Displays the year in 113 instead of 2013

I get a year of the Date and use it on a page. This has always displayed as 2011, 2012 etc and yet, he displays 2013 in IE but displays in Firefox as 113.


Thank you that worked perfectly.

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  • Is it possible to use < af:message > to display the validation model adf instead of the default note window

    For any component input, validation that we created at the level of the entities attribute are executed and if any validation fails, the messge is displayed in a window of default note on the component of the.

    Is it possible to use < af:message > to display the validation model adf instead of the window of default note for the corresponding component in a fragemnt jsff page?

    I use JDev

    Thank you

    Jean Bayard


    I have good news. I was able to reproduce, locate and bypass your problem.

    The problem is the following:

    works very well in JSF pages, but it does not work in JSF fragments (which are part of a glued TaskFlow, what is included in a page parent as a ) because ADF when executing a miscalculation of the value of of 'for' - attribute when it is part of a region BTF. For example, suppose that the has id = "it1" (as it is in your JSF fragment above) and this TaskFlow defined in included as a with id = "r1" in a parent page. Then the internal ID of the input text field will be 'r1:0:it1', but at runtime, the framework will set the value of 'for' - attribute to the 'r1:it1' (which is wrong) instead of "r1:0:it1" (which is the correct value).

    You can work around this bug by specifying:

    Instead of

    in your code above. In this way the framework will make up the correct value for the 'for' - attribute at run time and will not work correctly. Don't worry the caveat against a non-existent ID in the JDev source code editor.

    You must do this trick only in fragments JSF and you should not do in JSF pages.


  • To display the year when no data for this line


    I am trying to achieve more,

    When I "No Data" for my year, the year should be displayed in chart (line/Bar) with "Zero" as a measure. (currently it removes my year with data '0' ie. 2009)

    I have the following data:

    Sales Rev year
    2008 100 1000
    2009 0 0
    1500 150 2010
    1750 175 2011

    I tried following the advice of blogs... but I guess I could miss a step IMP.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Kind regards


    Try the implicit column


    Thank you

  • Xperia z3 foto widget display the broken image icons instead of thumbnail/preview image

    Initially, I used my Z3 without SD card. Any word very well: album AND the foto widget that allows to navigate through the photos.


    -installing an SD card,

    -changing the location for newly taken photos on SD card

    - AND by moving some pictures of other directories-

    - AND the creation of a number of files .nomedia on these directories to make these photographs appear not not in the album, nor in the foto widget.

    foto widget displays an icon of a broken image for all photos taken prior to this change. All new photos appear in the widget and app album.

    I delete the file data and the album (in album settings - all apps) cache-.

    It does nothing (so far).

    How can I force the app/widget album to recreate its database and preview/thumbnails?

    Thank you very much.

    M ~.

    Working solution for the following:

    Order the soft MediaStorage
    Settings > Apps > all > storage media (FROM: Medienspeicher) "App Info" > stop App

    Data deleted from the App MediaStorage
    Settings > Apps > all > storage media (FROM: Medienspeicher) 'App Info' > clear data

    Restarted the application (via MyPhoneExplorer) or by rebooting the phone.

    The process appears in the form "android.process.media" in the list of processes (not sure, I guess) android

    To provide a treatment could turn the endurance mode or add "MediaStorage" to the list of exceptions of runing apps background even in mode stamania.

    (> a) how long it would take to recreate the database and photos? The directory of the main image (DCIM on the SD card) contains > almost 1000 photos).

    A: it is __NOT__ take very long. For my 1000 + pictures and a few videos is was a matter of minutes to see the widget started foto avatars correctly and see the album recovers very quickly. If you reach a corner of the album or the photo images widget still not recovered, the image appears rather quickly.

    (>) b where residing the .thumbnails directory? -After accepts the SD - be - it in/storage/sdcard1/DCIM or > in/storage/sdcard0/DCIM as it was before the installation of the SD card?

    R: it seems that the .thumbnails directory still resides on the internal memory (i.e./storage/sdcard0/DCIM). This is at least the case for my phone.

    It also seems that .thumbnails files are ONLY used for the foto widget for the App album someone could confirm?

    (> c) how to either force the media scanner to run and update the widget photos foto and the album database / see/check that

    > it runs.

    Stop the MediaStorage process, clear data from this application and start it again again and keep visiting the widget from the album and or foto.

    See you soon,.


  • Web App search results to display the TASK parallel library instead of the list view

    Is it possible to get the search results Web App to view a presentation BPD instead of the standard list view?

    If it is possible the call would go on the form or on the page of results? (currently, use the same results page for several web applications.

    Thank you!

    Not quite sure what your after.

    You can send the results of research to a custom page, I think you did that? This page can have its own model.

    The module itself for the search results:

    {module_webappsresults, bkp, resultsPerPage, hideEmptyMessage, rowLength, sort}

    They are key elements where bkp being true means that search results will use the backup of the web application on the main list.

    If you apply the rule of custom template by adding a space and a model = "PATHTOFILE", you can specify the search results to use a custom template.


    None of this is what your after?

  • How can I get Thunderbird to display the Date to send instead of just time?

    New message only. Seems to have started with change to 2015

    By default, Thunderbird shows the time for the messages today. It takes for granted that you know what day it is. The date is added at midnight.

    Is that what you see?

  • Display the year as [2008-2009]

    Database Oracle 9i, windows 2003
    "I have one a date point I want to show like this ' 2008-2009".

    How is it possbile?


    Something like that,

      SELECT    ''''
           || '-'
           || ''''
    1 row selected.
  • How to make a difference in the years of sysdate

    Hi all

    I want to display the years 2005 to sysdate. I tried this, but it gives the same year SYSDATEs 6 times.


    Thanks in advance,


    hope below allows

     select extract(year from sysdate) - level +1 from dual connect by level <= ( extract(year from sysdate) - 2005 + 1) ;

    Kind regards

  • How to get out the year following the date

    Hi all

    I'm couldn't get out of the year to date.
    in my table it has been stored in varchar format on January 11, 2005
    If I want to display the year of the column, then
    I tried with year (to_date (' ' jan 11 2005 ', ' mm dd yyyy ' "))
    but I get an error then, how should I go out the year of the date_column




    Thank you

  • With the help of SQL, need to display the previous year, current year and the year next to single variable

    Hi all

    We have an obligation to state the previous year, current year and values of the year next as a LOV in the ADF page.

    This is the query that retrieves the previous year, current year and next year. But the result of this query displays values in 3 columns:

    Select (Extract(year from sysdate)-1), extract (year sysdate), (extract (year sysdate) + 1) twice;


    2012 2013 2014

    But I want to display them in a single with 3 rows as column:




    Please your ideas.

    or in the same way


    OF the double

    connect by level<>

  • When I started to update my iphone to ios 10 and watch 3.0, cannot already display the pictures of my watch. Logo of loading only. And he thinks it will take a hayss of 1000 years. Help, please

    When I started to update my iphone to ios 10 and watch 3.0, cannot already display the pictures of my watch. Logo of loading only. And he thinks it will take a hayss of 1000 years. Help, please


    If the software on your watch is being updated, leave your watch and your iPhone until the process is complete (including the not remove your watch on the charger):

    Update the software on your Apple Watch - Apple Support

  • Firefox plays after clicking on links for her instead of display the dialog box for play/download mp3/wav

    Firefox when trying to play wavs/mp3s after clicking on link to it instead of display the dialog to open/download. In preferences on the applications tab, I always chose "ask" in the types of wav and mp3 files, but it does not solve this problem.

    This has happened

    Each time Firefox opened

    == I'm not sure

    Firefox will play the file if you have a drive installed that supports the mime type that the server sends to this file.

    See "File handling in Firefox 3 and SeaMonkey 2": http://kb.mozillazine.org/File_types_and_download_actions

  • can I get 50 GB per month pour.99 but instead of monthly payments make one payment for the year?

    can I get 50 GB per month pour.99 but instead of monthly payments make one payment for the year?

    Only by buying a gift card iTunes Store and leaving enough of his balance to pay for storage.


  • My Web browser displays the currency as for example. J10.99 instead of £10.99. Why is this happening?

    Original title: my browser to the United Kingdom shows currency like for example J10.99 instead of £10, 99 - what is the cause for this - all the answers it please?

    My Web browser displays the currency as for example. J10.99 instead of £10, 99 - why this is happening please?

    Hi DavidWilliamsXF,

    1. have you made any hardware changes or software on the computer before this problem?

    2. what browser do you use?

    3. in which website are you facing this problem?

    If you use Internet Explorer, you can follow this link & check if the problem persists.

    How to reset Internet Explorer settings?

    the feature reset the Internet Explorer settings can reset security settings or privacy settings that you have added to the list of Trusted Sites. Reset the Internet Explorer settings can also reset parental control settings. We recommend that you note these sites before you use the reset Internet Explorer settings.

    Hope the helps of information.
    Please post back and we do know.

  • How to configure CPU Meter so that it displays the image instead of the text version.

    How to configure CPU Meter so that it displays the image instead of the text version.

    Hi John,.

    Welcome to the Microsoft community.

    The CPU Meter gadget shows the status of the two main resources, you can follow on your computer - the use of your CPU and memory.

    To install the CPU Meter gadget in Windows 7, just right click anywhere on your desktop and click on Gadgets. Search the CPU Meter gadget and drag it to your desktop.

    See the Microsoft Article below and check if this is useful:


    Let us know if you encounter problems under windows in the future. We will be happy to help you.

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