Change DVD player

I need to change the dvd player in my Pavilion 1010z and seeks to the Lite-On iHAS324 DVD 24 on  can someone tell me if it works on my pc?


As long as your existing CD/DVD drive is connected to the motherboard via a SATA cable (or you have a free SATA connection on your MB you will be fine with the reader, that you intend to buy.)

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  • Qosmio F60 - change the screen settings when you use the DVD player

    When I try to play a DVD using the DVD BD player a message that tell me to change the setting of the screen I followed their instruction to no availo. I am running Windows 7. The DVD plays on windows ok support.

    Any help would be appreciated

    Hi ametec.

    This DVD BD drive has been preinstalled on your computer?
    Which message get you exactly? Maybe you can download a copy of screen or something else

    In my opinion this problem is only related to this because the Media Player DVD player everything works
    For example, I use VLC media player for all my audio and video files. It s a small freeware player that can play most audio and video files. In addition it s not necessary to use a special DVD playback software.

  • Equim M40x: DVD player will not change the region even with 1 change remaining

    I have a Toshiba Equim M40x with a carpet * a DVD - Ram drive 830 s. My children recently tried to play a region 2 dvd and it failed with the message the DVD player is set in a different region.

    When I went into Device Manager to change the region (it was set to 1), it showed that I had a chance to change.
    However, when I tried to change it, I received an error message: "unable to update region setting. Please make sure the drive contains a region 2 media and you have the privilege of the administration. »

    I tried to put a region 2 dvd in the drive and I have the privilege of the administration and it still does not work.
    I then went looking for firmware free region for this disc, and of course, it does not exist.



    It of not possible to unlock the DVD player on a legal way.
    Of course, I found many sites that suggest that it of possible to unlock the firmware flash drive.
    But believe me; It is not desirable and very risky!
    You may damage the disc and then you can not read or burn CD or DVD media!

    I assume that you have already changed the region 5 times code. In such cases, it s already locked.

  • I hope someone can help me. I changed a few settings in the BIOS Setup, and now I have just a black screen. I changed the main boot to the DVD player device. is it possible to reset to original settings?

    I hope someone can help me. I changed a few settings in the BIOS Setup, and now I have just a black screen. I changed the main boot to the DVD player device.  is it possible to reset to original settings?
    I am running Windows XP

    Thanks for posting on the Microsoft Answers forum.  We cannot guide you more precisely by changing the BIOS settings that the BIOS settings are specific to your motherboard.  However, most (if not all) parameters of the BIOS have an option to restore the default BIOS (sometimes called "default opitimized").  It may be an option in the menu that you highlight, then press enter or it can be assigned to an F key and States at the bottom of the screen, press F? for the default settings.  I hope this helps.  If you are still not able to reset, check with the manufacturer of PC for more information about the BIOS. Mike - Engineer Support Microsoft Answers
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.


    is it possible to change the region coding on the dvd player

    Yes, but only 5 times.   It cannot be used to change the region to play a dvd, then changed back.  After 5 it changes in locks

    To change it, I think you do a right-click on the dvd drive and go to the tab (im not an atm computer) in the region.

  • __how to change regional code on dvd player to use on acer Academy

    I try to play a dvd on my acer arcade and he continues to say that my dvd player cannot play because the dvd is not set to the same area that my dvd drive is

    I try to play a dvd on my acer arcade and he continues to say that my dvd player cannot play because the dvd is not set to the same area that my dvd drive is

    Don't forget... the region code can be changed several times.

    That being said... maybe the following link would be worth a visit:

    Windows 7 - change DVD region Code

    Volunteer - MS - MVP - Digital Media Experience J - Notice_This is not tech support_I'm volunteer - Solutions that work for me may not work for you - * proceed at your own risk *.

  • Can Portege R700 - I change the DVD player with HARD drive?

    Is it possible somehow to put a HDD drive where the DVD player is in Portege R700-1CZ?
    Any help appreciated.

    As far as I know something like this is not possible and offers Toshiba HDD caddy for that doesn't.

  • My dvd player won't play CD but will play dvd .i have run recovery system, no change discs

    The unit is a HP PAVILION p6107uk desktop pc. When the cd is inserted pc tries to read for about 30 seconds then silence.right click on results of dvd player in windows explorer soon the disc is ejected Explorer is ok.apart of the records of restorations that I tried to uninstall the drive and reinstalling, diagnostic tools can not read drive when the cd is inserted , but is very good with updated controls say that my dvd drive is up to date. DVD player is a HL-DT-ST-DVD RAM GH40L.

    I am considering buying a new dvd player to see if that solves it, but all hoping a met and solved this problem before

    The player uses different devices for the CD DVD vs.  It could be the laser and/or material for the part CD failed.  DVD players are cheap now, so a replacement won't cost you too much.  I see that the specifications indicate that the current drive has lightscribe, then choose a replacement that has this feature if necessary.

  • DVD player freezes when audio editing

    My application DVD player recently started crashing every time that trying to change the volume of the silent era. The laptop is a MacBook 12 "retina 2015, using an external DVD drive that has worked very well for a year. Have tried on many different DVDs and they all load fine, DVD player auto-commence, but they all open with no sound. If I try to increase the volume of 0 on the slider, the player crashes. If I try to access audio via the menu 'Options' menu does load not for Audio and audio disk configuration is similarly frozen to corruption. Other audio works fine on the machine. Any idea on what could be the problem? Thank you.

    Greetings bhan001,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support. It seems you want to play a dvd on the MacBook connected via an external dvd drive. Given that the application crashes using each dvd that you tried it may be a problem with the application itself. There are a few things that we can try to isolate and solve the problem.  I would recommend you read these articles, starting in safe mode disables the 3rd party applications that may interfere with the DVD player application. If the problem persists, we can try a new user to test to see if it's a matter of profile or the scale of the system.

    Try safe mode if your Mac does not end commissioning

    How to test a question in another account on your Mac.

    Take care.

  • V5.8 DVD player: error-70012

    Dear Apple community,

    I use a MacBook Pro 13 "(mi-2010) and replaced the Superdrive (SD) by a 750 GB HD (using the iFixit statement)." At the time I build on the 750 GB HD, it had Mac OS X 10.11.1. I noticed recently that the DVD player (v.5.8) not started correctly, display this error message:

    There was an error initializing

    A valid DVD drive is not found. [- [ 70012]

    Pressing the Ok button, quit the program.

    In this case independent of whether it is a DVD inserted in the SD card or not. The Superdrive is connected via USB as external drive and works well, for example with the VLC Player I installed before that I checked Apple's DVD player.

    Until I checked the DVD player, I also downloaded from the App Store "Screen recording Studio" App (Lite and more later for €4.99). This program does unfortunately not work, and I don't know if this installation has changed the settings of the DVD player or just the fact that the SD card is not connected as external drive.

    I contacted Apple Support and as a possible solution, that I've been recommended to update my Mac OS X 10.11.1 to update more recent 10.11.5 - which I did, but I still get the same error message when you start the DVD player.

    You have an idea for a solution? Are there preferences that can be adapted without having to reinstall the entire operating system new risk of loss of data etc. ?

    Thanks for your support!

    Best regards

    Özkan Yalkinoglu banks in os x.

  • Satellite P105 carpet * a dvd player does not work with Win 7


    I need an upgrade on my dvd to my vintage Satellite P105.
    I want the possible fastest dvd burner right now because I'm a fan of film and keep them in digital memory.

    (1) first should I get an external drive or can I get the best performance with an internal dvd replacement of a reseller of parts or Toshiba?

    The problem is when I've upgraded to windows 7 things have changed. I lost my sound, but that solved using a driver inherited Visa as apparently the sound 'Council' on the laptop is for Vista only. Then I found the dvd player which is a mitsu * an internal UJ-450 does not or is extremely slow in saving films, records or files. The available recording software seems also planned for Vista performance was acceptable. Even the dvd burning software does not work.

    (2) so my question for multimedia specialists is: what should be my next move?

    (3) should I go outside and confront the neck of the bottle USB or

    (4) to make the speed of the bus on the internal dvd?

    (5) given an internal dvd is preferable, because it's exactly a dvd-ram/IDE as it is currently, or some other configuration of bus.

    (6) most importantly, what dvd burner would give me 18 x speed with current programs like ConvertXtoDVD and did as a symbol external or - better - as an internal dvd replacement or my slow drive currently?

    Of course, if you could give me a model number and direct me to the sales it would be much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.


    > 1) first of all I should go for an external drive or can I get optimal performance with a dvd replacement internal to a coin dealer or Toshiba?

    You should know that not all internal STRANGE machines are compatible. You will need to use a not compatible and supported and such device could be ordered in a local ASP.
    But it s more expensive as an external CD/DVD device so you could also choose an external that would be compatible with all computers and laptops available.

    (> 2) so, my question for multimedia specialists is: what should be my next move?
    As mentioned. Good option would be to buy an external burner drive ODD

    (> 3) should I go outside and confront the neck of the bottle USB or
    External device are compatible with all computers and are less expensive

    (> 4) go to the speed of the bus on the internal dvd?
    If you have the money for an internal device and want to use it with P105 only then you can also choose an internal burner.

    (> 5) because a dvd internal is preferable, because it is exactly a dvd-ram/IDE as it is currently, or some other configuration of bus.
    As far as I know it s an IDE interface, but the device would support setting master or slave or c - salt. As mentioned, you can buy a Toshiba a recommended.

    (> 6) especially, what dvd burner would give me 18 x speed with current programs like ConvertXtoDVD and did as a symbol external or - better - as an internal dvd replacement or my slow drive currently?
    Point 5 of the air)

  • Qosmio X 870/016: win 8.1 - 3D DVD player option grayed out

    I have a Qosmio PSPLZA-016003 with Win 8.1
    What news I couldn't play 3D 3D Blu - ray discs no problem on Win 8
    I've updated to Win 8.1 but did not check the 3D DVD worked.

    After that Toshiba Service Update Blu - ray player, I couldn't play the 3D 3D discs - they appeared as 2D with 3D icon grayed out. The update of the Blu - ray player service was at

    I have:
    1 update of BIOS to 6.3 on the support site.
    2 player deleted and reinstalled from my c: drive
    ... program files, PINES, COMPS1, Toshiba blu - ray Disc Player - V1.0.5.48
    3 installed V1.0.5.175_A on the support site (this indicates in "Any player" V1.0.5.175)

    I still have the problem DVD 3D showing as icon 2D and 3D shaded in the player window.

    I guess the combination of Win8.1, 6.3 Bios and DVD Player V1.0.5.175_A should work - any suggestions?


    I guess you did something wrong during the update to win 8 to 8.1 Win

    On this page of Toshiba (responsible for the Australian series laptop) here is information how to change units to win 8 to 8.1 Win

    On this page you will find the Driver and Application updates, the Limitation and notifications, and additional information in case you want to do a clean install of 8.1 to win:

    On this page you will find the drivers Win 8.1 and tools for Qosmio X 870 (PSPLZ *) series

    You can find the TOSHIBA Blu - ray Disc Player V1.0.5.175 to Win 8.1 and other drivers

  • Satellite P200-1EE: DVD player HD Toshiba "video output for external device cannot".

    Need help!

    My P200-1EE won't play HD DVDs. At startup the HD DVD software with an HD DVD in the drive, the drive displays on the screen, and after a short time returns an error. The message is ' + Toshiba HD DVD Player - impossible to output the video to an external device. Please change your display device by pressing the FN + F5 keys after the end of the application ' +.

    Problem is that I do not use any display on the screen of the laptop. Only the screen of the laptop is available when I use FN + F5 suggestion. It does not cure the problem.

    Drivers are up to date as far as I can tell.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


    I searched this forum for similar issues and I think I have a solution.
    It seems that the Realtek audio driver causes this problem.

    According to this Toshiba document a new soud driver installation will help you solve this problem of HD - DVD.

    Check it;
    HD DVD title does not play ("unable to output the video to an external device") 788xml & sliceId = & dialogid = 24590306 & stateId = 1% 200% 24588233 20

    Good bye

  • Carpet * UJ841S CD/DVD player does not read blockbuster movies

    My dvd * one player UJ841S mat will be read/write everything ok.
    BUT it does not recognize the Blockbuster films. I can't play a movie.

    Can anyone help?



    Seems that certain this kind of DVD is not fully compatible with this CD/DVD player
    Sorry, but these issues are not uncommon that you will always encounter discs which are not totally compatible and that the readers of the laser lens is unable to handle this drive

    But just a question; These films are created for the European region?
    I mean there are different regions DVD

    As far as I know the films for European needs region 2
    The United States have need of region 1 and South American setting & Middle need area 4

    So if you want to watch DVD designed for US then you need to change the region to 1 settings.

    But note; You can change the region settings only 4 times then this parameters could be blocked, it is not possible to change it again

  • What is a compatible DVD player for Satellite P30 145


    My DVD player packed. We know what readers out there are compatible with this laptop. I am currently looking for a NEC ND-6750.

    Thank you very much.


    Did you look in the user manual?

    In my manual that was preinstalled on your laptop, I found a list of compatible drives.

    I think the similar list with disks taken in charge and compatible, you will find in your manual document.

    Otherwise, you could ask the guy to service Toshiba for the compatible device.
    You know, it is important that you purchase a supported player with the settings of the master/slave/c-salt because it of not possible to change these settings later.

Maybe you are looking for