Envy 17 t J100: Windows 10 is not good upgrade on HP garbage owners


Am I crazy?

Not so much of an issue - just a warning on the HP proprietary, software drivers and windows 10.  I've updated two tablets of Samsung windows and an old desk with NO problems.

Exclusive HP on my desire to TRASH turned into a door stop.  Gee - what a surprise.  There are of course many people having problems updating to Windows 10 on any knid of HP.

AFTER 15 HOURS of frustration (I'm not a beginner) and following the "patches", I finally got the POS to start Windoze so that I can restore 8.1

He recovered but is flaky now - may find themselves from scratch.

So the question is, YOU want to go through this kind of (* & %?)


It's the BEST thing to do with garbage

Turned on my "want" 17 t and got a "Please install an operating system.


I had backed up the trash exclusive catering to a USB key and it has been verified by the ' puter.  I also had an image of the drive backed up on an external drive.  Who does not work either.

As there is NOT a disk to restore to my 17 t it is a doorstop now for sure.  No way to recover the (* & $$ % ^ & * thing.)

Please enjoy the photos as much as I liked to kill him


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