Equium M50-164 crashes when I put the battery

I have an Equium M50-164.

I got it over a year now without any problems. I turned on this morning and it crashed (just a white, black screen) even when I tried to open it in safe mode. I have taken out the battery, but left the power cord in and it worked fine, without any problems at all, but when I put the battery with the power cable it crashed again. When you try to start it with just the battery, he would not do anything no lights, no boot at all?

Help, please.


Does not sound good
Only the battery is dead and or malfunction of the electronic power supply on the motherboard.
The two cases are possible.
Generally, the common user is not able to fix something like this.

Of course, we can run here on the malfunction but I n t think this will help you.
In my opinion, the laptop must be verified and some diagnostic tests must be started

Contact the ASP in your country and explain the guys the situation

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  • Equium M50-164: IE does not display the pages correctly

    I have a new Toshiba Equium M50-164, but it does not correctly display the my internet page at http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/lorne.anderson/Bridge/

    It should look like this:
    with the bridge in the header, but on my Toshiba anaylser logo, it looks like this:

    I have 4 other computers all display correctly (under XP, 2000, 98SE) and several of his friends say they can see OK. If I look at the HTML unlying by right click and view source in IE the fuse that displays the logo should read:
    "align ="left">".

    Opens my software home page to see more programs

    but on the Toshiba, view poster source:
    "align ="left">".

    Note the blank line 2 where the code to display the logo should be. If I open the page of the files on my hard drive it is displayed correctly so my guess is that Toshiba have done something to the security IE by default overide settings but I do not see what. How can I get IE on my Toshiba to work how Microsoft has designed to work?

    Just like a check, anyone who uses this forum can read the page correctly, or you also get the missing logo?


    Is this single page where you have this problem? Have you tried to open it with another browser?

    Try to install the latest updates. Perhaps the problem will be solved.

  • Equium M50-164 does not work after the spill of water

    I bought a laptop Toshiba Equium M50-164 last year.
    I paid a lot of money, now it does not work.
    I can't afford to write that he took so therefore must operate.

    The reason why it does not work is the water spilled on it.

    I took it to a specialist. I found in the repertoire of Thompson, I paid him £50 and he siad he probably one
    new motherboard and so not worth repairing as it comes to Toshiba and their parts are expensive etc...
    Is this fair?

    I'm desperate to fix but don't know how.

    Help, please. Without doubt, I should be able to buy a motherboard for the laptop without costing an arm or a leg.


    As you probably know that the laptop parts are not cheap because of miniaturization and mobility.
    The LCD screen and the motherboard are the more expensive parts that are used in the laptop. I na? not know if Toshiba parts are more expensive. I guess it depends on the features of the laptop.

    However, the new motherboard is very expensive and I think that the search for unity of second hand with the motherboard isn't a bad idea.
    CA? s your choice. New motherboard = expensive but with card guarantee or second hand mother = cheaper, but no guarantee

    PS: the replacement of the motherboard is not very easy and that's why if you have no experience you should ask a technician for help.


    I have a laptop HP PAVILION DM1 and don't know why is my battery does not work with my laptop.  Everytie I put it in the laptop computer shutsdown. I'm using the power of the AC adapter / CC always connect... but I want to bring my laptop outdoors... Please help me guys thanks a lot

    blulytman wrote:

    When I turn on the LED color is white...

    Please deliver me by providing answers to my previous questions.

    Have you tried using the UEFI PC Diagnostics component test for the battery?

    Press the power button and immediately press the ESC key to access the boot menu. In the boot menu, press F2 to invoke him lying Diagnostics. Choose the test component, and then click battery. If the battery of test run used, the battery may have failed.  If you plug the power adapter with the battery and battery, and he needs a charge, the led color should change to amber in most HP laptops. If it is not the case, either the battery or the motherboard has failed. There is a test of component systemboard which is part of the Diagnostics UEFI component tests. I suggest that you perform this test. It can be done without the battery installed.

  • EliteBook 2740 recharge does not and HP product Assistant crashes when you start the battery check

    I just buy an elitebook 2740.  When I hover over the battery and plug icon in the taskbar, it says do not charge battery.  I tried to uninstall the ACPI compatible driver in the Device Manager and scan for new hardware to reinstall it, and it worked the first time.  But now it does nothing.  When I open produced tune, I get an error message and the program crashes when starting the battery check.

    Yes, I downloaded and installed the BIOS and chipset drivers and followed by the shutdown sequence.  It's the job niow.  I called Technical Support and learned that the battery does not load when it reaches a certain percentile because the computer recognizes it has a good charge.  When it is less than 95% fresh or so, it will load.  Mine does not work correctly.  Appreciate your help, I wasn't aware of this design feature before now.  Overall it was a good exercise.

  • Equium M50-164 - Touchpad problem if an AC/DC adapter is connected


    Can anyone help? My Toshiba Equium M50-164 has intermittent problems with the touchpad. Sometimes its fine, sometimes the cursor will jump around the screen, out of control, then comes oneself, the problem goes away when I remove the power cable and returns when it is reconnected.

    Other times it is fine with the power cable plugged, it suggests maybe the power supply causing a problem for me, but I was hoping that someone with more experience could give me some advice.

    Thanks in advance.


    You are using an original from Toshiba AC adapter or to a 3rd party manufacturing?

    It's not easy to say what the reason is, it could be a problem of AC adapter or motherboard.
    I think the best way is to contact you nearest authorized service provider. Go to them with the laptop and the AC adapter and ask a technician for help. They can check the laptop and the material.

    Good luck! :)

  • Equium M50-164: mouse jumping when only on the main power

    Hi guys

    I have an equium M50-164...
    around the age of 19 months

    The touch pad slow corners and departures from flickering pointer and jump when the mainstream and it works normally when it's on battery...
    Can you help me with this?

    I tried to remove the battery, once again, fixing of reinstalling the driver etc...

    Pls someone help me with this?

    Hi guy,

    I'm afraid that this problem was caused by a malfunction of hardware and reinstalling all the drivers or software won't help m.
    If all goes well there s nothing serious to a case value it might be something wrong with the motherboard and the repair would be costly.

    But don t worry ;) in my opinion there of only one keyboard or touchpad fault.
    So the replacement should not be very expensive
    Before you continue with the new measures such as purchase, replacement parts, I would recommend contacting the service provider allowed for the provisional diagnosis.

    Good luck

  • Change the key sticking Equium M50-164


    I have an irritating problem with my laptop Equium M50-164. The computer thinks that is continually pressed the shift key, i.e. types on alert of the key uppercase, sticky.
    Any ideas how to solve this problem.

    With respect to the mark.

    Hi, I thought I could reboot my recovery dvd to remedy this anomaly, unfortunately after restarting windows, I can't go beyond the Welcome to microsoft windows screen I can't click on the next button, it highlight when the pointer is on it and right click on the work but not left click.

    Any ideas appreciated.

  • Equium M50-164 wireless issue


    I have an Equium M50 - 164 and a router and a Netgear wireless modem. When you use the wireless internet and navigation to various web pages, my browser tells me often that the "server not found". My wireless signal is "Excellent" and it does not physically lose the connection, as it is still showing as connected in the system tray. I also had the latest firmware for my modem/router and the last driver for the Intel PRO Wireless card. Someone at - it ideas on what could be the problem?

    Thank you.


    I put t know what Intel WLAN card you have, but I presume that is 2200 B/G. If so try please install the latest version of the driver in the list on the Intel site.

    You can find it under http://downloadfinder.intel.com/scripts-df-external/Product_Filter.aspx?ProductID=1637&lang=eng

    Very interesting content, you will find under http://support.intel.com/support/wireless/wlan/pro2200bg/

    Good luck!

  • Equium M50 - 164 TouchPad does not work

    Hi all

    Can anyone help? I have an equium M50-164, I for about 18 months (maybe longer!) And now plays the touchpad up. I know this may sound strange, but it seems to work if I use it on my lap, but when I put it on the table it stops working? I think I remember having this before and I defraged and it fixed it but not this time.

    Please help it's driving me crazy!

    Thank you all


    P.S, it works with an external mouse in the way

    Check that it is clean and there are no bits on the side of it.
    If it works on your knees, then there must be something in it or something like that.

  • Equium M50-164: Question about timer use & battery fan


    Just put your hands on my laptop equium m50-164 today and I wanted to clarify a few issues

    first of all,

    I flashed my bios with the latest version and after restarting, fan kicks at full power and has not extinguished until I put the laptop in standby mode, this seemed to fix the problem but fan seems suddenly in much more than compared to before, fortunately the fan isn't the one 100% , but more like 15-20% every 30 seconds or one minute then goes into silent mode the fan does not reach 100%, unless I have do a reboot :),.

    I know the fan will accelerate faster based on the use of the processor (thermal) etc. but is this normal? I talked to support and they wanted me to have an immediate replacement, but I said that I would wait a few days to see if she could calm :)

    and finally looking at the electricity meter and other software tools there seems to be no calibration of the battery, with previous laptops, I noticed that numeric calculations are made based on the use of the battery and time [i.e. a timer] but with this laptop that I kind find a timer - I would of thought tha any computer laptop has this facility today!

    any advice would help

    see you soon

    Ephid0r UK

    Hi ephid0r

    If the Toshiba service makes an instant replacement if you should take it.
    Maybe there's something wrong with the hardware or software.

    But as Feliks has suggested, you must first reinstall the Toshiba Power Manager.
    This utility is responsible for the CPU and the cooling module activations.

    PS: The time of battery life indication occurs if you move the cursor over the icon of standby power.

  • Equium M50-164 - is WinDVD Creator 2 installed?

    Recently bought an Equium M50-164 and just move to copy a dvd (educational course content). The provided user manual says for models with burner Super Multi (as the 164 I think?) then WinDVD Creator 2 is installed, but my machine has only WinDVD 5 (a player NOT a recorder). 2 creator should be pre-installed, and if so how do I get it?


    [Edited by: admin on 21 January 06 11:01]


    WinDVD Creator2 Platinum is preinstalled on your device, and it is a part of the image of the installations. Every time when you install the device with the recovery media WinDVD Creator2 will be there.

    Good bye

  • Equium M50-164 slow but system recovery lost disk

    My laptop is an Equium M50-164
    I lost my recovery disc and now my computer is slow and there is different error popping up all the time.

    As I m not that smart with computer, I would like to do a system recovery and start again someone can help?


    You can tow:
    Either you will have an original CD of Microsoft Windows and will reinstall the OS. Then, you could install the drivers of Toshiba which you can download from the European pilot of Toshiba site or you order the local ASP (certified partner) Toshiba Recovery CD

    It of your choice now

  • Memory slot Equium M50-164 sites


    I have the Equium M50-164 and I was wondering if the locations are intended to upgrade memory. I found one that at the bottom of the laptop and I can't find the location of the other.

    Anyone knows where the other?
    Thank you.


    The laptop support certainly two memory slots and the two slots are extensible.
    From my own experience it possible s the second slot is hidden under the first memory module. If you could see the other location if the first module of memory would be removed.

    I hope that this is the case on the M50 model

    Welcome them

  • Recommended memory for Equium M50-164 does not fit

    I have the Equium M50-164 in its original configuration.

    I wanted to add more memory, so, on the recommendation of the Toshiba Product Support page, I bought the Toshiba PA3411S-2M1G memory (from eBuyer) module.

    http://UK.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/JSP/individualOptions.do?service=UK&OPTION_ID=118626&t oshibaShop = true & SelCategorie = 4700

    Trying to mount the module of memory in my machine, I found that it is not! 'Separator' plastic between the two contacts on the laptop computer does not match the position of the notch between the two sets of pins on the memory module.

    Tosh recommends part number: PA3411S - 2M1G 1024 MB (1 GB) memory PC2-4300 (533 MHz) DDR2

    The memory that's happened has PA3411S-2M1G 1024 MB (1 GB) PC2-4200 (533 MHz) DDR2 memory on the box.

    Someone in the forums said that PC2700 PA3313U-2M1G is the part number.

    The manual supplied with the M50 means memory PC2700 .

    Anyone know the number, or an alternative appropriate by another manufacturer?

    I am very annoyed, as hotline support suggested, I phone their sales department! So they can sell me more wrong memory strips? Now look forward how the glove of returns with eBuyer...

    See you soon,.


    Try here... http://www.orcalogic.co.uk/asp/prodtype.asp?prodtype=20384&ft=m&st=3

Maybe you are looking for