DVD copy on Satellite Pro 2100 player Exchange

Is it possible to exchange the internal DVD Rom drive against a slimline DVD burner?
How this is done?



I think you can use several internal hard drives, but the reader must support the master/slave/C-salt settings right.
I downloaded the user manual for this laptop from the Toshiba support home page, and it had listed several compatible players. But unfortunately most of these readers is supported only for DVD playback. ;(

In my opinion, you have a point of service authorized in your country for details on compatible drive. But of course, maybe not DVD burner is available for you laptop because it s a bit older.

However, what do you think on an external DVD burner?
Several months ago, I bought an external DVD burner and it was much cheaper as internal a drive for laptop. I use it only at home and so it was not very important for me to buy an internal hard drive

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  • A new DVD burner for satellite pro 2100

    Ive got a satellite pro 2100 and I want to change the recorder to a dvd burner. is there a template I can get which will be a swap of right for in-house or will I need an external dvd burner? Thank you.

    HI Jamie,

    DVD writers usually come in two varieties, IDE usually designates those intended for 'slimline' and Office Tower systems which are generally mounted in laptops.

    The physical form of the player is usually constant models (in this case Toshiba use different brands in their notebooks). The device will have various plastic components fittings attached to it which will need tro be transferred to your new unit and have threaded metal accessories which are used to secure the unit to the laptop. These must also be transferred to the new unit.

    You also need device drivers dedicated to this new unit that can are provided on a CD or even be downloaded on the website of unit manufacturers.


  • How to replace the CD/DVD-Rom on Satellite Pro 2100


    My laptop's dvd - rom drive is old and broken, now that I have here an other dvd - rom drive, but I don't know how to remove the old dvd - rom without removing all parts of my laptop. Is there some service manuals how to replace the dvd - rom drive?


    I m not 100% sure on the CD/DVD drive replacement on this laptop, but I assume that the procedure is very similar to other portable players.
    For the most part the ODD is secured with the screw at the bottom of the unit.
    You will need to remove this screw to get out and to swap the drive.

    But be careful and don t there if you have no experience!
    Moreover, not all readers are compatible and supported in reason parameters master/slave/c-salt. If you n t know which drives are compatible you should ask the ASP in your country for advice!

  • Cannot read DVD on Satellite Pro 2100

    I have an old laptop satellite pro 2100 and a tent to play mp4 files. I copied and turned on my main pc, DVD for playback on psp son - they work fine and I can play the files converted from disk on pc using quicktime. However, when I try to play the dvd on the laptop it does not recognize the drive. Someone at - it help him?


    I found information on the drive that came with this laptop.
    It s compatible with these media:
    CD-ROM, CD - R, CD - RW, CD-ROM/XA,
    CD Extra, CD-DA, DVD-ROM, DVD-video

    Well, it is possible that your drive doesn't support current DVD media.

  • Satellite Pro 2100 - Exchange optical drive


    I m a proud owner of a Toshiba Satellite Pro 2100 (1.9 GH). Already done HDD Upgrade (as already said) of 250 GB and 512 MB RAM upgrade.
    Now, I want to upgrade the DVD-ROM in a DVD burner. I heard the fact, slimline drives are jumperset by the firmware, not the real riders.

    Can someone tell me weather I need to buy a "rider" master drive or a slave - drive "rider"? Or is it possible to replace the drive with a cable-select-disk?

    Toshiba-readers are always 'closed' to enter computers laptop toshiba? All the optics of toshiba notebooks readers bridge the same?
    Would be happy to receive some answers :-)


    Hello Lonestar

    AFAIK all optical disk drives cannot be used with all portable models. There must be a difference with assignment of pins. Because of this, you must use only compatible disks. I have the same info as you. All readers are already "closed."

    I checked the user s manuals document. There are several compatible with your model of laptop sides, but none of them is DVD burner. It can be really hard to find the compatible DVD burner.

  • For Satellite Pro 2100 DVD burner?

    I have a Satellite Pro 2100 which has a CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive and I would like to upgrade to a DVD burner but don't want an external. Could someone tell me which drive is compatible with the model number and where I can get hold of one? Can I get a Toshiba direct? Nowhere would really suit me I need to get one, but just don't know what I can and can not use! Thank you.

    Hi Jamie

    Unfortunately, he was unable for me to find this DVD burner, but if you want to update or change some parts of your laptop the best way is to ask ASP for compatible devices and supported.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro 2100: TEAC CD drive problem - cannot access CDs


    I got my Satellite Pro 2100 for another few years.
    So far it has worked well.
    However, now the cd player is always displayed the yellow light just after trying to load a cd, followed a quiet thump. This means that I can not access the content of the cd (audio or data).

    The drive is still recognized by Device Manager, and I'm told it works well - I know better however, it most certainly isn't! the drive will still appear in my computer, and I can always try and discover the contents of the cd inserted, which is always empty!

    Ant help or advice would be most appreciated, because I really want to re-preparation of the system!

    Hi Simon

    The satellite Pro 2100 is an oldie ;) and I guess that you pointed out the CD/DVD drive all the time long.
    I would not be surprised if this player is dead. For me, it looks like the end of the device.

    Until it must be said that I'm afraid you need to replace the CD/DVD drive with a new m.

    Best regards

  • Satellite Pro 2100 is really really slow running

    I have a satellite pro 2100 I killed a friend.
    He said his brother gave him and that he had no idea what was wrong because he didn't have a chance to watch it.

    I put windows xp pro top and used the bottom of the laptop pro license key.

    but the laptop is really really slow.
    It may take up to 5 minutes for nothing I click to open up.

    the strange thing is the laptop works fine in safe mode, can open things like I should.

    but in normal windows mode, it slows down to a crawl and even crashes.

    I have trie all to my knowledge.
    I even uninstalled and turn off the graphics drive that I thought that he maybe, but he always does.

    I tried multiple copies different from xp pro and even tried a copy of vista, but still the same.

    He had 2 different lots of tried in ram, 2 sticks was new aswel. I tried 3 different hard drives and still the same.

    My thoughts are that the integrated graphics card is exhausted.

    can anyone else confirm this? Certainly this isn't a software issue because I tried a few different copies of xp and vista. IM about to bin it now.

    > anyone can confirm this?
    Don t think someone could confirm everything that is related to a malfunction of the equipment.
    Here in the forum, we can talk about problems and makers of disorders, but no one will be able to say with certainty what's going wrong here.

    First laptop computer is an oldie.
    The Mobile Intel Pentium 4 CPU, isn t a up to date CPU and in my opinion, that don't expect too much performance.

    I put t know how this camera supports memory but everything below 1 GB of Ram would be good enough to the smooth running of the laptop.

    However, given that the unit works much faster saving mode, I guess there must be a hardware related problem.

  • Satellite Pro 2100 two cables behind the screen

    Hi, first post so be gentle with me please.

    I have a Satellite Pro Satellite Pro 2100 and the hinges are shot, so I bought a 2100 piece to Exchange.
    Everything was ok except that I have two sons that I can't find a place to plug in. A black white and they are attached to the small square gold Ribbons that are glued to each top corner at the back of the screen. The other ends have little, but when I stripped the laptop they were in bulk and I do not see where they are going.

    However, the laptop works fine without them.
    Can anyone help please?

    All laptops with WLAN have this. WLAN antenna is placed behind the screen and these two wires must be connected to the WLAN antenna.

    If your laptop doesn't have WLAN card put just the cables aside and everything will be OK.

  • Satellite Pro 2100: Yamaha its driver problem & screen is sometimes black

    Hi guys,.

    I have Toshiba Satellite Pro 2100, SP2100 model No: PS210E-005ES-EN.
    Supposed to this laptop be designed for windows XP like the manual said: ok.
    I am facing two different questions must solve individually.

    The first is the audio, after formatting install a new copy of windows XP Pro, installed all Toshiba drivers, all the sums 2008 pilots, selected according to the model No, each driver installed fine except for yamaha ac - xg wdm.

    Whenever I try to install I get only "driver not installed" at the end of the day, I tried loads of other drivers designed for ac - xg wdm. Without success, when I go to Device Manager I only see "unknown device" which is the sound card, I guess that...
    Also updated BIOS updated to the latest version...

    The other problem is that the laptop is unable to send the signal to the screen; sometimes completely dead except the green light before.
    Also, I noticed that when it is off the battery light stays on but slightly dim... have to remove the battery, Plug and unplug the unit to be able to operate... processor reinstalled, pasted with white heatsink, no obstruction stuff... etc...

    We wish you all Merry Christmas...

    I forgot to say that I also tried to point to the diver manually, Setup goes very well, then ask yacxgc.sys.
    Although this file is located in the folder downloaded with the driver of toshiba cat but not accepted, when you point to does show ' file to select t...

  • Satellite Pro 2100 - no wireless connection

    I have just acquired a Satellite Pro 2100, thin machine, but I installed a wireless 802.11 card Belkin g and he said he joined my wireless network and I can actually connect to the internet, but he refuses to see the other machines on my network or be seen.

    Any suggestions gratefully received.

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    As far as I know that you don't see other units on this path. You can see the other wireless units if you use some additional software like ConfigFree (latest version). On this way, you can communicate with other units (chat or Exchange different files).

    Perhaps another third party software can be useful for you.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro 2100: media control buttons do not work

    Hello friends,

    I have a Satellite Pro 2100 on EBay and it is very good, but my media keys Play/forward/reverse fast/Stop/6CD have no Funktion Audio Player installed what is the problem?

    I need help...

    [email protected]

    Andy from Germany


    Check if the controls of TOSHIBA is preinstalled on your device. It should be included in the Panel.

  • Need to find the cmos on Satellite Pro 2100 battery

    I have a laptop that is not keep date/time settings and I need to identify the laptop to find the correct instructions to take apart.

    The brand is a Satellite Pro SP2100, model PS210E006P9-EN number, but I can't find this brand/model on the Toshiba site. The closest I can find is Satellite 2400-103, part number: PS240 - T 014, 1, that seems identical.

    I tried to use the identify tool of Toshiba to detect what is the laptop, but that fails to provide results.

    I also need to find out what food is for this unit as the current is defective and exposed wires.

    The adapter of current with her is PA3201U-1ACA, the problem is that this card has another card on the end to fit the power plug to the back of the laptop. The connector at the end of PA3201U is too thin to fit.


    This laptop is very old and the name of this machine is: Satellite Pro 2100 PS210E

    > I have a laptop that is not keep date/time settings and I need to identify the laptop to find the correct instructions to take apart.

    Usually the CMOS battery can be charged. You must connect the power adapter and the laptop must be powered for about 12-14 hours.

  • Satellite Pro 2100: is it possible to upgrade memory 1 GB?

    Hi sat 2100 and looking at 1 GB but laptop reconises only 512 meg and wont work at all with 2 x 512.
    Would be a bios update help?

    Thank you


    According to this site about Satellite Pro 2100 memory, the laptop supports 512 MB max.

    It is the maximum value that can be used in the notebook.
    The BIOS will not help because it is a hardware limitation of motherboard!

  • Need new driver NVIDIA for my Satellite Pro 2100


    Anyone know if there is a newer version of the NVIDIA graphics driver that comes with the satellite pro 2100? I looked on the Toshiba downloads section and on the NVIDIA site, I have not had any look to find everything. They simply stopped updating this driver?

    Any help will be thank you very much and I do a search before posting, but haven't found anything.

    Thank you

    Hello Steve

    Satellite Pro 2100 is fairly old unit. It is about 6 years old. Graphics card is NVidia GeForce4 420Go with 16 MB of memory only. Now the question: do you really want that Toshiba should support unit of 6 years with the latest NVIDIA driver? Please don't be crazy on me, but I really don't understand what you expect.

    A more interesting question to me is: for what purpose you need new driver? You want to use with newer games, or maybe you some graphic problems watching movies DSVD?

Maybe you are looking for