Could not open a session my icloud account.

I tried several times to log on my account icloud but could not be login.and check also the different username and Id but problem still

and showing the error could not connect to the server.

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  • Could not open a session - forgotten password and hin question

    original title: I have a hp mini 210-1199dx

    I forgot the password, log in and I did not have a hint question, how do I connect on


    I'm sorry, but the strategy of microsoft in these forums is that without assistance will be given about lost or forgotten passwords

    read the policy at the link below

  • Could not open the photos sent to my Hot mail account?

    Could not open the photos sent to my Hot mail account?

    Hi Dean,


    Hi Dean,

    1. what happens when you try to open the attachments?

    2 are you facing this problem with any particular email?

    3 are you facing this problem all other sites?

    4. what anti-virus software is installed on your computer?

    I suggest you to follow the steps and check if it helps.

    Method 1: Check if the security level is set to medium in Internet Explorer 9.

    Change Internet Explorer security settings

    Method 2: Optimize your internet Explorer and check to see if it helps.

    How to optimize Internet Explorer

    Warning: Reset the Internet Explorer settings can reset security settings or privacy settings that you have added to the list of Trusted Sites. Reset the Internet Explorer settings can also reset parental control settings. We recommend that you note these sites before you use the reset Internet Explorer settings

    Note: This link applies to Internet Explorer 9.

    If you encounter this problem only with Windows Live Hotmail, please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the best support.

  • The numbers "could not open file for some reason any."

    Suddenly some of my documents of numbers prompt response "numbers" could not open file for some reason any ' "the document is unavailable. Other documents numbers remain accessible. My backup versions invites the same response when I try to open them. Is there a solution?

    Hello Fred,.

    Thanks for this info and choosing the communities Support from Apple. I know how important is able to open all your files in numbers is for you!

    If I understand correctly, you cannot open some files of numbers even from backups, but others continue to work. To limit this problem, I would suggest starting with the following steps:

    1. first of all, run disk utility and check for questions on your hard drive, as hard drive problems can lead to situations like yours.

    Disk utility (Yosemite): a disc repair

    2. then, you can test this in a new user, to refine, if it's a question broad system or specific to your username.

    How to test a question in another account on your Mac.

    See you soon!

  • Cannot send e-mail in Outlook Express. Message "could not open the message from the Outbox folder. 0x800420C8 error number.

    Cannot send e-mail in Outlook Express. Message "could not open the message from the Outbox folder. Account email Sympatico Server Protocol SMTP Port 25 secure (SSL) Yes, error number0x800420C8

    original title: 0x800420C8 error NUMBER

    Never seen a port 25, who wanted to use SSL, but by checking, Sympatico's apparently.

    1. This account has already worked? Is it simply to start?
    2. What is the exact verbatim error message? Otherwise, copy & paste it into a response.
    3. Have you tried to send a message and the message stuck in the Outbox?
  • Could not open file Windows Live thanks to save and send


    I need help, send files to my windows live account directly from my Office 2010 trial software. I click on save and send, sign in to windows live and choose the file I want to send to. Then, once I click on save the program appears with an error message of indicating that it could not open the file.

    Help, please!

    Thank you

    Please repost on the following forums...

    Microsoft Office 2010 Forum is here:

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  • "Error 1402.Could not open key" during the installation of Adobe and HP update. Updates failed and earlier of the software cannot be put back in place because permission to modify the key is denied.

    • Issue: Failed to update and previous software may not be returned to or re-installed. Problem programs include Adobe Reader and scan and editor for my HP C4180 all-in-1 photo printer.
    • (For example) error messages:
      Error 1402.Could not open key:
      Check that you have sufficient access to that key, or contact your support...
    • No recent changes, with the exception of updates failed and normal widows.
    • I thought bad updates from HP and Adobe has caused the problem, so I uninstalled and tried to re - install the software several times, hoping a release update would solve the problem.  Impossible software returned to or re-installed, so I bought try 'PDF Converter 6' to to access PDF files. This program could not be installed for the same reason.

    The Windows 7 FAQ has reported that Windows 7 could be reinstalled everything keeping the settings. The same can be done with Vista? If not, is there a safe way to delete these keys, so the software can be installed/re-installed without having to make a facility 'clean '?

    Thank you.

    Hi misterDormie,

    This problem may occur if the permissions to a specific key in the Windows registry has been denied because the registry is corrupted or due to registry permissions

    I suggest you try the following steps:

    Step 1: Check with a different user profile

    If you do not have a different user account, you will need to create a (see link below).  If everything works fine with a different user profile, you can infer that the user profile is damaged, click on the link to find out how to solve this problem.

    Create-a-user account

    Difficulty of a corrupted user profile

    If the problem persists,

    Step 2: Run a scan online for any threat and try to correct


    You can follow the steps mentioned in the link below:

    Thank you, and in what concerns:

    Ajay K

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • ERROR: Could not open "usbport.sys! in Vista

    whenever I try to install usb mouserate switcher it says...

    help with usb mouserate switcher

    Operating system: UNKNOWN

    ERROR: Could not open "usbport.sys!
    Make sure that the file is not dead
    and your account has appropriate access privileges!

    does anyone know why this is and how to fix it?

    Read the info from Google.

    Windows Vista Compatibility Center

    First thing to do is to check its Vista compatibility at the link above, and if not to see what patches/solutions are available from its manufacturer...

    Read the above info.

    See if that helps.

    "Switcher Mouserate USB will allow you to apply a rate of vote of mouse to 250 Hz (4 ms), 500 (2 ms) or 1000 Hz (1ms) and allow you to restore original Windows 'usbport.sys' (8 ms) if necessary.


    1. reboot Windows and log in Mode safe mode with an admin account
    2. run this utility in safe MODE and follow the instructions
    3. restart your computer.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • I use numbers to make files, but other people could not open, why?

    I use numbers to make files, but other people could not open, why?

    Hi Annie,.

    Only numbers can open a document in numbers. Excel cannot.

    In addition, there are several versions of numbers that work on a Mac. Older versions will be not open newer versions.

    What version of numbers do you run?

    What applications are the other people running?

    If other people are running Excel, you can export your document numbers to Excel (Menu > file > export to... > Excel). The export will not be perfect, but they will be able to open it and read it.

    More information, will lead to a solution.

    Kind regards


  • Are we still not able to make a @icloud account our main email of our Apple ID?

    Are we still not able to make a @icloud account our main email of our Apple ID?

    Why not?
    What seems to be the problem?

  • Question of TrueSuite of fingerprint - error: could not open impression fingerprint sensor


    A few days ago my TrueSuite reinstalled himself and then asked to restart the computer, which I did. But things, when I turned on the computer laptop back to reboot, TrueSuite will have to reboot again. This happened a few times, so I reset the laptop to a system restore point, I had created a few days ago.

    This deleted all my fingerprints, which I don't mind, but when I go to re-register my fingerprints, it says: "error: could not open impression fingerprint sensor.»


    Thank you.

    See European driver of Toshiba for the most recent software TrueSuite to fingerprints.
    Remove your old software of fingerprint of the computer and reinstall the new software downloaded from the site driver of Toshiba.

    Then set it up again, create fingerprints and take advantage of the laptop.

  • Toshiba Recovery media fails could not open e\boot\bcd

    I'm running the toshiba create recovery media on my satllite pro c660 - 21 d as my first job

    It askes for 2 dvd discs
    the use of new discs it failed with
    Could not open e\boot\bcd
    020123 f1-00000000
    I tried another disc, but if it does not work what then?


    The replacement drive was created without error must therefore have been a media failure

    but hope this helps someone else

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    Thanks for the comments. :)

  • I opened 2 emails that were in the folder spam from my email and that each contained an attachment zip 2 k and 3 KB. As I could not open directly in my email, I opened the zip files with the "open in" another app option. At the opening of th

    I opened 2 emails that were in the folder spam from my email and that each contained an attachment zip 2 k and 3 KB. As I could not open directly in my email, I opened the zip files with the "open in" another app option. When you open the zip files at this other app asked me if I wanted to extract zip files in a new folder, I have accepted, in both files .js (javascript) files there. I opened these .js inside this same application files and content files white text on black background and that seems to be a script file. My question is: my iPad Air has been compromised by a scam of viruses, such as the Trojan horse thieves and banking password especially as Dridex or Dyreza, the Trojans and ransomware as Locky, cryptolocker, or Teslacrypt. If that were the case, then what is the solution to get rid of these... Thank you.

    Simply delete them. It is not possible to install anything on iOS using this method. For good measure, you can remove and reinstall the application allowing you to open it with, but I don't really have that is actually needed.

  • When I try to install Firefox, I get an error "could not open the output file. I used Firefox before and it doesn't work anymore, so I uninstalled. Cannot re - install now.

    When I try to install Firefox, I get an error "could not open the output file. I used Firefox before and it doesn't work anymore, so I uninstalled. Cannot re - install now.

    This has happened

    Each time Firefox opened

    I tried to download firefox.

    User Agent

    Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; INTERNET EXPLORER 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; AntivirXP08; GTB6.3; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; MS - RTC LM 8)

    When you click on the download link on, you should be asked if you want to run or save the file. If this situation occurs when you try to run the download, try instead to record and put the file on your desktop or in a similar place, where you are certain that you can find.

    When the download is complete, try double-clicking on the downloaded file in the normal Windows Explorer (browse your way to the file from the desktop). This should start the installation.

    If, in the Explorer window, you notice that the file seems to be missing the Firefox icon orange/blue, right click the file and select Properties. The image should look like the attached picture (except that mine is in Danish, but that is irrelevant) if saved correctly - if it don't look like this, would you please describe the content or attach a screenshot of the box. Especially what it says under "File Type" - it must be 'program '. If this isn't the case, will have to focus on what could be the problem here.

    A bit off-topic, your Internet Explorer seems to be quite a bit outdated (IE 6, where the current version is IE 8), so I highly recommend that you try to run Windows Update to get your system up to date. Is it as a society (such as a thin client Terminal Server computer) system, this is not possible, and most likely, your system administrator will have to help you.

  • Satellite U405 - S2833 Fingerprint error: could not open the sensor

    Hello, I am very new to the forums so I apologize in advance if I don't give all the necessary accurate information in this thread.

    I have a Toshiba U405-S2833 and it came with the TrueSuite Access Fingerprint Software.

    I downloaded an update a few days ago, but I don't remember if it's for Vista or Toshiba. Since then, my fingerprints were all removed from the system, and when I try re - save, I get this error message "error: could not open the sensor" I can't find the material to fix the sensor manually without going through the TrueSuite software.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

    I am also having the same problem.

    My boss uses a Satellite U405-2628 fingerprinting and with the sensor TrueSuite Access Manager. It worked fine, then I updated windows and it has stopped working. I was on the updates and noticed an update of TrueSuite and thought that maybe that was messed up things.

    Then there were other issues that went past me locked out of the machine (anti-virus and loss of relationship with the field... also my fault). So I decided to wipe the machine and install fresh Vista.

    I installed everything but the TrueSuite software still not able to open the sensor. After hitting my head on it, I decided enough was enough and I restored it using Toshiba recovery disks.

    It took a few hours and here I am logged in as administrator and the TrueSuite software still cannot open the sensor. I don't know what I can do, since it is to return to the factory settings.

    As the above poster said, HELP!

    Thank you.

    ... a little later...

    Well, I managed to do work, and this can be useful for some people out there since I found no easy answers. I can't guarantee anything, and it's really complicated... so here go us.

    First, I downloaded the latest update from Toshiba (util_fingerprint_27460A.exe) and nothing has worked.
    Then I uninstalled the sensor since (click right, uninstalled) Device Manager to uninstall the driver as well (it should invite you to do so)
    Then, still in the Device Manager, I scanned for new hardware and it came with my sensor. I said to look for drivers and when he could not find, I think it gave me an option for windows search for an answer... or something like that. He came back with a link to Authentec (, I think). So I downloaded that and installed. He rose through the device under "Biometric devices" then before... I think it's under the "Personall security device" or something like that. But alas, still no luck. So I uninstalled all the device from the Device Manager (taking care of uninstalling the driver as well) and of the TrueSuite software. Then came the break I was looking for.

    Online research I came across this page... I had the chance before to so I thought what the heck. It is a driver of HP for the same sensor and it is dated 2006. So I downloaded and installed. Still nothing...

    Disgusted, I thought, well let's try to install util_fingerprint_27460A.exe on top of that. So I did, restarted and I couldn't believe my eyes when he said to connect and register fingerprints not seriously. And so I did. I hope this helps people, I don't really know how the sensor I so messed up, but I'm glad it worked.

    Yet one thing... and this may be important. When I took TrueSuite first after doing all this, he told me that the storage of fingerprints was full... or something in that sense. So I clicked the button remove all traces of fingers button and it I would like to register my fingerprints. I'm starting to wonder if that was all I had to do in the first place... Guess I'll never know.

    Good luck.

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