Definition of zone


I'm trying to set a time zone on a phone smart blackberry. I imported-

java.util.TimeZone and net.rim.device.api.system.Device;

The code below sets up the time zone at the time of the Atlantic.

Time zone tz = TimeZone.getTimeZone ("America/Halifax");
Device.setTimeZone (tz);

I need set the time zone to the Eastern time and am unable to do so. Can someone please help?

Thank you


I thought about it. Here's the code-

Time zone tz = TimeZone.getTimeZone ("America/Indianapolis").
tz.useDaylightTime ();
Device.setTimeZone (tz);

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    I have a scanned page I want OCR - I click on edit PDF and it starts OCR staright away, but break the text into separate boxes - I want than the entire page as a story (it has tabs so it "seems" that it is in the columns, but is not)

    How can I say to scan the whole page and not make any assumptions about how the text should be subdivided into "inclusive"?

    Or, failing that, how can I say to combine text boxes?

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    You can use the tool to improve analysis of acrobat for that. It has 3 options to do OCR.

    1. go to improve scans > recognize text > in this file > settings.

    2. Select output as indexable or searchable Image exact style and click Ok

    3. click on recognize text

  • GSM numbers in the TMS directory


    I have AD facility as a source of the telephone directory in TMS for video settings. I'm having a problem where the GSM numbers for users on endpoints TP are appearing as H320 and so the calls fail. I have a VCS/TMS connected to CUCM and want to route mobile calls to CUCM and then get out. Is this possible.

    Thank you!

    Then I was watching your definitions of zone again.

    • TMS needs to know that the endpoint can make H.323/SIP
    • The permissions for the system in the browser from should not be the call blocking options (settings down to change the planning parameters)
    • The endpoint must be associated with a zone of intellectual property with a defined gateway prefix
    • The area of intellectual property must be associated with a correctly configured ISDN zone
    • Route of the directories = yes

    If all this is in place, TMS will be able to deliver to an end point unique h323 call entered ISDN or telephone through the gateway prefixes defined in the area.

    If the entries are not displayed, TMS does not believe he can do a call from the bridge... the lack of supported protocols or failure of registration status.

    You can test this by creating a simple dummy directory with just the vocal entries in it.  Then associate this directory to your endpoint.  If it's an MXP, you can use the web interface of the endpoint to display the directory of the business directory provided by TMS.

    If you can not make it work again, I'd recommend appellant TAC where they can walk through your configuration with you.

  • See if specified that time zone is in the DST. Someone at - it have?

    Wanted to check and see if it has already done.

    With the time in hour UTC and the time zone users, does anyone have a good function already created to see if its in DST.  I know is the second Sunday in March and the first Sunday of November is back.

    or maybe the CVI has one built in I can't find.  Whatever it is, it would be hard to do, but don't know a good way to understand some days of the week to a month.

    According to the description of Microsoft Help for their mktime() function, you can fill in a tm to the desired date of test structure, but first the tm_isdst field definition a negative value. This will force the function to calculate the correct value for the field - in other words he then will tell you if the DST was in effect on that date.

    I don't know if it's a standard ANSI behavior for this function, but it should be easy enough for you to test.


  • zone problem I don't have time in my choices

    I don't have the normal time in my choices, I have only the definition of the Pacific time zone? When I move clock three hours before, it resets to standard time in the Pacific, the next day.

    Hi, Hockeydad20.

    > I did all right

    Are you sure? Please tell us, step by step, exactly what you were doing - departure
    with clicking on the clock in the lower right of your desktop. If
    you just say something like 'I did it', we're never sure you understood
    the statement. But if you say: "I clicked on the clock, and then I clicked on".
    "Change the time and date settings" ", so we know that you have understood and
    Follow the first step. I'm sorry to be so pedantic, but the experience in
    thousands of these sessions online help tells us that the message is often
    not understood, after all. "Tried" tells us nothing. "Did not work".
    also tells us nothing. We try to help you, but you must do your

    After "Change date and time settings", do you think the "Date and time".
    window? In addition to "change date and time...» ', there should be a button
    "Change the time zone...". «If you click here, you see the zone «»
    Window settings', with your current indicated? Click as the current
    to decide on a drop-down list of all available areas, in order,
    probably start with your current configuration. (Mine starts with Central
    Time UTC-0600. See "Eastern time (United States and Canada &) ', I have to scroll down
    about 4 lines-0500) did you see? Can you see
    the - 0500 line at all? How is it marked?

    Windows is always preset at the time of the Pacific, by default, since it is the
    parameter for the headquarters of Microsoft in Redmond, Washington. Almost every
    user must change this to its own particular zone.

    R. C. White, CPA
    Windows Microsoft MVP

    "hockeydad20" wrote in message news: dc6e528f-6e61-4 d 63-8fba-4a66d66c978d...
    > I did everything well, I don't have this option, no standard is
    > times. Can I reinstall windows, can I change this somewhere in the microsoft web
    > basic?

    R. C. White, CPA Microsoft Windows MVP

  • Time zone on my different Khvan e-mail to my computor

    My husband & I share the same pc.

    I was checking the "recent account security activity" on my husbands email & on my email.

    The pc has the correct area date/time.

    My husband time zone, date and time is correct (EAST)

    Mine is set to (GMT) & not accurate for my timezone

    I can't work on how to change to the EAST


    Thanks for posting your query to the Microsoft forum. I will definitely help you with this.

    1. Is what email account?
    2. Is - this account or you are referring to any e-mail application?

    If you count Hotmail/outlook, try the following steps:

    1. click on the wheel {top-right}
    2. go to the e-mail settings more
    3. click on account management
    4. click on Details of the account (password, address, time zone)
    5. in the account summary
    6 change the personal information {under date of birth}
    7. go home
    8. set the time zone

    Let us know if you need more assistance. We will be happy to help you.


    Thank you best regards &,.

    Isha Soni

  • Windows - zone - Les - update only not to + 4 h

    Hi, I installed a few copies of windows costs however the zone we have for Port-Louis is + 04:00 on the system but when updated with, time is only updated with + 03:00.

    I have to change it in Abu dhabi to get the correct time zone. I understand that it is a major issue however that I am a citizen of Mauritius and use many Microsoft products, I would be grateful if someone can review and amend the need or advisor.

    Thank you


    You may need to update the time zone definitions (the dates of entry into force this time and back) in your copy of Windows.  A September 2014 update is available on the following Web site:

    "A September 2014 for the Russia time zone update is available"

    <> >

    If this does not help, you can manually change the zone data using the program "TZEdit.exe.  To do this, go to this site:

    "How to configure daylight saving time for Microsoft Windows operating system"

    <> >

    Then go down to the "More information" section and expand the "how to configure the daylight saving time settings.  Then expand "method 2: change the time zone on a single computer settings.  At the bottom of this article is a link to the time zone Editor.  Then follow the instructions in "Method 3" or "4" method.



  • List based on the system date or time zone user


    We have been questioning a service request list based on the timestamp created with criteria = today.

    But the result is inconsistent. Sometimes records created within today do not appear on the list.

    What is the definition of SOD ' today ' today '? It applies to the date system (time US) or Pacific time zone (for example the + 8) user?

    Thank you, SAB.

    Hi Sab!

    I did some tests and found that this is directly related to the user zone set on the user details page.

    I am with paris (gmt + 1) time zone, and when you go to the created SR list today, I have a lot of records.
    I set the time zone of eniwetok (gmt - 12). It is 11 now in france, therefore, with this zone, it is p 11 m yesterday.

    And when I went back on the list (after the closing session and connection), there is no trace!

    I hope it's useful!


    Published by: Max K on Nov. 16. 2008 19:35

  • Find the definition of a word in

    If you right-click a Word when you compose an e-mail message, the previous versions of Mac OS x would provide a dictionary definition. With macOS Sierra, he spots a wikipedia article which is often unnecessary, for the purposes of the definition of a dictionary. The dictionary has disappeared or is at - it another way to access?

    Arrived on demand > dictionary > Preferences, then drag your dictionary preferred upward. You can also turn off Wikipedia by unchecking the checkbox.

  • Dictionary find definitions


    Since the installation of Sierra, I experienced some problems with the Dictionary application. I'll try to explain this in the least difficult way possible. So whenever I try to do a quick search of dictionary-based on Spotlight, Spotlight gives me no results for dictionaries monolingual English. This means that if I have the New Oxford American Dictionary and its corresponding Thesaurus, Spotlight do not think everything about these dictionaries and keep will show the results of dictionaries, I disabled it, which in this case is the bilingual Italian-English Dictionary. Now, as much as I appreciate see entries from the dictionary being translated in my own native language (Italian), I would also like to see the entries in the monolingual dictionary on Spotlight, I strongly need for my work. In short, I'm looking for something similar in view of that context when menu shows you yellow - highlight a Word while, for example, surf Safari. I have no problem with context menus because they show all the dictionaries that are enabled in the dictionary application preferences window. To summarize, it looks like that Spotlight does not recognize these two American dictionaries (I also tried with a Dutch-English Dictionary) and continues to find definitions for the bilingual. This phenomenon happens to you too much on the Sierra? I would also add that, as a countermeasure, I did the following: deleted the file in the folder of user library, re-indexed Spotlight, tried on a new account user without result, disabled the definitions in Spotlight, moved preferences box and down the dictionaries selected in the pane preferably small in the dictionary.

    I appreciate your comments,


    The question I did experience is otherwise.

    I depend a lot on the context dictionary and see that it is missing, once upgraded to 10.12 is a bit annoying, not because I can not find how to fix it (because I think I have), but I'd need to know where to do this. Whenever I write a strange word, I try to make sure I use it properly. However, when I 'Look Up' a Word, I get a wikipedia article on a group of rock or something unrelated, like the component dictionary was gone by default.

    Only by reading this thread I was able to launch the dictionary application - which immediately began to download a copy of the New Oxford American Dictionary. I guess my next task is to find an easier to apply dictionary (Canadian) and understand how to install it.

  • Definition of Spotlight on macos Sierra


    I had been using spotlight to search for words in El Capitan without any problems before. However I just upgraded to Sierra and spotlight returns no definition of the word. I did a clean install, but no changes in the light of the preferences. All options are selected as they come by default. It was a feature that I used all the time and it helped me so much. All the solutions I could try?

    Thank you.

    Hi agokgoz!

    I see that you are unable to search using Spotlight definitions under macOS Sierra.  I know it's important to have the ability to look up definitions of words in Spotlight, and I'm happy to help you.  In order to further isolate the issue, please create a new account manager and test to see if the problem persists in the new user account.  Here are the instructions to do this:

    How to test a question in another account on your Mac.

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    See you soon!

  • Parental control for iphone zone

    I have parental controls on my iphones of teenagers. I can also set the AT & T data time limits. Adolescents simply change the time zone of the iphone so they can walk using data when they aren't supposed to.

    How can I prevent adolescents to change the time zone on their phones?

    Soccer Mom

    You can not. The time zone on the phone setting should not have anything to do with AT & T cellular data limits. Those based on time on the cell towers. Contact AT & T

    Or just take the phone away from them if they can't be trusted to follow the rules.

  • Change the time zone of Novosibirsk

    Hi, in Russia/Novosibirsk time zone changing on UTC + 7, but send UTC + 6. When I solve this problem?

    It is a forum for user help. You do not discuss Apple here.

    To submit your comments directly to Apple using this link

  • Why my zone alarm toolbar disappeared?

    my zone alarm toolbar disappeared from the top of the firefox start page. What should I do to get it back?

    The extension of ZA toolbar always shows as active on the topic: page addons?

    • Firefox, the menu/Tools button > Modules > Extensions

    You can use one of them to set toolbars to display.

    • button '3-bar' menu > customize > show/hide toolbars
    • View > toolbars
      You can press the ALT key, or press F10 to display the Menu bar
    • Right click on empty toolbar space
  • Why is the capital of Australia, Canberra, are not not as an option of zone in Thunderbird.

    I was a complete new section calendar of Thunderbird options & when I looked for Canberra in the part of zone he wasn't there. You have listed all the State capitals and even a few small towns, but not the capital of a continent. I've been very happy user of Firefox and Thunderbird since my first computer in 2004. Keep up the good work Paul...

    Since when a Canberra had its own time zone? If it makes feel you better there is no America/Washington DC is for the same reason...

    DST standard and Eastern East is what Canberra uses. Then Sydney. is the city for time zone information.

    • Lord Howe Island uses UTC + 10:30, even if it is part of NSW. Must be something to do with being in halfway to the New Zealand.
    • Lefevre & Currie, not sure how they got their own time zone. But the "holiday Islands spoke in bacck Japanese time in the 80's IIRC. Island of the King. Well they always regarded themselves as a sovereign nation in any case...
    • Brisbabe UTC + 10, but no summer time. A lot of debate if. But the curtains are still fading in Queensland, if it occurs.
    • Sydney UTC + 10, but has time they struggle to leave alone.
    • UTC + 10 as Sydney Melbourne. Summer time is a political toy.
    • Hobart another State where time is currently debated for 30 years or more
    • Broken Hill or, more precisely, the County of Yancowinna uses time UTC + 09:30, even though it is in NSW
    • Darwin UTC + 08:30, but do not necessarily follow the peculiarities of what is happening in Adelaide.
    • Utc + 09:30 Adelaide now these loonies talk off wandewring to EST. May soon be multiple time zones in Australia. It's still dark at 7oclock now
    • Eucle UTC + 8:45 people with the brain to tell the State where to get off. t cannot be officially recognized in Australia. but IANA acknowledge their decision.
    • Perth UTC + 8

    Wikipedia should answer your question in their articles on the IANA time zone data base

    And the entries in the list.

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