Does not start, need more and more memory, then crashes. It is SOLVED by deleting DB, panacea.dat, foldertree.json CAUSE global messages: uknown

As a user of Thunderbird long term (currently version 38.2.0 on Win7 x 86 US) today, I caught myself (negatively) by the following problem: at the launch at the start of Thunderbird, the window will appear last closed (and for a short while, I see my files, etc., as left behind, during the last closure of Thunderbird), but then it turns into State "Not responding" (nothing works). When we look in the Task Manager, I see that Thunderbird seizes more and more memory, before this date - after a few seconds - crashing. I really hope that for some help fast, if possible (I desperately need a solution for e-mail job well - ideally the one I had, i.e. Thunderbird with my settings).

What I tried:
-Uninstall Thunderbird and install it again (did not help)
-Uninstall Thunderbird and install an older version (I tried 38.1.0, 38.0.2, and 31.8.0 - nothing has worked)
-from Thunderbird in SafeMode (same problem)
-from Thunderbird in safe mode of Windows (same problem)
-from Thunderbird in offline mode (did not help)

My main question to know how to solve this problem, includes questions such as
? Should I try to delete some files of Thunderbird and try again (which ones?)?
? Can I use a command line "tricks" to get Thunderbird started?

Thanks for your help!

I think I solved my problem: delete messages from global reach DB and panacea.dat foldertree.json helped - once Thunderbird started again interactively and now I can restore my data files/messages.

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    See you soon

    Hi Mark,

    The fan lights normally the POST process before loading the BIOS. Your laptop will continue to boot normally, I presume that your fan control electronics is still viable, otherwise the MESSAGE would fail. So, it seems likely that the problem is with the fan itself. I suggest you check that the fan will run in fact and it missed upward (try to blow strongly in grids).

    If you laptop is still under warranty, then you must contact an ASP to get the fan replaced.

    Kind regards

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    Lately, I'm leaning toward the Hiren's BootCD you can download here:


    On the left, click on download, scroll down, choose the most recent version

    The download link is a little hard to see.  It is at the bottom of the page, above the drop for older versions and looks like this (click this component to download the ZIP file):

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    Create a bootable CD. ISO file is not the same as simply copying the. File ISO onto a blank CD.  You must use software that includes how to burn a. ISO to a CD to create a bootable CD.

    File ZIP the Hiren is the file BurnToCD.cmd that you can double-click to launch it.  The BurnToCD.cmd will use the file BurnCDCC.exe to burn the. ISO file onto a blank CD using your existing CD burner.  You can also use your own burning software as long as your software is able to create a bootable CD. ISO file.  More modern burning programs can create a bootable CD. ISO image.  Create a CD from an ISO image bootable is not the same as just the file on a CD burning.

    If you need a simple and CD burning, this is a free software popular software:

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    It would be a good idea to test your new bootable CD on a computer running.

    You may need to adjust the computer BIOS settings to use the CD-ROM drive as the first device to boot instead of the hard drive.
    These adjustments are made before Windows tries to load.  If you miss it, you will need to restart the system again.

    When starting on the Hiren's CD, you will see a menu of options.  Choose Mini XP.

    It will appear while Windows is loading and you will be presented with a desktop computer that has the look and feel of the interface of Windows Explorer, you are already accustomed to using.  You will feel at home.

    Using the Mini XP, you can access the Internet, maneuver around your system, copy files, replace the files, run the scans for malware, etc.  There are dozens of free and useful tools included in the CD that can be used to repair your system, or copy files to another device such as a USB device or an external drive if drop in trying to repair your system.

    If you want to see if you can fix your system, describe what is happening when you try to start and to answer these questions:

    What is your system brand and model?

    What is your Version of XP and the Service Pack?

    Describe your current antivirus and software anti malware situation: McAfee, Norton, Spybot, AVG, Avira!, Defender, ZoneAlarm, PC Tools, MSE, Comodo, etc..

    You have a true bootable XP installation CD (it is not the same as any recovery CD provided with your system)?

  • Satellite Pro A120 - does not start with 4 GB of memory

    Hi all

    I'm new here so please be gentle!

    I have a Satellite Pro A120, model No. PSACOE - 037014EN and you want to increase the memory 512 MB present. I tried 2 different sets of memory 4 GB (2x2gb), but the machine does not start. I tried the different modules together and on their own but still no joy.

    Where I'm going wrong? This model will not take 2 GB memory modules?

    Any advice will be appreciated.

    Best regards

    Dr. Feelgood


    Before changing something about your hardware, please make sure that if the computer supports the new pieces of material and, therefore, you can also consult the user manual.

    Anyway, I checked this and this laptop can only be upgraded to 2 GB maximum. This means that you can use the module of 1 GB in each slot and * no * 2 GB in each slot.

    So please bring back the memory modules and buy 2x1GB. It will work.

  • RAM Dell XPS one 2710 question does not start with more than 2GB of ram

    Hi, I recently updated to Win10 I've taught it will be easier way for installation after upgrade fees, but the reset button does not work so I decided to return to 8.1. I copied version UEFI victory to USB and restarted the victory while pressing F2, but the computer does not restart "just black screen even no Dell logo" so I turned it off, back on and same story. Then I disassembled the pc and know that no matter what combination I do the computer not start until there are just 2 GB or less ram in slot I have 1 x 4 GB 3x2GB and 2x1GB any variation as possible, you can imagine I tried close up with the same result. If there is more than 2 GB of system ram won't start. No idea where is the problem? for 2 years this computer worked perfectly.

    PS: Does anyone know how to reflash the BIOS I have spin A12 which is the most recent, but I want to just make sure that the BIOS is not messed up. DELL utility allows not only update reflash. Does anyone know how to force the upgrade of BIOS?

    So I found the problem, it's a BIOS. I tried to reset it in PIN on MB and it did not help removed battery no change I found that the BIOS utility can be forced thru cmd. So I did and the finishing of the bios update successful she even seems scary cos for any computer freezes. but that came on and after several early I can again use all the RAM slot with what ram size I want.

    How to force the update of the BIOS...
    Open cmd as administrator
    and run the exe with command extra /forceit in my case "A12.exe /forceit".
    Voila BIOSupdate is running

    Simple but time fly. hope it helps someone too.

  • Pavilion A1507UK does not start until left and turned on for at least 5 minutes before trying again.

    Sorry if this is a long post on a stupid problem but it baffled me completely. It started a few weeks ago, that is to say not start when turned on first, but start normally have been left at least 5 minutes.

    My first thought was that the hard drive may be failing, so I bought a new one (same model) and cloned the original using Seagate DiskWizard. The swapped and the fault was still there.

    Then the food. Bought another (identical) and them inverted. No difference, still don't need warm up before boooting. Both power supplies tested A1 on a multimeter.

    OK, so it must be the motherboard. Bought another (identical ECS RC - 410M rev 1.03) a Pentium 4 CPU and new radiator and fan to go with it. Swapped their course and other BIOS of Compaq and not HP, cela worked perfectly, in addition to having to be put on for 5 minutes before you start...!

    Tried original power with the new motherboard - started immediately when first in market but the next morning - no change. Pointing to the motherboard (being hot when we food supplies changed) again.

    The only thing I haven't changed is the memory and the on/off switch (I tried fill the pins on the map and the fault was still there), but that passes all the tests I can throw at it.

    Then I read about the bad capacitors. Found 2 those inflated in the region on the original Pavilion on board voltage regulator and was able to change them for 2 new hats of Nichicon, thinking it was the answer. It wasn't. Return all right, swapped boards is dory hunky apart from the refusal of this computer to start when the first step. Also I can't find a single capacitor bad look on the Compaq Board that shows the same characteristic.

    I am now at the stage that I think that someone else must have met this problem if I now get with almost 2 completely different computers. There must be something really stupid that I didn't think or an amazing series of coincidences if all these bits are bad.

    Help someone?

    Eyemdee, have you tested the memory.  I had almost the same problem when I built my last computer.  Finally, it came down to memory.  I replaced it and everything was fine.  As I said, I would test it before buying more, however.

    If your problem is solved, please click "accept as a Solution.

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    You have a problem!  HP mdl 3000mt-4 GB-150 GB hard drive-windows 7-32 bit.  These units have worked without problem for 2 years.  We have over 300 units on the line.  We have now 4 units with the same question.  This started with one and over a period of a week don't appear on other units.  At startup, units go to the window of recovery of windows and loop at startup then the window of recovery again.  We did all of the normal stuff.  1 changed all the addons - Ko / monitor / mouse.  2. change of power.  3 removed hd and replaced by unit of work known.  There are still problems.  4. place hd removed in the work unit and had no problem.  5 cards of memory removed and checked everything.  There are still problems.  6 re-created 3 separate times.  Problem remains.  7. Unit will not boot with the floppy in windows 7.  8. called HP and they sent the new motherboard.  Problem remains.  9. yet called HP and after all, they knew to test because they sent the new motherboard.  10. While you wait for the new Board of Directors, we have removed all partitions.  We were then able to load from the disk of windows 7.  Unit started several times.  Re imaged.  Re partitioned on image object.  Problem remains.  We must keep the image and it worked.  -In order to consider: we changed everything except cases, wiring and cd.  We have reinstalled the operating system.  So because of all our tests and replacement we have eliminated the virus, hardware or installion.  We have 396 of these units who work, but if it is a failure of systemmatic, we're in trouble.  We organize Sophos software on the network.  Thanks for the suggestions.


    I appreciate your time and efforts.  I don't really have.  For an update, we just finished installing the new motherboard.  It worked for about 10 minutes, then the video starts shaking and adding "ghosting".  We have checked all the connections and restarted.  It works ok now, but we'll let it run for a while.  We'll see how it holds up!  We now have a machine that dropped.  I'm really happy that we are under guarantee if we have all these tips will!  This most recent one done 5.   Thanks again!

  • Explorer.exe does not start at startup, and it does not display beyond the logon screen?

    I have a friends Compac laptop and he managed to stop loading explorer.exe when starting after logon is complete. I can't for the life of me remember what I have to do to restore this process in the startup routine so that his office will be in charge. He has an extraordinary number of startups, but he managed to remove this (essential) program, especially in lists of useless junk that is responsible.

    It's a compact with an Intel processor running Vista and of course it doesn't have the ERD. There is a recovery on the hard drive partition and if I knew how to use it, maybe this would a repair option, but I'm not clear on how to use either because there is no literature or what he had with the computer. By way of explanation, he is a foster child and had been tossed around a lot, so it's not too surprise that it doesn't have any of these materials.

    Go to this site and download the tool in a removable device like flash memory:

    And then start your PC and press the F8 key repeatedly and start in safe mode and then run the tool of flash and complete analysis of the system memory.

  • Firefox does NOT start, the removal and resettlement will start as the last step, but once Firefox is closed, it does NOT restart.

    Both browsers (Firefox 21 & IE) installed on my Widows XP 64-bit office refuse to start or click the icon on the desktop, the start menu bar or the executable files themselves. What happens is that all the icons disappear from the screen for 15-30 seconds, then the icons appear on the screen, and the last information message displayed from the system tray at the beginning upward is repeated.

    Firefox deleting and reinstalling will start the browser as the last step, but when the new copy is closed, it will not start. Also just restart the download installation without removing Firefox will be 'Upgrade' and start in last step, but when the new copy is closed, it cannot be restarted. Restore running on the new copy has apparent effect on the ultimate inability to restart after closing.

    I've only tried the Internet Explorer browser after being unable to start Firefox (its only usually used by States to update procedure) and have not studied either reinstall or repair.

    Did you use programs that I listed? All anti-malware programs to detect different things.

  • Does not work; need more than a sentence.

    Cannot receive any email from the server, get the old "mailbox is full, need to compact" warning popup. I 1) deleted messages from the Inbox, 2) moved all messages in the Inbox is empty, 3) compact, compacted, compacted, 4) sought recommendations to correct, .msf 5) found and deleted all the files in the folder, 6) deleted Global index file by recommendation, index 7) all files have been reconstructed by Thunderbird, 8) restarted several times (9) still see "determine which Messages of Index" whenever I open Thunderbird and wait until it finishes. I worked it for two days. I always get the error message "mailbox is full and CAN t Hold more Messages and I need to Compact" when I try to retrieve the messages on the server. The hope of other recommendations. TIA.

    you have all the files in your profile 4 GB in size folder or there is everything.

  • Aspire Switch 10 does not start - need assistance to access recovery

    While improving to WIn10, the process failed at around 12% and restarted at a blue screen that says



    Your PC needs to be repaired

    A required device is not connected or is not accessible.



    Press the windows key for UEFI firmware settings.


    In the bios, I set boot order to USB HDD first and secure boot disabled. I put a Win8.1 USB thumbdrive made in Rufus... when it starts, the USB flashes because it is accessible, but it does just the same blue screen mentioned above.

    Help, please

    first try keys Alt + F10 at startup and check if you are able to enter in recovery.

    If this is not the case, Switch 10 use 8.1 Windows Home or with Bing, you should check with the exact model or by looking at the labels on the box.

    SW5 - xxx

    If it's the Home x 86 version:

    Use the download tool and download the iso of the home version and then burn with Rufus as TPG and FAT32.

    or you can try a clean install of windows 10

    or buy the original Acer recovery media:

    Acer recovery media


    If you live outside the United States and the Canada, you must call/email your regional Acer support service:

  • Precision 490 does not start: LED 3 and 4 on the constant and green power button LIT stable!

    My Dell precision 490 starts not No bios screen, that it stops before it happens at this point and a LED number 3 and 4 are on constantly and the power that is lit button green. All the fans in the system comes on and stay on, but it's like that. No video appears on the screen. The monitor works but like I said it seems that he stops before the system reached the stage of the bios boot screen. Graphics card is ok tested in another machine from dell.
    I've deleted all the ram cards and hard drive even the system battery (and reinstalled it) and tried to start but the same result with the fans on and the same façade turns on with the power button on steady green. His market XP Professional SP3 32-bit with 4 GB of ram a dual core Xeon 5160 3 GHz processor and disk of 1 TB sata hard.
    Any suggestions would be great,
    Thank you


    Thank you for your response. I found my problem and currently running fine. I bought a couple of xeon E5440 processors who don't are not supported by the Council. I had to find it takes 5100 or 5300 series. Once I installed the 5300 series, everything was fine.

    Thank you for your response.


  • Lightroom 3.2 - 64 Bit. does not start - she says-opening Catalog:DSC0024.then stop

    I downloaded Lightroom 3.2 - 64 Bit. When I start the software it gives me the message"catalog Lightroom-opening: DSC0024. JPG. Ircat ".

    Then a window opens and says "Adobe Photoshop lightroom 64-bit has stoped working. A problem caused this program to stoped working properly. Windows will close the program and notify the

    "you if a solution is available.

    I have a Windows 7-64 bit

    Any help for Lightroom started would be appreciated.

    Probably a "fix" easier and more uniform would be to reset the preferences file. See this thread (post #6 provides details on how to reset the preferences file):

    http://www.lightroomforums.NET/showthread.php?12196-Lightroom-has-stopped-working&p=86685& viewfull = 1 #post86685

  • After the online PC, Vista Home Help does not start, difficulty goes to the window, then once outside.

    I made a safe mode and removed the Trojan horse, I don't know how this forum works, so I won't be a gene, sorry.

    Is this the same computer as in this thread more early of yours? -Online

Maybe you are looking for