Disabling the feature to synchronize time in Workstation 6.5

I have a question regarding the management of the clock on linux hosts.  A lack of host systems Debian Etch/Lenny with workstation 6.5.  The guests are a system lenny with vmware tools installed.  We have several data streams continuously that we have databases, and we have to be able to go back and recreate the ingestion of the stream for training purposes.  The goal is to save the data of a day (for example 20 April 2008), start the virtual machine and have the date VM comments be on April 20, 2008, while the guest clock is always the current date.

Yesterday, I pulled up a virtual machine so that the vmware tools application has been configured to not synchronize time and rolled back the clock on the virtual machine.  When I arrived at work this morning, the clocks have been sync'd up again.  So I would like to know how to disable the synchronization of the clock.

I had this running a couple of years ago with Workstation 5.x, but I don't remember having to do something special with the configuration of time synchronization...


There are several events that will always trigger synchronization time in a virtual machine (suspend, power on/off and much more).

RE 1189 KB (http://kb.vmware.com/kb/1189/)

If you want to completely disable the time synchronization in the comments, open the configuration of the virtual machine (.vmx) file in a text editor and set the following options to zero:

tools.syncTime = '0 '.

Time.Synchronize.continue = '0 '.

Time.Synchronize.Restore = '0 '.

Time.Synchronize.Resume.Disk = '0 '.

Time.Synchronize.Shrink = '0 '.

Time.Synchronize.Tools.Startup = '0 '.


  • For some products (such as VMware Workstation), you may need to use 'FALSE' instead of '0 '.  For example:

tools.syncTime = "FALSE".

  • In some cases, the virtual machine may need to be restarted.

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    Comment to Moderator: Post and answer divided a new thread. Topic change to match. Thread marked "resolved".


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