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I am trying to connect to carrier current adapters in my house. the first will be with my new computer with windows 7 in the basement, the second being with my old computer running windows xp on the top floor of a 3-storey house. I'm trying to connect my router here the first card in the basement and it won't work. I inserted the installation disk and it works very well and says congratulations your game to the top, with no internet on the first floor, this may not be true. I tried to open the menu of configuration from the installation disk and it says "unable to initialize NetworkInterface - outgoing" I spent an hour and a half on the phone with linksys staff and they know * beep * all told me what I already knew, 5 times more, anyone know what I can do? I tried everything that is posted on this site for this problem... I need opent the Setup menu, but it won't let me on this new computer windows 7. I tried all the options on the site compatibility and nothing works. Someone told me that it was supposed to be easy for * beep * sakes

I might be stating the obvious here, but I have been experimenting with my two PLE200 and found the following with a lot of waste of time and hair...

Program each device separately and connect it directly on the computer network Jack AND directly to a wall outlet (extensions are a big no, no)

Using a PC or a laptop running the config util ver 1 XPStart AFTER ALL, you are connected, you should see the unit in the network tab and the State should be 'connected '.

On the Security tab, change the network password if you want (I left mine as a default) enter the password, uncheck the encryption option and save (takes about 30 seconds, so be patient)

Repeat this process for the other units they are then configured to "talk" to each other and will require programming is more - they will also work on all OS including Windows 7.

Then try two connected devices and you should see them in the network tab - you can then connect to each unit, seeing the flow of data to another.

Experience with different plugs around the room, the floor and the House - I got readings from zero to 138 just passing a 10 feet from the first sleeve!

Keep away from sockets with dimmers, heavy loads and extensions - in fact a single socket is probably the best. These units are VERY picky about who they are neighbours.

I hope that aid in some way - its certainly more than a technical support have been able to tell me anyway ;-)

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    I have the same problem with my iPad.

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    I don't think the iPhone automatically turns the strongest signal (at least until the current signal is completely lost).

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    And here's one for you the guru out there...

    I have a complicated network.  I have a DSL modem connected to the port of my WRT150N (Router 1) intenet Novatel.  I have a lan connection to a Powerline PLTE200 adapter that is in communication with his partner Powerline router (Router 2) at the other end of the House.  I have a WRT54G (Router 3) linking ports numbered numbered ports and I have a NAS on one of the Powerline router ports.

    I have install Router 1 as a server for LAN DHCP and DHCP disabled on Router 3.  60% of the time that I can access internet from computers connected to router 3 wireless.  If I'm in the middle of the House and unable to connect to the internet on the router 3 I can change for Router 1 and connect to the internet, but not on the router 3.  Router 1 is and Router 3  I can not access router 3 from a computer connected by wire to the Router 1.  I can't access router 1 from a computer connected wireless to router 3.

    Router 2 is another of beasty entirely.  I tried using the Powerline of Linksys utility, but it is NEVER the Powerline router or adapter, even when I am connected directly.

    When I run ipconfig I sometimes get unexpected addresses on the router 3.  DHCP is configured to and get the addresses of  With 169 addresses, I can't connect to the internet.  In the last round of troubleshooting, I was not able to verify the addresses when I can connect to the internet.

    Here is what I need help:

    1. How can I connect to the Powerline adapters if they do not appear on the usefulness of current line?

    2. can I disable DHCP on the Powerline adapters?

    3. Why is it an intermittent problem?

    4. is there another way to these routers cascading without crawling me through the attic running cable Cat 5?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    (1) I suppose you want all your computers in order to share all printers, Internet connection and possibly also to share files - is that correct?

    (2) it sounds like your (Router 1) WRT150N is connected to the WRT54G (Router 3), using the connected ethernet port LAN port LAN cable - is this correct?

    You have much too many problems to try to solve everything at once.  So first, you need simplify your network.  For the moment, disconnect the PLTE200 and Router 2 in the rest of your network.

    We will work on Router 1 and Router 3 first:

    Assuming that the answers to questions 1 and 2 above are Yes, then you must configure the Router 1 and 3 in agreement with my post at this address:

    You can continue to use the address for Router 1.

    For simplicity (of the sort that I don't get confused) Please change the "local IP address" of the router 3 to

    After completing the above configuration, test your system.  You should be able to access the Internet from a computer that is connected by wire or wireless to Router 1 or router 3.

    Note that addresses simply indicate that you do not have a connection to the router.  This address comes from your computer, not your router.

    Do not attempt to access the setup menus in the Router 1 or 3 of wireless router, often fails.  Always use a computer that is connected to your network to access the router configuration pages.

    If you have trouble getting the Router 1 and Router 3 to work properly, stop, do not continue with the steps below.  You need to get the Router 1 and Router 3 correctly before continuing work.


    Only after that you get the Router 1 and router work 3 correctly, if you are trying to connect the Router 2.

    Router 2 need to be configured in the same way to router 3, except, please will be Router 2 use the address:  Another channel that Router 1 or router 3 also affect Router 2.    Router 2 once the installation program, then he wire LAN port to the LAN port to the Router 1.  (Do not use the PLTE200 for now).  Make sure all three routers are running approriately.

    If you have trouble getting all 3 of your routers works correctly, stop, do not continue with the steps below.  You must get all three routers works correctly before you continue.


    Only after completing all three routers works properly, and then try adding the PLTE200.  Note that the Powerline adapters must be connected to circuits that are on the 'same' side (left or right) of the electrical box.  You should not use the DHCP server in the power adapter holder online.  Will appear addresses DHCP of Router 1.   Carrier current adapters also prefer to be directly connected to the wall outlet, not to an extension cord.  The Powerline adapters also prefer their own made - they do not share a duplex Jack with another device.


    What cat5 cable are you using?  CAT5e?  CAT6?  How long of a race do you use?

  • Expanding network of E4200

    I'm looking to expand the reach of Wi - Fi and the E4200.  The E4200 is at a lower level and I have a wire run from it at a high level.  I think what I need is a bridge with 1 GB Ethernet ports or another router that has ports and can bring the same level of network which can the E4200.

    Whoever did this with Cisco products and what did you use?  Sorry, I'm not familiar with Cisco products to find out what is needed for best results.

    Yes I did, using an e4200 (main router), (cable access point) wrt350n wireless off tension and wrt54g that provides

    a wireless network for old devices (game console) and a connection cable for a printer and a VOIP device.

    In my case, I have a Trendnet carrier current adapters by the e4200 a wrt350n and one third for a wired in another room.

    There are several items in this forum on the conversion of the routers to access points or switches basically wire you 1 lan port on your main router to a lan on the remote router port.  On the remote router, you will need to disable DHCP and assign the device a fixed address outside the main routers DHCP range.

    For me this worked great and is much more efficient than using elements such as the extensors of the range (which generally serve as relay wireless)

  • Wireless connection to my HP Officejet 6500 709 has

    I have a HP Officejet 6500 709 a.  I want to move it to a location that is not in close proximaty to my modem.  My printer has a wireless radio?  Must be connected directly to the modem?  I have a wireless network in my house, but the only way I can get my printer online is to connect directly to the PC I want to print from.  I'm doing something wrong?

    One option, I examined is locate a Repeater for wireless near my printer and connect directly to the printer.  I'm not even sure that will work, and that you don't want to go through the expense if it is not necessary.

    I have not heard about the use of carrier current adapters, but it is possible to make it work if it offers a stable connection to your network (some services offer a no stable connection as hot Mobile). I have no personal experience with the help of this technology, but what I understand, it should work in conjunction with your router to similarly as it connecting via Ethernet directly.

    {edit} After doing further research on this adapter I could find more information. The device works just like using an Ethernet connection (and for all purposes useful, this is one), but sends the signal through your houses of power lines to the other adapter. This should provide a stable connetion due to the structure of basic features and how they work.

    If you try, let me know if I can pass that information along!

  • adapters of current for the United Kingdom?

    Hello, we have a new Dell with Windows Vista (Intel Core 2) desktop computer that we bought in the United States.  We are moving to London at the end of this month and questioned current adapters to the United Kingdom?  What will work for us here?  Any advice would be very helpful.

    I would suggest either contact Dell or try Google.

    This is the Forum install Vista, upgrade, and Activate .

    They will help you with your question in the Forum Vista Hardware and drivers above.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Download Skype foutmelding


    IK heb zopas Skype willen maar squeeze pages next foutmelding downloaden:
    users is not a valid user or group, this could be a problem with the package or a problem connecting to the domain controller from the network...
    IK heb wel setting puts current adapters internet carrier van die. Kan iemand mij helpen?
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    UH I have never asked a question here but: iPhone 5. 64G, about 38 available; I don't know what everything is on my phone :-/

    beachpickle wrote:

    I got no service iphone since February

    This is perhaps the reason for your question?  You use an iPhone that has no telephone service?  So you have no cellular carrier currently associated with the iPhone?  Yet, you want to use this phone number non-functional as the mechanism for your iMessages?

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    Hello. Given that both routers are set up with the same wireless name and password, your WUMC710 will connect to one of them. If you wish, you can configure - your WRT310N with other wireless name and password so that your bridge will connect with EA6500. This should help.

  • Situation Terrible Z10 blackBerry with Terminal device - BlackBerry Z10 STL-1

    Hello. I have a great difficulty.

    I'm a big fan of BB devices. Some time ago (about 1 month) I bought a BlackBerry Z10 new, sealed. The reliable eBay with "eBay Giving works" seller that is managed by PayPal Givinf Gund.

    The only problem - is that I am living in countries that are NOT supported by BlackBerry at all. Belarus (Belarus). With my work, sometimes I leave (Russia, Poland, Germany) and I can activate my Z10.

    In my country, all the 'usual' phone services works great, calls, internet with a local carrier, currently I use Velcom. But its suddenly yesterday morning, my phone has become "Device PIN Blocked.".

    It's terrible, I don't even understand WHY? What is the mechanism of the use of BlackBerry, follow or do something else that blocks normal users?

    OK, I understand that my country is not in the list. But I can't use m big phone, no worries. It works.

    I use my phone not only in Belarus, I am an engineer in a large COMPUTER company and sometimes I go abroad, and I want to use my phone without this kind of stories.

    I bought my phone from a seller 100% legal, which is supported by PayPal, which gives funds. I'm the one who opens a box sealed with the phone. I'm the only one who has used this phone at all. For the past two weeks, I use my Z10 with 2 SIM cards in a business trip.

    And what now? The phone is locked.

    Is this ok? Billion devices worldwide works very well even in those countries as my native - Belarus! But the only mystical problem related to the BlackBerry. There are hundreds of topics in internet with a similar problem.

    I love you, BlackBerry, and I know that your position on this market. In situations where the actual users are denied and spit in the face by the company, the company was under the market. It's unacceptable, disrespectful and ugly!

    I don't even know how to restore my phone. I need my phone back. Extremely.

    I have all THE information on the seller, links, much, bills! I have an original box, I have ALL. And 'Device PIN blocked'.

    This problem IS NOT related to my service provider. They don't even know about this kind of blocks. And it is a problem of BlackBerry.

    I can provide more information on my phone. Please, I beg you.  I don't want to forget the BlackBerry.

    * Deleted *.

    I restarted Factory Reset but created new BlackBerry ID and activated my phone with that ID, it seems to work now.
    I don't know why and how. But it works. I hope it won't happened again.

    Thank you all for the help and answers. I really appreciate that.

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    I'm trying to install the server ESX 4.1 in one of my virtual machines created in the current ESX 4.1 box.  The installation failed because no network adapters have been detected.  Anyone know how to put in place or find a network adapter inside a virtual machine running on an ESX Server?

    That explains it. ESXi does not support these virtual network adapters. Configure the virtual machine with the E1000 NICs and it should work.


  • Advice on current carrier online please!

    Hi all

    Please forgive a newbie question.

    I have a PC in my home office ethernet cable is connected to a Cisco EPC3925 wireless router.

    Son and daughter have a PC in their room upstairs, with a very poor wireless service.

    (1) is the kit PLSK my best solution?

    (2) a unit is mounted on the router. Access to one of the computers on the floor.

    Buy a second "slave" for the second computer or how to solve this one?

    Thank you very much


    Typical of 802.11 g Wireless a theoretical maximum of 54 Mbit / s. standard wired 10/100 Ethernet has a theoretical maximum of 100 Mbps. So in theory Wired is faster.


    PLSK400 is also a good option. Alternatively, you can refer to this article

  • Office jet pro 8500 a909 model: network by current holder wired online

    I am trying to connect to the printer via the system by current carrier instead of the ethernet directly to the router. Can't seem to make this work. Just endless lop. Is this possible or should I try something else?



    Let me welcome you on the HP forums!

    I read your post about the problems with your installation of powerline and wanted to help.

    I havn't used powerline networking myself, but here is a link with some advice - and according to this, you cannot connect to a printer it:

    Good luck

    I'm a volunteer and I do not work for, or represent, HP.
    If you feel that my suggestions helped you, please click on the thumbs-up symbol to say thank you!

    If they helped to solve your problem, please click 'Accept as Solution' to help others find similar information.

  • Assign 2 network adapters to a virtual computer.

    Hey guys, I'm going to implement Microsoft Lync and I'll be VMing the edge transport server.  The edge transport server needs 2 network cards on the server.  One from the firewall that will carry data for SIP trunk, as well as the other goes to the front-end server where it routes, archives, etc.  Attached to the post, is how I currently the have set.


    When I boot on the edge (W 2008 R2) Server I see only a single network adapter.  I also tried to put the two cards on 2 separate networks of Vm, but I don't know exactly how this works for my situation.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you for your time.

    Now select the transport Edge VM of the inventory server.

    Select the Summary tab and then choose the option change the parameters.

    You can see an Ethernet card in the hardware list. Select the adapter and replace the "VM Network3" portgroup.

    Add one more Ethernet Adapter (vNIC).

    Hardware tab click Add.

    In the Add Hardware dialog box, select Ethernet adapters and click Next.

    Select the "VM network4" portgroup and complete the process by clicking on the Finish button.

    Now the virtual machine has two NICs connected to two networks.

Maybe you are looking for