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I just upgraded to CS3 to CS6. Lower-left, in CS3, there are a number of display-screen size (ex: 100 percent) that you can change. In any case do that in CS6?



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  • Options to change the display screen size are too large or too small.

    How can I change the display size to one I am comfortable with that? The options are too large or too small.

    Press the option key while you click chipped. Those are the only options available.

  • How can size of display screen Touchpad adjustment - I disable this!

    I have a HP Pavilion A7A33UA laptop #ABA g7.  I want to keep the touchpad to change the display screen size.  Sometimes, when I am trying to move my cursor touchpad will be from my screen shrinking.  IT IS VERY FRUSTRATING.  Can I disable this feature without disabling the touchpad as a whole?


    Please find the web site link below might help you solve your problem.

    The use and configuration of the touchpad

    Let us know how it goes!

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  • I did the screen too small (using about: config) and lost the address bar and all the menus. How to restore the display on a screen size can be used?

    I changed the size of display screen using about: config, as stated in the other answers help. After you use a value of 1.0, such as recommended, I've experimented with other sizes, because it seems small. I have entered a large number by chance (a typing error) and made the display so small that only a bug could read. And I lost all the features: bar address, menus, home, Favorites, settings icons.

    I uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox, thinking that this would fix it. But the new facility displays the same way: unreadable and no functionality.

    I found instructions on resetting to the factory settings, but cannot perform this task because I have to be able to access the menus to do so.

    Hello PaulaBob, have you changed the value of layout.css.devPixelsPerPx? -You can perform the following steps to change the still 'blind ': value

    1. Open firefox, and then press ctrl + L (this will focus in the address bar)
    2. type of topic: config
    3. Press ENTER twice
    4. type devpix
    5. Press the tab key
    6. Press enter
    7. type 1.0
    8. Press ENTER again and I hope you should be normal visibility now
  • All of a sudden my shrunken screen size... How can I get the display back to what it was

    All of a sudden my shrunken screen size... How can I get the display back to what it was


    Please try this first:

    Hold down the CTRL key, and then press on + (plus) sign several times.

    I hope this helps.

  • Screen size change

    Hi all.

    I am a new owner of laptop Toshiba. I got a Dell Studio but the CC took a dump and it would cost more to fix then to replace the entire system. I have purchsed the portable satellite and really like it.
    I'm having a problem then on the internet. As I scroll on the mouse pad, just display screen shrinks and a lot of it is inaccessible. CTRL + works out but it becomes boring.

    Is it possible to lock the screen to shrink, unless I have use the CTRL - a shortcut key?


    You must check the option to display in your Web browser.
    Here, you must set the Zoom to 100%.

    PS: pressing CTRL + mouse wheel will change the font size internet brower... it is a common shortcut...

    Welcome them

  • How can I display the size of the façade?


    I use the vi Analyzer do ensure that all front panels are the right size. Is there a way to display the size of the cover without having to run the VI Analyzer?

    You can open the VI, go to file > VI properties > Window Size > set to the size of the current screen, reading of the height and width, and then click Cancel.

    Or you could do something like the following if you want to programmatically and simply provide a path to the VI you want to check:

  • The screen does not match the screen size

    Hi all, any help here would be greatly appreciated.

    I have an Acer S240HL monitor I was using with my Acer PC without any problem. However, the hard drive on my PC packed and so I just bought a new ASUS Tower unit. When I plugged in the Acer monitor in the Tower there is a black area around the outside of the screen - about an inch thick. Is there a reason why this would happen/all I can do to fix this?

    Thank you very much

    You must set the scale of your graphics card to display is the size of the screen.

    You need to open Device Manager > expand display adapter > check the graphics card name.

    Here you'll find the request of your graphics card.

    For example, if your computer has an ATI video card, you will find the ATI Catalyst Control Center App for adjusting the settings of the graphics card.
    In the ATI Catalyst Control Center, click on the graph at the top left, and then select Desktops & displays.

    On the desktop computers & displays screen, right-click on the display 1 on the lower left corner of the screen, and then click Configure.
    On the screen of the deep venous thrombosis , click the scale tab, and then move the slider to 0%.

  • Screen size icon / lost for internet exp at the top.

    programs and windowshave missed one of large size. Broad for effective use. Lost icon for internet exp at the top.

    programs and windowshave missed one of large size. Broad for effective use. Lost icon for internet exp at the top.

    Assuming you are using Vista:

    RE: screen size
    3 tips...

    1. right click on a free space of the office > view > select Classic icons.

    2. set DPI:
    Right-click on a free space of the desktop > customize > column to the left, adjust the size of police (in PPP) > uac prompt > click default scale (96 DPI).

    3 resolution:
    Right-click on a free space of the desktop > personalize > Display Setings > move the cursor to the right. Consult your user manual, see if it tells you what = olution resi is for your computer. My laptop is using 1280 x 800 pixels.

    RE: lost IE icon

    This tutorial shows you how to restore THE REAL (not the shortcut) icon on your desktop:

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  • How do I change the Speedgrade screen size?

    Can someone tell me how to change the size of the screen in Speedgrade? I can move the lower panel from top to bottom, but I can't understand how to do the program monitor either larger so I can actually see what I do to the image without making it full-screen.

    Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 2.42.11 PM.png

    Yes, you go the small signs and you can make it bigger or smaller. This is the problem, you are using this on a laptop? It is almost impossible to for use on a portable computer or it looks like the image you posted, when I use it on a laptop, I enter my settings on the retina of macbook screen and increase the resolution which makes it any smaller, but makes manageable Speedgrade. But even in this case, the page layout is horrible for a laptop or a low resolution monitor.

    On my monitor Apple I plug my laptop too, it looks perfect, the video is big enough, while seeing the wheels of color etc. I also sometimes use a second display, you can have the video on the second screen and tools to the screen you want. I haven't used a second ordinary screen longer, I use an app that makes my iPad Pro in a second 13-inch retina display screen. So I can see the video by 13 inches, if necessary, and I do with my iPad Pro if I never had to change it on your laptop again for sure.

    If you have only a laptop or low screen resolution, if you have a Tablet, even if is not 13 inches of fat, you can use the tablet to display the video. It will cost about $ 20 for the pair of the app. I keep pugged in via the iPad cable and there is no latency or delay time.

    If you don't have an iPad, I think seriously about doing a 27 inch or larger screen, even if you don't have a desktop computer, you can plug the macbook inside. I do not own a desktop computer, it's just my laptop at home is always connected to a screen. You need not what anyone who has wanted to get fairly accurate colors. IPS 27 inch 2650 x 1440 will work.

    If you have a Macbook, the retina, although it has higher than this monitor specifications, it double the pixels and makes it look like 1400 x 800 or something like that. For a workspace it takes more like 2560 x 1440, however on a laptop which might make things if small you cannot see them.

  • Define a more responsive screen sizes

    If I want to put the additional screen sizes when working in my reactive environment how can I achieve this?

    For example, I want to keep the standard screens such as 1024 768 360 but might want to add two additional and design break points for these sizes as well.

    I'm familiar with the use of % instead of px, but even while I meet problems in the quiz display and also some text and button courses.

    I work CC captivate.

    Also apart from this problem: my buttons just do not work or are fairly slow work. I think it has to do with the active and inactive button States. Can I get rid of the option to be off because I have problems by dragging the bar between the two in the distribution panel.


    First of all, there is no version of Captivate CC. It was simply never part of the creative cloud.

    You must submit a request to Adobe to request this feature to be added to a future version. To my knowledge, you are locked in three breakpoints. You can change them, but you cannot add additional breakpoints.

    Click here to visit the form wish

    See you soon... Rick

  • script photoshop at the exit for devices of different screen sizes

    Does anyone know of a script that will display photos from Photoshop to difference for various devices screen sizes?

    Image Processor Pro can save various documents of sizes at the same time.


  • iPhone screen size 7...

    IM gunna be preordered an iPhone 7 and I was wondering if anyone knew if the screen size is identical to the iPhone 6, as a screen for a 6 and save money protecter I wanted to know if it would fit the 7? Anyone know?

    Both are diagonal 4.7 "screens.  Both are the same height and width.


    iPhone 6 - technical specifications

  • whenever I use my laptop and my palms are based on the laptop and I type all of a sudden... my guard resize bigger or smaller screen size

    I try to keep my thumb on the mouse pad Palms when I type, but every now and then my screen resizes more or less until I take my left the base of keyboard sound Palm only when my left hand rests on the base next to the touchpad. I type pretty fast so it becomes boring and yes she also jumps screens or go back to the previous message and I choose ctrl z to cancel and return to my message I was typing... It also switches tabs on me too... don't know why my Palm being to the left of the keyboard on the basis should effect other thing he does after a while. and I have to stop what I'm doing... and go to the firefox menu and change the size of the screen down to 100%, sometimes she's going up to 200-300 other times it comes down to 70-80%, I find this annoying I I wish there was a way to disable the resizing of the screen in the control panel. If it's just to be 100% happy with it I'm I have need it larger or smaller... There should be a way to LOCK... I understand that there are people out there with eye disorders and needs to have the screen size increase by using the + or - but there should be blocked so there's just no matter what is happening on my keyboard or the touchpad or the basis of the cushion... this screen size not will increase or decrease. unless I turn off the lock... maybe this is something that they can be implemented in the next version or do a quick update of the browser

    Maybe a support forum for this laptop brand will have some ideas, because that is not strictly a problem with Firefox only.

  • screen size change! I accidentally hit 'shift' and a few other key.

    I hit a key combination by mistake and my shrunken to a box around it... visible browser in the upper left window, there are now options for screen size.

    How do I get OUT of this mode (and how did I get in there in the first place)

    Thank you!

    Hi james, you're probably in the mode of sensitive design for web developers - press ctrl + shift + M to allow, or click on the X in the upper left corner of the page...

Maybe you are looking for

  • How always to send later

    I prefer NOT to send eMails immediately I touched the button 'SEND', but having to drop a menu down to 'send later' is a pain Can I configure Thunderbird to always send later or add a button "Send later" to my toolbar? Thank you

  • See the VI VI another as a dialog context-sensitive

    Hello I have a newbie question. I created a VI that displays data, and I change a button to edit the selected data. When I press the button change, I want to show one another VI, preferably as a modal dialog box. How to do this? Thanks, Csaba

  • How to start my pc remotely with the keyboard microsoft wireless 7000

    I have a motherboard ga-ma785gmt-ud2h. When I try to set up in the bios, it does not work. what Miss me... thanxz...

  • File system error (65535)

    I have Windows vista on my laptop & my control panel shows no icon inside so I can't uninstall any program.

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Desktop Manager 6.0 & eWallet

    Greeting.  OK, I'm a bit puzzled about something. For some time, I was able to sync my third party eWallet for my DM 6 app.  I would do that by starting DM 6 and by clicking on the link 'Add-In' on the left side and can synchronize. Yesterday, my com