DeskJet 6122 print with only black print cartridge?

I had this oldy but goody through local Freecycle (with two sets of ink!) list after knowledge full it works under Linux and it lists as working perfectly. Plug and play installation with Ubuntu, instantly recognized 14.04.

I think it is indicated only by old-school print/head of cartridge type, but I should be able to use it with the black cartridge only right? I know most recent will force you to have both. I love that the cartridge for the price are very economical too.

The Deskjet 6122 requires a black cartridge and electric sound color must be installed in the printer to print.  It is not necessary to have ink in all colors, but both cartridges must be installed.

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  • HP 6600: why can I not print with only black when I have only black cartridge in hp 6600 as hp 4500'?

    and he always says that color cartridges are leaking so I had to make one more only accepts black and I can not print with only black.

    How can I print with only black when I have the only black in the printer.

    Why only black does not work with the color cartridges.

    What is the error message you see with the color cartridges installed?

    HP and other printer manufacturers have technology another printer for different needs.  For ink jet printers:

      • Some have integrated into the ink cartridges print heads.  These printers can print generally with one or more of the colors completely empty, or even with color or black cartridges (but not both) removed. 5665 envy is an example.
      • Other printers have separate replaceable printheads and inks.  An example would be the printer Officejet Pro 8610.  In these printers print head can be replaced if they are damaged by running the printhead with colors off.  Some of these printers allow printing with a color, the other will not.  If the printer is run without ink in one or several colours, the printer may be damaged, but the user may be able to recover without having to send to the printer for the service.
      • Other printers have permanent print heads.  To run only those without little ink in all colours would risk causing damage to the print head because of clogs, air ingested in the printhead or grilled printhead resistances of shooting. The Officejet 6600 is an example of this type of printer. For printers with fixed print heads that could require the service to get the printer to print properly again when the ink is finally replaced.

    The document described here how the ink is used.  The document is written for inkjet printers HP the same principles apply to printers inkjet from other manufacturers.

    If you do ever print color laser printer would probably be a better choice.  If you occasionally print color but especially black a HPI printer as those in the first category above can be a good choice.

  • HP Deskjet 1000 J110: Intense black print with the black ink cartridge only


    I am trying to print the darkest possible black, but simply by using the black ink cartridge. How do I get there?

    My printer is HP deskjet 1000 J110 using cartridge HP 301.

    I do my drawing in Adobe Illustrator and set the color to be CMYK 100 100 100 100.

    If I insert only the black cartridge, the printer will leave empty place where color CMY ink should be or it will fill the space with black ink?

    Basically, what I'm trying to do is to increase the density of ink to the highest possible but only using only the black cartridge.

    Thank you.

    Welcome @didididot,

    Thanks to their participation in Forums of HP! I see by your post that you would like to be able to print in the black as dark as possible. I can help you.

    You can use the mode single-cartridge:

    Use single-cartridge in the HP printer with a single cartridge. Mode single-cartridge begins when an ink cartridge is removed from the distribution of the print cartridge. In the mode single-cartridge, the product can only printing from the computer.

    Source: HP Deskjet 1000 J110 series.

    Here is a document for printing with black ink only (Windows).

    If you use a Mac, let me know.
    Feel free to click on the button 'Accept as Solution' and the 'Thumbs Up' for my help. Please let me know the results and if there is anything else I can help you. Thank you!

  • DeskJet 6122 prints only black

    I use a macbook pro with OX 10.8 and connected via USB.  When I print a diagnostic page, there is no problem.  When I try to print a photo using Photoshop, preview, etc.  All I get are black images.  I put in new cartridges, cleaning and reloading the drivers.  What Miss me?  This is something recent passing, I printed in color with prior arrangement.

    Thank you.


    The Deskjet 6122 is no longer officially supported on OS X 10.6 or newer versions, due the generic driver use color printing is not available:

    Try to install a 3rd party driver that supports your printer model and compatible with 10.8, HPIJS seems to support it.

    Be sure to intall one of the required 3 prior downloads following the printer Set Up instructions:

    Hope that helps,


  • Photosmart 6510 print with only black print cartridge?

    Hi, can printing Photosmart 6510 in black & white (not gray, but b & w only) when the black ink cartridge is not empty, but all the other cartridges are? If the color cartridges are not already installed, it will always show b & w?


    The 6510 PS will not work if the color cartridges are empty but the black ink.

    However, I think that it would be possible to print using only black ink but to do ink in the cartridges of colour as well because in case of maintenance color cartridges to do little ink in the print head maintenance routines.  When the head is friendly if there was no colour ink this part of the print head could heat upward too or overheat.

    Anyway, back to print in black only.  You mention that you do not want t p rint in black and white so you know where to look in the driver to get to this option. Then in Word, Excel or any program, go to the print function.  Click on properties. Click Advanced. You should see where you have levels of gray.  If you clock in the option box should reveal the other options will be "Black Only". Select this option.

    As I said you should be able to print using only black, but you will need the color cartridges ink.

    Hope this helps.

  • HP Deskjet 2680 print cartridge 60 Black - not compatible

    I replaced the cartridge three colors (HP60) both the black print cartridge (HP60).  Exactly the same ones that I took out.  The Tricolor cartridge shows "ready", but I get an error on the black one, saying that the cartridge is missing or incompatible with the device.  Gently, I cleaned the contacts according to the help file.   It is not always recognize the black cartridge.


    It would be correct to assume that the reset is universal. Are these genuine HP cartridges cartridges or have they ever been filled or refurbished? What I want do you is remove the cartridge that does not work, and with a non fluffy cloth and a bit of water, I would like to wipe the power at the rear of the cartridge contacts (the copper bumps) and the corresponding connections inside the machine. You want to unplug the printer for the second half.

    Then back - turn on the machine and replace it. Also, I know that this cartridge is new, but have you tried another cartridge to see if it is the cartridge that is defective?

    Let me know!

  • Pavilion 500-223w: connection to a HP Deskjet 6122 printer

    Y at - it solution to connect my Deskjet 6122 to 8.1 Windows? It seeks to be supported only through Windows 7.

    [Personal information]

    There is in fact not a driver directly in Windows 7, the Deskjet 6122 is compatible with the printer driver Deskjet 990 c that is installed, as shown in the paper here for Windows 7.  For Windows 8.1, you can do the same, install the driver Deskjet 990c according to a similar process.

  • Deskjet 6988 print cartridge 'door' - cannot access ink cartridges

    This printer has been giving me excellent service for many years, so I'm not surprised that he can do a little wonky. Yet, any advice would be most appreciated!

    Recently, this "door" has popped up, preventing me access to print cartridges:

    It seems to say "turn the printer off," or perhaps "turn off and on again," that would be logical, as requiring to do her little dance and restarts. MOST of the time, it does no good. The cartridges just sitting there, and the door rest.

    However sometimes turning market causes a mechanism to move, and the door up and down and sometimes stays down.

    I saw no references to this 'gate' in the manual. Anyone know what it's called?

    Is there a way to force the printer to zero and drop the door? A factory reset did not work.

    Thank you!

    This fixed/figured it out!

    Remove the Panel on the right side of the printer. It's like two hooks on the top and two clips on the bottom. Gently pull down to unclip. Upwards, you will see the mechanism that connects the cover to a switch. For me, the wire time the "capture" disengaged, and I need to restore the link so that it is engaged when the lid rises or falls. After that I did, the cartridges behaved normally, and the mysterious "door" is never in the way.

  • Print with only black print cartridge


    I was told that with modern HP printers, must be all the non-empty cartridges to print in black (gray). Is this true?

    My all-in-one HP 4 years works perfectly without the color cartridge. Should I buy a new printer color cartridges, although I usually only print black & white documents?

    I thought HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3515/3525.

    Thank you very much for your help!

    Kind regards


    Yes, that's correct.  The all-in-one Deskjet 3525 does not support the mode of single cartridge. This printer comes with separate head of printing and ink supplies. The Assembly of the printhead contains black and color print heads and requires fresh ink in each color in order to avoid clogging of the nozzles during and after printing. This isn't a problem with the Deskjet 3510, as the cartridge has a built-in print head.

  • Can I print with only black print cartridge (color those missing)?

    Hello everyone and happy new year.

    Due to the fact that I have does not print in color, I decided to give my old and empty color cartridges for recycling

    the store where I buy them since then, and I bought only the black one (the double).

    I want to talk about 364 cartridges, I have a HP Photosmart B110a.

    The thing is that I get the message on the printer screen saying that the color cartridges are missing

    and even though I have the black one installed and I chose to print something only in black ink

    It cannot print anything.

    Y at - it a particular setting that I have to do, or it is a fact that I can not only print text, even if I chose

    the black cartridge? Each of the four ink cartridge must be installed to print only the text?

    Thank you in advance.

    The Photosmart b110a a ink cartrdiges individual and a separate print head.  To keep the print head don't dry out, you need to have all of the cartridges installed.

    Here it describes how the ink is used in inkjet printers.  In the terminology of this document the b110a is an IIC printer.

  • help develop drivers for HP Deskjet 6122 printer/HP Scanjet 3500c Scanner for Windows7.

    Is my question an oxymoron


    To the printer, no more support, you must use the Windows 7 driver to perform basic printing:

    The scan: only for 64-bit:

    Kind regards.

  • (Redirected) new here - and have trouble with the black ink cartridge not to produce quantity it promises


    I have an AIO 948 printer and for years had a ng bad espain on the number of prints each cartridge provides. He promises 585 when newly installed - this time I counted each impression, and now when he says that it is empty ( but experience, explains that he will yet deliver ca 30-40) gave 136 prints

    It's a lot less Quen 585

    I have found no place to ask this question about dell sites - it's not on my customer number - this is a general question whether dell deliver what they say they do - 585 prints pr cassette.

    Dell printers I had for about 6 years or more - it's a lot of cassettes - and I have such a bad feeling of being deceived here. Please explain that to me, someone - or at least give me a maildress who will read it and explain.

    Thank you!


    Best of this post in the Forum of devices/printers, here:


  • DeskJet 932C, you can print with just replace the black ink cartridge?

    My question is basically simple.  The printer DeskJet 932C can operate with only black ink?  Color ink was empty for a while now, but the printer kept working, printing in black and white.  Due to the cost of the ink and the absence of any income available, we just changed the black ink cartridge.  The problem now is that the printer will not print not even black and white.  Do I have to scrape some funds to replace the color ink cartridge, or y at - it another way to get the printer working with just the new black cartridge?

    Thank you in advance!

    Michael Sponable


    Your printer can print in black only, but up to a certain point , you need tri-cartouche color otherwise it will not print. It's a little late now, otherwise if you only need to print B & W, a monochrome laser printer is very good and much cheaper to run (in terms of cost per page).

    Kind regards.

  • CP1025nw: Printing with the black print cartridge only

    Above printer just bought. Vendor assures me that I can print with just installed black toner cartridge. There is no cartridge included in the box! Until I set up and try, East - this correct work with only black cartridge installed? Thank you

    Hi @NoMe1,

    I have read your message and see that you would like to know if the printer print with just the black toner installed. I want to help you.

    This model requires all toners to be installed to print. When tonics for one or several are exhausted, they will have to be replaced in order to continue printing.

    You can configure the printer to print in grayscale, which will use less color cartridges. Here are the steps:

    The application, go to the file menu, click Print. Select the driver.

    Click on the dropdown, under color quality, you should have the options for printing in grayscale or possibly black and white.

    If you appreciate my efforts, please click on the "Thumbs up" button below. Thank you.

  • DeskJet F4480: full black print cartridge still does not print black. Colors OK.

    What the title says. All of a sudden my Deskjet F4480 does not print black. All cartridges are almost nine (changed recently, bought at Staples). Colour printing is OK. Print a page with black text and results in only the images printing color images. I only went through all the steps of cleaning cartridge several times, no difference. There is no error message, just black not appear do not at all.

    And... Here is the solution.

    Funny how I found an explanation of the problem and how to fix it on a different printer manufacturer's Web site, but not on HP... But I digress.

    The black cartridge has been blocked. The way of difficulty is:

    1. remove the faulty cartridge from the printer.

    2. place a small amount of boiling water in a cup (about 1/4 in.) and dunk of the print head (the part where the ink comes out) in warm water for a minute. Do not immerse the entire cartridge in hot water, just the print head.

    3 take it out, pat against a paper towel, observe the model ink left in the cartridge on the towel. If too little / interrupted, dunk again in hot water for another minute, pat again. You want to get an unbroken line of ink through the length of the print head. Repeat as needed (I did 4 times total).

    4 cartridge Pat dry everywhere, put it back in the printer, run cleaning cycles (1 - 2).

    5. If still not good fixed, take out the cartridge and repeat 2 (I had to do it again).

    You will lose little ink, cartridge of bad and good a well (you can not run cycles with only 1 cleaning cartridge), but at least you won't have to throw a nearly full cartridge.

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