does this mean - history of the IMEI

IMEI: * serial number: F8 * 2JFL part Description: Version IPHONE 5 c 16 GB PINK product: 9.2 initial political ID of Activation: 59 Initial activation Policy Description: Unlocking Service. Policy ID of Activation applied: applied 59 Activation Policy Description: Unlocking Service. Home political Identificateursuivant: 59 then attach Activation Policy Description: Unlocking Service. First Unbrick Date: 15/06/29 unlocked Date: 16/01/21 Unbricked: false Unlocked: true


I have problems with the history of my phone provided by an insurance company. Accused of things I did not. Like unlocking repairs and without authorization. Neither of which I am committed. but difficult to prove. I have an IMEI search help; but I am naïve. I got the phone on 15/06/29. If anyone can decipher meanings. Please, I beg you.

Thank you


It means absolutely nothing since no 3rd party has legitimate access to any of this information.

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