Copy the file fails the Windows 7 recovery discs sent hp

I have tried to solve this problem for a month now and I'm at the end of my home.
I am now on my third set of recovery discs HP and all have the same problem. I insert disk 1 by following the instructions on the support forum. She's going through
Reformat the hard drive windows partition - tick
Copy of the files needed to restore the hard drive - tick
And immediately as ending, this window appears:
Copy the file fails
Press OK to retry

Three series of drives have the same come.
What the hell is happening?
I'm so sick of this.

Read a few other posts with similar problems, but can't seem to find the solution. I don't have an external hard drive, I can use... only the laptop I'm trying to fix. (G6-1305sa)

Any help? It also doesn't help when the HP support is open on the phones until 5:30 from Monday to Friday. I'm at work so can't call. So frustrating...



Hi Belj,

Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and welcome. I read your thread on your HP Pavilion g6-1305sa Notebook and not able to restore Windows. If the HARD drive is faulty, this can cause the restoration should not go well. You can try to run a test of material. Please note remove any and all USB devices and remove the memory card in the slot of the card reader. Disconnect all non-essential devices. What is the original HARD drive? Have you replaced all other parts? Have you tried to do a clean install of Windows 7. Try running sfc/scannow would scan your system to find errors on the command line. You can get to the command prompt by clicking F11 at startup. You can see this Microsoft document on the system recovery options.

Hope this will help.

Thank you.

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  • How to use the Windows 7 recovery discs!

    I have a pavilion DV6-1245DX and sent in for repair with windows 7 installed on it (the free upgrade).  I sent the recovery with the computer disks and it came with VISTA (THANKS!). I have no idea of friggin how to use the recovery discs to recover windows 7. Help, please!

    When you've got a free upgrade to Windows 7 would have received you a HP disk to use.

  • How to get the Windows Vista recovery disc




    Vista recovery media obtain and/or use the Partition Recovery Vista on your computer to the factory settings .

    There is no Vista free download legal available.

    Contact your computer manufacturer and ask them to send a recovery disk/s Vista set.

    Normally, they do this for a cost of $ small.


    In addition, ask them if you have a recovery Partition on your computer/laptop to restore it to factory settings.

    See if a manual provided with the computer or go to the manufacturer's website, email or you can call for information on how to make a recovery.

    Normally, you have to press F10 or F11 at startup to start the recovery process...

    Another way I've seen on some models is press F8 and go to a list of startup options, and launch a recovery of standards of plant with it, by selecting the repair option.


    Also ask them if it is possible to make the recovery disk/s of the recovery Partition in case of hard drive failure or System Crash, about what you are up and running again.

    They will tell you how to do this.

    Every computer manufacturer has their own way of making recovery disk/s.


    Or borrow a good Microsoft Vista DVD (not Dell, HP, Acer, recovery disk/s etc).
    A good Vista DVD contains all versions of Vista.
    The product key determines which version of Vista is installed.

    There are 2 disks of Vista: one for 32-bit operating system, and one for 64-bit operating system.

    If install a cleaning is required with a good DVD of Vista (not HP, Dell recovery disks):

    At the startup/power on you should see at the bottom of the screen either F2 or DELETE, go to Setup/Bios or F12 for the Boot Menu

    Go to your Bios/Setup, or the Boot Menu at startup and change the Boot order to make the DVD/CD drive 1st in the boot order, then reboot with the disk in the drive.

    MS advice on the conduct of clean install.

    A tutorial on the use of a clean install

    Super Guide Windows Vista Installation

    After installation > go to the website of the manufacturer of your computer/notebook > drivers and downloads Section > key in your model number > get latest Vista drivers for it > download/install them.

    Save all data, because it will be lost during a clean installation.


    'How to replace Microsoft software or hardware, order service packs and upgrades, and replace product manuals'

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • The history of my file fails on windows 8. I get the window from the history of the file, but when I try to turn it on, my taskbar and icons disappear. I can't activate it. How to make historic return of the files?

    Original title: the story of my file...

    The history of my file fails on windows 8.


    Thanks for the reply.

    Please let us know that if you need help with questions related to Windows, we're here to help.

  • How to remove virus from the "Windows xp recovery"


    My computer has been infected with the "windows xp recovery virus" which hinddering access to programs, sending some eror messages and hid program and office files.

    Can someone tell me how to remove this virus?

    Thank you



    Update your antivirus and run a full scan of the system safe mode. You can try to consult the listed process:

    I hope this helps.

  • Vista 64 Windows - stuck in the windows error recovery loop. don't go to safe mode, does not recognize the recovery disc.

    Gateway dx 4200-ub001a

    quadruple-heart, 6 GB of ram. No hardware problem, that I can find.
    restarts just constant return to the windows error recovery screen.
    get a blue screen saying change the bios if it continues to happen, but nothing specific. Impossible to get
    BIOS screens in any case. nothing takes me out of the loop, I can understand.

    See if you can load (using F10 or F12) a free Diagnostics, bootable from here:

    If this does not work, then try F2 to enter the BIOS.
    Together, the boot order so that the CD/DVD is first, then try to run the diagnostics bootable from here and free:

    If this does not work, then you need to try another CD/DVD drive (or take it to a shop for an estimate).

    Good luck!

  • Unable to boot Windows Vista past the Windows Error Recovery

    original title: girl in trouble

    Hello, my daughter has a DELL studio with Vista Home Premium 32 bit SP1, the problem is that it will not pass the Windows error recovery 'window' repair statup display a message "Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically" and gives them the following problem details:
    Signature of the problem
    Problem event name: StartupRepairV2
    Signature of the problem 01: AutoFailover
    Signature of the problem 02: 6.0.6001.18111.6.0.6001.18000
    03:6 problem signature
    Signature of the 04:2228258 problem
    Signature of the problem 05: NoRootCause
    Signature of the 06 problem: CorruptVolume
    Signature of the problem 07:0
    Signature of issue 08: 1
    Signature of the problem 09: Chkdsk
    Signature of the problem 10:0
    OS version: 6.0.6001.
    Locale ID: 1033

    She has all his docs school and work on it and I'm trying to save them, here, that's all I tried to do:

    I tried to boot using the DVD included with the computer, reinstall after pressing f12 to boot from the cd/dvd, it gave me the ability to "Repair computer" but is not. In fact I are entered in the comand prompt and ran a chkdsk/f with no result. I tried all the other recovery, repair choice but given the result.

    If I press f8 and select Safe mode, it don't go there but will take me to the same window "Windows Error Recovery".

    The 'install' mode has the 'upgrade' off function and it is said that it works only with windows.
    I can't do a clean reinstall without losing my daughter work... any suggestions?




    Either yourself or a store should remove the HDD and it slave in a system that works to see if the data can be recovered from him. The error message indicates a corrupt installation volume rarely, this can be fixed without deletion and recreation of the volume (and doing so will lose all data currently on the disk). Once the data was retrieved from the Vista installation will have to be redone from scratch.

    Good luck, Rick Rogers, aka "Crazy" - Microsoft MVP Windows help -

  • Cannot install Windows 7 on Envy 14-1211nr of HP recovery disc sent twice

    Cannot install Windows 7 on Envy 14-1211nr of HP recovery disc sent twice

    The Recovery Manager starts well. He correctly completed the following steps:
    1 format HDD

    2. copy the files from the CD to the drive. It copies all the 3 CD.

    Then he ask the driver (the 4th CD) CD. Once I have this CD, then after awhile I get messge below:

    Contact HP support

    In most cases, recover the hard disk will solve your problems.

    If your problem persists, you may have to contact HP support. Find details of support HO in the documentation of your PC.

    After that I see above meaage the only button I can click is "Finish". Once I click on finish, then in a minute, I get a message that "recovery completed successfully.

    The laptop restarts and displays the message on the screen "Bootmger" not found

    I called HP support and asked to run the hard drive and memory test and he succeeded.

    I can install windows on another CD I have with.

    But I can't install WIndows using the recovery CD, I received from HP. It's the 2nd CD series that I received these don't work or the other.

    I have two identical laptops. Tried installing on both and having the same problem on both.

    Can you please help with this.
    HP sends fake CDs?

    Kind regards


    Here is another solution, you can try to see if you can get Windows 7 to install correctly.

    Before you try the following, make sure that you can always read the character product activation key 25 on your label Windows COA (5 blocks of 5 alphanumeric games).

    An example of a COA label can be seen here.

    You can create an installation disk yourself using another PC - just download the good Disk Image ( this must be the version exact same origin supplied with your laptop ) from the link below and use an app like ImgBurn to burn the ISO correctly on a blank DVD - a guide on the use of ImgBurn to write that an ISO on a disc is here.  These Images are clean and a well respected source, however there are only limited versions available.

    Windows 7 sp1-iso-official-32-bit-and-64-bit

    Use the disk to perform the installation, enter the activation key of Windows on the label of the COA at the request and once the installation is complete, use ' 'phone Method' described in detail in the link below to activate the operating system -this made method supported by Microsoft and is popular with people who want to just have a new installation of Windows 7 without additional software load normally comes with OEM installations.

    All pilots additional and the software, you may need can be found here.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Windows Vista recovery disc

    I can't load the Windows Vista recovery disks (3 in total).  The Recovery Manager has not opened.  I went up to step 3 only.  I guess the restore disc (CD 1) failed.


    Sometimes the recovery disks do not work for one reason or another.

    If you can still read all 25 characters of the Vista product key on the COA Microsoft sticker on the bottom of your PC, you can do your own Vista installation disc that should at least get an operating system reinstalled on your PC.

    Here's how:

    If you are in a fault light but rewarding you can do yourself if you can read your product key of Vista on the PC of 25 characters.

    You just download the 3 files you need on the link below and read all the instructions to create a Setup bootable DVD disk using imageburn.

    Do not take into account the part of the text in the first screen shot about "extract the files in the folder of Vista."

    The files were extracted already in this folder when you ran the X14.exe file by reading the text on top of the first screenshot.

    The other thing I noticed is on the 4th page, where it shows Developer ID Microsoft Corporation. I had to type Microsoft Corporation in me, and then the other codes already filled in.

    When I went to compile the ISO file, ImageBurn gave a message on a WIM file, file and ISO, and if I wanted to burn it in a different format.

    I selected no, make the ISO file.

    It was not so hard to do. I burned both the disk of 64-bit and 32-bit disk in case I ever need them.

    I tested both of them on my hp dc7100 CMT PC desktop computer, they worked perfectly.

    When you enter the product key, he knows which version of Vista you have.

    After you install Vista successfully, you can then install the drivers for your PC and driver page support.

    Update:  This is the new link to your own Vista installation media.

    Click on the link below and then click on the link PDF Guide of reinstalling Windows.

    Follow the instructions on pp 295-297.


  • Cleaner installation (Windows 7 recovery discs)

    I use a pavilion laptop (dv7-3085dx) and I would like to do a clean install of windows 7.  After ordering HP recovery discs I booted from the dvd system recovery, reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled windows 7.  Then he asked me to put on the cd of driver and application recovery and method to install a ton of bloatware on my fresh system.  There is no option of autorun on the cd that allows you NOT to fill your computer full of useless * beep *.

    After Googling the problem I came up with two possible solutions:

    (1) install the cd drivers and complete applications, and then using a program such as pc-decrapifier

    (2) selectively install drivers useful and apps after install the clean by using a cd image program.

    I feel that programs such as "pc decrapifier" still leave bloatware remains in the registry and that installing selectively useful drivers and applications can be tricky.  Does anyone have tips for how should I proceed and what applications and drivers are essential or useful?

    TL; DR how can I reinstall windows 7 in order to avoid bloatware and have a fully functional computer?

    Thank you guys!

    SomeDude5 wrote:

    Just so I'm clear: do you recommend that I have download a windows7 cd image file, burn it to a cd and then do a clean install with a new disc?  There will be legal consequences for using this method?  Will I always have updates of Windows 7?  Is there something else I need to be aware of when installing from the windows 7 installation disc standard?  In addition, the link you sent me seems to be broken.  I am quite able to find ISO files, but you have another link that you would recommend?

    Thanks for your help

    1 Yes

    2. links on this page are to the Microsoft site, but I am not a lawyer

    3. Yes

    4, yes you have to load a driver Sata (Intel only) during installation, there is an option "Load driver" during the beginning of the installation of W7, if installation of W7 do not find a hard drive, start the installation again and load the Sata driver.

    There may be other drivers, you need to install once installation is complete, check for missing drivers Device Manager, if you can connect to the internet to do a windows update and see if it suggests and driver optional downloads.

    5. try this link, I would not trust other sources, the iso can be infected.


  • Where to get the Windows vista recovery disk to do a clean install?

    Where can I get the windows vista for any new installation disk. Both my recovery disk & HDD crashed. I had windows vista preinstalled.


    Some manufacturers have more available Vista recovery disks.

    If this happens, you may need to try this instead:

    You can also borrow and use a Microsoft Vista DVD, which contains the files for the different editions of Vista (Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate) must be installed. The product key on your computer / Laptop box determines what Edition is installed.

    Other manufacturers recovery DVDs are should not be used for this purpose.

    And you need to know the version of 'bit' for Vista, as 32-bit and 64-bit editions come on different DVDs

    Here's how to do a clean install of Vista using a DVD of Vista from Microsoft:

    "How to do a clean install and configure with a full Version of Vista '

    And phone Activation may be necessary when you use the above installation method.

    "How to activate Vista normally and by Activation of the phone '

    See you soon.

  • Windows 7 recovery discs using after replacing the hard drive

    My son has a Toshiba Satellite 115-S1100 netbook. Somehow he completely erased everything on this thing. When I tried to run Windows Recovery discs 7 32 bit Home Premium, I get a message 'no operating system found'. Toshiba support told me that I needed to replace the internal hard drive. I am a novice computer. Once the new disk in, these discs will work? Is there something special that needs to be done, or should I just run the disks? Also, given that the netbook is not a hard disk, I will be their execution via an external dvd drive. Will this work? Any help or pointers would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    My son has a Toshiba Satellite 115-S1100 netbook. Somehow he completely erased everything on this thing. When I tried to run Windows Recovery discs 7 32 bit Home Premium, I get a message 'no operating system found'. Toshiba support told me that I needed to replace the internal hard drive. I am a novice computer. Once the new disk in, these discs will work? Is there something special that needs to be done, or should I just run the disks? Also, given that the netbook is not a hard disk, I will be their execution via an external dvd drive. Will this work? Any help or pointers would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    Hey devtrev

    you would follow toshibas tips for the use of their recovery disk

    It's their recovery process

    and here's the visat forums

    and issues of windows 7

    Windows 7 forums on the link below

    Answers by topic

    Walter, the time zone traveller

  • Pavilion dv7-4273US: how to order Windows 7 recovery discs and to rebuild the hard drive on an HP Pavilion dv7-4273US

    On our HP Pavilion dv7-4273US hard drive crashed last week. None of the recovery tools on board work. Installation for Windows media system. We have more disks orginal for this system of 4 to 5 years. Spend many hours on the site of HP support and on the phone with technical support. Failed to get info on how order/buy these discs.

    There are many 3rd party sellers on Amazon and eBay which cannot be verified as valid solutions.

    Does anyone know how to order these discs?


    To order a recovery disc for your laptop, click on the link below, select the W7 x 64 operating system from the drop-down list.

    Then click to expand the order recovery media line and then click on the blue link for more details.

  • In the Windows error recovery process, cannot find an operating system

    When the System Recovery Options box asking the OS to repair, nothing is displayed.  Does this mean that I have to restore the machine to its original configuration?  And if that's the case is anyway to recover a part of the HDD before restoring data?

    Try this to back up your data before reinstalling:

    Data recovery:

    1. slave of your hard drive in another computer and read/save your data out there.

    2. put your Hard drive in a USB hard drive case, plug it into another computer and read/save from there.

    3 Alternatively, use Knoppix Live CD to recover data:


    Download/save the file Knoppix Live CD ISO above.


    Download the Vista software from the link above.

    After installing above ISO burning software, right click on the Knoppix ISO file > copy the Image to a CD.

    Knoppix is not installed on your PC; use only the resources of your PC, RAM, graphics etc.

    Change the boot order in YOUR computer/laptop to the CD/DVD Drive 1st in the boot order.

    Plug a Flash Drive/Memory Stick, BOOT with the Live CD, and you should be able to read the hard drive.

    When the desktop loads, you will see at least two drive hard icons on the desktop (one for your hard drive) and one for the USB key.

    Click on the icons of hard drive to open and to understand which drive is which.

    Click the icon for the USB drive and click on "Actions > Change the read/write mode" so you can write to disk (it is read-only by default for security reasons).

    Now to find the files you want to back up, just drag and drop them on the USB. When you're done, shut down the system and remove the USB key.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Part of of the manufacturer (e.g. Gateway) or Windows 7 recovery discs?

    I ask because I apparently contracted a virus which obtained by Avast Internet Security and cannot be cleaned automatically. I just wanted to use the recovery discs to go back to its factory condition, but Avast says that solve registry problems. That sounds wrong to me. Why the recovery discs would not be included the original registry?

    If the disk recovery process is part of Windows, then I get this question answered here. If this is not so I have to just give it a try because gateways support after warranty is almost zero. And if that fails, then I have to pay a pretty nice piece of cash for someone to fix, because we, consumers don't even have Windows OS dang drive more. Yet once, which sounds not just for me.


    When you use the manufacturer's recovery disks or when you reinstall from the recovery of the manufacturer Partition, the hard drive is wiped clean of everything and the operating system is reinstalled back to factory (new condition, how you bought).

    The register is part of the operating system, which is replaced as part of the re - install the operating system.

    If you have the possibility to do a destructive or non-destructive restore, choose destructive.

    Make sure you save all your data first that this will also be lost when the hard drive is wiped at the destroyer resumed.

    See you soon.

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