Equium A300D - recovery with Toshiba?

I've stuck with Windows is corrupted and does not start. Not only that but I can not even enter the system restore. Does this mean I have to buy a disc of Installation of Windows from Toshiba or should I get PC World to solve the problem?

I discovered that I made a backup copy of a HARD drive recovery, but it is 4.77 GB and it does not fit on a 4.38 GB regular DVD. I can't find someone who has a double burner layer to burn on a DVD of 9 Go DL and the laptop does not work on the external hard drive where I saved.


Thank you all very much!


At first, I must say that this backup will not help you. This backup works with the Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator software only and now is worthless without a doubt.

If I understand you need to reinstall any operating system using a Toshiba recovery media and if you don t have a right you can order under https://backupmedia.toshiba.eu/landing.aspx

If you don t want to order it, you can install your own operating system using Microsoft Vista DVD facilities. All the necessary drivers, tools and utilities that you can download at Toshiba supports the page.

Good luck!

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  • Can I drive recovery Toshiba Equium A300D-13 x?

    I would like to know if I can get the Toshiba recovery disc.

    As I can't load hard drive and I don't have the disks.
    Thank you

    Yes, you can order the CD of Toshiba Recovery directly. The link to the website did the Akuma already post.
    Or ask your local ASP for a new.

    In addition, if you have an operating system running (Vista), you can create the recovery disc with Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator.

  • Equium A300D - 13 X - where can I order a recovery disc?


    I cannot load passed to the handler to boot on my laptop and so am not sure if it a hardware/software problem. There seems to be a problem with AVG Antivirus, and if I want to reinstall my operating system to a product Recovery CD/DVD. However I do not know where to order one of my model. If this does not work, I intend to buy a new hard drive and could do with the disc anyway.

    Model: Equium A300D - 13 X
    Number: PSAK2E-001003KS

    Does anyone know where I can order one from?

    Thanks in advance for any help.



    That s is very easy, you can order a recovery for your portable disk here:


  • Equium A300D - update Toshiba ATI display driver does not work


    Has anyone else found the Equium A300D PSAK2E Windows Vista 32 bit download Toshiba ATI display driver will not download center work? If you choose Run, download causes crash windows Explorer during installation and the upgrade fails, even to save and installation do not install it.

    I tried to get the TV out S-video port work. See the thread on the TV does not. I've tried everything. does anyone else have this problem that Toshiba are not aware of any problems with the S Video TV out not working only not on this machine.

    Thanks Vince

    I ve checked the download from Toshiba Europe site, and there is no problem with the download. The file is approximately 96 MB and I downloaded it for about 40 seconds.

    The question is: how you tried to install the display driver?

    Anyway, who knows how you use the S-Video option and what can be the problem. According to your announcement you didn t get answer from Toshiba about it. Am I right about that?
    To be honest I don't think that there is a problem. The fact is that how to use the cable S-Video with TV is the same for all models laptops.

    Can you please explain to us how you try to see the desktop on your TV with the S-video cable?

  • Need help with Toshiba record after recovery installed

    After that I completely reinstalled my laptop with the recovery CD, Toshiba notifications (icon in the lower right corner) program no longer works because it asks me to register and when I do, I said already registered BUT I can't use it again and it continues to display after each start upward.

    What can I do to work for him again?

    Maybe the TEMPO system has something to do about it. I'd appreciate some research more on this issue, because I have a similar problem. Greetings

  • Problem of C50-A-19 t satellite with TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator

    When I try to do recovery dvd with TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator burning fails.

    I have the Satellite C50-A-19 t with TSSTcorpCDDVDW_SU-208DB_T cd/dvd-rw unit.

    During combustion process, I get an error saying it is impossible read the file D:\ZZImages\ZZImages\install29.swm (file .swm in error change with different attempts).

    I selected the option to verify the dvd after burning.

    I tried several times: I try to make one dvd (requires 3 DVDs for a full recovery).
    I try 2 times with verbatim dvd + are trying the fist failed, the second succeeded with the same kind of support.
    I try to numb DVDs. 2. for two times with dvd - r and dvd + r support and it has not yet.

    On the windows error reporting, I find this error:

    and this alert:

    + Updated Firmware ODD problems with Toshiba Recovery CD Creator +.

    I see this solution to update firmware for different models of units of cd/dvd-rw


    but not on the model I have.

    I have:

    TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator version:
    Windows 8.1 x 64.

    Is there a solution?
    is a known problem?

    Thank you


    > I don't have a free USB key to test the usb mode.
    I recommend you to buy a separate USB memory key and to create the eventual recovery USB flash memory support.

    Please also check this other procedure described in this HowTO from Toshiba
    [How to create a recovery media USB flash drive to the valorisation of the ISO images - or (DVD) discs | http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/HTD4103KB0000R01.htm]

    Comments are greatly appreciated

  • Windows installation interrupted as Equium A300D stops itself

    Hi all

    I've had my Toshiba Equium A300D for 2 years now. Meanwhile, it works normally, sometimes stops himself maye because it was too hot.

    Recently, he tried to install updates to Windows Update, but never successful. I left the computer to update all night and there was 2 of 12 updates... all the time so I always had to shut down the computer by pressing the power button.

    I was unable to change the setting to update Windows automatically, because every time I tried to do it froze. Most of the other commands became even viewing photos that do not meet.

    It was until my computer could not connect to a certain wireless network, while other devices may I decided to reinstall Windows completely. He was installing normally but it got too hot and the computer closes again!

    I tried to install again and he was arrested again, but I got up in the final phase of the game when I turned it on again, it was always 'finihing the installation may take several minutes. lease do not interrupt or shut down the computer. Let him over several hours, but he did not move to a different stage. Before the computer shuts down, I think I arrived at the scene after that.

    I tried to press F8 to start a new installation, but he's only got in this screen.

    What can I do?

    Please help me! Thank you very much in advance!

    I am in Germany at the moment, but I live and I bought this computer from the United Kingdom.



    You can test Windows with Toshiba Recovery disk installation, please?

    The disc usually contains only drivers and software prétestées so installation shouldn't t be a problem because it s pre-tested software from Toshiba.

  • Equium A300D-13 X - no operating system found


    My computer laptop girls has stopped working. I can't seem to repair/restore or anything. He always keesp to return to 'No operating system found' so what I need to know is what download anyone advise would be more appropriate for me to re install to laptop?

    The laptop is a Toshiba Equium A300D-13 X. It was running with Vista that was on it when buying 3 years ago but now no OS found.

    I hope you can help as tried all other options via F8, F12, F2 etc. don't keep a copy of the recovery disc either and only came with a recovery disk directly.

    Hi helen22,

    First of all, you should check if the HARD drive is always recognized correctly. That's why look in the BIOS (F2) Setup and make sure that it s listed there.

    If the HARD drive is recognized that you need to reinstall Windows. So you need the disk recovery Toshiba you had to create it yourself and that's the reason why the laptop didn't come with a recovery disk because you will have to do it yourself.

    In any case, now it s too late, but you can order a new disc here:

  • How to do a clean install on my Equium A300D


    I got an Equium A300D-13 x which runs vista Home premium. I bought it to PC world a few years ago. I want to sell it and I want to do a clean install to put it back to its original state. I removed all my data on an independent hard drive already. I read the virtual manual supplied and he said to start pc and press the F8 key to access the Advanced Boot Options menu and then do a repair or something? I'm sure it will be clear if I am still here! I've always been able to remember another high office I've owned to enter in safe mode using F8... This seems a little weird. Can someone please advise.

    I also had a 'local disc Q' appear in the MY COMPUTER section about two months ago. I don't know how it got there and I do not have the permission to access. I tried to change the owner of the file, but I'm not allowed? Can someone explain this please?

    I'm afraid that the security on my laptop has been violated somehow, I'm having other problems that relate to some very technically accomplished of not nice people.


    Let's start with the installation of the OS.
    How to install the original recovery image using the HARD drive recovery mode is described in http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/HTD9102IR0000R01.htm

    To check please, read carefully and try to make the new installation of operating system, following the steps described.

  • Re: Equium A300D - 13 X - boot problem


    I can't initialize problem. Powers of phone on ok, with a few flashes of HARD drive as it tries to start. But no sounds other than the kick, fans have tried all the usual things like FN/F8 to enter safe mode, also cold start battery and network opens. Power button down for an all black screen minute etc etc, but still no screen or emits a signal. I suspect a power supply problem and have tried with different loader but no effect. Laptop is a 4 year old Toshiba Equium A300D - 13 X everything worked fine but I recently renewed keyboard, screen bezel, Mo media Ribbon, power/Ribbon button, Mo.

    I thought I might have left some cable detached so all reopened and checked, but everything is correctly fixed I think.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Bob.

    Hello Bob

    It is not easy to be objective with this problem. On one side you have disassembled your laptop on your own and we don t know if everything was done correctly. I m also not technician and each laptop disassembly has been a success.

    I put t really know what to say. Try to talk with someone who can help you with this and check if everything is OK. Small error as causing electrical circuit can damage the electrical components of the motherboard. Try to check the display cable connection.

    Have you tried to connect the laptop to the TV and check if all come to this?

  • Equium A300D - after updating the BIOS screen is empty

    Hi, I did a bios update on my Equium A300D-PSAK2E and its bricks of my laptop! When it restarts after update screen is empty!

    Is there a a sort of way to launch a recovery of bios by pressing certain keys on the power on the image of the bios on a USB?

    Kind regards


    Hi Dan,.

    Unfortunately I think that there is nothing you can do if the BIOS update gone wrong... In this case the ROM module must be reflashed to an authorized service because guys have special tools to do this process delicate reflash.

    You can find a list of aspic here:

  • Equium A300D-13 x - No battery is detected


    Recently, I thought it would be time for me to buy a new laptop for my Toshiba Equium A300D-13 x from the current battery is so old, I get about 5-7 minutes to load off of him.

    So I looked online and shopped and the official Toshiba who were £140!, to remedy that I opted for a replacement which was about £20 (cheap).

    Anyway, the battery is the same exact battery toshiba model number official I have and that is the exact same voltage 10.8V. However the battery is not detected in the laptop?

    What is interesting is that the battery powers the laptop he just doesn't tell me how many remaining charge, I left. Also when it is plugged to the AC does not detect, it looks as if he is in charge the laptop as the clear meaning that the AC is plugged is on, and the battery indicator orange (charging)

    All I have this problem or know what I can do to fix this, as I don't have 140 pounds sterling to buy a new battery.

    Thank you.


    Have you had the same battery problems with the old, original battery?

    In my experience there are a several batteries 3 third-party but not all meet the standards even if the part number is the same

    But it seems that the battery is detected because the laptop can be powered on using the orange battery indicator battery energy you also show that the battery would be charged.

    However, I would recommend checking the version of the BIOS.
    My knowledge BIOS update might help to solve the problems with the battery.

    If it doesn't help you, I'd recommend testing other batteries that you can order directly from an ASP Toshiba in your country in this case you can be sure that your battery is compatible and works 100%.

  • Equium A300D - 13 X - Configration system data read error


    I have a problem with my Equium A300D - 13 X laptop, everytime I turn on my laptop it starts and loads the initial startup screen as usual, Toshiba once asked that loud "BEEP" comes from my laptop, and lists the following information:

    Phoenix TrustredCore (tm) NB
    Copyright 1985-2006 Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
    All rights reserved

    Herring of the ITA (DDR2 + T/RS690M/SB600)
    CPU speed = 2000 MHz

    639K system spent RAM
    1918M extended RAM passed
    1024 KB of L2 Cache
    Occult system BIOS
    Video BIOS with a shadow
    Fixed disk 0: WDC W2500BEVT-00SCSTO
    Fixed disk 1: Hitachi HTS542520K9SA00
    Initialized the mouse
    System Configuration data read error

    Press to resume, installation

    I replaced the hard drive and flashed the BIOS settings as advised by Toshiba Helpline but the problem persists.

    Help, please! because the "BEEP" is now getting on my nerves!

    See you soon

    Hi andrew_net82,

    It seems that the BIOS has detected an error with a certain part of material...

    Before doing something I recommend you load the default settings in the BIOS. If you are in the BIOS Setup, press the F9 key.

    If it doesn t work you need for professional assistance from an authorized service I think. Guys need to check which part of the material is defective and must be replaced.
    List of the ASP, you can find on the official website of Toshiba.

  • Equium A300D - 16 c. do not start after his stop.

    Please, it is a problem that I seem to not understand. I used my laptop Equium A300d - 16 c with no problems for over a year until last night. I was installing a software (nokia PC suite) that you are prompted to restart the computer. the closure was normal and so he could restart, was a problem. It displays nothing but a screen empty. It is obvious it does not start as when I press the power button it goes immediately. Only the power led is on. Another thing I notice is that the DVD-ROM reads any disk placed inside, but there is no display of any kind.

    My first reaction was that it may be overheating, so I cleaned the vents and amazed the dust of all compartments. but the problem still persists. Please, I want to know what may be the problem before you take it for repairs. Need help. Thank you.

    Post edited by: Tobyjoe_2


    It is not easy to explain exactly why this happens, but I would like to know if you see something on the screen when you turn on your laptop.
    See Toshiba welcome screen?
    You can enter the BIOS settings?

  • New battery is not detected on Equium A300D - 16 c


    This is my first post on the site. I have a problem with a new battery on my Equium A300D - 16 c. (no battery detected)
    The original I got the computer died after two years of use, so I had to order a new one to replace. I received and he himself works very well, giving me a charge of 90 minutes. But the problem is that it isn't detected by the computer when I click on the power icon on the bottom bar of the screen, so I know how much time I have left with him. In addition, the orange light which indicates that the charge should go white whether full cost, mine just started orange flashing after awhile (what is when it is fully charged?).
    I got power to my computer a few minutes ago and he cut and I had to turn it back on, despite the battery in and it is complete free (as it has been in all day and the sector is since in periods of decent length).

    What can I do to fix this?
    Note that I'm not too good with computers, so anything can be better explain really, really just that I'm not the most skilled when it comes in this region.

    Thank you

    Purchased product Toshiba original after the part number, placed on the battery?

Maybe you are looking for

  • P200-rt7 but Win XP Setup cannot find hard drive

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  • I have reaaly need help here

    I run vista Home Basic sp2 and when I check my device drivers, I have an alert next to Microsoft Tun Miniport Adapter #2 with the saying of code 10 error may not start.  What is - this, and how to fix it?  Any help is really appreciated!Thanx

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