Equium A60-199 randomly shutting down - could it be overheating issue

Hi, I am writing on behalf of a friend who knows his laptop A60 closing unexpectedlly... (she says that he stopped after a few minutes, or when she tried to open Firefox)

Details of system
Toshiba Equium A60-199 Model No.: PSA67E-00J00C8J
18 GB free & 19 GB used
CPU Celeron 2.93GH

Running Windows XP Home
NIS 2006

I took a look at distance and was about 30 minutes without any problem using FF logmeinitreach... There was nothing showing in the event log manager, for the time of day, that it would close down all before... so I was wondering if it is a faulty power supply?

Everythng is going on well just clicked on the analysis of complete system of Norton Internet security which has not been run in a long time and the PC, stop NOW, it will not restart everything. ??

Apparently she can hear some buzzing but nothing happens... (which I think might well be the blow fan)

Advised her to let a little and about 2 hours later, she was able to turn it back on... I wonder if it could be overheating. ??

Apparently he is 3/4 months than what was going on then ceased to happen and started again...

Please can you give me some advice on how to clean it - other than to take it to a hardware shop

I downloaded the A60 user manual and have themselves asked to confirm what show the lights - in an attempt to check overheating
is the question...

I've also read online "you can spray compressed air into the gills of admission but not airflow vents to help get rid of the dust and debris." I have looked at the manual and can see 2 lots of mouths... It is on the side and the other on the bottom, is e eintake the one on the side? I literally direct the air on side air intakes and the spray?

When you ask him if she knows that when the fan is always, sometimes on, never an etc. she was thinking ot is ALWAYS on... who'd show up again overheating...

Please notify

Hello Cathy

I also believe that the sudden stops are the result of overheating. If the dust is blocking cooling air flow grill is blocked and material can reach the critical temperature of material very fast. Sometimes you can start any application pre-installed, the CPU usage goes to the next level and laptop will suddenly stop.

The laptop should be cleaned as soon as possible. If you have no experience with the disassembly procedure I recommend you contact the closest service and the laptop must be cleaned on professional way. It costs a little bit, but you can be sure that you use Notepad for a longer period of time.

If you need the addresses and phone numbers to contact the ASP (authorized service provider) please visit http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com > support & downloads.

Bye and good luck!

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    I was wondering if someone could explain why the power button on my Equium A60-199 changed from its usual blue to a Pink/Purple mix, and also why usually green power light on the front of the laptop has changed to amber.

    Thank you.

    If the powerbutton is Pink/Purple and your amber powerlight, that means that your machine is in mode. This happens usually when the computer has been configured with a power that leaves your machine goes mode sleep after using only not in a period of time.

    Or you have vista and click on the button in the Startmenu which supposedly should stop the machine but rather switch to standby.

    That's all.

    Welcome them

  • Swapping screens: Equium A60-181 > Equium A60-199


    I'm trying to fix a laptop Equium EA60-199 with a LCD of bust. (Just to save it from the landfill because it works fine also.)
    I found and bought an Equium screen on eBay (the whole "cover", not just the bit in the middle), which apparently came from a model of EA60-181.
    It looked pretty similar to mine and is also 15 "so I thought I'd be a chance and it was worth risking it.

    When I received it today I started taking the lid broke my 199 (off the keyboard and by unscrewing the hinges) - there are two points where the screen connects the main unit: a white rectangular plug caps on a Board and a separate black wire that connects to another point is close (what is Earth?).
    However, the replacement of 181 I've got, is there an extra couple of wires (one black and one white) coming out of the lower part of the screen of the hinge.
    Does anyone know what that here are to - probably they are included in the big white plug on the 199 and 181 screen would not work unless they were connected?

    I'm starting to think that maybe a better option is to take the LCD screen on the cover and exchange the most (using one of the howtos I found on the internet) as I assume the connections to this end are pretty standard. However, I'm not very experienced messing around inside computers for all the tips are welcome!
    Really nothing to lose the computer's been written off by its owner in any case - just thought it would be nice to rehabilitate if possible!

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    HM, that only black and white cable sounds like a wireless antenna. To check if this is the case, you should check if on the end of this one thread an orange (or something like) a square is delivered which is then an antenna and should be all over the top of the lcd housing.

    If you're lucky, make a picture about it, place it somewhere on a free imagehoster and post the link here, then maybe I can tell you with certainty what could be exactly the wire.

    See you soon

  • Equium A60-199 is not play or recognize any type of cd or dvd

    Hi all

    It's the first time I was in the unfortunate duty position post one problem-normally I can find a solution here and just fix it myself!
    I have an a60-199 on windows XP Home Edition. It is about 18 months and unfortunately out of warranty. The issue I'm having is that the cd rom drive (a carpet * s uj-830) is not play or recognize any type of cd or dvd. Finally, I used about a week ago and have tried resetting the system to forward, then nothing works.

    I also tried the suggestion of microsoft to change IDE transfer parameters, and that no longer works. When I put a disk in it turns three times and the light on the cd drive flashes, but he can't find anything, and I get the message ' d: / is not accessible. the request could not be performed because of an i/o error "I also websearched that but found nothing else than the suggestions above that has not worked."

    Is it possible that the link between the motherboard and cd rom to be broken yet light and spinning cd happen? I am completely confused and would like to have suggestions from anyone!

    Thanks in advance,


    Don't reset the system how you used recovery media to set to factory settings? If so, I think that there must be a hardware malfunction. The drive has power and I think that the problem is not connection but damaged drive.

    The drive is original and also compatible with this unit. The assignment of pins is just. Before trying anything, you can try to remove the disc and check the contacts. Maybe they should be cleaned. If nothing helps, I presume that the replacement should be performed.

  • Equium A60 - 199: ITunes and Mat * a UJ - 830 s (error 4280)

    I can't burn CDs on my laptop. This has never before been a problem, but recently, no matter what type of burning software I use, I can't burn it to a cd. I am currently using ITunes version 6 and after the burning process starts my computer ejects the cd and I get error 4280.

    I read a few different posts on this on other forums that give suggests using different CD to re - install an older version of Itunes (I am currently using v6), but the most interesting seemed to come on the Hewlett-Packard support site. They suggest the cd configuration folder and edit the file gcdrtype.cfg. It was there is place for a certain type of desktop compaq presario pc and turns to advise to change a line in the story, save and reboot and voila. The problem should be solved. Since I own a Toshiba a60-199 finalis I wonder if anyone knows a fix/solution similar to the problem.

    I'm also intrigued by the following message which produces CD Itunes diagnostics when I run:

    IDE\DiskFUJITSU_MHT2040AT___00 22___, Type of ATA Bus, Bus address [0,0]
    IDE\CdRomMAT * A_DVD-RAM_UJ - 830S___1.50___, Type of ATA Bus, Bus address [0,0]
    If you have several drives on the same IDE or SCSI bus, these discs can interfere with each other.
    Some computers need an update to the ATA or IDE bus driver or Intel chipset
    . If iTunes has problems recognizing CDs or hanging or crashing while importing or burning CDs, visit the support for the manufacturer of your computer or motherboard.

    It is the root of my problem? How can I get this update?

    If anyone can guide me in the right direction to solve my problem and return me to cd burning sky, I would be very grateful.



    It is still very problematic if you use some, ion my opinion, the "exotic" software I noticed that most of the users on this forum use applications 'standards' as NERO burning ROM.

    If no one can give you an answer try to contact ITunes support and explain the situation. They have enough experience with own products. Also check if there is any FAQ page. Sorry, but I can't tell you anything that can help.

    ITunes support

  • Re: Equium A60-199 stops intermittently

    Hi, hope you could help me with a problem iv been with my laptop recently, it seems to go off at different stages.


    1. take battery out and running AC adapter (problem)
    2 changed a work known and verified adapter adapter (problem)

    -(la première fois après avoir nettoyer l'ordinateur portable démarré dans windows et était très bien pour environ 15 minutes, il éteint puis quand le ventilateur semblait venir?)

    I read on the internet that it could be an overheating problem, and the fan is may be defective.

    What I've done so far-

    1. clean the air vents with a jet of air to remove all dust (just a little came out, but not much)

    2. laptop computer disassembled and checked for dust in the heat sink for - no dust to clean (internal parts all seem to own)

    _Other info_ - lights at the front of the laptop (battery and taking pictures) turn on and turn off every 5 seconds.

    If anyone knows anything else I can try, I would be grateful


    > I read on the internet that it could be an overheating problem, and the fan is may be defective.
    Yes, your problem sounds described as overheating but it can not happen because the fan is defective but because dust and debris to prevent cooling modules work correctly.
    The vents may be blocked, and the fans might not run with full speed.

    In this case, that the cooling modules must be cleaned I did several times because my portable temperature has increased at a higher level
    I used the jet of compressed air, you can buy it in the shops of computers or some online dealers

    I removed the dust from the fans and after this short intervention and cooling grids, the laptop runs more quiet and faster

  • Satellite A50 shutting down/no boot, maybe overheating?

    For a month, since the installation of Office 2007 on my laptop, my computer seems to be slower and the fan seems to be almost constantly, while I never noticed it before.

    Last week, while surfing the internet, it is firm and not will re-start even in safe mode.
    After various attempts to restart, my partner, a COMPUTER technician, thinking it was a hard drive error, after running the disk check, installed next to my existing windows and removed the former. After various analyses and controls, viruses, spyware, etc., everything was clean.

    The next day, it happened again, this time as my partner a re-formatted my drive and to halfway through reinstalling everything, it happened a third time.
    He now works for a day, but the fan seems constantly on and is stronger--I have never noticed that the front fan.
    Any suggestions?

    This could be an overheating problem that has suddenly made things corrupt or not work? It feels all hot for me, and this isn't something more than surfing the net and work on Word.
    Any suggestion would be great, otherwise, I'm afraid, it may accidentally fall out of the window!


    in such cases what you describe, it would be good to clean the dust CPU fan, because sometimes it can happen that the cooling system
    is clobbed with dust and is not really blow the hot air out of the machine. This may be an explanation of these stops, so if my suggestion didn t work
    for, it is advisable to bring your machine to a local toshiba for fixing servicepartner.

    Welcome them

    PS: This is an address where you can find a local servicepartner


  • Equium A60-157: random alphanumeric characters

    Can anyone tell why, then of the seizure of the numbers get us random numbers additional displayed - same thing happens with letters. Makes life very difficult especially for the passwords! Maybe more noticeable after you have enabled hibernation in Power Options (using XP Home on A60 - 157).

    Thank you very much.


    Well, I m not 100% sure, but it could be an unstable cable or something wrong wit keyboard connectors.
    In this case, I recommend to ask the service partner Toshiba for a diagnostic test.
    I m sure it can give you correct information on fault.

    Good bye

  • Equium L300 shut downs suddenly because of overheating

    This computer is 5 years old.
    Original OS is Vista and I clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit...
    I was improving the disk of 320 GB and 2 GB of Ram.

    I opened two or three times to clean dust from the FAN.
    It heats up so fast and so often that when I watch a video in full screen it stops itself.
    When I touch under the touchpad area, he's almost hurt to burn my fingers.

    When I press the power button to turn on the computer, the fan starts at the same time.

    is there a simple way to cool it fan and below the laptop? How to stop closing unexpected downs. ??

    > is there a simple way to cool it fan and below the laptop? How to stop the unexpected closure of downs?

    How to stop? Of course, the internal temperature is too high and therefore the machine will stop.

    Why the temperature is too high? Well, either the cooling modules may not cool properly the internals (CPU and GPU) or these parts (GPU and CPU) also produce a lot of heat.

    (1) cooling modules:
    Where the dust and debris prevents fans spin faster, the temperature would increase and laptop would be closed. You must make sure cooling modules are free of dust and that fans can run with performance of Paris.
    In the Windows power management settings, you can set the method of cooling performance. Optimized battery setting, the propeller would rotate more slowly, but it would increase the working time of battery.

    (2) you could decrease the performance of the processor. This can be done in Windows power management too. You can affect the performance of the CPU max 80-70%

    Another solution: try to use some external cooling blocks. There are a lot of devices on the market that could cool the laptop from the underside.

  • Z510 random shut downs (hard) when it is plugged

    My Z510 has been randomly close when plugged in, but has not this problem when running on the battery. I contacted Lenovo and they sent my new diet, but the issue continues. I called again and they told me responsible for repair - install the Lenovo Power Manager and make a record of control. The problem still persists.

    Anyone has this problem or knows how to fix? It happen when executing something intense like photoshop or a game and only if the load more than 75%, but now it will happen random. I can be sitting watching the laptop without programs running and you're going to stop it.



    HD 4600

    8 GB mem

    1 TB harddrive

    8.1 to win

  • Equium A60 199 SM Bus controller - where can I get a driver?

    Hi, I am able to install the SM Bus controller, there seems to be no driver in the official site of the United Nations. Where can I get one? Can someone help? I use Win XP. Thank you


    Try with driver Chipset. I hope you can find it on the download page.

  • Equium A60-199: audio and video control buttons not working not

    Audio and video control buttons used to work for windows media player, but now they are not, I wondered if I had pressed or something changed by mistake, or maybe I need to take it to be fixed? Help, please.


    AFAIK utility Toshiba controls must be preinstalled if you have correct functionality. Check this box on your device.

    Good bye

  • Microsoft windows kernel power event id 41 task 63 - Random Shut Down

    Hi guys,.

    I have a file W2K8 R2 server that was working fine until a couple of weeks, as he began to reboot itself. After checking the logs I discovered 41 kernel-power (63), I also have the dump file. If anyone can help find the root cause, I will be really grateful.




    For future reference, please change your settings to 'small' system control panel or the kernel"DMP files will be much faster for you to download and for us to download

    This accident was related to the vShield Endpoint driver slim Agent (vsepflt. sys) and the pilot of the vShield Endpoint TDI (vnetflt.sys) Manager

    We cannot tell you much more of the DMP, because it is not conclusive.  Once change you into a core DMP in Control Panel please download at least 2 DMP files.

  • Equium A60-156: energy consumption

    Hi all!

    Someone at - it an idea of how much energy consume a laptop Equium A60-156 or where I could find this information? I searched inside Toshiba Web site, but haven't found anything.

    Thank you


    I have a similar technique Equium A60-181 A60-156 and it takes about 2
    hours with the best of energy saving, I think that Toshiba quote something like 2.5 hours
    for my model. If you are looking for sustainable latop can buy one with a Pentium-M or
    Centrino, they give you about 3-4 hours of use.

    Richard S.

  • Equium A60-191: 'request could not be performed because of an i/o device error. "

    I have an Equium A60-191 my dvd drive has stopped working, the led on this subject is on all the time like his who seek constantly.
    It does not read the CD or dvd and gives an error "REQUEST COULD NOT BE PERFORMED DUE TO A DEVICE IO ERROR.

    I tried to remove and reinstall the drive from the Device Manager, it doesn't help. I also tried to boot from the drive computer, but does not start, so I think that the drive does not work.

    I also noticed that the motor does not work in the reader, because that drives don't spin. Device Manager indicates that the drive works properly. Anyone know what is this error?

    1. click on start
    2. right click on my computer
    3. Select manage from the menu that appears
    4. in the computer management window, select Device Manager
    5. in the right pane, click to expand IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers
    6 identify your CD/DVD drive in the menu expanded and right click on the appropriate drive
    7. Select Properties
    8. in the Properties window, click the Advanced Settings tab
    9. in the Transfer Mode box that represents your CD/DVD drive (typically device 1), open the menu drop down and select PIO only
    10. click OK and exit all windows.

    If this does not solve your problem, then you need to go back using the procedure above and change device 1 to #9 step will support to 'DMA if available '. Then, change the device 0 to "PIO" only in the Transfer Mode box.

    Device 0: Primary IDE Channel
    Unit 1: Secondary IDE Channel

    Of course, he could also be dead DVD player. In this case, a new drive should solve the problem.

Maybe you are looking for