Change the path to the updates from microsoft updates vs. windows

Fully updated, xp pro, ie8

When you click Start, all programs, windows update, go to the updates of microsoft with the compatibility view

which connection online for microsoft updates gets updates microsoft without compatibility view

can I change the path for my start, all programs, windows updates to be updated from microsoft without view compatibiliy?

Edit: have reinstalled os with a sp3 slipstreamed cd.

Edit2: no sites are not listed in my compatibility view settings.

There is no need to uninstall/reinstall MSE.

1. open IE (only!) to Microsoft Update . Click change settings in the left pane. Scroll to the bottom of the page. To stop using Microsoft Update. Disable the Microsoft Update software and let me use Windows Update only (check).

1B. Reboot for good measure.

2. your shortcut on the start menu should now be updated to Windows . [1] use it (not the Tools menu pull-down option) to go to Assuming that it does NOT open in compatibility mode...

3. "Flip" your source of default update appropriate Microsoft update by clicking on the option / link on the main page of Windows Update (IIRC).

3B. reboot for good measure & test to see if the Microsoft Update shortcut on your Start menu will however open IE8 in compatibility view.

PS: I don't have a WinXP box handy to test myself, but the last time I used the Microsoft Update shortcut on one of my client computers, it has not opened in compatibility view. As far as I know, MS may have changed something since then so YMMV.

[1] If you persevere with Windows Update as a source of update by default, MSE will always be 'auto-update' [even thought that Windows Update will offer more optional updates Defs] but will offer no updates to the ESM (e.g. new versions MSE) program or updates for MS Office, Silverlight, or Skype .

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