error messages,... hs_err_pid3164, hs_err_pid280, hs_err_pid3692... they keep coming to the top, anyone know whats causing or how to fix them it, I also get a lot of script errors please help

I would appreciate a little insite on these errors



·        Since when are you facing this problem?

·        Remember to make changes to the system?

·        You have a genuine copy of Windows XP is installed on the system?

PID is the product id is the 20 digit number that is found in the system. Follow the steps mentioned below to locate the product ID.

a. click on Start menu and click Control Panel.

b. click System and in the general tab, you can see the product identification number 20 numbers.

Method 1:

I suggest to start in safe mode and check if you experience this problem. Follow the steps mentioned below.

a. restart the computer and keep tapping F8 until you reach the start menu.

b. Select safe mode from the list and press ENTER.

If you get the script error message when you browse to Internet Explore then I suggest that you follow the steps mentioned in the article below.

How to resolve script errors in Internet Explorer on Windows computers

I suggest you return the item mentioned below.

When you try to validate a copy of Windows XP, you receive the following error message: "0 x 80080201 cannot detect the product ID (PID).

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