changing or creating components

Hello everyone,

I would really appreciate some help with the following, as I'm fairly new to MultiSim:

I do my homework of lab and I try to place a component amplifier operational 741c. Well, there is a c 741 741 but no. How do I create my own or where should I look? I tried to use the help function, but am not really following their directives. Help, please?

I use "lab manual (MultiSim in italics) to accompany electronic devices and circuit theory.


I think the 'c' is just a part of the packaging system.  That is, the LM741CN is a dip 8 pins, where the LM741CH is a package of TO - 5.  Search for the part by using a wildcard character (*) before the part number and it will produce a much larger selection of parts.  In the version of PowerPro, I counted 57 different components!

You could try just using the Virtual 3 or 5 pins opamp and edit the settings by default such as slew rate, BMU, Cin, etc. to match your datasheet.  Unless you were designing a high-frequency or voltage circuit, the SPICE simulation for a standard topology will not generally cause a lot of variation.

To create a template from scratch:

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    Hi all

    I have a problem I know not many have met before, but I am a little confused (maybe it's too early )

    I want to do two things:

    1. I want to run a loop of creating components

    for example

    Pseudo code

    for (i = 0; i < 10, i ++)


    create a new button called here "Warning" (will get ten buttons called Button0, Button1... Button9)


    2. I want to then be able to refer to them without knowing their names at compile time

    Pseudo code

    for (i = 0; i < 10, i ++)


    Key [i] .width = 100;


    How can I do this please?

    See you soon


    Declare a buttonArray, and push them in the table that each button is created.

    for (i = 0; i<10,>


    create a new button called here "Warning" (will get ten buttons called Button0, Button1... Button9)

    var btn:Button = new Button();

    buttonArray.push (btn);




    while making reference to

    for (i = 0; i


    (buttonArray [i] as button) .width = 100;


  • To change the created connections

    I succeed in creating connections and was able to connect to the DB who helps without any problem. How can I change the created connection, I do not see the project? Now I have this error when you run the project

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    I use Jdeveloper against g 11 DB (standard edition)

    BST Rgds,

    On the view menu, click database browser. Right-click of your db connection name, and then click Properties.

  • Change the skin components at run time

    I have a button component that has a single image and a few color filters to change the colors for the different States and I need a way to change the image source when running according to some data. Is this possible? If not, I don't have to really do a custom just component to do this? Because that seems like way too much work for something so simple.

    This custom component that is "the way to a lot of work" probably would have taken much time to create as you spent to create this thread.

         import mx.binding.utils.BindingUtils;
         import spark.components.Button;
         import spark.components.Image;
         public class MyButton extends Button
              public function MyButton()
              public var imageDisplay:Image;
              public var icon:Object;
              override protected function partAdded(partName:String, instance:Object):void
                   super.partAdded(partName, instance);
                   if(instance == this.imageDisplay)
                        BindingUtils.bindProperty(this.imageDisplay, "source", this, "icon");

    Now just assign 'imageDisplay' to the id of the image in your skin and your done.

    It wasn't so much work now, was it?

  • [Help] Create components dynamically and its id

    Hello guys.

    I need a help

    I know it sounds weird in the title which precedes but I struggled to find a better solution, but can´t understand it.

    I searched the internet but couldn t find a solution to my problem.

    Here's what I have to do.

    I need to create an order of the day. Each cell must accept a new event or remove an existing event

    The idea is to show all the 365 days of the year. It s important and clearer to the user.

    I ve tried to use the < mx:Repeater > to reproduce a 365 times custom component. He succeeded but I can´t find a way to access these components to change its properties.

    As some of them may have an appointment and others not.

    < mx:HBox horizontalGap = "0" >

    < mx:Repeater id = "monthRepeater" >

    < mx:VBox verticalGap = "0" >

    < mx:Box id = "mes_box" borderColor = "#000000."

    borderStyle = "solid".

    borderThickness = "0.5".

    width = "80" >

    < mx:LinkButton label = "{monthRepeater.currentItem.month}" fontStyle = "normal" fontWeight = "normal" / > "

    < / mx:Box >

    < mx:VBox verticalGap = "0" >

    < mx:Repeater id = "daysRepeater" >

    " < visao:CaixaDia id = linktexto =" { "day_caixaDia"} "labeltexto =" {daysRepeater.currentIndex} "/ >

    < / mx:Repeater >

    < / mx:VBox >

    < / mx:VBox >

    < / mx:Repeater >

    < / mx:HBox >

    Is it possible to use < mx:Repeater > and dynamically create IDS for these components?

    Thank you

    You can access objects created by a Repeater, as if the id was a table, as in the following example:


    If this post answers your question or assistance, please mark it as such.

    Greg Lafrance - Flex 2 and 3 certified ACE

    Training Flex and Support Services

  • How to handle complex properties after creating components?

    If I create a new object of a ComponentDefinition, I pass a variable as a property to it.

    page var = serviceDetailsPage.createObject ();

    page.service = (row);

    NAV.push (page);

    The content of "page.service" is an object and I need to extract data to display on the newly created page.


    text: service ['name']


    This simple example works fine, but I need to do something more "complex". I tried to use onCreationCompleted, but the event is fired to early because it is trigged until the property is assigned.

    onCreationCompleted: {}

    Service ["components"] .forEach (function () {}

    // ...



    I'm looking for another event that is emitted when the page is displayed to the user (or before!) for access to the property and use that he is happy for the manipulation of the Fryer.

    Try this:

    var component = Qt.createComponent("MyPage.qml");
    var myPage = component.createObject(nav, {
  • Handling dynamically created components qml in C++


    I dynamically create a qml page by using the following code:

                    onClicked: {
                        var favPage = favPageDef.createObject();
                    attachedObjects: ComponentDefinition {
                        id: favPageDef
                        source: "FavPage.qml"

    I would now like to manipulate the components in this new page qml in c ++. How to access these components?

    I was able to access the qml components fairly easily if they were created during the initialization of the application, but of course, this isn't the case.

    I discovered what the problem was. I had to do my public AbsractPane in my header file. Then when I created the qml component and calls a function in c ++ it turns out to be a child. Thanks for everyone help well.

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    I upgraded to LR6 of LR4.  LR4 would allow me to keep the original date file created.  I need this feature, and I can't get LR6 to behave this way.

    How can I do this?  I don't want to go back to LR4 and I don't want to change Capture one - but I'm going to one of the two LR6 does not provide the option.


    It should work the same way in Lightroom 6 as in Lightroom 4. In both versions, if the original Date of Capture camera EXIF is exported depends on how you configure the export dialog box:

    If you want the original to be included in the export Date of Capture metadata for 'All metadata' or ' all except & camera Raw Info.

    If you don't want the original Capture Date to be included in the export, set metadata for 'Copyright only' or 'copyright and Contact Info Only'.

  • Error "Inverted threshold" on 'Activate changes' after creating the queue


    In the Console of Administration Weblogic Server I'm trying to create a new queue by clicking 'Lock & Edit' first and then create the queue. When I do this I get an expected: message "the JMS queue was created successfully", but when I then try to click on 'Activate changes', I get a: error message 'reverse threshold '.

    Log file shows: failure is produced in the execution of the request of deployment with the ID '1368101884686' for the task "weblogic.deploy.configChangeTask.2". Error: ' java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: reverse threshold ' java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: reverse threshold

    Any ideas what this error?

    Thanks in advance.

    The below error when the values of the minimum and maximum thresholds for Server JMS, JMS or JMS queues subjects have been unsettled.

    "" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: reverse threshold ".

    These values are stored in the Server JMS to manage flow control, since excessive values can cause saturation of memory which can cause the server suspended or slow processing of messages. Similarly for queues and JMS topics, values thresholds are defined to trigger events for logging and launch control message to the destination stream.

    To resolve this issue, please make sure and set the value of 'Messages threshold' and 'MessagesThresholdLow' as below:

    JMS servers
    Threshold messages > = MessagesThresholdLow

    JMS queues
    Threshold messages > MessagesThresholdLow

    JMS topics
    Threshold messages > MessagesThresholdLow

    Please refer to the following document for more details.

    Thank you

  • ImageCatalog - change to create pages A3 [CS2]


    I modify the ImageCatalog script provided on the installation of CS2 disc.

    I would like to offer the possibility of creating an A3, rather than the standard A4 document.

    In addition, there seems to be a bug in the script. It does not seem to find the first pdf to a folder - using alphabetical order.

    Any suggestions on a problem?


    I do not have a document 'standard A4', I got an A5! On further investigation, it seems that the script doesn't care the size of the page * at all *-, it creates a new document, and for this, he uses just the default size of the 'new document' of your current settings.

    If you do not need to change anything (if you set your default document to A3 size), or, Alternatively, after line #236

    myDocument var = app.documents.add ();

    change the size of the a3 document in the script. It would be maybe little cared if you can define it in the dialog box.

    In addition, there seems to be a bug in the script. It does not seem to find the first pdf to a folder - using alphabetical order.

    Well this isn't on my computer. Can you elaborate? [*]

    The version I'm looking at is that CS4, but I bet it has the signature because it is "the original"

    @@BUILDINFO @ "ImageCatalog.jsx" 2.0.0 December 5, 2007

    [*] Edit: It's a Windows 7 machine, today.

  • How to create components

    How can I create an application as a component? Where, when is necessary to change some properties I can use the property inspector to change some of them?

    See if you can learn how to make the following article...

  • creating components

    In the components Panel in flash 8, how can you give your new component icon, instead of the box design bit 3 which is automatically the icon by default. Can I also create my own icon component from scratch and put it up in my control panel?

    These 2 questions are more or less the same thing.

    Thank you!

    found this:

  • Why not a Global change, newly created to change the activity ID work?

    Why not a newly created role of Global change (substrings) to change the activity ID work? Yet, I can copy a modifier of function (substrings) existing Global change to change the activity ID and it will work. The newly created is identical to that copied?

    Please upgrade to P6v7 and rename the activity ID problem will be fixed for life.
    You can rename 10 000 activities in 10 seconds using P6v7 without global change running.

    Novo rail, Sydney

  • Help with dynamically created components (turning point properties on or off)

    Hi all! I'm working on an application with a bunch of delegates of control is created dynamically.

    Here's my use case-scenario:

    I do a type app GPA calculator, and instead of hard coding a lot of drop-down lists for students select notes, I created a custom component. According to the documentation, each component created dynamically are destroyed until the parent TI auto is destroyed. ControlDelegate seems to be a better option that you can set the flag to false to make the component to go.  I created a delegate of control that uses the custom of the list drop-down and added a few aliases to give each a name of object on creation. Now, my problem is that I can't understand the correct item call to the property delegateActive set to false to make the element disappear.

    Here is the delegate of the control:

    import bb.cascades 1.2
    Container {
        property alias cT : classTitle.text
        property alias oN : obName.text
        property alias dN : dDown.objectName
        property alias cdF : dDown.delegateActive
        property alias dDown : dDown 
        topPadding: 10.0
        bottomPadding: 10.0
        ControlDelegate {
            id: dDown
            sourceComponent: droDwn
            delegateActive: true
        attachedObjects: [
            ComponentDefinition {
                id: droDwn
                GpaDD {
                    ddPro {
                        title: cT
                        objectName: oN
        Label {
            id: classTitle
            text: ""
            visible: false
        Label {
            id: obName
            text: ""
            visible: false
        onTouch: {
            console.log(dDown.delegateActive + " " + dDown.objectName)

    on the home page, I have the following code to create a new component:

    Page {
        id: gpaCalc
        actions: [
            ActionItem {
                id: addDD
                title: "Add Class"
                imageSource: "asset:///images/add.png"
                ActionBar.placement: ActionBarPlacement.OnBar
                onTriggered: {
                    var nn = ddContainer.count();
                    var newDD = defDrop.createObject();
                    newDD.cT = "Class " + [ nn ];
                    newDD.oN = "_" + nn;
                    newDD.dN = "_" + nn;
            ActionItem {
                id: remDD
                title: "Remove Class"
                imageSource: "asset:///images/Edit.png"
                ActionBar.placement: ActionBarPlacement.OnBar
                onTriggered: {
        attachedObjects: [
            ComponentDefinition {
                id: defDrop
                DropDelegate {
        Container {
            /* ImageView {
             * horizontalAlignment: HorizontalAlignment.Fill
             * verticalAlignment: VerticalAlignment.Fill
             * imageSource: "asset:///images/rect_overlay.png"
             * opacity: 0.65
             * }*/
            ScrollView {
                horizontalAlignment: HorizontalAlignment.Fill
                verticalAlignment: VerticalAlignment.Fill
                scrollViewProperties {
                    scrollMode: ScrollMode.Vertical
                Container {
                    horizontalAlignment: HorizontalAlignment.Fill
                    verticalAlignment: VerticalAlignment.Fill
                    topPadding: 50
                    leftPadding: 50
                    rightPadding: 50
                    id: ddContainer
                    onCreationCompleted: {
                        if (ddContainer.count() < 2) {
                            var nn = ddContainer.count();
                            var newDD = defDrop.createObject();
                            newDD.cT = "Class " + [ nn ];
                            newDD.oN = "_" + nn;
                            newDD.dN = "_" + nn;
                    Label {
                        text: "Select Your Grades"
                        textStyle.fontStyle: FontStyle.Normal
                        textStyle.fontWeight: FontWeight.W100
                        verticalAlignment: VerticalAlignment.Top
                        horizontalAlignment: HorizontalAlignment.Center
                        textStyle.fontSize: FontSize.XXLarge
       "TODO: Add property content"

    How can I find the last delegate of control created to define the delegate tag as wrong?

    Any help is appreciated!

    You have so much you need to do it this way?
    Why not just have a placeholder for * each * drop-down list and turn them on and off individually using delegateActive?

  • Align dynamically created components

    I use the custom component shown RemoteImageView here to download the images.

    How to use the component properly in QML?

    I use this code in a loop to create a couple of RemoteImageViews:

    var imageView = remoteImageView.createObject(mainContainer);
    imageView.url = "urltopicture"

    The component works fine, but all images are stacked on eachother.

    I would like to have a presentation which adds them to the side of the other, ultimately use them as buttons.

    Let your mainContainer have a StackLayout with orientation LeftToRight.

    What you are asking? I guess that's currently a DockLayout

Maybe you are looking for

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