows 7 installation cannot use the drive, any driver chipset I have add during installation, it does not change a thing.

    To revert to the original installation disc provided with the laptop, formatted the disk, absolute 0 partitions on it, restarted with disk, create partitions, copy of the data from windows and once again, the message:
    "Windows cannot configure the hardware in your computer.

    I have not tried to update the BIOS, did not and manual for it that does not use Windows Update the BIOS.
    I have not tried another disc. I connect this drive on my Mac and ran diagnostics, that's fine.
    I have not tried all the AHCI drivers, I found, there are hundeds, it is unclear which I should use.

    You guys give me advice?

    New version of BIOS found, cannot use it.
    To install Windows, I need to update the BIOS, to update the BIOS... I need Windows.

    Post edited by: Thijxx

    > Windows 7 installation cannot use the drive, any driver chipset I have add during installation, it does not change a thing.

    To my knowledge, Windows 7 already contains the SATA/AHCI driver that's why it should not be necessary to add the SATA driver during the installation of Win 7. Had driver for Win XP or Vista installation only.

    This is why I would recommend checking another HARD drive and boot from the original disc of Microsoft Win 7.

    By the way: the European Toshiba driver page provides the Intel Storage Manager (this package contains the SATA drivers) just to Win XP and Vista so my assumption should be correct that Win 7 doesn't have the SATA driver to recognize the HARD drive during the installation procedure.

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    Best regards



    I assume that you have the original CD of Microsoft Windows XP.
    To install a new OS, you must start on this CD.

    Insert the CD and after laptop starting immediately press the F12 key.
    This will enable the Startup menu, and then you may choose the CD/DVD drive as the boot source.

    As to question 2;
    During the installation of XP Setup will ask you the HARD drive formatting. Simply to choose this option and the HARD drive will be formatted.

    Good bye

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    The game should run fine under Win7 64 bit. The problem is that the installer is only 16 bit and is no longer supported in Windows. Just use a different Setup program. Try I'm running the Doomsday Machine, Alliance Xwing, Xwing v's Tiefighter, and Grim fandango all on 64 bit Win7 all using custom Setup programs.

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